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Where ever did her friends go? This the plushie wondered, as she hopped along the vivid paths. Stones the colors of lavender and gold made up most of the roads. There were a few spots of pale blue along the way, making for an over all wonderful sight. Her eyes wandered to the flowers lining each cheerful street. Would she find them among the sweet-smelling petals of red, orange, white, and blue? Could it be they were hiding behind the artificial depictions? Was there a fellow plushie in a patch of crafted plant life?

Alas, it seemed they were winning this game of hide and seek. Her dear friends were nowhere to be found. As she passed a fountain spewing crystal clear water, it came to mind that this lovely place had gone quiet. The air was not filled with the songs of avian petpets. The ground-dwelling animals didn't scuttle beneath the bushes. Not their steps nor cute little growls could be heard. She reared on her hind legs and sniffed the air. This was a futile action; plushie scents never lasted long.

She was alone.

This was a rather sudden realization, one for which, she was not prepared. She felt a sharp pain in her chest. It was unlike the comforting poke of a sewing needle. No, this was fear. There she remained, frozen in place as she tried to make sense of this event. Her eyes darted around in search of any form of danger. And danger, she came to sense. Something like a heart pounded within her. She tried so much to convince herself that it was all in her mind. Her silly imagination was running wild again!

~"There is no danger," she whispered to herself, despite the presence creeping up behind. "There is no-"

~"Of course not." The voice was quiet and loud. It was growling and soft. It came from all around and yet from nowhere at all. "Do you want to play a game?"

One of her ears twitched. She was gone an instant later. She ran faster than she ever had. Her soft feet made barely audible thuds each time they touched the ground. All she heard was the dull roaring of the wind rushing past her ears. The colors all blended together, a mix of pleasing hues that she could no longer enjoy. She sprinted blindly past places filled with happy memories. The aroma of the flowers was nauseating. Safety. Her instincts drove her to seek safety, and care for nothing else.

~"Oh come now," said the voice in an eerie playful tone.

I w o n ' t h a r m y o u l i t t l e b u n n y

I o n l y w a n t t o p l a y

C o m e a n d j o i n t h e f u n!

Enter the Chaos

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And so, she ran, like frightened prey. She felt the foreboding presence at her tail. She ran through foliage and made countless sharp turns to throw her pursuer off. It could've been an eternity before she left the land of plushies behind. It could have been mere minutes. Time was an irrelevant concept that slowed and sped as it wished. She concerned herself not with its whims. Her focus was on safety. Her mind only thought of her body's next move. What was her next evasion tactic?

She found herself after an endless moment, within a forest of flames. The fire was unlike anything she had ever known. It had manifested out of nothing, in the blink of an eye. It writhed around her, silent and deadly. She felt its heat, yet strangely enough, so too did she sense a terrible chill. From the burning fires of pink floated pale glowing orbs. Could they be embers carried upward by the wind? Now wasn't the time to dwell on such matters.

She kept running. She never looked back. She avoided the fire in every instance that she could. She charged through when she could not. She leaped over logs coated in burning vines. She felt a tear in her leg as she hurried through a jumble of fallen branches. She only heard the wind, and the thudding of her feet. Her nose could only smell the smoke and burning wood. The contents of her vision changed from second to second, yet somehow always remained the same.

With one last jump, she collapsed in a glade. She paused to catch her breath. The dangerous being, whatever it was, had lost her. But she was far from safe. After a short rest, she continued on her way. She hopped with no sense of direction. There was no goal in mind. Her movements were aimless and occurred only because of the fire. She couldn't go back even if she knew the way. The being could still be there.

Frayed Memories

Why did her mind wander to the past, and now of all times? She thought of days long since passed. Fuzzy images of Human figures. One of them, she called hers. For that was her Human, and she was their neopet. Who were they? Were they still around? Why had she chosen to leave them? Could it be that the Human was cruel, or did she simply feel more at home in the now deserted plushie world?

Oh, and there were others too! There were others such as her. So many neopets! Far too many for her to bother counting. Each one possessed a name unique to them, inscribed upon their very auras by magic; it was done so that Neopians could better tell each other apart. Canines and felines, and of so many colors.

She wondered what had changed in the world of Neopia.


Gender: female
Neopian color and race: plushie cybunny
Physical age range: ancient adult plushie
Mental age range: it varies
Occupation: none
Alignment: true neutral
Character traits: quiet, watchful, unpredictable, kind, modest, trusting, ireful, mournful, loving, caring
Character songs: Lavender Town (orchestral version), Spider Dance, Creepy Doll, Haunted, Funhouse, Mad Hatter


  • Fellow plushies
  • Flowers
  • Sunlight
  • Moonlight
  • When vile, disgusting people/things get what they deserve
  • Sewing needles
  • Healthy foods
  • dislikes

  • Vile, disgusting people/things
  • Losing friends to an unknown creature
  • Arrogance
  • Being lied to
  • Plushies being discarded
  • French fries
  • When the Smoke Clears

    Screenshot (66)
    She hadn't a clue how it was before she found something different. Through the otherworldly smoke, she caught sight of structures long abandoned. She hopped closer, the air feeling clearer as she went. The wind had left her by this point. There was hardly any sound. No, nothing more than the heavy thudding of her exhausted movements.

    She looked back. A pink glow flickered beyond the wall of smoke. She could not see where it ended. Perhaps it didn't. As she continued toward the remnants of civilization, she thought of her friends. Where had they gone to? Were they safe? Or…. Had the creature gotten to them? Maybe now was not the best time to think of these things. As it so happened, she couldn't care less. Her mind would dwell on these questions for hours to come.

    She would ask herself these things while hopping through this derelict place. She would wonder as she found a place to sleep. Scarcely did she register her actions. A bed of disused blankets and pillows. A needle pulled from her mane. She had no thread to heal the tear. She stared without seeing it, so lost in thought that she stared for hours before falling asleep.

    Upon waking after that night, she met a new friend. It resembled a neopet; of that much she was sure. She just couldn't place the name. Her soft pink gaze met the fellow plushie's unblinking red eyes. She looked fondly at the creature's deadly teeth. It could shred anyone if it so wanted! She observed it from across the rotting room. It watched her. She rose after a time and hopped slowly to the small yellow plushie.

    ~"Hello," she whispered hoarsely. "What's your name?"

    It did not speak.

    ~"Well…. That's okay. Do you have anything to eat? I can prepare us a lovely meal."

    It tilted its head at her, and jumped down from the fallen bookshelf to approach. It pulled at her ear to lead her. She followed, careful to not bump into her new friend.

    Another Encounter

    Screenshot (67)
    Time once more became a meaningless thing. Twilight came and went again and again while she worked with her new companions. Together, they created a wonderful land of entertainment. They repaired the broken things and brought them down to plushie size. She didn't bother asking where they found the materials. Some things simply didn't matter.

    She wondered at times what laid beyond the boundaries of this land. She would often stare into the shadows, listening to the distant screeches and roars. The shadows would shift at times, and she would think for a moment that the being had come for her. She would catch the scent of something sweet every now and then Her eyes grew well-acquainted with the dark.

    This became her normal. And things were normal for a finite eternity. It could not last, however. Perhaps nothing could.

    A neopet stumbled into their land of plushie enjoyment. She looked from her hiding spot at the bedraggled faerie. She saw the knotted teal mane, the filth in the 'pet's fur, and a rather unhinged look in those eyes that she loved in an instant. She hopped out into the open to greet this newcomer. The thudding of her movements alarmed the faerie. It grabbed a stick from the ground to fight with.

    ~"Do not be afraid, strange creature," she said. "What's wrong?"

    ~"Stupid…. Stupid people chasing me…. Won't believe me when…. I tell them about…. Jelly World," the creature panted.

    ~"How odd! What do they not believe?"

    ~"That it exists," the neopet answered in its hoarse voice.

    The chill wind brought her the scents of something hostile. "They're coming. This way! I know the best hiding places!"

    They hurried through the land of rides and games. They rushed past the abodes that she'd helped her friends to build. They hid within a storage shed, in a cabinet full of cloth. There they waited in the darkness with the only sound being that of their breathing. Some part of her found this to be a thrilling game of hide and seek. Another part of her realized how serious this was. This neopet, whatever kind they were, was in a terrible condition.

    A cabinet door opened, and the 'pet was ready for battle. No enemy had found them. It was one of her friends.

    ~"Oh, you must have seen us run in here. There's bad people coming. Do you think you can scare them away?" She hated so much to put a friend in danger, but she'd found that these could handle themselves.

    The plushie nodded, and closed the door.

    ~"Be careful!"

    ~"You sure it'll be okay?"

    ~"Of course," she answered, though she was not so confident. She asked after a few minutes of silence, "what is Neopia like these days?"

    ~"I dunno. I haven't been outside in forever. But you can come with me if you want."

    ~"Where are you going?"

    ~"Shenkuu. It's where my sisters are. Well, two of 'em, anyway. I dunno where the heck Nixie is."

    She considered the idea of leaving. It was true that she had been wondering about the rest of the world. She couldn't return to the land of plushies, even if she was willing to try. She'd ventured out into the woods and never could find anything familiar. The fire had vanished. The smoke had disappeared. There was no sign any of it had even been there at all. Her friends could look after this place while she was gone. She nodded to herself, decision made.

    ~"What's your name, Neopian?"

    ~"I'm Reena, Adventurer Extraordinaire!"

    She smiled. "I'm Mio."

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