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In some of my newer screenies there will be different coloured text. Teal text is Robin, Purple text is Ni, Red text is Gumbie, Dark green is Cleese and Black is me. Also, if you're looking for my FAQ, it has been moved to Cleese's page because this screenie page is getting crammed and it takes a long time to load ;). Oh, a remineder to people who are new to my screenies: Please don't be frightened by the badly cropped screenies at the start. They're old and dusty, don't mind them...

Random Stuff:

Wow... there's more monty python around then I expected!

o_0 stange things have been happening...

Jelly world doesn't exist... really!

This happened on Gnorbu day. It's not a new paint brush. :3

This kept me talking for hours!

At long last!

Click on the meerca's left eye...

Does this need a witty coment?

Faerie quests gone wrong

Eat it!!!

To me thats alot of nps.

Korbats shall take over the world!

Monty strikes again!


I have controll of the little orange shirt guy!

It goes 'round and 'round and 'round and...

Yum... o_O

That talking parrot is about to be an ex-parrot!

What can I say? I got bored...

PART 2!!!


Ugh... No sence of taste...

It only costed me 100k!


It took me a few moments to figure out what it was

The neopets office is looking strangely different these days...


and then... I suddenly was a mortog...

Thats really sick

Another bunch of odd foods

It's from Fawlty Towers!! Big thanks to jj2277 for giving me the idea!!

Testing my luck:

It was kinda funny...

*sigh* not again!

I have way to many of these...

Everything's great for ol' Ni...

Still can't get that avatar!

Happy dayz :3

At least it's not burnt food...

Yeah I know... I tried it again...

Thats just about the best thing I ever got from the shrine!

The best I ever got...

*Whoop of joy*

Thanks Tombola... uh... person


*Pulls hair out*

I'm gonna get the jackpot someday...

Incase you don't get the joke Ni's was eating the Omelette when it was turned into a pile of sludge

This is what happens

Such a pretty new font... @_@



Weehee! :D

Random events:

Just another random event...



I nearly wet myself when I saw this.

*Reads to Robin instead*

Oh so scary


sorry about my poor editing XD

Thank you to all the people who have given me gifts!

And then to my horror:

Yum... Jub Jubs...

I'm sorry if I offended some Jub Jub lovers in that last screenie

I thought it was worth something but I looked it up in the wiz and I was a measly 700 np...

Yes, Ni has been taking lessons...

Doing some of the Tale of woe plot really payed off!

Cleese with his new look

A zombie just gave me a map... XP


And that's when IT happened...

Stinky eh?

My crazy petpets:


*sigh* petpets aren't what they used to be...

Prrrrt means cheese in petpet... XP

Now painted snow!

he likes ham... o_O

I think he's over reacting...

Robin's enjoying this isn't he?


This was a suprisingly easy avvie to get



An avatar... need I say more?

Pound screenies!:

That doesn't happen that often!

Awww! So cute!

There's alot of christmassy pets around in the pound!

I want him!

My first LE pet I found in the pound!

This is me pointlessly taking screenies of painted pets in the pound

Ooooh... Another LE...

My guild board:

We're all happy!

You can tell I'm loved...



This took a looong time.

Yea! *happy dance*

Funny Neomails

This person didn't want to be named



*is dead*


*clicky click*

Wow, just wow

Fear my uber badly drawn monkey!

It's from the boards but...



That's just sick...

Fake screenies

These screenies are not real. They are just for your viewing pleasure. I edited them in a paint program. (don't take the comments at the bottom of the screenie seriously)

Being attacked by a ! hurts...

*poke* *pokepokepoke* *pokety poke*

OMG!1! LYK I G0T @ 1337 @VVI3!1!!!!!!1

You get this one by feeding your pet 1 ton of cheese

Don't tell me you haven't gotten this one yet!

Thats one heck of a meepit

You get this one for sending the user "super_monty_python" stupid neomails.

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