Let me guess, your here to know more about me. Let me inform you that I really don't like you, and I really don't want to know you. Never the less here you are and here I am and I can see you are to thick headed to leave my domain. I have no intentions to entertain you for your company was unwanted. I will allow you to be here at the reques that you don't say a word. Ill tell you everything you need to know, or everything that I have to tell. Personally I would rather you look at the pretty pictures and be on your way, however most would like a more indepth look at my life and how it was lived. I have never really understood your kind and why you must know all there is to know about everything. Can't you just accept that things are the way they are because they were ment to be that way? Why must you question everything? yes there is a reason for things to be what they are, do you have to know why? No, you don't. But your a curious thing aren't you. So, ill begin my story.

Ill probably redo this link D: