Ah, hello glitter34bubba! Come in, come in! Feel free to take a look around, but watch out for some of the ducks, they bite....

What Is The RRDA?

Glad you asked. RRDA stands for Royal Rubber Duck Army. We are an organization fighting to rid the world of the utterly evil rubber chickens. Come with us, and be a part of an illustrious army who aims to overthrow the rubber chickens. For those who are interested, there is a secret division of the RRDA. The link to said page is somewhere on this page...

How Did The RRDA Start?

You may be wondering who on earth has come up with this epic plot to overthrow the rubber chickens. Well, it was me. General Glitter. This started as just an idea in the back of my mind, but it started to grow until it was a full-fledged plan taking up most of my mind. You see, I had noticed how rubber chickens seemed to be getting a lot of attention and how rubber ducks were rarely mentioned aside from in Sesame Street and other little childish things. Then it clicked. The rubber chickens were obviously trying to subdue the rubber ducks and accomplish world domination. So, I took immediate action. I quickly contacted the rubber ducks and told them of my discovery. They were not surprised. With their permission, I started the RRDA. And here we are today. We have successfully started to bring this crisis into the light as people have become more aware. We have had many new recruits and will always welcome more.
What exactly, does the RRDA do?
Well, my dear friends. I shall tell you. There is no huge obligation when you join us. We only ask that whenever possible, you try your best to stop the uprising of the rubber chickens. So if you're walking through a store that sells rubber chickens, dont buy one. Better yet, hide them so others can't buy them! And always remember to encourage yourself to sing 'The Rubber Ducky Song'.

I Wanna Join!

So, you want to join, eh? Splendid! Before you can join, you must take the oath. Send a neomail to General Glitter containing this oath:

I, (your name here), vow to uphold the honor of the Royal Rubber Duck Army by always being around when needed, following the orders of my superiors, and staying true to the Rubber Ducks by /never/ going over to the evil of the Rubber Chickens. By taking this vow, I promise to be a good and valuable soldier for this Royal Army. Quack.

Click HERE
Neomail this oath to General Glitter!

Who's In This Army?

So, people may be wondering who exactly is in the elite army. Well, here is a list of all our members.

The Officers:
General Glitter: Glitter34bubba. The main Founder of the RRDA.
General Spooky: Spookyboo269. Co-Founder of RRDA.
Colonel Morrissiey: Nick_devin. Screenier who loves fanmail.
Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer: Bobble173_2. Lurker who's always there even when you don't notice.
Major Lade: __lade__. Maker of spiffeh shields.
Major Sabrieyl: Sabrieyl. Capturer of HC's moments of glory.
Captain Julia: Beatrice2245. Very tough screenier.
Captain TCS: Yamixstar. Demented slacker of the RP boards.
Captain: Go_kiki_go. Little sister of General Glitter.
First Lieutenant Shadowstar: Draiklord567. Thrower of pies in peoples faces.
Second Lieutenant Emerald: Jamjar384. Pokemaniac of the army and official dragon keeper.
First Sergeant Sonia: Carly1005. Crazy Gelert lady of DOOM!! *Insert creepy music here*.
Staff Sergeant Mina: Mina_russell. Warrior princess with courage to save the world.
Sergeant Mandy: Coca_cola88. Always has tongue stuck to frozen yogurt.
Sergeant Em: Emshin_7. Obeyer of rubber duck in room.
Corporal Sabrina: Fairytigerqueen. Evil monster who's hiding under your bed.
Corporal Tirtza: Tirtza. Only Private with mad fencing abilities.
Corporal Rose: Northernwind330. So cool that ice cubes are jealous. Or so she thinks.
Corporal Bella: Ponzi1999. Consumer of apples and bananas...
Corporal Liz: Hi_hello_hi_3. Creator of the Mega Rubber Chicken Blaster.
Private Kate: Boris_rule135. Trainer of karate ducks.
Private Ringo: Supergruslen. Alto Saxophone player of doom!!!!
Private Katelynn: _Ashybby. Thrower of erasers at people.
Private Nekos Nyan: Nekos_are_fun. Owner of CAA and drawer of ducks and sheilds.
Private Celinette: Alina_n_minnie. Only RRDA officer named after the moon.
Private Katie: 1Cutebutterfly. Pure, yet ebil vampire that dominates rubber chickens.
Private Meow: Mangacatgirlrox. Collector of epic rubber ducks!
Private Feather: Tolip220. Information not available. Approach at your own risk.
Private Lynda: Pinktwirlz. Nacho freak of the army.
Private Lela: Nintendogs170. Keeper of the Golden Banana.
Private Rowan: Ixinnia. Epic wiz-girl who can be silly.
Priavte Elijah: Corn_o_cob. Tamer and owner of the Kraken.
Private Jessica: Spirit_wolf589. Weirdest in the army.
Private Rae: Raexnicolee. Owner of pwnsome radio show.
Private Carigan: Kawaiifangirl. Master of falling down stairs painlessly.
Private Clara: ____83. Liker of sparkly stuff, unless it's vampires...
Private Lydia: Sideaccountsally. Altogether awesome and cool.
Private Yazi: Twilightyy. Owner of giant gumball of awesomness!!
Private Lauren: Lala721100. Owner of bright yellow rain boots.
Private Midnight: Constant yeller of 'IT'S SO FLUFFEH!
Private Taylor: Qteeface_2. Queen of Planet Purple.
Private Emily: Emilyjw. Secretly the Nyan cat...
Private Tessa: Anna_oceania. Still able to lick her toes.
Private Melanie: Abc123lalazuzu. MONKEY!....JANITOR IN A PALM TREE!
Private Skot: Alabamasax. Player of seven different instruments.
Private Tiffany: Abbi2hip1023. Eater of Mint Chip ice cream.
Private Aly: Watergun1490. Swims for up to twenty hours a week.
Private Zee: Zylonite. Member of the secret-alliance of people with freckles.
Private Lorna: Lornydoo. Writer of epic ducks.
Private Sasha: Domo_hello_kitty. Liker of Shoyrus and folder of origami.
Private Kat: Ilovepoogles2. Loves cats.

The Soldiers:
Koda: Colonel Spookys Assistant. (He's a rubber duck)
Thomas: Captain Morrissiey's assistant. (He's a rubber duck)
Sir Mister: Second Lieutenant Sabrieyl's assistant. (He's a rubber duck and was knighted by the Rubber Duck Queen.)
Steve: Master Sergeant Dani's assistant. (He's a rubber duck.)
Brave Sir Robin: Staff Sergeant TCS's assistant. (He's a rubber duck and was knighted by the Rubber Duck Queen.)
Bob: Captain Chloe's assistant. (He's a rubber duck)
Bobetta: Private Jellys' assistant. (She's a rubber duck, and Bobs twin sister)
Quackers: Private Emerald's assistant. (He's a rubber duck)