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1. Do not say I stole any content because I didn't.
2. If any sites want to use the MVV/MVW/MVH section on thier site they must give me credit for it becuase it was made up 100% by me.
3. Do NOT steal any of my work, that includes REQUESTS!
4. If requests are NOT open, don't ask.
5. If requesting to be an affie, you MUST link back to me.
6. You cannot request to be an Elite affie, so don't waste your time, or mine by trying to be one. I will choose certain sites that I think a qualified to be in the Elite category.

about the site

Inew Moon (inew moon) was originally Be Hurley, but after I deleted the site, my friend Suzanne(Annie) who has an account on here, unknowingly got my interested in Twilight. After we ran Downtown off of neopets together, I opened up inew moon. The site has been up and running since November/December of 2008, I am unaware of what the specific date was, but it was within that time that I opened up inew moon. The site has had many different changes go through out it since it was opened. I learned how to code everything from Suzanne. She taught me how, and I have gotten better at it throughout time. Now, I did learn how to code some stuff by just messing around on the computer, this layout for example, I coded when I was really bored. I do not steal any contents that are on this site from anyone. Everything on this site was made and coded by me unless stated under the 'recognition' section.


Edible Art Eternal Dawn Eternal Dreams Eternal Lullaby Forbidden Fruit
Forever Stranded iTwilight Twilight Layouts Twingirl's Twilight Layouts and More Undead

Sister Site

site pet

*NOTE: I am still thing of a name for it, if you have any suggestions, please neomail me, thanks Megan.

site visits

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Link button by Desire

Link button by Amy's Button Basket

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**The new MVV is Rosalie, MVW is Sam, and MVH is Angela!
Rosalie is the MVVSam is the MVWAngela is the MVH

*MVV/MVW was started on 01.22.2009 and I am the first site to have one and I made this up. MVV/MVW/MVH stands for Most Valuable Vampire, Most Valuable Werewolf, and Most Valuable Human and once a month I will put up a picture of the MVV/MVW/MVH and you can vote from the movies and books who you think should be up here and the Vampire, Werewolf, and Human with the most votes has there picture here.

**MVH and the Volturi(under MVV) were add on 04.27.2009.

presents & fanmail

**scroll over to see who they are from

from Big Brown Eyes Graphicsfrom iTwilightfrom Stupid Lamb Graphicsfrom Eratically Isnomniaticfrom Twingirl's Twilight Layouts & Morefrom Snowiestar's Premade Layoutsfrom Forbidden Fruitfrom Forbidden Fruitfrom Undeadfrom FKS Reviewsfrom FKS Reviewsfrom twilight_bella_swan_'s Graphic Galleryfrom MarYuli Twi-Layoutsfrom Eternal Dreamsfrom Eternal Dreamsfrom Eternal Dreamsfrom Eternal Dreamsfrom Eternal DreamsSwitzerland Reviewsfrom Vampire Magic!from FKS Reviewsfrom LM Yearbookfrom Forbidden Lovefrom Burnin' Up Graphicsfrom itwilightfrom itwilightfrom Stolen Kissesfrom iEclipse from Bittersweet Temptationfrom Cullen Reviewsfrom IEclipsefrom iEclipsefrom TwiSitefrom Bittersweet Immortal Graphicsfrom Sparkly Vampfrom Sparkly Vampfrom Forbidden Fruit (review)from Vampire With Fangsfrom _twilight_alice_from Sparkly Vampfrom Sparkly Vampfrom Lola's Loveliesfrom Lola's Loveliesfrom Shinyvampirefrom Emzee's Music Codesfrom Nikki Reed Reviewsfrom TwiSiteYou rock.[: from Undead



Stolen Kisses
I made link buttons for her site, and then she didn't give me credit after I made them. Then I neomailed her asking her to give me credt, she never did. So, now she is here on the Stealers list.


What program do you use to make your graphics?
I use Paint Dot Net. It is like Photoshop, except it is FREE!
Can you teach me how to use Paint Dot Net, there are no tutorials?
Maybe, but you have to give me credit for helping!
I downloaded Paint Dot Net, but how do you work it, there are no tutorials or anything?
Go to google, and type in Paint Dot Net tutorials, click on the first link that pops up. There are many tutorials showing how to use the program, they are very helpful.
Can you make me a ....?
It depends, you can ask me even if it says the Requests are Closed, because I just might feel like making it for you.
Can we be affies?
Sure, but you have to be the owner of the site.
Are you going to make other graphics, besides Twilight related ones?
Probably not.
How come ______ and/or ______ is not on the MVV/MVW?
Because they were the winners. But because so many people are asking the same question, I will add them up and have all of them up all the time.
Will you ever expand your site, and get hosted?
It is possible. I am not sure, because I like having my site on neopets and being able to converse with other twilopians (twilight+neopians=twilopians--my word, no stealing it).
If you do get hosted and inew moon moves, can I help you run the site?
I am unsure, because I won't want just andyone helping me, I will probably ask a friend of mine that has an account on neopets. But please don't ask, if it ever comes to the site moving, I will post information.

previous layouts

To view all of my previous layouts and more click here.

The Banner Chain

The info!
Ok first what is a banner chain? Its a banner you can give to one person and then they can give to another person and so on. How many people can i send this to? One affie!!!! Just one affie! When i get it what do i do? You put it on yur page with a section header called The banner chain then you put this info section down so your affie knows what to do! Why is thier a 1 on the banner? When you get it you have to put the banner and info down on your page then you edit the banner and add the next number. What number are we going to? Go all the way to 50. then stop you are in the circle! Whats the piont? I want to see the circle of twilighter friends and how long it will take to get to 50.

The rules! 1) Send it to only one twilight related affie! 2) You have to edit the banner and add the next number! 3) The info and rules have to be down on your page so the next affie knows what to do! 4) If you do get the banner PLEASE put it on your page!!! 5) Do not ask for the banner!!! It will be given to you if you are a true friend!!! 6) You can not send the banner to anyone who has already got the banner! 7) Keep the chain going!

The banner!
(drag to address bar)

I sent it to:


is still ALIVE!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009 @ 6:26 pm

I am still alive, no worries. I do happen to have a very little extra time, shocking!, so I am going to be making some new graphics for the site. I am going to make it be a very big surprise, so I am not going to tell you anything until I put some stuff up. Also, 4 new affies, 2 new awards, and 1 review. Love you all, peace & love, Megan C:

hiatus & paramore

Saturday, October 3, 2009 @ 4:00 pm

Wow, it has been a very long time since I have updated, but I have been so stressed and busy lately with school and so much other stuff. Well anyways I will be taking a "graphics hiatus" meaning that I will not update the graphics until either the New Moon movie comes out, or there are just tons of new pictures of the cast that I feel like turning into icons, banners, ect. Please enjoy what I have made for you though until the next time, I promise I am not leaving, I am just well pretty much taking a vacation for a few weeks, but I will still update so that you all know I am alive and I will put up new layouts frequently too. Also Paramore's new cd "Brand New Eyes" came out on September 29th and it is A-M-A-Z-ing Peace & Love, Megan (:

no title

Sunday, September 19, 2009 @ 3:40 pm

OK, first off I am so very sorry for not updating in the past few days. Now, let me explain why I haven't updated in 13 days: 1st-School; 2nd-Work; 3rd-Neopets has a new rule, and re-coding takes time. Now, a few days ago I did redo all of the icons on the graphics page. All of the "Team Icons" got a complete make-over. Also, new layout, and be expecting more new icons, banners, and lookups too. Love Megan (Toxic)

I am listed at

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So You Need A Guide
NeoLinks 2.0
Pheo's Guide to Easy NP
JubbyJubJack's Guide To Neopia
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Avatar Help


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Girls Do What They Want by The Maine
Mercy Music

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