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Hi there, guest, and welcome to Trident - a graphics/layouts site created for the convenience of Neopets' members. We provide high-quality, graphics, layouts, resources, custom requests, and more. Trident is run by the fabulous Florelle and amazing Taylor. Trident started on 3/15/11 by Florelle. Now Trident is a successful graphics/layouts site that is active and has friendly owners.
I hope you enjoy your Trident experience!

*Note Trident layout looks best when you maximize the screen & The layouts were originally created for internet explorer browser and may not work in other browsers.

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1. You are required to always leave on a visible, linked credit.
2. You may NOT steal or claim any codes of Trident's as your own.
3. DO NOT use our resources/codes/or anything we created offsite of Neopets.
4. You may not redistribute our work as your own.
5. You may edit the coding all you want, but the credit stays and must NOT BE TOUCHED.

4/29/11 - @ 5:18 PM EST
Hey everyone! I'm on spring break now and can get on more often. I've been spending a lot of my time getting my new review site, Alaia (/~_alaia), established and ready. It actually opened if you would like a nice review. Elevate is reviewing Trident now too so I can't wait to get an opinion on that. :)

4/26/11 - @ 11:55 AM EST
The Nature Breeze Style petpage Waterfall is now finished. I just put it up under petpages. c: If anyone wants to make a comment on that petpage, please feel free! I'm thinking of creating a little system where you can submit comments about the html and CSS layouts and have them shown or something like that. I'm not exactly sure if I should or shouldn't. Well, anyways, I'm creating another Nature Breeze Style petpage. This one is going to have a sunset background.

4/25/11 - @ 9:25 AM EST
I'm working on a waterfall petpage. No, it is not a dreamy world wallpaper, but it is still very peaceful looking and you will definitely enjoy this style. I'm going to have a transparent look to the table and I may use the Verdana font for the text. c:

4/21/11 - @ 6:57 PM EST
Taylor created 8 graphics for Trident, but sadly they got deleted as her computer crashed. Hopefully she'll be able to create some more with me! :) Also, I'm working on drawing the uni's in different colors. If you have a suggestion on what I should draw, please neomail Florelle (jskrasnova)!

4/17/11 - @ 8:00 AM EST
I'm taking down all the Victorian styles and working on other graphics. We also got listed at the Soroptimist directory. :) I drew a red unicorn and haven't made it into a pixel form. I'm planning on possibly redoing it to make it look a little nicer, but if you guys like it how it is then I will leave it the way it is.

4/16/11 - @ 6:32 PM EST
I entered the Kaleidoscopic SOTM competition. I also asked to have a Frosty Blue review at Elevate. I'm working on a red version of the Victorian style and I uploaded it but I'm not going to put any others up until after my Frosty Blue review. :)

4/15/11 - @ 9:02 PM EST
Good evening! I've created two 'closed' signs so far and I'm working on creating another color of the Victorian style. My friend Naomi, owner of Jinx, is thinking about using the lighter shade of Victorian so I'm really excited! :* Be sure to check out the wonderful site called Jinx. The link is under affiliates at the bottom of the page. :3

4/14/11 - @ 3:28 PM EST
Hey everyone. I've been testing all week and it is actually very easy. I have spare time to work on graphics and got two petpages completed. I haven't tested it in different browsers, but i'll get to that in a bit. The style is called Victorian. I put a bit of information about Queen Victoria in there since the name Victoria is in the word Victorian so I thought it would fit. Anyways, I'm working on different colors of that style. I'll definitely create more styles though.

4/8/11 - @ 9:45 PM EST
Good news everyone! Taylor neomailed me that her Photoshop is working again and she will be able to start creating graphics and layouts with me! I probably will not be updating AT ALL next week because of testing at school! I will be testing non-stop all week and it'll be hard for me to get online_ If I get on, it's probably to roleplay at my guild but I will be very tired and can't continue coding and creating graphics until April 16th. Thanks for understanding!

4/5/11 - @ 3:30 PM EST
Okay, I've created 3 button templates and 2 button bases. All I need to do now is upload them and add them to Trident. Taylor's photoshop is still not working, so she won't be able to create graphics and layouts until it starts working again.

4/1/11 - @ 4:01 PM EST
Just prank called someone random people and tried to "buy" some pickles. Man, it was hilarious! They kept saying 'Who? What?' and then I just couldn't take it and hung up laughing. xD Happy April Fools everyone! I'm working on the petpage I was starting yesterday. It is turning out great! Can't wait until Trident has it's grand opening!

3/31/11 - @4:36 PM EST
Okay, please welcome my new partner, Taylor! She will be working with me on Trident. Right now, I'm working on a full page petpage. I'll have one meant for other site purposes and one for anything. This way it'll be easier if someone wants to create a site and wants a cool navigation.

3/30/11 - @ 6:30 PM EST
Hey guys! I'm creating some pixels right now for you guys. I'm not sure what else I'm going to create. I'm thinking of asking my good friend, Taylor, to be my partner at Trident. She's really good with coding petpages and other things. :)

3/25/11 - @ 5:55 PM EST
I won't be able to update the next couple of days since I'm pretty busy. First of all, I have one carnival to attend where I'll be singing. Then I have to go to the Verizon store to get my new phone! *sings in delight* I'll be able to update again on the 30th. Thanks for understanding guys!

3/22/11 - @ 4:33 PM EST
Sorry I didn't update on the 20th and 21st. My weekend was pretty busy. I've been working on some petpages for Trident. I've been thinking of some styles to base the petpages on. An idea was maybe a forest style, a wave style, or maybe just forest & nature in one style.. I'm still thinking about it. :)

3/19/11 - @ 12:17 PM EST
Taking a nice 8 mile bike ride to start your day is quite wonderful. *nods continuously* Anyways, I stumbled across a terrific premades site and now I have my first affiliate - Jinx! (: Also, I'm creating more pixels since making those popsicles was pretty fun. xD

3/18/11 - @ 10:15 AM EST
Hehe, hey guys! I just woke up and started on some more pixel resources. :) I just created three envelopes in the Pixel Resources section and a few popsicles (different colors) in the Pixels section. Shem thinks it'll work better this way instead of co-owning it so now I'm the only one owning the site again.

3/17/11 - @ 6:30 PM EST
Erhm, Happy St. Patricks Day! Sorry if I am a bit crabby today. My school day was HORRIBLE! Okay, since I didn't wear green to school (I forgot!), I got pinched by 7 people more than once from each person and it hurt SO MUCH! THEY DID IT HARD! Second of all, I had to take this enormous math test with three other people instead of RECESS! *sobs* EVERYBODY ELSE ALREADY TOOK IT AND GOT TO GO TO RECESS! *sobs louder* Well, on the bright side, I created two Pixel Resources. An envelope with red hearts and an identical envelope with pink hearts. *forces a smile*

3/16/11 - @ 2:30 PM EST
I just got home from school and raced to the computer to finish the layout. WOO HOO! I finished the layout! Right now I am just adding the links on the navigation and then I can start creating content and resources and stuff. :D This is really exciting and fun at the same time! Also, the wonderful Shem is now going to be owning Trident with me. Yeah, we are working as a team now!

3/15/11 - @ 4:39 PM EST
Hey guys! I am about finished with the Trident layout. I just have to do the Sitely section. Guess what? I got a much better program to create Trident's graphics. :3 I'm creating some layouts and then I will continue creating Trident's layout. (You know... the layout you are looking at right now.) I've decided maybe I should clear updates every two to three weeks so the textbox doesn't overflow. Maybe every month. I was speaking to Artemis @ Caught in the Headlights earlier. After Trident is completed and ready to have the offical grand opening, Caught in the Headlights will be our first affies! :) Be sure to check out Caught in the Headlights. I think it is a great site! I'm not a review site or anything, but it is truly amazing.

3/14/11 - @ 3:45 PM EST
*wipes sweat off face* Whew! I've been working long and hard to perfect the layout. The new Neopets filter really messed up the layout & I've started on the content. So far, I made the section signs and asked my wonderful friend, Rachel (berrypickle), if she could help make it transparent since I do not have any special program to do that. I'm not sure if Rachel does either... Anyways, I started contacting some directories for listing Trident when I've complete Trident. (aka the ahmazing The Faerie Compass) And yes, I spelled that wrong on purpose. Heheh. xD I'm actually creating some button bases and petpages right now. I'll have the grand opening of Trident when I have at least three of everything. Hopefully I'll be able to make more and get an awesome program instead of MS Paint. :/ Haha, yeahh MS Paint isn't much. If you see anything out of place right now, don't panic. I don't know why you would, but don't. Like I said before, I'm still working on it and adding a few things before I continue placing other sections and such. Woohoo! Thank you so much for making those section signs transparent! Welcome to the Wall of Honor! :) Hehe. I am almost done with the layout! After I finish the layout, I'll focus more on the content. Should I first start out doing requests or put some layouts out then start the requests? Whatever I do, I can't wait until Trident is noticed! :) It is 8:16 PM and I have been working for hours so I am going to continue tomorrow. Bye guys!
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The Rules

1. You still have to credit Trident for your requested graphic or layout.
2. If the layout is NOT customized to where it says your name then it will be avaliable for EVERYONE to use. Please, don't argue about this. If you read these rules, then keep in mind my favorite color is black and the secret code is fake. ;)
3. NO complaining about how long the request is taking. You can say if maybe I could make it by a certain day, but everybody has a life outside of Neopets and I'm happy to create a request of yours.
5. This is going to trick some of those who claim to read the rules. If you read ALL the rules of requesting, then you know what to do with the secret code here: 'carrot'.
6. Please fill out the form designated for the graphic or layout you want to request.

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Neomail me if you have a high-quality site and would like to apply. :)

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I want to give my friend, Rachel, a warm thank you for supporting Trident and helping out. ;)
I want to shout out a thank you to Cass for fixing the issue about the columns and tables. :3
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