Sick of living on land? Want to sail the seven seas and live life bobbing on the water? Well look no further, cos I'm here to educate you on the finer points of living your life out on a ship at sea and tell you how to have fun while doing it!

We'll cover the basics of seamanship, tell you all about the ports that you can call at in Neopia and introduce you to the amazing fun that you can have on board! If you're still not convinced, we'll even introduce you to some famous Neopet sailors! So come on, what are you waiting for?

Hi guest! I'm iopopl. As you can see, I got zapped into a Sponge Blumaroo by the Lab Ray. I kinda liked it, so it stuck that way and I'm no longer the Lab Rat. It's really cool being a Sponge pet since I love the water so much and spend most of my time out at sea with my Pirate Slorg, Marlinspike. He loves boating too! We'll tell you all about our hobby and the places that we visited. If you're interested, here are my stats: (But I'd rather we not battle... I'm still wobbly from being on the sea too often.)

Age: 89226
Level: 22
HP: 43/43
Strength: 42
Defence: 16
Intelligence: 32

Before you go rushing off to get your very own boat, you should attend a boating course and obtain a licence! Just like getting a driving licence to drive a motorbike or a car. Safety first! :) Now, the first thing that you ought to know about is your boat and its directions! Out at sea, left is not really left and right is not really right. Don't worry, its not that confusing. We call the left direction 'port' and the right direction 'starboard' instead! Here's a nifty diagram my owner, negative_feedback, drew for your understanding!

Then, you'll need to know about some common terms that we use on deck! Oh, 'deck' by the way, is the floor of the boat. :)

Term Meaning
Galley Kitchen
Head Bathroom
Cabin Compartment for passengers or crew
PFD Personal Flotation Device... or life jacket
Bilge Simply, the bottom of the boat on the interior (Bilge Dice, anyone?)
Ahead To move forward
Astern To move backward
To port To move left
To starboard To move right

And you'll also need the following equipment!

Golden Compass

A compass is always important for navigation to point you in the right direction! Don't want to be lost out at sea, do we?

Nautical Charts

Well technically we couldn't find any charts (that's what maps of the sea are called, by the way) but you could always get started with a copy of Map Reading!

Surzard Oar

This could get you out of trouble should your engine break down!

Red Bucket

Of course your bucket doesn't have to be necessarily red... buckets are great for holding all sorts of things, and helping you to scoop water out of your leaking boat! Er... I hope that never happens.


Use it to keep things from being lost to the sea! And also to moor your boat to the docks!

Now you're all set! (Well, not quite maybe, but we don't have much time. :P)

Mystery Island

Once you dock at the Harbour, its a fun day of exploring the Island! Be sure to check out the Beach, get freebies from the Tombola, do a Kitchen Quest or two, drop by for some training at the Training School, shop at the Tiki Tack Shop or get your daily fortune foretold at the Island Mystic! The Grand Bogen himself might welcome you at his house too! If you're here during the month long festival of Gadgadsbogen, remember to have a taste of all the new exotic fruits that springs up during that time! If you're feeling adventurous, why not venture into the Lost City of Geraptiku? You might even find lost treasure... or get a very nasty scare.


Ah... that new world that just recently returned from a thousand year hiatus. As far as I'm concerned, this is the place to visit for repairs to your boat! A fully equipped dock greets you as you pull into the harbour. While your boat is getting spruced up and cleaned up, you may want to visit old Finneus at the Archives, check out the food at Exquisite Ambrosia, go to the Hall of Heroes for stargazing, play some Yooyuball at the Colosseum, or... talk to the Janitor at the Hall of Heroes. He might be... lonely. You know, what with the plot being over and all.

Wow where shall I start? In between ports, there are just so much fun things to do on board your boat! How about a game of Deckball with your boating companions? Or have fun while cleaning your boat and play Deckswabber! If that's not appealing enough, how about a good old spot of fishing? (Although, I heard there's more er.. interesting stuff to be caught over at the Underwater Fishing Cave.)


Deckball's easy enough to understand, even if it's not too easy to play! (Well for me that is.) Get a friend, set up your goalposts, get a ball and you're off! Score as many goals as you can to win! Petpets can have a game of their own too, just like how Pawkeet and Mirgle does it in the gameroom.


In this puzzle game, change the colour of your deck to end the round and proceed on to the next one! Along the way, remember to pick up treasure you may find and avoid the nasty pirates! They're not good for health! (Sorry with the bad pun. Haha.)

Petpet Cannonball

Captain Pucebeard's ingenious invention for cannon-training pirates! The goal of the game is to launch your Petpet into the bucket (or, if you have a crow's nest on your boat, why not aim for that?). Simple objectives for hours of enjoyment. Just be sure to take care of your Petpet and have a first aid kit on board! Just in case. Speaking of pirates, let me tell you more about them later!

Sea Shell Collecting

Sick of games? Why not try your hand at collecting sea shells? They look really pretty, and it's a great pastime! If you can't get your hands on sea shells at the beach, you can always try the Collectable Sea Shell Shop at Maraqua. She sells sea shells by the sea shore......

Ahhhh! Pirates in Neopian waters! Not to worry, these scallywags are pretty friendly. Visit Krawk Island to find a whole community of pirates living in peace there! They'll show you around for a game of Bilge Dice or Krawps, great food at the Golden Dubloon (Bring your own dubloons! I wouldn't count on them footing the bill.), training at Cap'n Threelegs Swashbuckling Academy, find the Treasure of the Black Pawkeet and more! If you're lucky, you may even find something special at the Smuggler's Cove. Also, don't miss a game of Dubloon Disaster, played in the Southern underwater minefields of Krawk Island.

After all that excitement, it's time for a nice meal on deck. I'll introduce you the food that you can bring with you on your voyages!


Well, you don't really need to bring fish on board since there's plenty of those out at sea to catch! Besides fish, you can get seaweed, squid, lobsters, crabs, clams and all manner of other delicious sea creatures to satisfy your hunger. Wondering how to cook them? Well fret not, here are some cooking ideas for you!

Seaweed Sandwich

Great for the skin and full of vitamins, a seaweed sandwich will perk up any Neopet.

Coral Salad

Edible coral surrounds Maraqua, but the locals do not like people chopping it down to make into salad!

Kelp Samosa

Kelp helps keep your pets' coat glossy and teeth clean and white.

Fishy Nibbles

A fishy snack, low in calories and high in protein. Just what a growing Neopet needs.

Boiled Sea Serpent

Found only in the deepest depths of Maraqua, these purple serpents actually taste of blackcurrant!

Fruits and Vegetables

Now now, don't turn your nose up at fruits and vegetables! They're a great source of important vitamins! Did you know that sailors in the past didn't get enough vitamin C and ended up getting a disease called scurvy that gave them bad breath and rotting teeth? Eeeeeew! Apart from your usual fruits and veggies, you can get lots of exotic fruits from Mystery Island when you visit! Blobbules and lemwarts and carnapeppers and botago plants... yum.


Canned food and drinks and the like! I wouldn't bet on Achyfi though. These foods save space in your refrigerator for the more important stuff like fish and meats (not ice cream!). In the age before refrigerators, sailors brought live chickens and goats and pigs on board for meat! Woah! And they stocked lots of non-perishable food (that is, food-that-can-be-stored-without-a-refrigerator) such as fruits and veggies and breads and potatoes.


Lastly, the all important FRESH WATER! Of course we need water on board! We can't possibly drink sea water!

And here are a few of them famous Neopets that made their name sailing the seas.

Cap'n Threelegs

Why the Headmaster of the Swashbuckling Academy of course! He won't be telling you the *real* reason why he lost his leg though.

After decades on the high seas, Capn Threelegs finally gave up his plundering ways to become head of the Swashbuckling Academy. Now he passes on the wisdom of the seas to a new generation of buccaneers." -Collectable Card description

Read Cap'n Threelegs' Neopedia article here!


Captain of the Black Pawkeet, this guy helped save New Maraqua from the evil Captain Scarblade, together with his best friend Jacques and Isca and Caylis! I'm pretty sure millions of Neopian females were swooning all over his pretty-boy-Usul looks during the Curse of Maraqua plot. 0_o

I love pirating, the adventure... the treasure!" -Garin

Read all about Garin here!

Dorak the Krawk

I heard he's a millionaire now. Just look at all the dubloons he's collected! "Dubloons... it just clicked in my head and I could instantly smell them. I realised that there's a fortune to be made in our very own harbour, and that I wouldn't have to go very far to strike it rich. All I had to do was take my rowboat out into the water and hope I wouldn't sink or swim. Convincing myself was the easy part, especially knowing that there's millions and millions of dubloons waiting for you just below the surface." There, you heard it from his own mouth... I heard it from his Neopedia article, actually.

Finders keepers, losers weepers." -Dorak


The courage to lead is a trait that few possess, and the ability to lead well is even rarer. Marak, the leader of a peaceful clan of Peophins, was one blessed with this ability... "-Book of Ages, Chapter 6

Marak is one of the twelve (okay, eleven) heroes of Altador. Well he's not necessarily a sailor; rather he lives in an underwater village off the coast of Altador. Read his story and learn of how he came to be one of the twelve in the Book of Ages! (You have completed the plot, haven't you?)

Captain Scarblade

Well there are good pirates, and there are some who are just... evil. Fearsome and evil, Scarblade attempted to destroy Maraqua... twice! He has been defeated, by Garin no less... for now. Read about his evil exploits here, and don't forget the Curse of Maraqua plot! Did I mention he's evil?

I will send all ships who oppose me to the bottom of the sea." - Captain Scarblade

Gulp. Someone needs to introduce him to a game of Kou-Jong. It's therapeutic!

There are more seafaring Neopets, just search the Neopedia for their articles! :)

Well, that's it! We have to go now, and we sure hope we've been able to tell you a lot more about the seafaring life! Till next time, potential swashbucklers! Don't be a landlubber! There's just so much more to explore! (Just look at the *other* side of Neopia! New worlds to sail to and discover!) Remember to drop us a Neomail anytime, and we'll gladly tell you more! :D

Link to us!

Bye! *waves*

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