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Hello, guest, and welcome one and all!
My name is Kandy Korn. Welcome to my Pumpkin Patch.
This is my time of year, and you're in my neck of the woods now.
I certainly hope you enjoy the ride!


Name: Kandy Korn
Alias: Kandy
Gender: Male
Age: Somwhere around 250 human years
Race: Ghoul
Guise: Aisha
Brush: Red (will be Halloween)

Eyes: Orange-yellow
Pelt: Black
Markings: Large orange stripes and thin yellow-orange stripes inbetween them. Three large and four thin on each leg, two large and three small on each cheak, and they run the length of his neck, shoulders, and back. His tail is ringed in yellow-orange and then tipped off in orange. The inside of his ears are yellow-orange and his ears tips are orange
Accessories: None
Other: His left "antena" is orange, the right is yellow-orange.

Personality: Creepy, happy, twitchy, prankster, wierd, hard to scare, touchy, clever
Quality: His cunning
Flaw: His prank pulling
Likes the Best: Halloween
Hates the Worst: People stealing or ruining his tricks

Mother: Dead
Father: Unknown
Siblings: None
Love: None (not looking)
Children: None
Others: Cousins Lemon and Sylquee.


Black and gold, black and gold
Black and gold tonight
Yellow pumpkin, yellow moon
Yellow candlelight
Jet black cat with golden eyes
Shadows black as ink
Firelight twinkling in the dark
With a yellow blink
Black and gold, black and gold
Nothing in between
When the world turns black and gold
Then it's Halloween

Diary of a Ghoul

Some of you may be wondering what a ghoul actually is. Some may be saying "Well, I've never seen a ghoul before...."
Odds are you never will see one. Haha, no, that's not a threat. Scared you, did I?
What I mean is, ghouls are shapeshifters. They're a devilish breed of jinn. They're desert-dwelling demons that devour the dead and juicy young children.

There are several different versions of ghouls. Everyone seems to have their own version (a lot like vampires and werewolves... and every creature of the night, for that matter).
I, myself, am what they might call a "defective" ghoul. Haha, I don't do all the "grave robbing" stuff. I get a kick out of scaring the daylights out of people and pulling pranks that someone else can clean up.
Now don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a good brain every now and then, but I just don't make a living out of it like some of my relatives.
Also, I took on the cat-like guise of an aisha rather than the rather popular guise of a hyena. Truth be told, I change back and forth between several forms all the time. Haha, no one can catch something that doesn't look the same two days in a row!

Now, although I've lived an eventful life of nearly 250 human years, I really haven't got a lot to report, haha!
I've spread my trickery from one end of the earth to the other!
But no matter where or how long I travel, I will never find anything so magnificent as All Hollow's Eve! Haha!
Halloween is the most delightful and devilish holiday ever concocted by you loony humans. How wonderful, to celebrate a night just for demons and devils of every breeding! How magnificent that everyone puts on their own temporary guises, everyone pretending to be something they're not and probably never will be!
And the candy! Oh!
If there is one thing in this world I cannot live without (save the occasional brain), it is candy!
You humans out-did yourselves with this nifty invention! Haha! I'm addicted to the stuff, mostly to those little colored pebbles called Nerds and that oh-so-scrumptious Chocolate! Mmmm, my mouth waters just thinking of it!
And on this most wondrous of holidays, candy is given out in abundance!! Simply marvelous!

Witches & Warlocks

...coming soon...

The Pumpkin Patch

Why not take home a little somethin', since you've come so far? ;)
These pumpkins are home-grown and all-natural. Hehe, most of them, anyway.
If you want a custom that's made just for you, let me know and I'll get one to you right away. Just neomail this account with the subject title "Kandy's Pumpkins".

Basic Pumpkin

((copy and paste the code below, then replace the ### beside the word "pumpkin" to the number you want (hover over the pumpkin to see it's number)))


Custom Picked

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Likes & Dislikes

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This award is given by invitation only. Here are the different "catagories" for what I will give this award for:
**Art I like**
**Unique layout**
**Character design/development**
**a combination of it all**


Kaickki (for wonderful petpage)
Naughtyeye (for awesome adopts)

Awards For Me
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