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The Newest Spopptacular Pets

What is a Spoppy?

A Spoppy is proof that the Jhuidah's Cooking Pot has a little spark of greatness within it that it releases from time to time. If one offers a Poppit and a Spyder to the Great Pango Pango, then that spark will come out.
But there is a little more we can learn about our little friend. Let's see what Neopets has to say about them:

Species Spoppy
Description This pet is a cross between a Poppit and a Spyder.
Type Petpet
Weight 3lbs
Rarity Index 101
Est. Value 79,640 NP

Petpet Protection League Award

The Spoppy won the PPL award on Week 466 September 6, 2012. More than 150 lucky neopets had a Spoppy as a companion that day. So not every pet got an award, but those that didn't still have the joy of their little red-eyed friend.

So let's have a few details about the Spoppy

A Spoppy is a petpet, a true and trusted companion for your neopet. They were first introduced October 2, 2000 There you go, the Spoppy in all its glory.

The Spoppy bears a rather curious distinction... while they cannot currently be painted, there are a few different Spoppies. Spoppy: Our classic friend, and the Spoppy that most people will find. Spoppy II: The Secret Spoppy - few exist, and as far as I know, no more are currently creatable. But hey... I don't know everything. Spoppy III: The Super Secret Spoppy - only one exists, and that is unlikely to change.

Spoppyless neopets are eight times as likely to have a petpet with fewer legs* *statistic pulled out of a spoppy's eye

More reasons to have a Spoppy? Well, sure... Extra big eyes mean that it's harder to sneak up on them.

More legs mean better stability... much harder to knock over a Spoppy

No petpet paint brush? No problem! As Spoppies cannot be painted, you never have to agonize over the decision of what color to paint them.

So, all this Spoppy-ness must be pricey, right? Nope. This isn't your unbuyable, one of a kind, 400 billion neopoint petpet. Not even your wildly expensive 8 to 35 million partner... Nah, you can usually get a Spoppy for around 1000np - that's just one good play on one flash game.

Ah, the name of the Spoppy. While many petpet names easily fall into unique categories, I feel that the spoppy name should either merge with or be derived from the companion neopet. Example, ImmolationOfFate has SparkOfFate, since the initial spark can eventually fuel the immolating fires.

Indeed, the great value is just one of their endearing qualities.

Icon Notes

- Pet has a zapped Spoppy
- Pet has a PPL Gold Trophy for their Spoppy
- Pet has a PPL Silver Trophy for their Spoppy
- Pet has a PPL Bronze Trophy for their Spoppy
- Pet has a PPL Ribbon for their Spoppy

ImmolationOfFate and SparkOfFate and its Flankin

Date attached: August 11, 2002

Immy enjoys reading, the occasional gourmet snack, and spending time with Spark.

Yunahli and Nali

Date attached: February 25, 2014

Yuna is a mad inventor of sorts and along with Nali his spoppy. He spends his time making crazy inventions that sometimes work, and more often explode!

Hanna_stylish123 and Spopberry

Date attached: February 25, 2014

Hanna loves to gather berries with her adorable sidekick, Spopberry.

Chesney_615 and Kenny

Date attached: February 28, 2014

Ruestilla and Snippet

Date attached: March 13, 2014

Ruestilla was a pound pet for a while, and since she was tired of being alone, she got a Petpet. Her sister Jimbigy suggested the Spoppy.

Lillebiipa and Herbert and its Mootix

Date attached: May 28, 2004

Lillebiipa appears to be a sweet and friendly girl, but she secretly works for Dr. Sloth, and has her own lab where she and Herbert conducts evil experiments. Lillebiipa and Herbert have been together their whole life.

Mystic101_a77 and Blop

Date attached: June 21, 2014

Mystic loves her lively Spoppy, Blop, almost as much as she loves a good book. They are virtually inseparable, despite the looks she has received from her siblings!

Pet Name and Spoppy Name (and petpetpet, if any)

Date attached:

Any pet that has a Spoppy is welcome at Spopptacular, whether it is natural or zapped. But please do not ask for a pet to be listed if you are still zapping the Spoppy.

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  • Any short note you would like included about your pet

Like the Spoppy, but your Spoppy just won't accept your neopet? Well, tell us what you think of the Spoppy, or draw a Spoppy, or compose a Spoppy Sonnet... yeah... we'll take all forms of Spoppy Love.

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