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{ i was not forced to make this application. this application has been done on my own choice. }


Cute? You flatter me. Thank you. (:

Hello there! My name is Takuto and welcome to my application for Kaged the Draik. Like stated above, this application process was not forced by the foster. This petpage application has been done because I believe it is the most efficient way to showcase my skills. All art of Kaged (unless under the 'Art from Others' section) was done by me. Please do not steal! Also, throughout this application I will be referring to Kaged as male. Thank you for reading this application and I do hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

Thank you.

about kaged

Oh, you want to know about me? Ah... That's a first. 0:


Neopet Name: Kaged
Given Name: Kaiven Remeidos
Nickname(s): Kai, Rem
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Hair: A nice shade of green
Eyes: Deep Pink
Height: 6 feet 1 inch(es)
Weight: 145 lbs
Orientation: /shrugs/ He's not so sure.
Occupation: College Student & Part-Timer at a local Bakery

personality // true neutral

Kaiven is normal. Normal? What do you mean by normal? Well, for him, there really is no dominant trait. He's not selfless nor a philanthropist , but that does not mean that he won't step out of his way to help someone. He's not irritable, but that doesn't mean he never gets angry. He can be funny, serious, angry, sympathetic, sick, and sad. He enjoys the company of others, but there are times when he just wants to be alone. Kaiven doesn't have redeeming qualities that really make him stand out (Of course, that excludes his green hair and dragon wings, but it's actually quite normal where he's from). He sees this as a problem. Kaiven thinks that people like him don't stand out at all and therefore won't be noticed. He struggles to find his 'true self' (or so he says) and wants to change. Kaiven thinks change is necessary for him.

He believes that perhaps if he wasn't normal and was instead a bit out of the ordinary, a certain someone would notice him.

likes & dislikes

walks on the beach

sweet consumables (pastries, fruit, candies)

steak (Hey! A growing man needs to balance out his nutrition, y'know!)



being cooped up for long periods of time

bitter food


disorganization (Clean! Organize! Wipe! Sweep! Cleanliess is you best friend)

Flynn (Not really, but kind of. Kai gets jealous about how much time Peter spends with Flynn).

CH 1: Normal, bland, boring.

No one likes me.

No, I'm not a solitary man who can't make friends.

When I say 'like', I mean like like.

Like the one that gives you butterflies in your stomach and makes you flustered and stumble upon words.


I don't know why people believe that they have to have some interesting history or a redeeming trait in order to define themselves or be liked. Don't get me wrong; different people are cool. I have an eclectic bunch of friends and we all have fun with each other. It's just that why can't people like normal people? Not the normal like, but the like like kind of like. Every time I bring this point up, my friends groan and sigh.

Kai, it's about that again, isn't it?
What do you mean? I ask my friend with fake curiosity.
Feh, just get over it.

Yes, it is about that and no, I can't get over him. Yes, you heard me right. Him. I like him. No, I like like him. Every time I see him, my heart gets caught in my throat and I don't know what to say to him. My face turns pink and my stomach does flips and turns. You must be thinking Aw, how sweet. Yes he is. Er... I mean... see? Even the mere thought of him makes me flustered.


It all happened a few weeks ago. 56 days to be more exact (but hey, who's counting). We had the same introductory baking class at college. After weeks of relearning material that /should have been/ common sense such as 'How to Properly Wash a Cutting Board' and 'Why You Shouldn't Touch Things Out of an Oven Without Oven Mitts', we could finally bake. That's when he stole my heart.

The way he whipped the eggs with such speed and dexterity. His careful cutting of the fresh strawberries. The way is hair fell when he was so focused. His rabbit ears bouncing around as he paced around the kitchen. (I also can't forget the fact that he looked good in an apron). He was flawless.

His performance was breathtaking. I wanted to talk to him. I needed to talk to him. I had to be acquainted with him. I had approached him with my best smile, ready to give him a compliment, but as soon as I approached him he looked startled and ran off. Was it something I said? Couldn't be, I wasn't even able to make a sound to him. Was it how I looked? Impossible. I made sure to check the reflection on my spoon five times before I made my move. Why had he run away?

Lady Luck was bittersweet to me after that. I was graced by his skill and beauty every Wednesday and Friday (although it would have been great to see him everyday, beggars can't be choosers). On the flip side, he was always in a rush to get out of class so I never had the chance to approach him.

Then I decided to follow him. Creepy, I know. But what else was I supposed to do during that situation? Wait it out? Hope that he would approach me? Yeah, I thought so.

It was the usual Wednesday afternoon. Class was about to end and everyone was getting ready to leave. I had made sure that I prepared 10 minutes ahead so that I wouldn't lose sight of him. The bell rang to set us free and he seemed to have left the room quickly. But not quick enough. I quietly, but swiftly, followed him. My heart was pounding. Was I going to find a big secret? Will I regret this? Is this something I shouldn't know?


Oh... hey Peter.


The good news was I found out the man's name was Peter. The bad news was that my name wasn't Flynn and he wasn't greeting me. Peter, with an innocent smile that made me weak in the knees, ran to Flynn and gave him a huge hug. It hurt to see it. Oh, and it hadn't gotten any better. Peter picked up Flynn bridal style and ran around. Flynn looked flustered and maybe a bit sick.

Peter, put me down!

Yeah, Peter. Put him down. I had said to myself.

Peter gave off a harmonic laugh.

Sorry Flynn! I just really love you!

I ran.
And ran.
And ran.
Until my lungs felt like fire and my heart pounding awfully hard (I swear that it would have ripped through my chest).

Peter's words rang through my head. It gave me a headache. Those sweet words I longed to hear from him and it wasn't even for me...

I plopped down onto a bench with my head hanging low, my back rising and falling as I breathed heavily. A cry was lodged in my throat, wanting to come out. I held down my sobs, but tears streamed down my face. I had cried in silence as I thought of Flynn.


I look up at the sky. The weather is awfully nice today with its shining sun and cool breeze, which totally contrasts my mood. Mother Nature is mocking me. I don't mind though. I'd rather be out in this weather than in rain where I'd frantically run to my home with little to no protection from the falling waters.

I do forget my umbrella often.
art of Kaged

art by me

art by others

(thank you heartstrinqs!)


For twenty easy payments of $39.40, you can have your own Mini-Kaged on the go (Shipping and Handling not included)!


What do I plan to do with Kaged? Good question. I love to create characters and draw them. As you can see here, I have created one for Kaged and doodled him here and there. I plan to give him a look up much similar to the ones I give my pets, give him an actual petpage (I will probably use the content in this application minus the application parts), and add more to the story present above. I will be honest with you; that was my first time writing a story and I had a great time thinking of it and writing it! My heart fluttered along with Kaged's (ahaha). I plan to develop more to his story and hopefully complete it one day.

I do not enter the BC. It may look bad upon my part, but I am being honest. It's not that I can't draw (Heck, I love to draw); it's that Neopets doesn't allow human drawings into the BC and that's what I'm most comfortable with. I may enter the BC in the future once I improve my animal anatomy, but for now, I want to finish all of my Neopets.

paint + petpet

My first and foremost objective with Kaged would be to paint him Strawberry (along with changing his gender). Why Strawberry? Well, I really liked the colour scheme for it and it's super cute (like him)! It also suits his character, who loves sweets and baking, and matches his design. Chocolate would definitely be an ideal colour for him, but I would prefer not to take the risk with the lab ray.

The Brown Miamouse would be his petpet because it looks like Peter. It will be his own little Peter who will love him back.


I am not very good with customization nor do I spend NC on it. Customization is one of weak points when it comes to Neopets. I don't have money to spend on NC and I'm very limited with just NP items. The customization above is him taking a walk on the beach. Kaged enjoys talking walks in nice weather to contemplate about new recepies and think about Peter. It's a very simple customization but I think that matches with his 'normal problem'.

why kaged?

Oh, you want to know more about me! Stop, I'm blushing! Hehe. (-:

is it because he's a draik?

Both yes and no. No because people typically think that others apply for Draiks because they're Draiks. On the other side, some people actually do apply for Draiks for that reason, which I honestly don't like. Sure, having a Draik is a milestone for a lot of Neopians, including me, but I'm patient. I didn't want just any Draik; I wanted a Draik to love and cherish (cliche, I know, but hear me out)! I didn't want to get any Draik because I was afraid that he/she would end up rotting on my account. I wanted to work for a Draik by applying for one (I would earn the money but my laptop is slower than a Koi on land). In order to be satisfied, I wanted to make a character, design, story, customization, etc for the Draik to show how much I cared for him/her.

And besides, Draiks have the coolest Strawberry paint (Kidding, hehe... Kind of).


When I first decided to apply for Kaged, I was thinking Awesome, a Glowing Draik! There's no way I'm repainting him! So I started to doodle up a character, and I grew attached to it. The problem was that he didn't have a colour scheme! So I said I'll make his hair Green, of course! He is Glowing, after all! and I did. The line art was in pink, which I had intended to change to black, but then I really loved how the two colours worked. The problem was, it didn't suit his glow at all! Oh no! I had thought to myself. This was a problem. I went on SunnyNeo's Rainbow Pool to check out what other colorus would suit him and then I stumbled upon the perfect one; Strawberry. Both adorable and awesome, I was pumped to see the Strawberry Draik. Crisis averted! I was finishing up his design when I thought about his name. I didn't want to give him a Dark-themed character (Strawberry pets are super cute!), but that's what the name Kaged rubbed off to me at first. Eh, it's okay! I give my pets other names anyway! So I shirked it off and continued.

Then I came to the story.

While writing (er, typing) it, I thought about his character: a man with an unrequited love who believes he's caged in his 'too-normal' self. Wait... caged... Kaged! The name fit him perfectly! Kaged had shown himself as the perfect pet for me and my developing/ed character.

So now I type this application, to show you (Xxxxx) that I am the perfect owner for Kaged.

his spot

I plan for him to stay on my main account where I can show off the awesome character I made for him!

about me


On Neopets, I usually hang out on the PC and chat with random people. I have also recently joined a guild (not opened yet) called Persona and I love to talk with my guildies along with working on my pets. It helps time fly by and plus, I love to make new friends. That being said, I design characters for my pets. I hope to be able to write all of their stories one day!
Main Account: ☆ nowakii
Side Accounts: ☆ knightramseytsukisockssodacandiesveilstone
Art Page: n___n


I currently attend a University in Texas and I am studying Nursing. Aside from studying, I love to play video games and draw on my free time (mostly for Neopets). Besides that, I love to spend time with my boyfriend and take naps with him (but sometimes he tells me I sleep too much!).

the family!

Injun the Faerie Bori
- Injun is a very relaxed man who likes to take things easy. He loves flowers a lot and can usually be seen taking a nap in a field of flower or tending a greenhouse.

wbop the Chocolate Cybunny
- His given name is Peter. Peter is a man who's skilled in baking. He claims Flynn as his best friend and follows him around. Shy and awkward around others but cheerful around Flynn.

Arthalia the Zombie Cybunny
- His given name is Flynn. Flynn always looks grumpy even when he's not. He's usually bored and he does get angered easily. Constantly 'bothered' by Peter, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Dislocates the Skunk Lupe
- His given name is Daehyun. Daehyun is a guy with no purpose with his life, so his life is quite simple. Until one day he gains the power to time travel.

Naegs the Baby Pteri
- He doesn't really have a character that I specifically created because he's a pet dedicated to my favourite protgaonist from Dangan Ronpa, Makoto Naegi. However, I do love him and he does host my art page!

SirLongFaceRocks the Baby Draik
- He does not have a solid character yet, only designs (which you can check out on my art page). However, what I do know that he's quite narcissistic and truly believe he does rock.

Lyvenn the Baby Yurble
- His given name is Lyven. He's a high-schooler who loves to study the stars. As an aspiring astronomer, he likes to stay up at night and look at the glittering nice sky.

Xebiya the Alien Aisha
- Her given name is Zebby. An outer space princess who lands in a field of flowers in a planet she has never heard of after an accident of teleport transportation. She's naive, but very kind hearted.

Marveah the White Uni
- Her given name is Mar. She's a outgoing girl who loves to travel and pick flowers. She finds Zebby in her flower field and helps her adjust to her world and one day travel back home.

Chasims the Darigan Bori
- His given name is (unknown). He's notorious for being a fighter and not taking excuses from anyone. People say he's merciless and would fight anyone at anytime, but he's misunderstood. He fights to seek redemption.

Coviello the Plushie Grarrl
- His given name is (unknown). As a young boy he has always been picked on for knowing how to sew (an acquired skill from his mother) and enjoying it. He loves to make stuffed animals the most. The bullying from his younger age drove him off from making friends and now secludes himself. However, three people begin to change his outlook as he becomes friends with them.

Kaged the Transparent Techo
- His given name is Keitaro. A man who has no idea where he's from or how he ended up being the personal guard of Ara. However, he knows that he has a power that's uncontrollable and dangerous.

Araeliah the faerie Gnorbu
- His given name is Ara. A royal prince who takes Keitaro under his wing and asks for protection. Although he seems pleasant and always smiling, he's quite wise and has many secrets under his kimono.

Sorol the Halloween Bori
- Currently all I have for him is that he is a butler and in love with my friend.

If a pet is not listed here, it is more than likely that he/she is not a permanent pet of mine and is on the process of being adopted out or traded.

Here are some Draik adoptables I made for you guys! Make sure to read the rules first, then feel free to use them.


Do not steal.

Do not claim them as your own.

Do not take out my name on the image.

Do not redistribute as your own.

Do not enter them in Beauty Contests or any other sort of contest.


These are bases for your uses. They can be edited with a variety of programs, even MS Paint! The same rules apply, just feel free to colour them to your liking! Linking back is not necessary.

This one is the shaded base! It's more of a guide to give the adoptable more depth. Just replace the greys with whatever colours you like.

I have also provided a blank base if you prefer that.


Here are the adoptables of Draiks with current released colours. Feel free to take one and put them on your Draik's lookup or petpage! The white backgrounds are transparent. To take an adoptable, drag the picture to your address bar, copy the link in the address bar and put it in a img code.




something is missing!

You must be wondering; where is the 'why me' section where I talk about why I would be the perfect owner? I do not believe in those kinds of things. If I believe that I am the perfect owner, I would show it all in the whole application and let the reader judge from that rather than a mere paragraph or two.

thank you!

If you have read this far, thank you so much! If you have skimmed through the application, thank you too! It is you readers that give me the joy for making this application.

And to Xxxxx: Thank you very much for this opportunity to apply for Kaged. This application process was something new and fresh for me (this is my first time) and I came to love it. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this application. I am proud of myself for being able to pull off all the things I did on this application: the art, the design, the character, the story, etc. Applying for Kaged was a different experience for me and I am glad that I went through it. It has given me the inspiration and willpower to work with and finish the ideas I have/had for my pets.

I do hope that Kaged goes to the perfect owner even if it does not end up being me. I wish you much luck on the adoption process.

Thank you.

bullets @ details

css @ Itzel.

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