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welcome! if you are looking for inspiration or if you feel like being wowed; you have come to the right place!

click on an image to access a lookbook { if you hover over an image, a little box will appear showing the username of the owner of the selected lookbook, a preview of the page(s), and a link to the owner's userlookup }


if you would like to be listed, please post or neomail me the following information:
- the name of an item (np/nc) to represent you
- the url of your lookbook's petpage
- [optional] a short text to present your lookbook, style, etc.

━ There are currently 90 lookbooks listed for 88 users ━

create your own lookbook

premades without instructions

premades with instructions

{ If you need detailed instructions on how to create your lookbook: *click me* }

The Loobook Directory (TLBD) serves as a reference page for personal individual lookbooks. A lookbook is a place where you get to display the customisations you have created, which do not necessarily have to be outfits you have owned. If you do not have one yet and you would like to create one, I invite you to consult the "Create your own Lookbook" section above (you should; it's a lot of fun!), and please let me know if you update your lookbook so that I can update your preview!
If you have a premade site and propose premade lookbooks, please contact me and I will gladly add yours to the list.

When I feel motivated enough to do so, I will check to see if your preview is still accurate and if the lookbook still exists. If a lookbook has been deleted from the petpage it once was on; I will remove it (without sending a neomail: it takes too much time, sorry). So, remember to neomail me if you move your lookbook.

If you have any question, feel free to post or mail them to me and I will do my best to answer!
Thank you very much!
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