My name is Idolatrize and I am a Nimmo. This is my very own webpage that my owner tiger_and_rex_ helped me create. I am 67858 hours old and my hobbies include swimming, playing Gormball and chatting to people. (Ok so chatting isn't really a hobby but tiger_and_rex_ says I do it so often that it ought to be).

So I guess this is where I tell you a little more about me. Well this is my normal day in Neopia.

9am - tiger_and_rex_ wakes me up and makes me get ready to go out.
9.30am - Mmmm a delicious bowl of Wheat Flakes for breakfast.
10am - We head into Neopia Central for a spot of shopping
12 noon - By this time we are both getting a bit tired so we stop for lunch at Pizzaroo or Hubert's Hot Dog stall. My favourite is the Cookie Hot Dog but tiger_and_rex_ says its bad for my teeth so I'm rarely allowed it :(
1pm - Time for some fun. Now we either go to play games, meet friends or go somewhere interesting like Mystery Island.
6pm - Time for dinner
8pm - Now we start to head back to our Neohome where we if I'm good tiger_and_rex_ will read me a bedtime story.
9pm - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ooh lookie its me @_@

Many people do not know very much about Nimmos in general and I hope my little page may help resolve this.

Nimmo Myth 1
All Nimmos love to read and are rather boring to as a result.
It is true that the main Neopian book shop is run by a Nimmo, but that doesn't mean ALL Nimmos love to read. Personally I enjoy the odd book now and again but you wouldn't catch me reading 'Advanced Algebra' for fun. As for being boring, my friends don't seem to think I'm boring :)

Nimmo Myth 2
All Nimmos are fantastic at fighting

Haha, I wish. Sadly I don't spend nearly enough time at the Swashbuckling Academy or Training School so I'm not exactly an expert in the battledome.

Nimmo Myth 3
Every Nimmo desperately wants to be just like Ryshu
Ok, so I have been told the stories of Young Ryshu
and his Grand Quest millions of times by my owner and I do think Ryshu is great. I wouldn't go so far as to say I want to be just like him though. I'm perfectly happy being me!