(Any friend of a grundo is a friend of ours!)

Hello visitor and welcome to Save The Grundos! We are dedicated to well, saving the Grundos of course! My name is Introwe and the purpose of this page is to inform Neopians that have yet to be educated about all the evil-doings that Dr. Frank Sloth has been committing! More than 92.6% of his enslaved neopets are Grundo and he uses them solely for his monstrous chicken-headed experiments. Poor little guys.

The Grundo are a sapient, peace-loving race, from the planet Doran, enslaved by the evil Dr. Frank Sloth. Under his attempted invasion of Neopia, the Grundo were mutated into hideous, beefed up, mind-warped warrior-servants and forced to work aboard the Virtupets Space Station. Most were eventually freed from their enslavement when Dr. Sloth was defeated. Those free from his genetic tyranny left the Space Station and set up homes all over Neopia. While their cute demeanour may be a bit on the goofy side, their intelligence should not be underestimated. After all, they were capable of space travel.

For centuries, Grundos have been enslaved, imprisoned, malnourished and neglected by the nefarious Dr. Sloth. We at Save The Grundos! are here to help these Grundos escape the grasp of this evil doctor! But, we need the help of Neopians like you! In order to do this, we first need to educate you a bit. Please, have a seat and we shall begin!

(Sigh, poor little grundos  )

Since Dr. Sloth began his faux-tyranny over Neopia, he has engaged in some rather dastardly plots. He calls it harmless experimenting, others would call it horrid transmogrification. Who knows where he comes up with his ideas, I really don't want to know. We just want to try and stop him from harming any neopets, especially Grundos, further. Here are just some of his idea's we've found out about;

The Spider Grundo
Most neopians fear the Grundo Spider because of it's ghastly appearance and it's merciless actions but who is to blame for that? Dr. Frank Sloth, of course! This poor grundo used to work for Sloth himself before Sloth turned this poor fellow into an abominable lab experiment. It went wrong, of course, and he mutated into a spider-like neopet.

Despite having his very own spot in the Gallery of Evil, I don't believe he's all that bad. But see kids? THIS is why you don't work for Frankie! He turns you into spiders. Be sure to check out his Neopedia article to learn more about The Spider Grundo!

Spider Grundo and Sloth before transformation

Mutant Grundos
Another victim of Dr. Sloth's experiments. These poor grundos have been transmogrified into slimy, not-so-pretty grundos. They are very large and often have an odor that is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of! These grundos are almost always forced into slavery with Sloth, as their big physiques help them lift things the smaller grundos are unable to. What's worse is they usually have no place to go, as many Neopians prefer their pets to have wings and in bright colors.

Thankfully though, plenty of kind Neopians have taken these creatures in under their wings and take wonderful care of them. Some are even dressing up their crusty exterior, doing their best to make them forget just how ugly they look on the outside. If you visit Neopia's Grundo Directory, you can check and see exactly which mutant's have registered with us and how...wonderful they're looking!

Sloth transmogrifying one of his slaves

It's rumoured that Meuka could possibly be the result of a horrible lab experiment gone wrong at the hands of Dr. Sloth. The origins of this mutated Meerca, made entirely from snot, are unknown. He can be seen slithering around the nastier regions of the Haunted Woods devouring everything in his path. His sharp jaws can cut through the vegetation like butter and the same goes for young Neopets who wander astray.

It's a shame he has become one of Neopia's most evil villians of all. All thanks to the hideous experiments of Dr. Frank Sloth and his obsessive need to try and create the perfect super villian to aide in his quest to conquer Neopia.

Meuka terrorising innocent Chias

(Where the little buggers really came from)

The Grundo were originally inhabitants of the very mysterious planet of Doran. No one knows much about the planet and certainly none of the Grundos who were alive during that time are keen on speaking of their now destroyed home world. It's said that Dr. Sloth himself set out on a quest to rule the universe and stumbled upon the planet of Doran. Soon after his discovery, using his robots and machinery, he conquered the planet and enslaved the Grundo species.

Within a years time, the Grundos were no closer to escaping Sloth's evil grasp. That is until Mira, the Space Faerie, discovered Dr. Sloth's dastardly deeds and set out on a mission to bring him down and free all the souls he had captured. With the help of Neopians, like yourself, Mira was successful in stopping Dr. Sloth and not only setting free the Grundo species but stumbling across a cache of the very elusive species, the Moehog. This discovery made it possbile to remove them from the endangered (Limited Edition) species list.

After their safe return to Neopia, many of the Grundos have made their new homes on Kreludor, Neopia's only moon! They seem perfectly at home and they say it reminds them quite a bit of their home world, Doran. It might not be the perfect home, with only 27% gravity and breathable air being 90% below normal quality, but they've certainly made the best of the situation.

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before the centuries old argument began; who is more superior, the Orange or Purple Grundo, began to arise. And of course Dr. Sloth took this unrest as a perfect opportunity to make yet another strike against Neopia and Kreludor. He was determined to finally be successful but with the help of Gorix, Cylara and "The Resistance" his plot was foiled and they were able to free more slaves that Sloth had amassed since his last tyrannical reign.

(Grundos come in all the colors of the rainbow...and more!)

(Hover over each outfit to see corresponding clothing items)

(Famous? Who, me?!)

The main character in the book, The Grumpy Grundo. He was rude and ill-tempered until something changed him.
A proud warrior with nerves of steel. He has served under Dr. Sloth's command since his first invasion of Neopia.
The main character in the book, The Lonely Grundo. After working for Sloth, he felt no one could ever love him. Until he met Lihana...
The Booktastic Book Shopkeeper; has his own book club (complete with rewards). He doesn't seem that happy about it though.
Once a loyal member of Dr. Sloth's elite task force, Blarthrox now prefers to add to his vast collection of Ummagine paraphernalia.
Colonel Cobb
He was once the commander of the 2nd Grundo Air Cavalry Battalion. Cobb lost most of his men and went insane.
Served in the resistance against Sloth. He had the task of re- programming the shuttles to take the citizens safely to Neopia.
The assistant of Commander Garoo, he was there to help capture Captain K during one of the captain's flights.
The head chef of Grundo's Cafe. He also placed 2nd in the Annual Gormball Championship in Y4, and 3rd in Y3 and 6.
Standing a full foot above the normal Grundo troops, he is always picked for special missions.
The slowest, strongest, and most brutal of all Grundo Warriors are elevated to the status of Commander.
Ghi Pharun
One of the guardians of the Training School. These outstanding students make sure no harm comes to the valuable artifacts within.
Gilroy is in charge of the Grundo Warehouse. If you have the correct code, he'll sort through his stock and award you a prize!
The main character in the Return of Dr. Sloth plot, a spy inside the space station. He has a long standing hatred of Parlax.
He was one of the programmers who helped shut down Neopets V2 on the Space Station.
Grundo Leader Garb
The Grundo Leader is an evil Grundo who is known to be a thief.
Gruntharxx is a regular customer of Tangor in Moltara. He takes deliveries to the Lower Airlock onboard the station.
An all grundo rock band that came to the Concert Hall shortly after the discovery of Kredulor! They play on the 25th of every month.
Jorax runs the Discount Space Prize Emporium on the Space Station, and rewards those who helped defeat Dr. Sloth.
Kevik is the head of the University Clubhouse at the Petpet Park. He keeps in regular contact with students, and many alumni remember him fondly.
Larcy Phu
Phu is a defender in the Shenkuu team. He is known to play dirty, which may be why he excels at tackling.
Parlax is a Grundo in the employ of Dr. Sloth. He was originally in the Resistance, but betrayed them and his then friend, Gorix.
Qlydae Wegg
Wegg plays as a forward for Kreludor's team. His most famous career highlight was when he accidentally scored an own-goal.
Zarex once served in the top secret Section Six during the Kreludan Civil War. He has long since retired.
Tazzalor is an ex-programmer for Dr. Sloth. He helpedcreated Neopet V2, and has since retired to Krawk Island.
The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Posterity. Sometimes when you go to see him, you might have a little bit of good luck.
Spider Grundo
The Spider Grundo was an experiment of Doctor Sloth's, originally just another Grundo working on the Space Station.
Truggdon once worked in Grundo's Cafe, washing dishes. He joined Sloth's Army, later quit and started a new career as a Tug-O-War champion.
Weldar Xupenfarb
Xupenfarb plays as a Virtupets defender. He's tough, but slow, allowing quick attackers to run rings around him.
Xarthab was the son of the previous ruler of the Grundos, but argued with his brother, Zorlix.
Xila Kitae
Kitae was Kreludor's goalkeeper in 2006. She showed a lot of promise, though had little experience. She has since retired.
Zargrold doesn't care about winning or losing, just taking part in the fun championships every year! He won the Y16 and Y17 contests.
Zayle Sufhaux
Sufhaux joined Krawk Island in 2007 as a defender, replacing Hoke Lemtry. He was quite inexperienced when he joined the team.
Zenor Kevix
Kevix is a forward in the Kreludor team. He is deadly accurate and always on the move, but lacks power behind his shots.
Zorlix is the son of the former leader of the Grundos. He fought with his brother, Xarthab, eventually leading to civil war after their father's death.
Zygorax was originally a third class technician and maintenance worker, or janitor, working under Zyrolon.
Zyrolon was one of the programmers involved in creating Neopet V2. He has since moved on to repairing the vending machines on the station.

(Cause they're too cute to just abandon)

Adopt a Grundo
Grundos are a special Neopian species and can be obtained more ways than a normal Neopet. You can Adopt a Grundo from the Pound and even Create a Grundo at the Space Station! If you adopt from the Space Station, they come in 3 extra basic colors; Purple, Brown and White! :) Any way you do so, you're saving a Grundo from despair!

Don't Abandon Your Grundo
Try your best to never abandon your Grundo. If, for some reason, you must then be sure it's going to a safe and happy home! Remember, when creating/adopting your Grundo to give it a suitable name so you don't regret it later.

Don't Support Sloth
As stated throughout this page, Dr. Sloth is a mortal enemy of the Grundo species. Forcing your Grundo to wear any pro-Sloth clothing would simply be henious! If anything, make sure to always have an extra one of these bad boys in your Closet, to sport your hatred for Sir Chicken-Head! Your Grundo will thank you. ;)

Don't Support Sloth's Minions
These stupid things are just as terrible as Sloth himself. Not only do they support him, they support his experiments, ideas, and opinions. And if you ARE a minion of Sloth, remember what happened to the Spider Grundo! YOU could be next!

Snag A Snazzy Avatar
If you feel like you especially fit the title of 'Grundo Groupy', you can show off for your friends on the Neoboards.

Caption Contest - Funny
Win one of the hundreth Caption Contests. (600th, 700th, 800th, etc.)

Freaky Factory - Yoinked
Submit a score of 1250+ in Freaky Factory.

Gormball - Gargarox
Win a game of Gormball.

Grundo - Default
This avatar is available, by default, to all users.

Grundo - Discarded Plushie
Random when collecting a daily prize at
The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity.

Grundo - Faerie
View the lookup of any Faerie Grundo.

Grundo - Forever Orange
View the lookup of your own Orange Grundo.

Grundo Snowthrow
Sumbit a score of 10,000+ in Snow Wars II.

Grundo Warehouse
Enter the codeA384J-228P1 at the Grundo Warehouse.

Stamp Collector - Virtupets
Complete the Virtupets Stamp page in your Stamp Album.

Typing Terror
Submit a score of 3600+ in Typing Terror.

(Because you want to help spread the word)

50 x 50

88 x 31

(Sadly, all good things must come to an end)

Well, I hope you leave this petpage having been educated, enlightened and ready to support the Grundos in their fight against Dr. Frank Sloth! Try your best to do the above suggestions, and together, we can most definitely Save the Grundos! After all, we are Neopians who love our Neopets and who better to help them than us?

I have spent A LOT of time on this petpage, I can't even begin to tell you how much time and effort went into making this. I did it because of my love for the Grundo species and out of the hopes that they won't be as disliked as they currently are. They're just too cute, round and pudgy to not want to fill your accounts with one of every color! ;D So, I'd better start seeing Grundos galore when I frequent the boards or my Grundo Army just might be paying you a visit! ;|

I thank you for stopping by this page and if you've liked what you've seen here, please feel free to neomail me and let me know! It's always great to hear positive responses in regards to the work I've done. I've tried to keep it as simple as possible, but that's almost impossible seeing the content of this page.

(Because I couldn't do it alone...)

I genuinely want to thank Linear for allowing me to take over this petpage. Years ago, she created this petpage and won the Site Spotlight for it. When I noticed she began to play Neopets less and less, I asked her permission to take over the petpage, redesign it, add information and she graciously allowed me to do so. Some of the information on this page was taken directly from her work (which was taken down years ago) but I would estimate about 75% of it was information I added, altered, corrected, etc. The Link Back images were created by Linear as well but all the coding was re-done by me, Jawsch.

As I said, I put a lot of hours into this petpage, especially the 'Color Picker'. So please, please, please...do not steal my coding. I know it may seem really cool or interesting and you might like to steal the idea and modify it to work on your page but stealing is stealing. If you spent hours, sometimes days, working on something only to find out someone else stole it and is taking credit for it, you'd be a little upset too. ;)

If you have questions about this petpage, the information on this petpage or the coding, please don't hesitate to ask. If I don't know the answer, I will gladly try to find someone who does. I have practically lived in the Help Chat since it was created, I enjoy talking about Neopets and helping people with Neopets!

Thanks for visiting!

- Jawsch (The Grundo King)

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