Hey everyone! I'm the keeper of information about the artists and writers' guild, Shukumei. You may have noticed a particular lack of information around here this summer.

On May 10th, 2011, TNT deleted the guild and this petpage for "offsite linking," without any prior warning. The guild was immediately recreated, and several of its members were reinvited. (If you were a Shukumei member around this time and weren't aware of the incident, please send one of the guild owners a neomail to be reinvited.)

We used to do applications outside of the Neopets website, since handling applications through neomail is really hard to do! TNT has made it clear we're not allowed to do this, and so applications have been closed; we probably won't be opening them up again any time soon.

Shukumei was founded on November 25th of 2002 after its predecessor, The Mohabi Pack; its founders and members have largely outgrown Neopets in the nine years it's been around. That, coupled with the overbearing rules and lack of sympathy from Neopets' administration, has discouraged us from actively cultivating the guild in some time.

For those of you unaware, Shukumei is a guild for artists, writers and talented people, as well as a creative fantasy world to encourage its members to draw, write, roleplay and create petpages. Membership to Shukumei has traditionally been highly sought, and rather restrictive to prevent the community from becoming too large, and ensure some level of quality. As a result of our exclusive membership, non-members' opinion of the guild has ranged from both extremely pleasant and unpleasant exaggerations of the truth.

Shukumei may, some day, become an entity of its own, without Neopets restricting our creativity, and without the bounds of a guild messageboard. Some day...