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.:// Introduction

You find yourself alone in the middle of a dark and dense forest on the beginning of a star-strung night. Stupidly you had gotten lost, and now were frantically searching for a way out of the forest so that you may head back home. While traveling you hear the slight sound branches and leaves flicking together as though there was weight upon the branches.

You look up, and looking back down at you were a set of deep orange eyes. The eyes belonged to a fairly built male lupine with an interesting and almost bizarre design. His fur was mainly of a charcoal coloring, which is except for areas on his face, ears, paws, and tail. In these areas his fur was etched with flame-like design of two different shades of green. The combination of greens and black upon the lupine's face almost formed the appearance of a raccoon's mask.

He jumped down from the tree's canopy, landing in front of you, and tilted his head in curiosity. It wasn't every night that he made such a discovery as a human… especially one like you. Deciding he had been rude enough to stay silent the whole time, the male dipped his head in a kind greeting and then his gentle, yet strong, voice filled the cool crisp night air. "Hello, I'm Iglupe," he smiled gently, indicating to you more that he was of a kind nature, "but you may call me Lu if you'd like."

Lu continued you smile at you with his friendly nature, before he gazed back up towards the tree canopy in which he had just dropped from. "Hmm," he said aloud before facing you again, "I was just heading out to the clearing to get a better look at the stars. If you'd like to join me you are more than welcome.

Just like that the lupine turned around and began to weave through the trees and other plants leading you to the clearing.

.:// Likes.Dislikes

Not every creature has the same preferences, and thus different creatures have different things in which they like, and different things which they dislike.

  • night/cool
  • stars
  • green
  • dry

  • sun/heat
  • clouds
  • pink
  • wet/rain/bodies of water
  • .:// Family

    I don't even remember my family, nor do I remember my childhood. I just remember waking up one day under the stars.. and hearing about how I had gotten there from Valcunus;

    Have we met?

    .:// History

    Lu "Apparently I had a life with a pack for years and it all ended when I got caught in the current of a river while trying to fish..." Lu said, as though the past meant nothing to him, "all I remember is waking up, soaked with water and seeing this weird sorcerer spirit guy holding a staff above me, telling me to concentrate on drying, and warmth. I didn't know what was going on at the time.."
  • waking up under the stars;
  • told about drowning, almost died... etc;
  • I'll write the story eventually.. I know it;

    .:// Minis

    Pon Adoptable

    .:// Artwork

    Artwork and examples of Lu by either Jessika or others.

    by Jepawsbo

    .:// Linkage

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