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Saving Tips

Let's skip the formalities and get started right away shall we? ^_^ First off are some essential tips for saving- the only way you can become a neo-millionair!

Don't Spend Your NPs!

Saving is crutial!
Your pet is sick?
Try the Healing Springs every 30 minutes- she will cure it for free eventually.
Pet is hungry?
Check the daily free food below.
Pet is sad?*
Newbie packs come with a free toy. Play with it about 10 times. If your pet doesn't like the toy, try buying another cheap toy like a Blue Kacheek Plushie or Blue Ixi Plushie using the Shop Wiz. *If your pet is sad because of being sick, wait until after it is cured to start playing. Also, your pet does NOT need to be groomed. And lastly, it's ok to spend 50 nps a few times at the Roo Island Merry-go-Round to up your pet's happiness quicker.

Important: Keeping your pet happy is necessary not only because it looks more appealing when they are smiling, but also because if they are sad or mad for too long they actually run the risk of turning blue or red! So if you've got an expensive colored pet, make sure to keep it happy!

Your Shop and Shop Wiz are your friends.

Open a shop here. Use the Shop Wiz and select "identical to phrase" to price items you get from random events (RE's), dailies, or restocking. Lower priced items always sell faster. Only donate or discard items that are worth less than 4 nps, except for food. Every little bit counts! Keep all the cheap food you get, you don't want your pets going hungry now would you?

Keep All Your NPs in the Bank!

This is very important due to some nasty RE's that can take your nps away. Click here to visit the bank. Remember to collect your interest EVERY day before depositing, it does not auto-collect for you at the end of the day or year, and if you deposit before collecting it will not let you collect interest. Also remember to upgrade your account every time you achieve the minimum balance needed so you can collect more interest!

Get the Toolbar!

If you don't have it or don't even know what it is, shame on you and click here to download it, NOW!! :P Tarla is a pink Ixi who drops by almost every day giving you an alert on your toolbar for a chance to receive free items. When you see it flashing, click it, quick! If you are fast enough you will receive her main prize. Once you get it, stick it in your shop for some quick cash! She has been known to give out paint brushes ;) If you are too slow you will receive her dropped prize, which depending on the item may be worth more or less than the main prize. If you are even slower you will get nothing :( False alarms are normal so don't worry, and it will also flash if you open your browser and she has already come and gone.


IMPORTANT: Dailies and games should NOT be played on side accounts! Some exceptions are the Soup Kitchen and Healing Springs.


Collect interest.

Coltzan's Shrine

Once every 12 hours. Try going on the 9th second (1:05:09 pm).

Fruit Machine

Once a day.

Rich Slorg

50-100 NP

Deserted Tomb

Once a day.


Once a day.

Underwater Fishing

Approx. every 12 hours.

Shop Till

Lab Ray

Once a day. Current cost for full map is 760,000 NPs.

Petpet Lab Ray

Once a day. You need to buy the Secret Lab Ray first before this one works.


6-7am, 2-3pm & 10-11pm NST. Try click the "here" link on even seconds (2:05:04).

Giant Omelette

Once a day.

Giant Jelly

Once a day.

Monthly Freebies

Once a month.
Check the neoboards for awake times. WARNING: Might eat your petpet! Quit going once you get the avvie.

Symol Hole

Bring a petpet once a day. Quit going once you get the avvie.

Grumpy King

Twice a day.

Wise King

Once a day.

Council Chamber

Only for those who completed the Altador Plot. (Guide)

Healing Springs

Once every 30 mins.


Every hour until you get something for the day.

Faerie Crossword

Once a day. Check jellyneo(dot)net for answers or click here.

Island Mystic

Once a day. Quit going once you get the avvie.

Daily Puzzle

Once a day. Check neoboards for answers.

Qasalan Expellibox

Once a day. Win NPs, items, or NeoCash! WARNING: Your pet might get a disease. Just use the Healing Springs.

Petpet Park Toy Chest

Win a prize once a day!

Soup Kitchen

Feed your side account pets until they're full!

Lunar Temple


Second-Hand Shoppe

Try to get free wearables!

Money Tree

Try to get free stuff!

Deadly Dice

Midnight-1am NST. Roll higher and gain a level! Roll lower and lose one. Tie and then win to get an avvie! Beware: If you have the avvie, tie and then lose, you lose the avvie! So don't roll after a tie!

Grundo Plushie

Try for a prize once a day.

Kid Cuisine

Feed your pets once a day.

Movie Central

Feed your pets once a day.


These are the games I play personally. I find most earn NPs fast and easy, but more importantly I think they are fun! Try some of these out and see which ones work for you and if you like them- if not, there are tons of other games to play! Pick your favorites and make a routine of playing them every day. Making at least 33k a day = over 1 million NPs a month! You can earn a lot more depending on how much you play Key Quest- sometimes I earn an extra 50-100k a day! Scroll down to the "Other/Links" section for more ways to earn NPs. Also, this section will change every month due to the changing NP ratios every month on the 25th, as well as sponsor games being removed from the site.

All Games Guide

*Key Quest*
Play 5 key, 2 player games. DON'T QUIT even if you are gonna lose! Even if you lose on a 5 key, 2 player game you will still get your nps and 3 prizes that you can sell! If you have a slow computer, try using the low quality links below.

Current Regular Low Quality Link
Current Beta Low Quality Link

Wheel of Slime

Every 8 hours, spin to get free NPs!

Attack of the Revenge

Quit at 300 pts x 3 = 3,000 NPs. Tip: Turn off the sound at the beginning and listen to some music.

Princess Lunara

Finish game x 3 = about 1,590 NPs. (Answers)

Fashion Fever

End the game right away x 3 = 900 NPs.

Kass Basher

Score at least 862 pts x 3 = 3000 NPs. (Guide)

Smug Bug Smite

Score around 550 pts x 3 = 1650 NPs.


Score around 231 pts x 3 = 1350 NPs.

Meerca Chase 2

515 pts = 1,000 NPs.

Math's Nightmare

Play on Division, Potato Counter and stop at 120 pts x 3 = 3,000 NPs.

Revel Roundup

Finish the game x 3 = around 1,314 NPs. Recommended for faster computers.


Quit at 153 pts x 3 = 3,000 NPs.

Chia Bomber 2

Score 358 pts x 3 = 3,000 NPs.

Big Green Help

Finish the quiz x 3 = 1,473 NPs.

Caves Corridors

Quit at 426 pts x 3 = 3,000 NPs.

Edna's Shadow

Quit at 741 pts x 3 = 3,000 NPs.


Score 10,000 pts x 3 = 3,000 NPs.

Petpet Plunge

Quit at 445 pts x 3 = 3000 NPs. (Guide)

Let It Slide

2500 pts = 1000 NPs.

Shenkuu Tangram

Quit at 2000 pts x 3 = 3000 NPs.

Catch the Petpet

Finish x 3 = 1,467 NPs.


Quit at 100,000 pts x 3 = 3,000 NPs.

Crisis Courier

Score 1,818 pts x 3 = 3,000 NPs.

Virtual You!

Finish x 3 = 900 NPs.

MAGAX: Destroyer 2

386 pts = 1,000 NPs.

Skies Over Meridell

253 pts = 1000 NPs.


4,545 pts = 1,000 NPs.

Darigan Dodgeball

3,125 pts = 1,000 NPs.

Defender Trainer

Score 300 pts x 3 = 3000 NPs.

Volcano Run 2

1818 pts = 1000 NPs.


2778 pts = 1000 NPs.

Barf Boat

1136 pts = 1000 NPs.

Berry Bash

2273 pts = 1000 NPs.

Bumble Beams

694 pts = 1000 NPs.

Cooty Wars

3667 pts = 1000 NPs.

Ice Cream Machine

7692 pts = 1000 NPs.

Jubble Bubble

617 pts = 1000 NPs.

Petpet Rescue

253 pts = 1000 NPs.

Swarm: The Bugs Strike Back

1370 pts = 1000 NPs.

Techo Says

166 pts = 1000 NPs.

The Usul Suspects

236 pts = 1000 NPs.

Tubular Kiko Racing

Finish the game x 3 = about 2040 NPs.

Ultimate Bullseye 2

130 pts = 1000 NPs.

Turmac Roll

1124 pts = 1000 NPs.

Web of Vernax

1429 pts = 1000 NPs.


I do not do these as you need to pay NP for them, and your chances of winning are low. Even if you go every day and finally win something, the NPs you would've spent every day would add up. But feel free to try your luck! I've added this section by request :)

Wheel of Excitement

Costs 150 NP, spin every 2 hours.

Wheel of Knowledge

Costs 500 NP a spin.

Wheel of Mediocrity

Costs 50 NP a spin.

Wheel of Misfortune

Costs 100 NP, spin every 2 hours.

Wheel of Monotony

Costs 200 NP a spin. Can take hours to stop spinning..

*Wheel of Slime*

Every 8 hours, spin to get free NPs!


I don't do these either since again, most of them require NP and the odds of winning are very low. Good luck!


Costs 250 NP.

Buried Treasure

Costs 300 NP every 3 hours.

Coconut Shy

Costs 100 NP a throw.

Cork Gun Gallery

Costs 100 NP a shot.

Igloo Garage Sale

Try to get good deals on stuff!

Lever of Doom

Try to get the avvie..

Pick Your Own

Costs 400 NP a basket.

Test Your Strength

Costs 100 NP a hit.

Guess the Weight of the Marrow


I don't do these either since you get ripped off a lot, but they can help you if you're training your pet for the battledome or if you're feeling lucky.

Brain Tree Quests

To find the answers, complete 2 Esophagor Quests.

Esophagor Quests

Try to make a profit.

Edna's Tower

Try to make a profit.

Illusen's Glade

Note: If you intend to benefit from or finish this quest, you better have millions of NPs to waste.

Jhudora's Cloud

Note: Same thing with Illusen, you should be prepared to spend a LOT of NP.

Kitchen Quests

Gives stats to a random pet.

Taelia's Quests

Try to make a profit.


There are many ways to earn NPs. I mostly play games to earn my NPs, so I won't go into too much detail about the other ways, but I will point you in the right direction :)


Ah, restocking. Most of Neopia's richest users are also the best restockers. With restocking it's possible make millions in just one day! What is it you ask? It's really simple. Visit one of the many Neopian shops, such as the Book Shop, refresh the page until the store stocks, buy an item, and resell (restock) the item at a higher price in your shop. A good restocker knows which items will fetch a profit and which ones will cause you to lose money. A quick check with the shop wiz will tell you how much to resell it for. Usually you might want to have a fast computer to effectively restock, as most of the high-profit items are gone in a split second.

Sniping is a little different. It is simply refreshing at the shop wiz for an item until you find one that's underpriced. Then you buy it and sell it for a normal or higher price. Again, lower priced items always sell faster, but if you have patience and want a big profit you can sell at a high price. Sniping is usually best done with the Super Shop Wiz (SSW) which always finds the lowest prices in Neopia without refreshing. SSW is only available with Premium, a special Neopets service that you pay for.

There are sooo many restocking guides out there that go into far more detail, and I've listed just a few of the most popular. Most of them have both tips for master restockers as well as thorough introductions for beginners, and some include sniping guides. Have fun!

Kipchipotto7's Beginner to Pro Restocking Guide
Restocking Guide
Lord Pepper's Guide to Restocking
Ayperi's Guide to Restocking

Stock Market

Buy stocks here. Note: Only do this if you don't really need the NPs yet or have nothing better to do with them.

Every day, you can buy up to 1000 shares of any company's stocks as long as they're over 15np a share. Every day, take out 15k to spend on one company stock priced at 15np. Then wait.. and wait... I'm impatient so stocks don't work well with me as it takes a few months or even a year or longer for stocks to rise enough to sell. Good selling price is at least 100% or more % change. NEVER sell stocks for less than you payed for as you will lose money this way. Don't worry if your stocks drop, even if they drop below what you bought them at, as they will probably go back up again, eventually.

Want to know more about the stock market or get serious with it? Click here for an in-depth guide.

Other NP Earning Guides

anna_da_pucca90's Dailies & 50k a Day Guide.
Royal75k a Day Guide
Neo___Zafara's Daily Links & NP Guide


Goals/Paint Brushes

An important part of saving NPs is setting goals. Goals will give you an incentive to keep saving. What do you want to buy or achieve? How many NPs do you need? Many people set many goals for themselves, which is good to keep you from running out of a purpose for playing Neopets. Here are some common goals:

Lab Map (Guide)
Paint Brush(es)*
Wearables (Guide)
Expensive Avatars (Guide)
Gallery Spotlight
Neohome Spotlight
Ultimate Riches Bank Account
Just millions of NPs

*So You Want A Paint Brush?

Paint Brushes are one of the most sought after items in Neopia. Some of the cheaper PBs such as basic colors, Invisible, Christmas, and Sketch can be found at the shop wiz, but if you want the good stuff, you'll need to head over to the Trading Post and Auctions. If you're looking to safely buy a Baby, Royal, or Darigan PB, you also have the option of buying it from the Hidden Tower (you must be 4 months or older to view it). Check out this PB guide for estimated prices.

IMPORTANT: Glass and Stone PBs do NOT work! Same with anything ending in "Paint Brush Plushie", not to be confused with "Plushie Paint Brush" which paints your pets Plushie. Anyone who tries to sell you one claiming they do is trying to scam you!

Once you've reached the needed amount of NPs, go to the trading post and find your PB. But DON'T offer yet! Due to a glitch, if a seller denies your offer, you might not get your NPs back! Neomail the owner before making an offer. Be sure to be polite and state your offer and which item you want, as well as any separation requests. If the owner replies and accepts, it is safe to make your offer.

The maximum amount you can offer in NPs in the Trading Post is 800k. If your PB is worth more than 800k, you have two options. The first is to offer the 800k along with an item or items that adds up to the worth of the PB. The second is to have the owner put the PB in Auctions at an agreed time. Simply search for the username using the Auction Genie to find your PB and bid, as you can bid an unlimited amount of NPs.

So You've Got a Paint Brush!

Congrats on reaching one of your goals! :D But don't celebrate too much. You've worked this hard for your PB so you don't wanna lose it do you? Be sure you know which pet you want to paint before you buy it. If you happen to have bought an expensive paint brush, it's best to head straight to the Rainbow Pool, no neoboard browsing or exploring! While the PB is in your inventory it is highly in danger of being stolen by the Pant Devil! If you must have a pre-painting celebration chat on the neoboards, be sure to put the PB in your Safety Deposit Box until you are ready to paint. Remember, no earning NPs on side accounts. To paint these pets, you must earn your PB on your main and then send it to the side.

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