june 25, 2012

New layout. This update is important because I just want to let everyone know that I will not be nearly as active. In fact I'm trying to quit neo. I'll probably fail so. But my requests will be closed unless I do fail. But these premades will remain, so enjoy them if you do. /salute

June 17, 2012

One new picture font, and quite a few new word fonts! I found a bunch of my saved fonts that were personal, but since I was not using them I edited them and put them up on the site. A lot of them are for a neoboard pen so don't be afraid to send it an edit request - because requests are still open. I also added the how to maximize your font space part of the extras. I am thinking of asking for a review, too.

June 12, 2012

Finished all of my requests and a new layout is here! From the new site Bittersweet. Not much else is happening around here.

June 07, 2012

Summer. How glorious. The first day consisted of me going hard on all my requests from weeks ago. I apologize for them being so late, but I had to study (which was worth it, all A's). And mo's fonts is featured at Radiance, too! Thanks, Nicole. Opened up font requests and I am so uninformed on the Altador Cup but I think it's still going on so I should probably make some more of those fonts. After the AC ends, I plan on getting some new premades up.

June 03, 2012


May 27, 2012

Requests remain open as I slowly finish my current ones. Still working on altador cup fonts. Amazing news: Mo's Fonts is featured this week at Short & Sweet! I hope to add more ac fonts today and tomorrow, though I am preoccupied with studying as some of us who've not ended school are. :(

May 25, 2012

Requests are open. My number one concern secondary to requests is altador cup fonts. Keep in mind when you are requesting an AC font, and if I ask you, if or if not you will allow me to use your font as a premade. I want at least three fonts per team by the time the altador cup starts. Luckily, this is a three day weekend approaching so I will have plenty o' time to achieve that.

Below are the four types of requests. Choose one after reading the rules and neomail me if requests are open. To the left, I have mini portfolios of different types of fonts but if you want, visit my full portfolio and reference fonts from there. Also don't think that your request has to fit in a certain category, request what you envision, or if you don't have a vision just tell me what you can and I will construct your font. If you have any concerns, neomail me. There is an envelope on the upper left side of this page so click on it if you get lost.

classic: request a custom font.

Form Explanation:
Avatar: The avatar you'll use.
Name: Your name.
What you want in it: Words, symbols, pictures, links, you want.
Do you have a Neoboard pen?: If you don't know what it is, say no.
Specificities?: Preferred fontfaces, sizes, or fonts in my portfolio to refer to.
re-make: if you lost a font and find it in my portfolio, I re-make it.

Form Explanation:
Name: Your name.
Font in portfolio: Specify which font in my portfolio. Say which avatar, what it says, and the its number. They are grouped in numbers so please don't just say the number.
Do you have a Neoboard pen?: If you don't know what it is, say no.
edit: make a neoboard pen premade font work without a neoboard pen.

Form Explanation:
Font: The premade font you want me to edit. The name of the font is what is written with the neoHTML.

I will put this font on the premades page as a without neoboard pen version below the with neoboard pen version.
re-color: change the colors of a premade font.

Form Explanation:
Avatar: The avatar you will be using.
Premade font: The premade font you want me to re-color. The name of the font is what is written with the neoHTML.

request rules

Do not take credit. By this I mean do not say or infer that you made one of my fonts.
Unfortunately I do notice people out there getting overly inspired by my fonts lately.

If you do not like your font, let me know. I will definitely re-do it. I understand my taste is all over the place and may not match yours. I certainly do not want you posting with a font you dislike.

If your font does not work in your browser, let me know. I probably know how to fix it.

If you want to leave credit on your lookup or wherever, you could use a button or this:

Font by mo's fonts.

Remember it is completely optional though.

[Sorry bro, they're not my rules (wait yes they are)].

symbol picture fonts

Picture fonts that are used with symbols, and not blocks. I prefer these to block fonts sometimes, because the font isn't as big. They can also be like some of my miscellaneous fonts - just stars in a wavy pattern or something.

block picture fonts

Picture fonts made with blocks. These can be extravagant, or understated.

word fonts

Word fonts can contain your name, a word, lyrics, a phrase, or any combination of those.

link fonts

Link fonts are for advertising your petpage, caption contest entry, beauty contest entry, shop, gallery, guild, etc. I usually make the link really small but if you want the link to be the focus of the font, that is okay too.