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Welcome to Scooby's Extreme Herder Game Guide! This guide will hopefully help you achieve the Kacheek - Herder Avatar, which can be collected at the score of 250+ points.

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The Basics

The basics of the game pretty much include the instructions, controls, and object of the game. Below is the exact instructions found when clicking Instructions on the game screen.


In Extreme Herder, you control Samrin the Kacheek, a simple shepherd who has to safety before Balthazar (who is very hungry after a day hunting faeries) eats them all.

Use the Arrow Keys to move. You automatically pick up each petpet as you touch it (use the Spare Bar to drop the petpet).

Try and put them all into the paddock before Balthazar eats them. You have three (3) lives, and you lose one each time you, or a petpet gets eaten.

Picking up a snowflake will freeze Balthazar temporarily, and picking up an orange speed orb will give you a temporary burst of speed.

Object of the Game

Though the above instructions mention the Object of the Game, they don't mention them thoroughly.

In the First 10 Levels, you have four doors to the paddock, and if you have a petpet in your hand, once you touch a door, the petpet is safe. As you get further in the game, the amount of petpets you have to save increases, and the doors decrease, making it much, much harder. Note that there are also shortcuts in the first few levels so if you are in trouble, you can enter them and you will end up on the opposite area of the screen. These start to disappear one by one on Level 5. Once they are all gone, the doors do the same thing to the point where there is only 1 door, and it happens to be closest to Balthazar. This screenie below shows the difference from Level 1 to Level 11.

Level 1 || Level 11

^^ Notice the difference in doors, shortcuts, the number of petpets, and where the petpets are located.

The Screen

The screenie below shows the Screen you will find when playing Extreme Herder. ;D Below the image is a description of each part of the screen.

Balthazar - Balthazar is pretty much your enemy. Avoid him and you'll do fine. If he happens to eat you or any petpet, you will lose 1 life. :/

Samrin - Samrin is the Blue Kacheek you control! Pretty much the main "character" of the game. ;)

Petpet - Not to hard to figure this one out... Anyhow, while playing as Samrin, touch one of these and it will go into your possession. Return it do the door and you'll get a point.

Door - This is where you have to take the petpets to. ;) Remember that as your Level increases, the Doors go away one-by-one until there is only 1 left.

Shortcut - These aren't /too/ helpful, but if you happen to get in trouble early in the game, just move Samrin toward one of them and you will end up on the opposite area of the screen (eg: if you enter the one on the bottom, you will come out on the top). If the shortcut on the top is no longer available, BUT the one on the bottom is, you can still use the one on the bottom, but note that you won't be able to get back to where you originally were via shortcut.

Snowflake - Very helpful! Touch one of these and Balthazar will freeze for 3 Seconds. Though, once you get into Level 20 or so, the Snowflake is no longer available. D:

Orange Speed Orb - Some people like this, but personally, I don't. The Orange Speed Orb obviously speeds Samrin up. If you have good control and handling, it might be helpful. Otherwise, they aren't all that helpful.

Amount of Lives Left - Title says it all.

And obviously, the Level tells you which level you are on, and the Points tells you how many Points you have.


Below are some Strategies that I used to achieve the avatar. (: Follow them, and you'll have a great shot as well!

#1: If you lose a life before Level 15, restart. You will need those lives later in the game.

#2: Use the Space Bar to drop the petpet if you need to. Pick them up one-by-one and /ever so slowly/ move them away from Balthazar (they will most likely all be in one area further in the game, therefore there will be multiple petpets to move). Normally, you will get lucky enough to get a Snowflake and freeze Balthazar temporarily, but otherwise, this takes a lot of practice.

#3:Use the Code freeze if necessary to freeze Balthazar for 3 seconds. The code acts like a snowflake.

#4: Normally all of the petpets are cluttered together. Whether Balthazar is near or not, use the space bar to move them closer to the door individually, that way, you don't have to go all the way across the page each time. If you decide to do that, the odds of you completing the level are very slim. The only exception to this is if they are all cluttered in the bottom-left corner.

#5: At the end of each level, once you have the last petpet, Balthazar will go up and either hide or somewhat freeze in a certain area. If you need to pause the game, you are safe to do so during that time. Personally, I don't recommend breaks, simply because when you come back you'll have the hardest level first. It's much easier when you go through the game step-by-step.

#6: At the beginning of each level, start up in the top left corner. Obviously, don't go too far up, because if you do, you will be eaten and lose a life. But, if you stay near the paddock in that area, if any petpets are close to Balthazar at the beginning of the round, you can save them, whereas if you were on the other end of the screen, you wouldn't be capable of doing so.


Hopefully my guide has successfully gotten you 250+ Points in the Game Extreme Herder, and possibly even a trophy. (: If so, feel free to neomail me with what I consider "fan mail" or with the SHH event(: Thank you and congratulations in advance. Don't give up!

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