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Pascal is where I host my CSS experimentation. It's one of my favorite sites. The layouts here used to be on Esquire, but after a certain point I decided to make Esquire a purely graphic site, and so Pascal was born.


Esquire is my one of my favorite sites. This is where I get to practice my graphic-making abilities. Right now, I offer banners and icons, but at one point I also offered buttons, shields, and cards.


Memento is where I store fonts I make more fun. There aren't many fonts there now, but I'll add more whenever I feel inspiration. Memento was previously my card request site.

sights along high street

Archways Directory

Archways Directory is the first site I owned and was how I started getting into the site community. It is inspired by the sadly inactive Faraway Directory. Archways is one of the only shop directories left in Neopets, but it's also inactive.


Essentials was a review site that I owned, along with Ryan. It was the only review site at the time that offered a "buffet-style" review, where you could pick and choose which services you wanted in your review. I would love to bring Essentials back, but there is no business now for review sites.


Penciled was my one and only attempt at an adoptables site. If you can't tell from the name, I offered pencil adoptables. I would make pencils that resembled neopets in Paint. It closed due to a lack of interest on my part and my sub-par art ability.


Laputa was the second site I opened. There was a lack of gallery directories at the time. However it never got very popular so I closed it to concentrate more on my other sites.

Falling Apples

Falling Apples is my gallery where I collect various apples and apple-related items.

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The world    
is full of           
obvious things
which nobody by any chance          
ever observes.  


Name: Dashiell
Age: 28
Occupation: detective
Favorite Rune: dagaz

on the case

He's close. He knows it. He can feel it. A roar fills the air. He picks up his pace and runs towards the source of the sound. He races around the corner and immediately stops. In front of him stands a seven-foot tall alabaster creature with sable wings. A demon. His eyes are drawn to the fangs that could pierce through the human heart in one bite. He taps his communication stone, engraved with ansuz, and the rune briefly glows light blue. He quickly updates his partner and the rest of their team of the situation. He takes a deep breath and exhales. Now he just has to last long enough for the Squad to arrive.

About Dashiell

  • can activate runes by infusing own magic
  • can write runes with magic
  • eyes will be ringed by glowing blue when he uses magic
  • has studied runes for most of his life
  • works as a private detective who occasionally gets called on to investigate supernatural occurrences by an agency that works to protect the general population from the paranormal

  • Life   
    is either   
    a daring adventure
      nothing at all.


    Name: "Hime" O'Mallory
    Age: 22
    Occupation: pirate
    Favorite Weapon: throwing knives

    Hello World!


    Name: Ifan
    Age: 34
    Occupation: researcher and part-time barista

    Hello World!

    so how do you want your coffee?

    Here are the flavors we have available. Feel free to take one, but please make sure to credit me by linking back to this page. When I'm not too busy with inventing a new element, I like to take some time to make some custom flavors.









    Name: "Captain" Markus
    Age: 30
    Occupation: privateer
    Favorite Food: curry

    Hello World!