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hello and welcome to hot and cold reviews where this review place try to help you instead of being mean. iheartmydoglexi (that me!) made this page! i am a nice person so drop a neomail anytime (when it said reviews are open) asking if your petpage can be viewed i would love to view it!

easier review!
you may notice i am not harsh to anyone because why be mean to someone about there effort? this review is an easier way to see how your doing on the basics like:

first look:
this is grading by depending on how great your page is. i will surgest great ways you can get a great page if need. :D
the words say it all it is to see if you have a mispelled words or stuff.
this is to see how nicely they blend together or need any dazzleing colors to make the page more welcomeing
to see if it is easier to go around the page and easy to find graphics ect.
to see if you are doing a good job on telling people what they missed and if it is in the right spot.
easy. to see if you know what your site is doing and seeing if you know how to do it.
to see if your page is different or graphics!
graphics, fun stuff, affies, reviews, link back button that kind of stuff :D
to see if you accually doing good on adversieing your page or doing good on graphics
this is to see if your graphics needs any work. just a surgestion, not telling you if your graphics are bad or anything. Qualities that i may look for, it not blury, not out of place thanks!

i thought friendlyness was not that important of a great site so i am not reviewing for that only now and last time i am switching, i am using Content!

*friendly* old reviews only!
for a popular site i think you have to be friendly and thats why i grade it. what counts is "burn book" ~making fun of people, swearing, or anything mean! what DO NOT COUNT wall of shame because there is a reason why they are on it. :D

review request:open/closed/DELAY
affies:always open!!!!/closed

DELAY means: will take sometime to get to it!

1. if you want me to review neomail me with the box on the side bar!
2. if you are review please link back saying you where review here
3. please wait if i am reviewing you :)
4. be nice please

how i grade

super important got a C? redo your page and i can regrade!

Reviews I made!

Fanpires United

Fanpires United
My sister, starspring reviewed this because i am reading twilight and do not want to read spoiler by mistake and she is ahead of my in the series, but i still think my first glance at the page was great!

being reviewed soon!

Littlekits Baby Directory "The Playpen

first look:8/10 I really do like it, it is a little plain but the all the pcitures even it out so it did look great! nice job there. you have a lot of pet in there which is very nice work too!
grammar/spelling:10/10 Spelling is perfect!

colors:9/10 You did not use any color that look bad with each other which is good a little to much of the same shade of pink though.

updates:10/10 You have a good amount of updates!

organized:10/10 so organized, i like how you have the two colons because it looks very well put.

knowledge:10/10 you have tons of people in this and knowledge about the topic, babies!

extra:10/10 lots and lots of extra with the baby icons and how to be one it is very profestional.

Effort:10/10 Absoutly! i already said my main reasons! :D

Uniqueness:10/10 this is different you made your own layout and it came out great and you have a graphics page right? cool!

Content:10/10 that will count as the pets and there is a ton 10!

score: 97/100 with a grade of an A+ super job! you can take an award!

Eternal Dreams


first look:6/10 The top banner is really amazing, but you should make the background more interseting even you can get a twlight layout.
grammar/spelling:10/10 Your spelling is great!

colors:6/10 I know that twlights book have black as the main background, but you should add more colors like red and white to make it more unique.

updates:0/10 Oh no you have no updates. Graphic sites should really use an update box so everyone can know when you put up another great graphic or a new affie and when you get reviewed.

organized:8/10 i like how everything is center in the middle but the code box should not be right next the graphic. also it would look neater if you used a layout, but that is your decision.

knowledge:10/10 Wow they are really great graphics you got there also have a lot of affies you do know what your doing and that is super!

extra:10/10 You have special affie awards i see and a lyric sing-a-long with the twilight song!

Effort:10/10 Yes you do have it! I saw eack and single graphic and love how you work on them!

Uniqueness:10/10 This is a different page you have a dash of everything like animations, adaptions plus more thats very very unquie.

Content:10/10 These graphics are super you did very well on them and most should get full points!

score: 80/100 with a grade of an B nice job! Just add a update box and you would be on a roll

No sweet neopoints

first look:10/10 looks very nice! i love the banner on the top it looks fanitaisic!

grammar/spelling:10/10 none that i can see! great job!

colors:10/10 looks very nice wonderful pick of the shades of purple!

updates:0/0 you are just one of those site who do not need an update box so i am not counting it (this will not effect you grade!)

organized:10/10 i know where i got to go and i can quickly earn those neopint knowing i do not need to search the whole page to find what i need :D

knowledge:8/10 you know what you are taling about, but i can hardly read the info next to the game.

extra:10/10 you have a perfect amount of affies, also listed at places!

Effort:10/10 you have all the good np makeing games, so that is the effort to show!

Uniqueness:10/10 away different looking petpage layout!!

Content:10/10 this will count as the amount of games on it...(looks though page) great amount!

score: 88 but it is out of 90! with a grade of an A+ a job that is great ;) you may take an award! p.s i will finish your other review quest sunday :D

Curious Girl Designs

Click here to visit Curious Girl Designs™!

first look:10/10 Very nice! i love the set up pf the page and it looks great!! also as i scroll done you have very nice userlookups!

grammar/spelling:10/10 none that i can see! great job!

colors:10/10 perfect! i love how you did not add a random color in it! everything matches!

updates:10/10 yes, and not to mention very big updates! you say everything which is good. that means you love to do your site.

organized:10/10 everything is in place, i even found layouts that tell the type, for an ex. you said girly whic i can find the right one for me!

knowledge:10/10 you know how to do the layouts, also how to handle those bad guys (wall of shame people) :D

extra:10/10 yes you do have all them, i really like the wall of shame sometimes it is inserting to read those goofy stories, lol i just do not get how to read the neomail messages with the address bar, right? lol!

Effort:10/10 wow!! you have tons of affies so you want people to know your page. you even said you have 100+ a day! great your layouts so total effort.

Uniqueness:10/10 i love how you layouts are done it shows that you giving a different type than other userlookups.

Content:10/10 just beautiful! the designs are amazing and you know what can catch someones eye!

score: 100% with a grade of an *A* a super job well done!!! you may take the award saying you got a 100!

Second star to the right

Second Star to the Right & Straight on Until Morning

first look:7/10 Nice layout! it is a great banner. big problem though i do not know the name of your site if i first go there. it is second star to the right, right? well since it can not fit in a regular link i know you used different names. tip i would pick erins graphics or something to do with peter pan, like the name you have? well not all pages can not have a perfect name like that sadly because it can not fit anywhere so maybe that can be a slogan. some very high pstive thing is well most of the whole page!! lol. i like the top affies symbols very cool. also the starry background, so that is very okay!

grammar/spelling:10/10 spelling is perfect!

colors:9/10 they are very nice! match the banner perfectly just one thing is you use the light blue to much for words, maybe just added another color so it can be more understandable :D

updates:4/10 you do not have a new site, but it is hard to tell because you do not say on your counter when you started. you have very few updates which i hope you will add more :)

organized:9.5/10 i can find very thing i need fast!

knowledge:10/10 you have great music and layouts! not much else to say except you page skills are inteligent! lol!

extra:10/10 affies, top affies, music, listed, reviews, yep you have a lot of extras :)

Effort:10/10 you sure show it have ask for a couple reviews which means you want to correct any page mistakes and you take it serious.

Uniqueness:10/10 never seen a peter pan theme from the movie (not the animations) a nice choice to do!

Content:10/10 you have lots of things to offer and that gets more people to your page!!

score: 88.5 with a grade of an B a job well done!!! sorry it took so long for me to finish your review it had been 8 days since again with this message....sorry! anyways i love your page too! try doing the thing i surgested and you will have a very great page!

Dark light graphics

first look:6/10 The name is a nice name and fun to say....the color is suitable for your page because of its title :) but the layout is premade. a lot of people can get picky on that. there are two ways to slove this one is to create your own with this

or request a custom...

one more thing is that the little banner that say what your viewing is amazing! she made mine and i love it.

grammar/spelling:10/10 spelling perfect!

colors:10/10 now usually black with a fun name id not really good but yours suits it very well and it is very nice!

Updates:10/10 a lot of updates and none look deleted! you say everything you changed, add, which i think it is great!

organized:10/10 you are one of the most organized pages i haded seen!!

knowledge:10/10 you are a great graphics making and i love the animals expecily because i love animals :D they have funny sentence which can make someone smile if they are havinga bad day :)you totally know what your doing

extra:10/10 you have a Pixel Collection which is fun to look at and a page about you, clubs (which i have never seen at a page before :D) and affie and more great job!

Effort:10/10 you said you love to make graphics right at the begin and since you love it so much it shows.

Uniqueness:10/10total different, i did not see simialar ones like thoughs graphics :)

Content:10/10 very nice! love the blogs they are so cool. you have a lot of content in your site. i am truly a fan :)

score: 96 with a grade of an A fantastic job!!! sorry it took so long for me to finish your review it had been 8 days since sorry! well i love your page now all you need to do is if you think it would help your page try to get a custom layout but stick with the colors. very very nice page!

Krazy graphics

first look:10/10 three C's! Cute, Cool, Crazy! this layout is just pefect! nice colors, the banner is energic and it is just amazing!

grammar/spelling:10/10 none that i can see :)

colors:10/10 Perfect blend it is so nice! you stay to those colors and that is good! it is great to have atleast 3 main colors!

organized:9.5/10 you have a nagaition and it is very neat, but some reason your nag. is not working maybe you so relook that.

updates:7/10 Nice you have them but over time you will have a huge updates and will delet them....no! tip to solve this you a blog box like i have. do not have a code? do not worry this site has it, and you can edit it to your likeing!

one more thing the newest updates should go on the top :D

knowledge:10/10 yes! i love your graphics they are great and pretty i love the animations! you know exactly what your doing!

extra:10/10 you have affies, reviews, link back buttons (by the way i love them my favorite is the one i am using cute!) and listed at. way to go!

Effort:10/10 all the way!!!!!! you have some of the best graphics i had seen!

Uniqueness:10/10total different, i did not see simialar ones like thoughs graphics :)

Content:10/10 nothing much to say because i already compliented your work above all i can say is love them still! lol!

score: 96.5 with a grade of an A wonderful job!!! you totally know what your doing to your site and you neomail me saying it is not that good well it is great!

Friday Layouts

first look:8/10 Nice layout! makes me feel like it is, well friday! very nice. a little fuzy with the banner, but still very nice! also try centering the layout.

grammar/spelling:10/10 yay! nice spelling!

colors:8/10 nice colors, just you use the pinkish looking one to much so it is like it is not really the layout. tip: try a light pink or something you like, then have a background with so nice design it is more intersting :D

organized:9/10 wow! you are super organized! just center your layout so it is more neater like i said above!

updates:10/10 new site. right? great! you have updated from the start! remeber try not to delet any! other reviews can take points off in the future with less updates. tip since this is a new page try putting when you get affies, reviews, listed at, even more important your graphic updates!

knowledge:9.5/10 you haved seem to know you know how to make the grpahics and let me tell you there our very nice! i really like taylor swift, but maybe add more celebs too just in case someone does not like her.

extra:10/10 you have a site pet! affies, wow a lot for a new site i better look for some more, lol! and i see your already into reviews, well duh, lol!

Effort:9/10 you do put a lot of work into your layouts and graphics, just add more stuff and i know your site will be a hit!

Uniqueness:10/10 i see very few layouts like yours! yay! and your graphics are differently done :)

Content:8/10 lucky for you your the first one to get graded in this, i changed it because well, if you read above in info it will say...back to the review now/ a lot looks great, but some look like there are just paste on try blending in more better, but still great job!! some are blury... do not worry thats only a couple, your userlookup look lovely too.

score: 91.5 with a grade of an A very nice job!!! you have done very well for a new site! remeber try using some of my tips and never give up i know your site will be popular!

Photo Finish designs

Photo Finish Designs

first look:10/10 That has got to be one of the cutess layouts ever! it makes me feel like i am in the right place for getting a button and the templates ones for the ones you can do your self is so cool. you have done a very great job!

grammar/spelling:10/10 like your layout your spelling is great!

colors:10/10 The colors are a perfect match and it looks like you took awhile to pick the right ones.

organized:8/10 everything is so clear of where to go, great! maybe add in you Navagation an easy click to go to pick ups, terms and conditions, reviews and awards so everyone can find them more.

updates:10/10 you have started them in augest and kept them *yay* also you have the easy to look at and read update box!

knowledge:10/10 you are very good at making buttons and thats shows you have know this for a long time so thats why you for sure great a perfect 10!

extra:10/10 you have everything you need!

Effort:10/10 well, duh!! i love your work and i can tell you do too and it shows!!

Uniqueness:10/10 i have never seen any buttons like these and they are great and your layout is so much different than others i have seen!

friendly:10/10 yes you are!

score: 98 with a grade of an A+ amazing job! you can get an award at the bottom of the page!!

forever icons

first look:7/10 Nice banner to the forever icons that looks great, the thing that could use a little work on is the background try to dazzle it more if you do that then your page would be great!

grammar/spelling:10/10 your spelling is great :D

colors:6/10 The color do not really blend together, they are nice colors but try to match them tip stick to one color and use different shades of it them the page would look pulled together more. :D

organized:10/10 you are very organized, everything is in the right place which i love!

updates:6/10 you have a new site but your not updating much looks like you kinda stop tip update are to let your fans know what is new right? well tell how many graphics had, new reviews, listed at or affies? put that the to! let them know what exciting things are going with your page, if you do that then your page is going to a great start!

knowledge:8/10 you know what your doing like what type of graphics they want one of them that is my favorite is the twlight one it is well made and beautful! but on the other hand some of the are unclear but the rest are great!

extra:9/10 your link back button is amazing! you have a site pet which i love! try adding about him though it is more creative. also you have an affie (try as hard as you can to get more) and you are listed at place! way to go!

Effort:10/10 yes you do have it!

Uniqueness:10/10 your graphics are different new and happy love them!

friendly:10/10 no mean comments are made, great job!

score:87 with a grade of an B. super job! try doing the layout and updates thing i said it will help you more :D

baybeluv08's music + icons

music + icons

first look:9.5/10 Wow! every dazzling! this saids my music codes are amazing and the best, just scroll down more! a very energic page is good. but here is something you should do is put the title of your page big and bold so everyone knows what it is called.

grammar/spelling:10/10 great job no errors!

colors:9/10 Nice colors but the purple is kinda out there with the pink and black try using a closer shade of pink or hot pink :D

organized:9/10 every organize but one thing is you should center the titles of the songs so it is more neater :D

updates:7/10 you have two updates but looks like you are cont. to do them.......also is this a new site i am not that sure so not taking all points off.

knowledge:10/10 Yes!! you have lots of music codes and a couple of graphics nice!

extra:10/10 lots and lots of affies, wow! also you have all the graphics and stuff and 3 link back buttons. :)

Effort:10/10 most definitly!

Uniqueness:10/10 never seen a music code page so bright, dazzling....totally given you 10!

friendly:10/10 yes, yes , YES way to go and to credit you usually people get all made with that, but you used nice and kind words not making me think you are yelling at me, lol!

score:94.5% with a grade of an A. great job keep making awsome music and graphics!!

Journal or an xweetok

first look:10/10 Cute! i seen your page before she was painted starry and i still love it! great job. also the set ip does looks like a journal (well i know that is what you wanted to do, lol!)

grammar/spelling:8/10 i did see a few spelling mistake but not to worry they where not off by the much....ex. you did: tommarow i know you mean: tommorow keep an eye out for those, i have to do the same :)

colors:10/10 great colors! i know you xweetok is starry that is for sure :D

organized:10/10 i do not know how you did it but you manage to put everything in the best spot, man i wish i had that talent, lol. also this is acceptional for pages like yours, you do not need a linkage around the page.

updates:0/0 hmmm......would not be fair to give your page a 10 for update if you have none and do not need them since it is a journal so ignore this! yeah you read this, just working for out of 90.

knowledge:10/10 you do know this, it is funny, sad, happy like a real journal one part that made me crack up was Hmm... The WORST thing she can do is make my journal public, and let everybody read all my private thoughts, and opinions, that I would never tell anybody, even my owner! If Dezi did this... I WOULD KILL her! lol! you know how to make people come back for more

extra:10/10 tons of link TONS of affies now all you need is to be listed at a place do not worry that does not count to be a point taking away/

Effort:10/10 i do only need to say one thing YES!

Uniqueness:10/10 Never have i seen a journal of a pet befor and the page so much different!

friendly:10/10 you are friendly, but you neopets can be a little rude talking about you, dezi ;) jk. you are friendly no matter what she wrights as a journal date it will not count.

score: 88% but out of 90! only two points gone not 12, making it clear for you just in case! your grade is a A+ i will make a smaller reward for you do not worry :D

Bright lights

first look:9/10 The background was breath taking, so beautiful, i love show but the banner so be more bigger, but i love your seasonly themes!

grammar/spelling:10/10 great jon on spelling!

colors:10/10 great pick in colors! they all blind greatly!

organized:9/10 the rows are in great places and i know what i am looking at, one thing though you should added a linkage!

updates:5/10 Oh no! you got rid of all your updates! my tip for you is if your updates get rid of 2 months old ones or do not go crazy on updates, p.s. 5 points only taking away because you did said when it was cleared.

knowledge:10/10 YES YES YES! your graphics are truley amazing! i love looking at them and that request for that mall came out great :D

extra:10/10 great extras! you have a site pet, (great idea) you can proble get more links and there are awsome places to request if you can not make them, like above in my link i am not good at making them so i got to request.

Effort:8/10 Amazing effort is more like it. your graphics is perfect for anyone who wants to get some celes one, or request! just get more grpahics like the ones saying coming soon because i would love to see how they come out!

Uniqueness:10/10 so different, not much to say because they are great!

friendly:10/10 you tell everything in a nice way great job :)

score: 93% your grade is a A great page, always doing your best! tips try doing the updates clearing like i said it would help more to your fans of your page!


first look:9/10 the page looks really nice! the only thing i had a problem was that you should out your graphics and front page on the same page so it is easier for people to find it.

grammar/spelling:10/10 you spelling is great!

colors:10/10 on both pages the colors look amazing together! great chooses!

organized:8/10 i can get around easly thats good, but i think you should make one page.

updates:7/10 you have some updates, but it looks like you have not stop yet thats good!

knowledge:10/10 you graphic are great! i love them so much!! you girls really know what your doing!

extra:10/10 OMG! your links looks so great! they are amazing you girls are doing great on this page! here is a tip! on a graphics page you should have music codes to make it more entertaining while getting your greart graphics!

Effort:10/10 well YEAH! your grpahics speaks for your effort!

Uniqueness:10/10 this page looks different than i have seen other pages! also your graphics are. i love them!

friendly:10/10 you are super nice and that is why you get an ten!

score: 94% your grade is a A keep at the good work girls!

The faerie compass

first look:9/10 this justs looks amazing! it is pretty and the faeries make it even cooler. you did a great job! the thing i would like to see is a differnt color beside grey as the background other than that it looks great!

grammar/spelling:10/10 you have no spelling mistakes and you do have a lot of words, lol!

colors:10/10 they good every good together! those colors make me feel happy because there light and beautiful!

organized:/10 this is super organized!!

updates:10/10 you have a lot! right down to augest!!

knowledge:10/10 you know what your getting and want for your page!

extra:9/10 you have extras just there was a problem with your links. it seems half the code was gone, weird.

Effort:10/10 you have a lot of links which is very good! show great effort!

Uniqueness:10/10 your page is different than any other!

friendly:10/10 your storie at the begin in the intro was a great way to show this is something everyone is welcome tp use!

score: 98% your grade is a A+ you get and award!

Twlight graphics *

first look:5/10 that is a very nice nice background but the template is a little random. here is a great tips for you. try to pick a template that matches the background it would make the page more together. also put all your graphics before the link me or affie. because there are just pops about. all in all you are on a good start.

grammar/spelling:10/10 your spelling is great! thats really good!

colors:3/10 like i said before the colors on the template does not go everywell with the background. try darker colors but ones you still can read.

organized:4/10 i had trouble going through your page because there was no linkages or like i also said the link me and stuff are in the middle of graphics.

updates:10/10 you have a lot of updates! way to go!

knowledge:10/10 your graphics look great and it is just perfectly done!

extra:8/10 you do have extras! but the link backs are hard to read against the dark background try a lighter red that you can read it. you have music which will entertain the people while looking at your graphics.

Effort:6/10 have a little more graphics and your good!

Uniqueness:9/10 the graphics looks different and great, but i seen some similar graphics and you do have the theme of twlight. maybe add some twlight graphics. :D

friendly:10/10 you are so friendly!!

score: 77% your grade is a B good job! tip try improving your look it will become better. :D

reddyeddy directory

first look:7/10 i really like the book at the top of your petpage the tip i would give to you about your petpage is the banner on the welcome should be center to make it look neat and dazzle it up a little more, but over all good job!

grammar/spelling:10/10 now i am not picky about spelling because i type lots of mistakes however other people are, but i found no mistakes!

colors:7/10 the pink looks great, but the one color is green. it is bright and i like it, but with color of pink you have it is not the best choice. i still love the color choice though :) my tip is to get a better matching color with the pink you have.

organized:6/10 i think if you organize the top of you page it can look a lot more neater. what was a good thing though that you did was that you made it go alphabetical order which can really help people find what they need quick!

updates:3/10 oh no you have one update, but clearly in the text you say you started which is good. my tip to you is to make updates when you added a new link to your link back or a new affie even if it is a holiday! your on you way!

knowledge:10/10 when i say knowledge i mean you know what your doing with your site and yes you do! you know your a dicertory and you need to find links. great job!

extra:8/10 the extra are affie, link back buttoms and other thing you added to make your page more entertaining which you added bloopers to have a little extra corner just add a couple in it :) also ask people who have petpages and are looking for affies to be affies you only have tree which is a good start, but have more so your page is more popular!

Effort:8/10 you show great effort with your page you have lots of links just try to add atleast some other links to more of the letters. you do have a lot of links though which is very helpful!

Uniqueness:9/10 I like your uniqueness put into this. that book on the top is very different from the other pages which i love!

friendly:10/10 you sentences did not have rude comments or was saying mean thing to people about there page. i have this as a grading because i do not like seeing "bullies" on neopets. my friend she love jonas brothers, but people made fun of her on their petpage that is rude, but you have nothing mean bravo!

score: 78% your grade is a B super job!!!

Two stars graphics

first look:8/10 i really love it! it look so pretty and makes you look like your getting to get the best graphics in neopia! the thing i would like to see is at least another color.

grammar/spelling:10/10 I do not see any grammar mistakes way to go!

colors:9/10 The colors go very well with each other but maybe get on more color but you do not have to i still love it!

organized:10/10 very, very good your organize! you have lables it is center and have links to make it easy!

updates:2/10 oh......you had updates but deleted some. you should not delet them so people can know what happen. maybe if it gets too much than delet some the are so old.

knowledge:10/10 YES!! you know your a graphic site! that is important :D

extra:9/10 You have a great amount of extra things! maybe add more link back buttoms. also a little bigger link back buttom so your fans will show off your site! everything else is great about it!

Effort:8/10You have great effort! the only things is you can try advertising more and show more updates.

Uniqueness:10/10 There are two type of uniqueness for graphic sites 1. there site 2. there graphics. you have different graphics that i have never seen before which is so great!

friendly:10/10 Yes! you are not being mean to anyone. no rude comments or saying i do not like....blah blah which i love!

score: 84% your grade is a B super job!!!

Destiny Devine

first look:9/10 Wow! the design is pretty! the thing i would love to see happen is the white background to have something that brightens the whole page other than that good job!

grammar/spelling:10/10 whoa! another person who is mistake free i wish i was like that! ;)

colors:10/10 The are bright, beautiful, and fun! way to go with the colors!

organized:8/10 the only problem i see is there is too many arrows it gets to confusing.

updates:10/10 Great! your have a lot of them! keep adding! p.s the rainbow stars look wonderful!

knowledge:10/10 yep! you have graphics! wonderful graphics!

extra:9.5/10 you have rewards and show who is reviewing you great! in the future when you have time try making another buttom :D

Effort:10/10You have great effort! your graphics truely show it!

Uniqueness:10/10 Yes you do! what can i say.....you graphics are so different and your layout so P-R-E-T-T-Y!

friendly:10/10 A nice neopain always has a good site! :D

score: 96.5% your grade is a A you get an award

Jemz petpages

Jemz's Premade and Custom Petpages

first look:10/10 Amazeing! wonderful! i love it! i wish you could make one for me! lol!!!!

grammar/spelling:10/10 Oh yeah another mistake free!

colors:10/10 They are great and go perfectly together!

organized:10/10 I found my way so easily i was thrilled!

updates:10/10 YOU ARE ON A ROLL! another ten did it take hours, days for you to make a perfect site? you have have a lot of updates which is wonderful for your fans. :D

knowledge:10/10 you know how to make graphics. i love them. you know i have always loved your site!

extra:10/10 you have rewards and show who is reviewing you great! in the future when you have time try making another buttom :D

Effort:10/10Let me think.....YES! YOU! DO!

Uniqueness:10/10 so different it is a great way to get people using them. i know i will tell my neofriends about you unique petpages!

friendly:10/10 totally nice! :D

score: 100 your grade is a *A*! that means your site is perfect and should get an award too.

Rainbow tears

Stolen stuff! i reviewed her but i have proof from people that she has stolen graphic, layouts and more i took her review down.

Toxic Exhilaration

first look:10/10 Love it! it is fun and colorful and you can not wait to see your graphics.

grammar/spelling:8/10 i see a few mistakes but it is alright i know i would have so much mistakes also some people are picky about IM words like plz or ttly to give you the heads up.

colors:10/10 So perfect it hurts lol! i think the colors match perfectly and is a burst of fun!

organized:10/10 it looks a little close to each other but still good enough!

updates:9.5/10Yes, you are doing great, but may be slow do the marquee a little.

knowledge:10/10 yep! you rock!

extra:10/10 You talk about yourself and tell about your favorite things and have music! i love your links there are so cool did you made them yourself? i wish i could lol!

Effort:10/10 you tryong to get reviews, affies, and other stuff that is what i call effort.

Uniqueness:10/10 well yeah!!!! so unique!

friendly:10/10 NICE!!!!!

score: 97.5 your grade is a A+! You need an reward!

So q graphics

first look:10/10 what can i say? So Q! i actually saw your page a week ago and said this is so cute and i am glad you ask to be reviewed! your layout is nice the colors match and so! so that is your dog right? cute!

grammar/spelling:10/10 NOPE! NONE YAY FOR YOU!

colors:9.5/10 they go get together one thing though try to dazzle a color make it show excitment :D

organized:10/10 your super organized!

updates:10/10 You started updates and cont. to do them!

knowledge:10/10 yes you do know

extra:10/10 You talk about yourdelf and tell about your favorite things and have music! i love your links there are so cool did you made them yourself? i wish i could lol!

Effort:8/10 you do have it just add more graphic and affies.

Uniqueness:10/10 yes you have your own dog on it too!

friendly:10/10 yes your is friendly having the picture make it seem friendly too!

score: 97.5 your grade is a A+! ( i made you have dogs on it ;))

Mel's customs

first look:10/10 Now that is a great look because it shows people what you can make and you mean business!

grammar/spelling:10/10 Your spelling is a 10!

colors:10/10 very classic brown color to show that you know what your doing!

organized:10/10 wow! your super organized!

updates:10/10 great job you have the updates showing what are closed now and what affies you got!

knowledge:10/10 clearly you know what your doing you a button artist! lol!

extra:10/10 yes! you have link back buttons and request! your doing great!

Effort:10/10 you have so much effort it is great you advertise yourself and your customs are amazeing!

Uniqueness:10/10 yep you have your style in it which i love to see!

friendly:10/10 yes you are!

score: 100 your grade is a *A* oh yeah you have a great site!!!!

Chatspeak Dictionary

first look:8/10 the setup looks amazing and it just a place you would want to go back again! the thing i found that was out of place was the updates. i had trouble rolling to it. but other than that it is great!

grammar/spelling:10/10 your spelling is doing great!

colors:10/10 the color are so perfect together you did a great pick!!!

organized:9/10 you have a linkage around the page so i can go where i want to but once again the updates are not in a good spot. other than that i know where to go!

updates:9.5/10 great you are doing great trying to put everything you do! i only took .5 away because of location where it is. (i am sorry if i said that to much)

knowledge:10/10 you have tons of short chat which is great, you truely know what you where doing!

extra:10/10 you do have extras! you have tons of affie which is great to get your page notice!

Effort:10/10 you are trying so hard to get the knowledge of the words and you have a ton! i didn't even know there was so many lol!

Uniqueness:10/10 i have not seen any page like this so far! i am not just talking about the layout, i mean it is great to have a page that nobody has or found before! and your layout id beautiful!

friendly:10/10 thats good you are friendly!

score: 97.5 your grade is a A+, wow a lot of people are getting that grade! Tip: i took points off because of the update spot if you can try to move it somewhere else it would be an 100% site! so you still get an award!


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