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The moon had a beautiful bright nimbus around it as it glowed softly in the night, causing the grass to be illuminated as if it were day. The clouds were a puffy white that slowly moved across the sky. The long green grass was calm swaying in the wind. It is quiet, and you are enjoying the night. Suddenly a shadow appeared on the grass. The sound of a horrifying call bellowed throughout the meadow. Surprised, you gaze up at the moon, and notice a shadowy creature lying on a small cloud, its gold marble eyes glinting at the trees below him as he waited to pounce on a mouse. He crouched and then launched himself at the tree, making loud branches cracking and shaking then falling to the ground. He scrambled to his feet and picked up his mouse prey. Clearly he was a night hunter, sleeping during the day. His piercing eyes glared at you as he paused for a second. He then looked dismissively away and lept into the sky, floating naturally into the clouds again. You are amazed at his grace, and then you notice- he has no wings to carry him.

.:About Ivak:.

Name: Ivak
Alias: Starburst
Other Titles: sun draik
Gender: male
Species: Draik
Age: unknown
Painted Color: Camouflage/desert
Main Pelt Color: 9 different colors, not exactly rainbow but twilight colors.
Eye color: brownish/gold
Roleplay Style: quad
Abilities: flys without wings, eyes light up at night,creates storms/rain,high winds, sunny days, and rarely rainbows, lightning bolts spout from his mouth, hides easily amongst clouds.
Parents: unknown
Adopted Parents: wolves
Personality:quiet, charming, gentle





the underworld
losing prey


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I spent a few hours on his design trying to come up with some neat color combinations. His design is suppose to have this Twilight sky effect. I didn't want the pretty pinks,blues, purples you'd see in a sunset, I wanted it to be more later after the sun sets and the moon rises. There are about nine different shades of color for his body, and his claws are a darker red. He has long dragonic whiskers and a long dark cyan/yellow tipped hair/fur that runs down to the start of his tail. On his tail, shoulders and on the necklace are pink petals from flowers. There is a yellow sun marking on the biggest petal on his necklace. I figured petals get swept in the sky, so I put that in. Around his tail is this string that has a small fan on one side and a oriental lamp on the other. He has purple horns and long ears. He has gold studs in his ears following with a long chain for a earring. There is a silver star over his eye with a blue cloud next to it. That is a symbol of his element. The sky. His eyes are brown as well. Also, some small portions of his design idea came from a a movied called Spirited Away. There is a dragon in there named Haku and I got the whiskers and horns idea from. Haku also came from the movie for his petpet.

.:Ivak's Story:.

..........It all began..........

Before the Universe of the Five Gods started, there lived a small green dragon. He was born in a field of green grass. His parents were wolves. They didn't give birth to him but they found them aside some rocks near a volcano. His wolf parents were unable to conceive a child, but his egg was a surprise to them and so they raised him. His egg was black but had a dark rainbow tint to the egg. When he hatched, he was a regular green draik with wings but he had a silver star and blue cloud over his eye. No one was sure of what it meant and why he had a symbol on his face. Growing up, Ivak was use to the activities that his parents taught him. How to hunt, how to call in the wild, how to interact with other wolves, despite the fact that he was very different from them. He had a long tail and whiskers, as well as long ears. He body was also long and slender, much different than a wolf's built. Ivak was a very good hunter, and he would stay low in the ground and wait for the opportunity to pounce on his prey. Mice were his favorite snack, and since Ivak was a good and dutiful son he often shared his meal with his parents.

Years passed, and he was growing more. His paws got bigger and horns appeared from his head. He didn't like his strange body change and wondered if there were other creatures like him. He was becoming stronger and his teeth growing sharper. One evening, he was hunting a rabbit in the grass, but it escaped into its burrow. Ivak tried to catch it but it was deep in its home. He snickered and said, 'You were lucky that time.' Suddenly, the earth trembled beneath his paws and a big crack of thunder surrounded the area. Ivak jumped. He looked up to the sky and saw the purple clouds strangely swirling in a circle. He began to move back and was about to sprint thinking a tornado was about to touch the land when a voice appeared from the clouds. Ivak turned around, his ears were pricked up and looked around. A bright light licked the tips of the grass, and a strange mythical beast hovered below the clouds and onto the grass. There were no animals in sight of this bewildered scene. The dragon was very long and slender just like Ivak. He was a seagreen color and had a long seablue furry mane. 'Hello dear Ivak, I am the God of all Gods....' 'I came here today for a agreement.' 'You, are very much like me and my kind.' 'Ivak, you are no wolf but a magical dragon.' "You are one of five dragons I need to protect the world." 'The sole purpose of your creation is to protect the sky, and element of the sun.' 'Once you hit a certain age, I am suppose to grant your powers and your official title as the God of Skystreak Sky and element of the sun.' 'I need your acceptance to take this role in this world for the rest of your life.' 'So far, I have found Aries Goddess of Rainwood Oceans and Hazenah Goddess of Crystance mountains.' The God gave off this strange white glow around his body. 'Do you accept?' he asked.

Ivak was at a loss for words, staring at the awesome mystical beast before him. He hesitated for a moment before nodding yes. 'As you wish. I give you the powers of the God of Skystreak, that you may benelovently watch over the people from above.' So, Ivak agreed. He began to turn around until he didn't move but floated in the air and was glowing just like the other dragon. 'Your name shall no longer be Ivak, but be called Starburst, the elemental sun God.' 'Those who know of you will bow their heads in repect and you shall change your appearance as well.' Suddenly, Starburst's whole body began to change. He wings disappeared, he grew long whiskers, his whole body changed colors from dark blues to greens to golds and reds. A long, cyan mane sprouted from his back and head, yellowing at its tips, and a matching tuft of fur appeared on his tail. Small pink petals drifted onto his shoulders and white stars fell onto his back. Finally, a star fell to his ear, painlessly peircing it, and made itself into an earring.

He was placed down on the ground and Starburst replied, 'Whoa, this is incredible!! How did you become a God yourself?' The other dragon replied, 'Too many questions, I'll tell you someday in the future.' 'Goodbye fair one...! Oh and remember you have magical abilities now, so try to figure those out on your own.' Starburst nodded and replied, 'Alright!' With that, the dragon shot up into the sky and disappeared in the clouds.There was a hush of silence for a second, as if the entire world was in awe of what had just happened. Starburst blinked, and the world returned to normal. All but the full, bright moon that seemed to burn brighter than ever...... (To Be Continued)

.:Six Elements:.

Each dragon controls a certain element and has that element symbol somewhere on their body. Starburst, Rui, and Snowce are the only dragons I remade into the draiks, the rest are not made as draiks.

This is Starburst. He is the Dragon God of the sky. He controls the weather such as storms/rain,high winds, sunny days, rainbows, twilight, and night. Lightning bolts regenerates from his mouth. He is rarely seen with electricity sparks randomly appearing on his body. He has a long body and long whiskers. He is hidden among the white clouds. He floats rather than flys.

This is the calm, Minleaf. She is the guardian of the Eurostile Forest. She protects plantlife,animalife, and guards against forest fires. She has a great sense of smell and has amazing acid breath. She has the power to grow plant life, and heal animals from injuries. Her tail can transform into a whip-like vine. The leafs change colors depending on her mood. Red means mad, green means calm, yellow is happy, and brown is sad. She can also communicate to trees and flowers.

This is Firenix, the God of fire/lava. He is half dragon and half phoenix. He has feathery wings, tail, beak, and front feet for a bird. His body structure, back legs, are like a dragon. On his thigh he has a symbol of fire burning. He lives in a small cave in the volcano. He can stay in heat as high as 450 degrees Celsius. When he gets angered, flames cover his body.

This is the beautiful, Snowce. She controls snow, and ice. One touch of her scaly body and she'll knock you cold solid. Everytime she walks, her trail leaves frost behind her. She can make hail stones the size of a bowling ball. When she walks on water, the water beneath her instantly freezes. Anytime she makes movement, there are faint bell sounds from the icicles frozen on her ears and tail. When in combat, sharp icicles spike up on her back. She lives mostly in the snowy mountains.

This is the mysterious Rui. She is the Goddess of the ocean of Rainwood. She is able to swim fast with her webbed feet,dorsal tail, and neck frill. She is also able to stop time. Rui tends to be a laid-back, friendly, and soothing dragon out of all the Gods. She can create whirlpools too. When in battle, she creates millions of bubbles to blind her enemy of where she is seeking to attack.

Lastly is, Dradow. He is the God of shadow and the deceased. He is able to communicate with the dead. He can see objects in pure pitch black darkness. When he is in the mood to escape, he vanishes in smoke. He has this odd power where he can breath out ebony fire to his enemies. When hit by this fire, it makes his enemies weaker, sick, and also making their death slowly dying. He is quite the unsocial one. He is usually seen in the shadows of trees. He rarely comes on earth to prowl, he mostly lives in the underworld.

.:Ivak's language:.

This is the Ancient Foreign Dragon God's Written Alphabet. The Gods have a different language to the other creatures. The left side is the English Alphabet, and the right side is what Starburst writes with. He can speak this language as well as English, but often leaves notes in the clouds to the other Dragon Gods.


Zonver- Zonver might look abusive, scary and hungry but he's very sweet inside. He's a lonely sweet mutant. No one really seems him like how I see him. Every time he tries to walk up to someone they scream and run away. Most of the time he is in his other world, the dark Underworld. He is the gatekeeper of souls entering, and makes sure no one escapes. It's mainly for bad spirits.

Tattiri - Her personality and design is in development.

Haku- Haku is a shy lime-green Origami bird and a good friend of Ivak. They first met at a Japanese fire festival, where Ivak bought a oriental lamp and a small, red fan. Both of these items had the Kanji for "Sky" written on them, so Ivak fell in love with them at once. The same paper-seller was also selling Origami animals, and so Ivak chose a happy-looking Origami crane. As he held it in his claws, he decided it should have a name. "Haku." Ivak smiled. "Your name will be Haku!" Once these words had left his lips, the crane fluttered into life- the paper becoming more organic and gaining a mind of its own. Ivak was delighted, and decided he'd string the lantern on his tail to allow his new friend to follow him more easily at night.


These are customs only, I'll probably make more colors later. I'm also thinking about making a second draik adoptable sometime.
Do not steal ones that aren't yours.
Do not edit/remove my name ever!

Custom Status: Requests/CLOSED





.:My Art of him:.

Below are many different pictures I drew of him. I planned out my time wisely to draw all these wonderful pictures. All of them were used with different mediums. I love him!^^



These are some pictures other people drew for Ivak. They are a combination of requests and trades I did with other people. To view these bigger, click and hold on the picture and drag into the address bar. =D


As a added bonus, I added my own draik makeables for anyone to use. Do not take off my username please! :)


Below is the 'Skystreak Award.' It's for pets who have either a completed petpage, indepth story, or lots of art of their own drawn for that character. This is just a fun thing for people to put on their petpages and it shows hardwork. The rules are you CANNOT steal this image/edit it in any way. You CANNOT take it if it wasn't given specifically to you. Applications for this award is not open yet. :) The people that do win this award will have their pet's names listed below.


*smirk* Come again later if you wish! I'd like to say that the cursor is by ThegraphicsBin. Thank you for drawing me! =D Oh, before you go, be sure to take these links with you!!^^

.:Links to other Worlds:.


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