Kapq The Tuskaninny's Page

Hi! My name is Kapq. I'm a Tuskaniny!! If you have no idea what that means then you need to go see Neopets!! Neopets is a great site where you adopt your own little critter and take care of it!
Well, like I started to say, my name is Kapq and I am a Tuskaninny. I love to make friends and relax on a hot rock when it's a sunny day! You should try it some time, very soothing. Anyways. I go to a big school named Neopia New School. I have lots of friends there. This is my school photo, I think it came out awful.... Oh well, it was free so what can ya do???
Strength 51
Speed 26
Defence 23

Current Hit Points

Maximum Hit Points 77
Intelligence 29
It leaves a path of devastation behind it. What is it? A chart on the statistics of the Tuskininy population? No. Its much more frightening. A report card. OK so its not THAT bad but still, you get the idea? I really like all my classes except for science, they wanted us to cut open frogs YUCK no way. Lets face it, I've got flippers not legs, gym just isn't as exciting for me like it is for the rest of the neopets.