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Welcome to Praeditus! We are a new, up and coming gifted guild, with a delightful twist of a post-apocalyptic setting tossed in to the mix. Please, take a look around, read up on us, and if you have any questions, feel free to neo-mail any of the council members ((Beth, Maddie, Kim, Qualeo, or Sophia).

our rules

restore order

1. Please be respectful and kind to all members - remember the golden rule! c:

2. ooc:// and bic:// are very useful, please try and use them! It's easy to slip up some times, but do your best to use them the majority of the time.

3. It's great to be active! I know, we all have lives, but I'd love to hear from you at least every couple of days. c:

4. Please strive to try and have at least two paragraphs per post, the more you post, often times the easier it is to role-play. Writers block does happen, but hopefully it's not a constant happening!

your rank

just survive

1. Sleeping - You've just joined, and are introducing yourself to the other members. You've posting under twenty times, and haven't created a character yet.

2. Dreaming - You've now met everyone in the guild, and talked to most everyone at least once. You're in the process of creating a character, and posted under fifty times.

3. Nightlight - You're now an active participant in the guild, whether it be chatting or role-playing. You've made a character, and have posting under one hundred times.

4. Bad Dream - You've been a member for quite a little while now, have at least one character, if not two, that you role-play with on a regular basis. You've posted under two hundred times.

5. Nightmare - You're helpful to new members, you are active and advertise when needed, you've offered to do anything needed, and you've posted over two hundred times. You're practically family now!

Council applications are currently closed, sorry!


some are happy...

Once upon a time, in what seems by some to be centuries ago, there was a little town by the name of Port Pyke. It was the classic American town, full of simple living, good cooking, and good old fashioned American charm. Funny how things can change so quickly, huh? Today, the town is known as Unit 1 , a wasteland, a dumping ground for its residents, those only known as "gifted". Many buildings still remain, homes full of things families left behind, yards still with children's play-toys nestled in the tall grass that hasn't seen a lawn-mover in years. These 'gifted' people live inside these homes, forced there by the government that re-built itself out of the ashes, out of the shambles of what once was America.

How, you ask, did the people become gifted? No one really quite knows for sure, theories abound, but there is no true answer. Some say that toxins were leeched into the air after power plants exploded that messed with the bodies of these 'gifted' people. Others say that the shifting of the poles are to blame. No matter what the true answer is, the fact is that only a small percent of the remaining population is gifted, and the government has done its best to round up these people and dump them in Unit 1. New people arrive every day, trying to pick up the pieces of life, trying to get through the harsh reality of their new life now.

Some have tried, but none have escaped . Soldiers stand guard around the perimeter of the city, the outside world separated from those in Unit 1 by a massive fence, electrified, and guarded at all times. Once you find yourself here in Port Pyke, you're here for life . Or at least, that's how it seems right now.

Some are happy , or should I say content, with life here in Port Pyke. Some feel that the weekly delivery of food, the bursts of electricity, and the safety that the walls provide, keeping them separate from the people who call them "monsters" and "mutants" are worth more that their freedom. These people call themselves the Solias. Others feel that their freedom to fend for themselves outside the walls is the most important thing of all. These people, those who are desperate to find a way out, those who wish for revenge, they call themselves the Lunais.


join us, dear

Please neo-mail an application to any of the council members (Beth, Maddie, Kim, Qualeo, or Sophia) and we will try and get back with you ASAP! If you don't hear from the person you sent your application to, feel free to send it to another, sometimes people are on vacation or absent. c:

Petpage links are fine as well, I know I always need to use them! :3


Activity Level: [[Are you on once a day, once a week, etc.?]]

Tell us a bit about yourself: [[Feel free to say anything about yourself that you'd like to share, your age, your favorite food, just help us get to know you! c:]]

Role-play Sample: [[Whatever genre you want is fine!]]