Hi there! I am storktradersguild. Thanks for viewing Sohsi's petpage. This page will also serve as my app for a UC plushie hissi, my ultimate dreamie. I am really excited about this pet and the idea I have for her. I received some amazing art to use for her, too!

Character Profile

Sohsi is a magical plushie Hissi with both anthro and quad forms.

Quad: In her quad or feral form, she is literally a plushie - a stuffed animal Hissi. In this form (which she usually wears by day) she is the beloved toy of a little girl, whom she accompanies almost everywhere. The child likes to wrap Sohsi's long body around hers, with the Hissi's head resting over the girl's left shoulder. Sohsi watches over the child, imbibing her with confidence, friendship, and when needed, protection.

Anthro: In her humanoid form, which she sometimes uses at night (or when the little girl leaves her at home) Sohsi is a furry anthro. When unwatched and at will, she transforms, cinderella-like, into a human-sized, lifelike, moving Plushie. She doesn't have fur, her skin is a soft cotton, but other than that, she appears to be the same as any other Hissi. This is the form that Sohsi prefers, since she can move, walk, talk, and express herself. A life is the right she gives up in order to fulfill her enchanted purpose - to protect and enrich a child's existence.





Being in her anthro form




Bad parents




Future Plans


Owner, Petpet & Petpetpet

This is Sohsi's owner, a little five-year-old girl Baby Meerca. She never takes off that Hooded Faellie Blanket, just like she almost never lets go of her precious Plushie Hissi.

The Baby Meerca owns a basic (yellow) Faellie, who is the bane of Sohsi's existence. The rip on her tail is from the little yappy thing. This is how Sohsi sees the adorable ball of fluff: as a devil with horns.

I'll also eventually be getting her a petpetpet, like this beautiful Dragonfly Nymph! This could even represent the faerie who enchanted Sohsi the Plushie Hissi in the first place...

About Me

My name is Elizabeth. On Neopets I go by Eliza, Stork, or Lady. I am a writer and an artist. I am rather poor at drawing - I prefer to paint, so on Neo, my greatest strength is writing. I roleplay frequently and I'm very excited to roleplay with Sohsi! I love to have art done of my pets, since I really appreciate art. I also enjoy making lookups and petpages.

I have been playing Neopets for a long time, it's a game I can't seem to get away from. xD I zap pets to gift through ZYDP, so I have some pets that aren't permies. These should all be fed but if any of them are sad, I will notice and feed them. Sohsi will never be traded, as she will be a permanent pet. If I were ever to receive a UC plushie hissi, it goes without saying that she would be treasured forever, on my main account. I would intend to keep her side-by-side with Sohsi, as a representation of her quad form, while Sohsi would represent the anthro form. Both will be alongside their baby meerca owner, as well.

Meet the Family

For a current and full list of my Neopets family, check out my user lookup.


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Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! To foster parents of UC plushie Hissis: If you had any problems reading it or getting something to work, let me know and I will adjust it for you. If you have any further questions for me, do not hesitate to contact me, as I would love to answer them. Thanks again! :)

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