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Captain's Office

welcome to deep space guilds

a guild directory

Layout looks crummy in Internet Explorer. Big surprise, eh?

You've come to this space station, deep in the Alpha Quadrant, to pass through the first stable wormhole discovered by the inhabitants of the galaxy. Your ship is being deployed to search over the Gamma Quadrant on a surveillance mission. In the meantime, your captain will be granted you and the rest of the crew leave while the ship is docked and undergoing maintenance. The station is huge, with nearly fifty levels of crew quarters, tool lockers, docking pylons. All your friends are planning on heading for the promenade to visit the infamous dining and gambling establishment dubbed Quarks. You, on the other hand would much rather explore and check out the outstanding views...
Permission to come on board?

permission granted

Welcome to Deep Space Guilds. I'm Captain Amanda Keating, and this is my Guild Directory. Here you can search our database to find the perfect guild that suits your needs and interests. Whether you're searching for a Public, Neopets-Related guild or a Private, Anime-Themed one, here's your place! To your left, you can see the station schematic which shows which level contains what. Look to your right and you will see the turbolift, which you can take down to the level that suits your desires. If you're a captain of a guild of your own who would like to advertise your guild here, take the turbolift to the promenade.

I have experience running a site. I ran Enterprise Guilds for over 8 months, which was also a guild directory.

what is a guild directory?

So, you're probably wondering what exactly we do here on the station. A guild directory is exactly what the name says: a directory of guilds. I basically go out, find a bunch of good guilds to list, and then I come back here and put up their information in an easy-to-find way! I have this station advertised in different places for people to come here and find the guild they are searching for.
Station activated: Stardate 6.13.2011

captain's log

STARDATE 9.18.2011
After a long, unexpected break (oh boy do I love schoolwork), I have added 2 guilds.

STARDATE 8.13.2011
Added one affiliate.

STARDATE 8.09.2011
Added one guild.

STARDATE 8.06.2011
Agh, all those camps are finally over! I added a guild and an affiliate and played around with headers to make the guild sections look a bit neater.

STARDATE 7.30.2011
Changed one guild's name as well as added a Harry Potter guild. Got back from my second out of 3 weeks of band camps and am a little exhausted (:

STARDATE 7.14.2011
Added one affiliate.

STARDATE 7.12.2011
Added three guilds. I will be taking a 3-week shore leave for multiple band camps.

STARDATE 7.02.2011
Added guilds and fixed the name of one of the non-NR categories. Also added one affiliate. I've already started thinking about the next layout and how to make it work, no matter how much longer I really can keep the current one! It may just end up a change of color scheme, but it's different, nonetheless! One more button as well. Now, I just have to figure out how to display the buttons and their coding a lot better! I guess that's this weekend's project!
Total Guilds Added: 2


how to add your guild

So you want to add your guild? Here's the place! I just have a few rules that are important for every officer and ship captain to read and know before they fill out the form! If you don't read them, shame on you!

how to fill out the form

I understand that not all guild owners understand what the different terms used to describe guilds are. So here are the sections you will see on the form that could be, erm, translated incorrectly:

duz ur g1ld allow u 2 tlk lyk dis? itz not literate.
does ur guild allow ur members to type ur messages kind of like this? its semi literate
And if your guild requires all parts of your messages to have proper spelling, capitalization, and grammar, it is a literate guild.

The "Other Requirements" section:
Please, please, please only fill this out if your guild has an age requirement or something of the sort (i.e. a teen only guild, an 18+ guild, etc.)

Well-established guilds tend to have a webbie, sometimes called website, where the guild's information can be found. I will not add your webbie if it is off site.


001: You MUST link back to this station on your guild's homepage (and your webbie if you have one). Check in Ops for link back buttons. I WILL remove your guild if I perform a sweep of all guilds and find that one of my buttons is not located on your guild's homepage and webbie.

002:All members of the crew must know who their chief medical officer is. He is Dr Bashir.

003:Please fill out all parts of the form to the best of your knowledge. If you do not understand what certain terms are, such as "literacy", I highly suggest re-reading (because every good officer reads every bit of information presented to them, right?) the above section.

004:Whenever you tell anyone about Dr Bashir, please refer to him as "Julian Bashir".

005:Please make sure requests are OPEN before filing yours.

If I find that you do not know your regulations, I will remind you to review them and resend your form.

file your request

Please delete the (phrases in parenthesis) and replace them with your information.

Habitat Ring

public, neorelated/themeless guilds

Click the guild name to access their homepage.
NeoRelated Guilds

Wonderland of Dreams

Guild Owner: iloveeyouxo
Literacy: Semi-Literate
Guild Motto: We're just looking for fun chatty active members.
Contact: iloveeyouxo
Webbie: here

Perfectly Neo

Guild Owner: Seahorselady1
Literacy: Semi-Literate
Contact: Seahorselady1, sasza101, or autumn__leaves
Webbie: here


Guild Owner: tabithacoop
Literacy: Literate
Contact: tabithacoop
Webbie: here
Themeless Guilds


Guild Owners: thema6 and love4life4eva
Literacy: Semi-Literate
Guild Motto: Soon to be the Funnest, Themeless guild around!
Contact: Not Required
Webbie: here

Docking Ring

public, non-neorelated guilds

Click the guild name to access their homepage.
Music Guilds

Amplified Harmony

Guild Owner: kaitlyneo
Literacy: Semi-Literate
Contact: None necessary
Gaming Guilds

Neopia's Ultimate Gaming Guild

Guild Owner: aaronsneo97
Literacy: Semi-Literate
Guild Motto: Where gamers call home.
Requirements: Members must be gamers or have some relation to video games
Contact: aaronsneo97, dslink2010, or eddie12371
Webbie: here
Harry Potter Guilds

The Shell Cottage

Guild Owner: aqua1239
Literacy: Literate
Requirements: Members must be gamers or have some relation to video games
Contact: aqua1239
Webbie: here
Winx Guilds

Alfea School of Magic

Guild Owner: thewinxclubgals
Literacy: Semi-Literate +
Contact: thewinxclubgals
Webbie: here
Zelda Guilds

Zelda Central

Guild Owner: purple_circle
Literacy: Semi-Literate +
Guild Motto: Watch the Legend Unfold...
Requirements: Ages 14+ Preferred
Contact: purple_circle
Webbie: here

Cargo Bays

private, neorelated guilds


Guild Home: see here
Guild Owner: Serena
Literacy: Semi-Literate
Guild Motto: We're deadly!
Contact: suhrena, thunderlovely, or catahoula__leopard
Webbie: Available upon request!

Runabout Pads

private, non-neorelated guilds

Gifted Roleplay

‡The Hunted

Guild Link: here
Guild Owner: Sasha
Literacy: Literate +
Contact: sandstorm_mg
Webbie: guild link




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sister station

Nite Time Guild Directory, who has been my sister station since the days of Enterprise Guilds is a station run by commander luna. It is a very well-run, professional station and I recommend it if you did not find what you were looking for here at Deep Space Guilds. Commander Luna is an old friend of mine and I recommend stopping by for a visit. You won't be disappointed.

File a request if you wish to be an affiliate of this station.

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