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A note to TNT: I chose to make this application, I was not forced to or required to, I did so of my own will.
I would also like to already thank X for putting Jose up for adoption in the first place to give people like me, and many others, the chance to possibly become his new owner.
So thank you.

Side Note: Almost any image on this application can be clicked and dragged to your address [url] bar to be seen in full view! Trust me, they look nicer.

Image by Chemi


06.10.09 Just a heads up: Arak will be gone to camp June 14-June 20 and will not be available. Sorry for any inconveniences!

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06.09.09 Application Completed! Just in time too with our extended week (Thanks for that X, seriously). I now shout out my thanks for those who supported me and helped me throughout this whole process, I appreciate you guys more than you can imagine.

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Hmm...What is This?

» Brief Introductions

You seem to have stumbled upon my application for the lovely Pirate Krawk, Josethis, or as I call him, Jose...or Seth. Whichever you prefer.

Whether you are just a random passerby, one of my friends who have agreed to review this page, or X herself...welcome, and I hope you like what you see. Feel free to Neomail me any feedback, questions, complaints, or concerns about this page, I love to hear anything and everything about my efforts and the goods and bads of my pages.
Thank you for your consideration.

Unlikely Meeting...

» The Forgotten

Sunlight burns through your field of vision, the sudden change scorching your eyes and making you blink rapidly. As your vision returns, you notice first the telltale bright colors and smells of what is unmistakeably an ocean setting. In the distance you can just make out the waves, gently undulating away and toward the shoreline.

Who are you?

The voice seemed to come out of nowhere. Startled, you turn around, to be confronted with the site of a tall, thin lizard like creature, standing not but 10 feet away from you.

Are you going to just stand there or am I going to have to move you myself?

The creature stared at you, an attitude of faint annoyance twisting the edge of his lip into a scowl. His sharp white teeth glinted from within his mouth.

You took a breath, about to answer his impatient question but he interrupts before you get the chance to make a noise.

My name's Josethis by the way, but most people just call me Jose. Well..I can't exactly say most people...considering the fact that I don't get many people around here anymore. This place is kind of...in the middle of nowhere...you know...?

He stopped mid-sentence and gazed at you curiously, all traces of his past disgruntlement gone.

So...how exactly did you get here anyway?

Silence followed his question. How did I get here? was the same thing you were asking yourself. As you prepared to tell him that you had no clue how you came upon this beach he interrupted you for the second time in a matter of minutes.

You don't know, do you?

You nodded your head slowly. He smiled, his eyes lighting up mischievously.

Well, no matter...things never seem to explain themselves with logic around here these days. I haven't had a visitor for quite some time, you know...it gets kind of quiet around here and I tend to notice changes pretty quickly. You're on a peninsula by the way; the edge of a large island that I've lived upon most of my life. Ironically it's the same island I was banished from when I was younger...but no one comes along down here anyway, except for you apparently...so I'm safe.

He turned away from you, beckoning for you to follow him. You stared at him curiously, then proceeded to follow. Just as you stepped off he whirled back to face you, causing you to almost run straight into him. He looked at you with faint amusement.

...oh, I never did get your name...?

You tell him.

guest, eh? That's a nice name...so...I guess you would like to know the way back to where you came from...
Well, I can guide you so far before I'll have to leave you on your own; or you can stay here for a while if you'd like...I can tell you a little about myself...and maybe you could enlighten me with the happenings of the world since I'm afraid I've been left out of the loop.
So what will it be?

You ponder over his offer for a minute. You want to find your way back to where you were originally going before you happened upon this place, yet you felt a curiosity and longing to know more about this lone creature.

It's time to make your choice, Jose was waiting patiently a few feet from you, gazing at some unknown point in the distance behind you.

What will you chose?

Continue with Jose? Return to mainland?


» Anatomy of a Loner

[Name] Josethis
[Pronunciation] H-oh-say-th-es
[Alias] Jose, Seth
[Gender] Male
[Age] Est. 24 years
[Height] 6'4'' Head height [ears excluded]
[Weight] approx 162 lbs
[Species] Human Lactera [a.k.a Krawk]

[Painted Color] Pirate
[Physical Appearance] Tall, thin, and strong. Body is a dull gray-blue with a light gray chest. Main markings are dark turquoise blue and include the stripe down the back and tail and markings on the legs, hands, face, and ears. The markings on upper arms are actually tattoos including the second thin strip up neck. Hair is light turquoise-gray and ends at mid back between shoulder blades. Large brass earring is usually worn in left ear only, and two notches, one large, one small, are cut out of right ear. Green bandanna is usually worn folded around neck but can be seen tied around head old-fashion pirate style. Bandages are randomly and loosely wrapped around tail and left leg.

[Mate] None
[Father] Missing
[Mother] Deceased
[Siblings] Kiscimai [Younger Brother]
[Companion] Kharma

Wait Up!...

» Not too Fast

By Neltruin on DA

A voice cut through the quiet stillness. Jose stopped in his tracks and turned, cringing slightly and making a low hissing noise through his teeth.

Oh right...I forgot...

You looked around to where he cast his guilty gaze, marching swiftly down the sandy beach was what seemed to be a large yet slender German Shepherd. As the creature neared you noticed its shiny gray coloration, rather than the typical rusty brown and black. Not only did that strike you as odd, but the dog seemed to have spoken, calling Jose's name. Then again...by now you were used to odd sights and happenings around here.

The dog neared, panting slightly from its rush down the shoreline. It sidled up next to Jose, glaring at him sharply before shaking its furry head and looking up at you intently. It spoke in a clearly female voice...

Oh man, I'm so sorry I'm late...Jose here was supposed to tell me when visitors came! Apparently he's too dense to even remember that simple piece of instruction!

Hey, hey, that's uncalled for! Even if you are my creator I don't think-

The shepherd shot another dagger sharp look at Jose. Smiling ruefully, he mimicked zipping up his mouth and throwing away the key. The Shepherd grinned briefly in return.

Thanks buddy, you need to understand how important this is. I mean, I told you earlier that if this doesn't go off well you might cease to exist.

Jose's expression morphed from happy complacency to worry in a heartbeat, he nodded his head in understanding. Now the dog was facing you, an apologetic look on her features.

I'm so sorry about that...and I didn't even introduce myself! Well, my name is Arak, and I'm the hopeful applier for your Krawk, Josethis...as you can see...

She indicated the creature lingering behind her, an eager look plastered on his reptilian face.

So...this is the time that I butt in and explain myself to you...why I would like to adopt Jose, who I plan to make him into...my life...I'm sure you get the drill by now, I pity you for having to go through these introductions so many times...I'll try to make it as brief and interesting as I can.

Let us move into the shade so we can talk, follow me...

The Applier...

» Who?

Image by Sutakaibagirl at DAHello, as you already know my name is Araktugage, or Arak for short. You can probably guess that that isn't my real name...because well...who in their right mind would name their daughter Arak? Like seriously...[no offense intended to those that might actually be named 'Arak'...erm...yeah.] I'm a 16 year old sophomore in highschool female...human...being. Oh, of course...this is my fursona form...I'm quite simply a gray German Shepherd. How creative, right?

Some Personal Facts:

I enjoy drawing, drawing, and drawing. Oh, and roleplaying, writing stories, talking with my friends, listening to music, coding, and all that other typical stuff teenagers tend to like to do....excluding the...harmful things. I think you get the point.
I also love reading, especially horror stories like Stephen King books. Movies are great too; Star Trek XI & IV, Watchmen, Bolt, PotC, and Batman are some of my current favorites. Music-wise I vary widely in genre; Poets of the Fall holds the current place in my heart along with cKy, BLue October, and Avenged Sevenfold. They're amazing, I tell you. I also love certain tv shows and series such as LOST and The Office. Playing Video games such as Resident Evil 4 & 5, Portal, Left 4 Dead, and many more also holds my interest.

But enough about the boring real life stuff, how about my online history?

Online Statistics:

Well, I guess you can say the main reason I began going on the internet is because of Neopets. This was back in...5th grade or so I believe. At first I never had an account, I just played the virtual games and browsed. I finally created my first account sometime later.


My first account was werewolf_hunter900. It's not active anymore, sadly. I wish it were but I lost it because of the 'name your birthday' purge that went on a few years ago. I had put fake b-days in for security. Good help that did me. The only account that survived was this one: Araktugage...therefore this is now my main.

This account holds my most beloved characters, ironically they are mostly recreations of characters I created for various other Krawk applications. Obviously I never got any of those Krawks, but that was back then when I really didn't know what I was doing. That's a story for later on, however. All three pets on this account have stories either already written or thought up but in progress. Kiscim and Corynite have parallel stories. Ilek was a gift from a friend, and is now one of my favorite characters of mine.

I do have a side account that I plan to use for the rest of my characters I may plan to create. That account is Alychiphobia. Currently it houses two pets, Kaudria, who has direct relation to Kiscim and Corynite from my main, and Narcotiqs, who was another gift from a friend. His story and design is still being thought out.


So, why am I here on Neo? For many reasons really. I enjoy coding petpages above all, it's so much fun, and gives me a place to develop my characters and put their information to use. I spend a lot of time on here just coding pages and drawing artwork of my characters. Expect Jose to get a nice petpage that will be as active as I can manage it to be. This meaning I won't let it rot. I'll try my hardest to update it with new layouts and further status, information, stories, and happenings in Jose's developing character.

Another big thing for me here is roleplaying. I enjoy roleplaying so much, it's a neat dynamic way to involve your character with someone else's. I find this to be the most effective way of making friends and enemies for my own characters. I already have a few people who want to roleplay their characters with the personality I have made for Jose, so expect some interaction with him between other pets.

Why Jose?...

» Significant Importance

Image by Chemi

So the question can now be asked...why do I want Jose? Why him and not another Krawk. Why a Krawk in the first place?

The Beginnings

Even before I joined Neopets I had always had a strange obsession with anything reptile, particularly, well you guessed it...crocodiles and alligators. Whoo.

Searching the toy store one day a found a handheld figure game that was centered around the Krawk and Krawk Island...me being me, without even understanding exactly what it was from, bought it. I enjoyed playing with it for months before actually coming on the site itself.


Now that I was on site, I began my crazy obsession with everything Krawk related...I've always wanted one, but honestly never could save up the neopoints. I always find soemthing to spend it on before I actually reach my main goal. I know, it's pathetic...but...yeah.

When I learned about adopting pets, I just knew that was what I was going to do...I had countless ideas floating in my head for Krawk designs and stories, so I got down to business and started applying.

Nine applications later and still no luck. I was just getting to the point of giving up trying to apply for Krawks, mainly because the more recent ones I had created for applications had really struck home in my heart, these being the current Ria, Coryn, and Scim, and I had made pets for them just to get them on site so I could work on their pages and what not. I'll say now that, if I don't get Jose, which is all the well likely, and that's perfectly okay if someone else deserves him more than me, I will be created a character of him...because he's become extremely special to me...and probabaly the character that gets the most attention now, and not just because of this application.

Then along comes Chemi to ruin all my fun. She showed me your board not long after getting the bad news about my last application, which made it to the finals, but didn't cut it at the last lick. Since the Krawk I had been applying for at the time had been a fire Krawk, she showed me Exosin, and I pondered over applying for him for a while.

When I found out my friend Plushie was applying for Exos, I decided to not apply for him, and decided to support her instead, since I knew she definitely deserved that Krawk. I turned my sights back to the boards.

That's when I noticed Josethis. I wonder now how I missed him before, because when I looked him up, saw his name, and saw his species and color...my heart jumped.

A Humorous Situation

So why did I choose to go after him? Well, there's a real life story behind this...and it's a tad humorous. I'll try to explain it quickly.

Last year, our high school band went on a trip to Florida, and one of the days we went to this neat little interactive restaurant called the 'Pirate Dinner Adventure'. The point of this place is that while you eat, you're sitting in a large stadium with a giant boat and water in the middle, and a performance is going on all the time.

Well at the beginning you're assigned and split off into teams, and each team has a color...and each color corresponds to one of 6 pirates that perform during your stay.

Me and my friends were assigned to team 'Green'. Our pirate introduces himself...and his name is Jose.

We had an amazing time at the dinner, and made many jokes and traditions about our pirate, Jose...and then well, what do you know? I come online to look for Krawks and there's a Pirate Krawk named Josethis up for adoption.

Needless to say I couldn't spare the opportunity, and jumped to this application as fast as I could. My past experience with a pirate named Jose has definitely inspired me so much with my character, and my version of your Krawk has many aspects of said human pirate; ie: the bandanna and bandages around the leg. The inside jokes and little quirks behind his character have helped me go on this whole time as well.


So...all this leads up to one thing. A certain nagging thought that runs around screaming in the back of my mind seemingly every time I apply for a pet...

Almost every pet that I have applied for and lost...well...it seems that the pet has just been dropped off the face of the earth or something. The applier spends so long on their application and puts in so much effort, enough to be chosen for the owner, and then seemingly completely abandon their attempt to make their pet 'something'. I can name at least 6 of the nine pets I've applied for that don't have pages, or really anything anymore since the owner got them.

I know this probably sounds a little hypocritical or mean, but it's the blind truth that I've been running into for so long. My friends have told me to mention this in my next application, which would be this one, so maybe more people could understand.

Upon saying that, I pledge that, if I happen to be the lucky person to get Jose, I will do whatever it takes to try and keep him as active as possible. Whether it's roleplaying, entering the BC, updated or new story chapters, and new layouts and pictures, I will do it to the best of my ability. I just really don't want him to go to waste.


» The Renegade Pirate

So, I've told you about myself, and a little about why I'm applying for Jose...so you're probabaly now wondering what I have planned for him...his background and story and things of the sort. I definitely have a story in store for his page, an ongoing story that I hope to update with new chapters throughout his...'life' so to speak.

Well, here's where I'm going to give you a summary of his story as I imagine it now, as it is subject to change when I begin writing it...

Jose was born within a fairly large village of Krawks, are as I call them, Lacteras, that is strictly overruled by a small council of elders. The system of power is very much like a form of Gerontocracy, meaning the power of one grows with age, as the majority of the tribes people believe that with age comes wisdom, a common notion within most beings.

Jose's own family consists of three other members, a mother, father, and a younger brother named Kiscimai. Customary to the tribe's practices, Jose was taken from his parents sides at a young age, to be put into a training academy to learn to fight.

The Tribe has specific locations for every member. The elders believe that, at birth, it is decided what task you can better the Tribe with, whether it's cooking to feed the members, fighting to defend from attacking colonies, teaching the young to do their selected task, or anything else beneficial to the whole of the Tribe. By far the largest group of members are sent to train as fighters, coincidentally, Jose is one of the many, along with his younger brother, but for other reasons...but his story is another one for another time.

Jose, taken to train as a hand to hand battler, lives for years under the strict regulations and punishments of the guards in charge of his group's development. Assigned under a particularly strict and harsh military trainer, his whole group soon begins to resent the relentless stress and hardships they are forced to overcome. Talk starts within their barracks about finding out the real intentions of the elder council, and of a possible rebellion against their superiors.

At this time Jose and his close friends are still young, and the talk is mainly among the older trainees, but they still listen and learn from the information relayed by the students. Little did Jose realize at the time, that he would soon mature to become the leader of this discontent within the tribe.

The beginning of his rebellion began when he found out that his brother, Scim had been taken to a rigorous and 'special' training program reserved for those particular Lacteras born with the power to control fire. The mysterious and unusual trait had run through Jose's family bloodline for years, but only a select few members seemed to be able to activate the power stored within. Jose himself was not one of those able to use the trait.

Jose had found out about the conditions that the ones 'gifted' with fire powers were forced to live in, forced to serve in. The positions they obtained as fire bearers seemed on the outside, glorifying and genuinely special, as they were assigned to the council guard, a very high placement in the warrior ranks, reserved strictly for them. But in truth the position was a terrible one to be forced to hold, as the warriors were pushed to perform secret tasks and slaughter that no creature should have to face.

Desperate to try and free his brother from the council's bonds, Jose formed a band of Lacteras who were, like him, discontented with the conditions and rules that they were forced to live under. He lead a rebellion against the council, and made an attempt to steal his brother away, and possibly escape the tribe's boundaries to forge his own life somewhere else, safe from the clutches of the council.

Despite his group's efforts, they were no match for the power of the High Guard, and were overcome. Jose himself was held prisoner, to await the judgment of his treason against the council. He was soon brought before the court, and his sentence was put into place. He was to be banished from the Tribe.

One might at first think that banishment was a good thing, considering the fact that the intentions of the rebel group were to try and leave anyway, but the Tribe's form of banishment wasn't exactly the same as just being forced out and not being let back in. In the Tribe, if you are banished you are pretty much put to death.

The guard took Jose, bound and blindfolded, to a ship at the edge of the island. Once upon the ship they sailed out two days from the shore, threw a small raft made of wood and rope into the ocean, knocked Jose out, and left him on the raft, unconscious and unknowing of his fate.

Upon waking, Jose realized his predicament, knowing that no living Lactera that had been banished had ever been seen again...as most had died of thirst and heat exhaustion at sea. He saw no land around him and no reprieve from the scorching sun that blistered at his skin. Stranded in the middle of the ocean, Jose waited for days, soon giving up on ever finding a way back to land. He fell into a delirious and malnourished state, and was prone to long period of unconsciousness.

To his surprise, after being waken from his most recent bout of unconsciousness by a splash of cool water, he realized his was no longer upon the raft that haunted his mind so much, nor was he alone. He now was on a large ship, a pirate ship, and surrounded by four figures, all dressed in a motley assortment of garments and brass jewelry.

And as of now I'm skipping over the things he did as a part of that pirate crew, as those are some short stories that I plan for him to write in a sort of diary of events that I'm going to write in the near future, and, like the story, it will be ongoing_

All you really need to know right now is that after years of traveling with his pirate saviors, they are involved in a fight, which leaves the ship in a dilapidated state. They manage to make it to the closest island they can before the ship sinks.

This is where Jose begins his life as a loner on the island...as the majority of his crewmates had already met their fate in their final scrap, and his last friend had fallen to wounds received from the battle. He established his own little home at the shore of the ocean, to always be able to remember the things he had done in the past.

Not long after making his home, he ventures into the nearby forest, to explore the island he has landed upon...which is where he first meets Ria. To his immense joy and apprehension he finds out that, ironically, the island he is on is the island he came from, the Tribe's island, but it had fallen into a war like state, and was crumbling. He also learned that his brother, Scim, was well and had escaped the violence. He then set off with Ria to meet up with his brother. After conversing with him for a few months at his shore home, Scim and Ria leave to move on with their lives, vowing to come back and visit the loner on the shore in time.

So...yeah. That's pretty much the majority of his story, from the beginning to now, and it will continue on during his travels.

If you have any questions feel free to ask...or concerns...or critiques...whatever. I may change some things over time, and I'll add some plot changes to his future story as well, as I already have some things in mind. Hope you enjoyed my...rather long...synopsis! ...heh.


» I Dare You To

Thanks so much for these guys...I appreciate your kindness!


I've been through this process before... putting a pet up for adoption. Arak was one of the applicants. I'm not exagerrating when I say that I deeply regret not choosing her as my krawk's new owner... it was a horrible decision on my part and if I could do it again, I'd give him to Arak in a heartbeat. Not just because we're friends- we knew each other long before she applied, and I didn't let that stand in the way of my decision. Only know do I regret my final decision, because what I've come to see in Arak is her unwavering dedication to her characters and pets. I know if I'd given her my krawk, I'd be very pleased with what she made of him. Even though she didn't get him, she kept his character and still actively draws him, and maintains is page. My point is-- if you pick her as Jose's new owner, you will never have to doubt the future of your krawk. Arak is probably the most dedicated and honest person in that way that I've ever met. This krawk means a lot to her, and I know she'll prove it if you give her this chance. And isn't that one of the most important things- who's going to make the most of this opportunity? That person is Arak.


I personally feel Araktugage would be the best person to choose to adopt Jose. Why? Because I actually know her as a friend. And while you may think this gives the impression that I'm biased—and I might be—I also want to point out that by knowing her personally allows me to say that she is a wonderful person who is honest, an awesome friend, and has a caring and loving personality. Arak is one of the kindest people you'll ever meet, in real life, or on the internet. She's always ready for a laugh, and won't hesitate in extending a hand to help. This kindness stretches out to pets as well, digital or not. She's got a big heart, one of the biggest you'll ever find. And maybe I'm talking too much, but I can assure you, once again, that Araktugage is THE best owner you'll find around. I guarantee you that if Araktugage receives Jose, she will dedicate time and effort to ensure that Jose gets the attention he deserves.

Siemari on DA

Arak is kind, easy to talk to, funny, and overall, a wonderful person. I know that she really wants to adopt Jose, and I'm certain that she'll smother him with love, and shower him with many amazing pictures. She's a very talented artist after all :3 You won't be let down. In my mind, Arak is the perfect owner for Jose.

twilytephoenix on da

Geez, where to start for why Araktugage is a great fit for Jose? She's an absolutely AMAZING artist, and I'm not afraid to say it really, really loud. She's also probably at least five times more active in drawing than I am, especially when it comes to her neopets and their applications. Apart from art, I'd say she's on the sane side of the spectrum, unlike some of my other friends. But she's still pretty funny, and a fun person to be around. I'll admit she's not my closest friend, but she still replies to me whenever I say anything of any kind to her. Hm...this is getting pretty long. To sum it up, she really, really deserves to get Jose. I've seen so much of what she's done devoted to getting him, I can't really imagine what it'd be like if she didn't.


HAI this is zooky talking about Arak [behind her back!]. Um she's awesome c: Great friend, great artist, very loyal and just mmmmarak-ey. god zooky sucks at this. Pick her because she'll never ditch Jose XD?


» Relative Acquaintance

Kiscimai, he's the reason I felt the need to rebel those fateful days. He's my younger brother, and I care for him as anyone would their own siblings. I tried to get him to understand why I acted the way I did when he was a child, why I tried to run away, why I fought against the tribe's council, but at the time he was too young to understand. I knew that, because of his power over fire, which the council deemed 'special', he would be taken away and forced to brutally fight for whatever the elders saw fit. That's a fate I didn't want to see anyone be thrust into, so I tried to save him from it, to take him away from the tribe, from all the pain e was bound to have to go through. I tried, but failed. Regretfully he was forced into service, but as expected, after being raised under my careful and informative guidance, he quickly began to understand my reasoning, and managed to escape, saving not only his own life, but the life of seven other members of the Council Guard. I am, and always will be, extremely proud of him. I beg you to pay him a visit sometime, or stop and speak with him if you happen to cross his path, he's really quite a nice guy. I hear he's part of a small circus right now, along with another Lactera that goes by the name of 'Cash'. I've seen his act, it's phenomenal...not to mention that his musical talents were always unmatched within the tribe...maybe you can convince him to play for you sometime?

This girl is one of my brother's closest friends, and I can see why. She's definitely one you would want on your side, a fighter, loyal, and understanding, I'd have no doubt that she could take care of herself if needed. With my brother's help, she was also able to free herself from the tribe council's bonds, and now travels either alone, or along with Scim's carnival band.

I've heard many stories about this creature...he's the product of the Tribe's cruel practices in science and genetic engineering. Their plan was to create the perfect live bioweapon, a six legged parasitic dragon-like creature that could be mechanically controlled by the Tribe, but the animal needed a host, and Coryn was the chosen recipient, not by his own choosing, but only because his DNA was one of the few that the parasite could bond with. Thus creating Experiment 802, a twisted mess of what used to be a normal being. I've had the pleasure of meeting Coryn, and he really is quite an interesting character, having escaped from the Tribe by sheer force not long after having the parasite injected into him, he was very understanding and solemn. I sensed a deep fear, power, and sadness within him, however. He told me only time would tell how long he could keep the parasite contained within himself and under his own control. As far as I am aware and from the information relayed to me by Ria and Scim, he's moved on to a city, destroyed by a nuclear explosion, to seek out survivors and build a life within a world that he says suits his need the best. I wish him luck in his ventures...

Bandanna Adoptables...

» Which Side Will You Choose?

Here's some samples of the adoptables I plan to have for Jose's page. As of right now I'm only doing customs for friends, but I plan to open them in my free time to others and to try and get all the default Krawk color templates made for free use.

Sample 1:

Sample 2:





» A Pictures Worth a Thous-

By Me:

As you hopefully can tell and have seen...I absolutely love to draw, and have been working to improve for many years. Here are a few of my most current personal favorites:

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Characters belong to TruaeCharacter belongs to Netruin on DACharacter belongs to KnarledCharacter belongs to Fallensspirit on DACharacter belongs to InkhCharacter belongs to Inaara

Of Jose:

Drawn for me by Lina, colored by me.

By Others:

Below are images and art drawn for me by others.
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By OddlyGrayWoods @ DA

By Ethelo @ DA

By CaptnTopknot @ DA

By Mav

By Kovah @ DA

By DarkuAngel @ DA

By Mercurybird @ DA

By Sutakaibagirl @ DA

By Detts @ DA

By Pallanoph @ DA

By Jaole @ DA

By Wasting @ DA

By Tanginello @ DA

By Tanginello @ DA

By Chemi

By Griffling @ DA

By Mercurybird @ DA

By NezumiRyu @ DA

By Iron-Zing @ DA

By Samparty @ DA

By Nhubby @ DA

By Mercurybird @ DA

By OldFashionedSin @ DA

By Chemi

By Netruin @ DA

By Kitokie @ DA

By Sauxifying @ DA

By Tiger-wolf @ DA

By Mercurybird @ DA

By Tiger-wolf @ DA

By Chiricho @ DA

By Jamie

By Inaara @ DA

By Wolfess-Enchanted @ DA

By Sutakaibagirl @ DA

By OldFashionedSin @ DA

By ShutMeDown @ DA

By Mercurybird @ DA

By Chemi

By OldFashionedSin @ DA


All content [with the exception of fanart, adoptables, and recommendations] is copyright to me, Araktugage.
Please do not steal any of this...please.
And thanks so much to everyone who has helped me through this process. Thank you...thank you...loveplz



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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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