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Welcome to Brooke's Buttons Buttonory where I, Brooke, will make you a custom button! Click the "request" link to get started on your personal request! My guarantee to you is that you will love your personally made button or I will change it until you do! The only rule here is to remember to ALWAYS link back. Thanks!

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{ On a side note... }

With all my hard work being put into these buttons I appreciate everyone's patience if I don't get back to you quickly since I do this out of the kindness of my heart and don't expect anything in return. But who doesn't like presents!? :P Anyways... I don't HAVE to make you these little beauties, I just enjoy it.


This is where I will post the code for your button when I am done. The code will be left up until I replace it with a new button. Please do not use the button if it was not made for you. If you would like your own button just click the request link. :) Thanks!

If your button is not here try looking in my gallery!

To copy the text, click in the box and press CONTROL+A then CONTROL+C then CONTROL+V to paste it to your page.

{ The Buttons }


I have provided you a small guideline to what I need to help me make your perfect button. Copy and paste it then fill out as much as you want (anything left blank I will use my best judgement to make the button the best that it can be) and, of course, neomail it to me when you are done. Below I have made a few examples of animations and borders you may choose from. To give yourself some ideas, take a look at my gallery and let me know what you like. Thanks!

{ Borders }

All of these borders are a dark brown, but can do a lighter color to match image, but usually darker borders look nicer, just specify. For example, for the "heart corners" border, a lighter background may "pop" better with this specific image.

{ Borders With White Outline }

With these borders tell me the name on the button then add "+border" after. I can also do a different color other than white to match image, just specify.

{ Small Fonts }

These fonts are easy to read when small. Use one of these if you have limited free space for text.

{ Big Fonts }

These fonts are harder to read when small. So, make sure you have a large area for font space when using these. Sometimes a word looks great if you make the first letter larger than the rest using one of these fonts. Look at the "Example" button below. See how the first letter is a cursive font ("Brush") and the rest of the letters are a small font ("Maybe But Always").

{ Animations }

If it makes sense to combine more than one animation you are more than welcome to say which ones you want together. If they do not work well together I will let you know.

{ Request Form }

Site Link:
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Button Border:
How did you hear about Buttonory?
Other Specifications:

{ Tips }

  • When selecting a background the less crowded the better. As you can see the image on the right has room to add text. The image on the left looks crowded.

  • Less text is better than too much. Remember the button is only 88x31px. Instead of "Brooke's Art Page" simplify to "Brooke's Art" or instead of "NC Wishlist and Tradelist" put "NC WL/TL" Use abbreviations people will understand. *With a lot of text it makes it hard to do certain animations, fonts and borders.*

  • If you request an image that is large specify which area of the image you would like on the button. It looks better when you leave the image larger, rather than trying to shrink the entire image down to fit.

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    It is possible for you to request a different color pin that is not below. Just send me a neomail! :D

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    These buttons are perfect to hold the place of where a button will one day be. :D Remember to ALWAYS link back. Thanks!

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