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Q: Do I have to link back?
A: No, you don't have to link back if you don't want to.
You don't even have to tell me that you don't want to link back or give any other explations or comments about the matter. I understand that sometimes adding buttons can ruin the look or purpose of the page. I won't delete your site from the directory because of link back buttons nor I will neomail anyone about them so don't worry. :)

Q: Why some of the links are red and some are white?
A: Red link colour means that you have visited the page recently. White means you haven't visited the page recently.
This makes it easier to remember which pages you have already visited.

Q: Why don't you use buttons for sites listed?
A: Buttons load slowly, plain text links are faster.
Text links also allow making notes such as 'this site also takes button requests' or 'this site holds SOTM competitions'.

Q: Why does Pitty's Glitters have button and not text link?
A: Because Pitty's glitters was the first page ever listed in this directory.

Q: Why do you put newest links at the bottom of list? Why don't you use alphabetical order?
A: Because it's easier for me to remember in which order I have added to links in each category. I can add new link top of the list if I think the page is more useful than other pages in that list/category, but that is rare.
I also don't use alphabetical order for the sites because in my opinion alphabetical order overlooks pages with names starting with letter Y or Z. Alphabetical order is helpful only if you know the name of the page you are looking for. If you know the name of the page you are looking for press Ctrl and F to search it.

Only pet colors, species, game guides and AC team support pages are on alphabetical order because that way they are easier to search. But newer pages will still be at bottom of each list.

Q: I received neomail saying my page is listed but I didn't apply to be listed. Also my button is not on newest site listed spot. Why?
A: I don't wait for site owner to apply for being listed.
Anyone can suggest a page to be listed here, it doesn't have to be the site owner personally. Also if I see someone adverticing their site on neoboards I can add their page without anyone suggesting it.
As for newest site listed spot if I list multiple pages at the same time (like I usually do) I randomly choose button from one of the sites I'm adding. If they have button, that is. If any of the sites I'm listng doesn't have a button I leave the last button I added to be.
I also take liberty to add border="0" to the button code if site owner hasn't already included that to their code.

Q: Why do you let everyone suggest sites for your directory? Why do you accept suggestions from people who don't even own the site?
A: My opinion is that if you make an useful site, be it graphics, tutorial, guide or game list and even have link back button for it then the owner of site automaticly wants the site to be advertised.
Making a site and then saying it should not be advertised and used is in my eyes same as writing a book or making a movie and then telling everyone not to buy, read and/or watch it.
If site has link back button/s it's clear that its meant to be adverticed and visited later again.
I doesn't necessarily bother me if the site is closed or not updated. Useful guides and premade graphics don't exactly go old unless Neopets is updated. It's the content and it's usefulness that matters.

Q: What is the point of Explore blog? Why not just use World Map?
A: Originally Explore section listed only hard to find places and plot comics but after the "new" flash maps were added to site some users had lots of loading problems when using the Explore Map. So it was requested that links to normal places would be listed too.

And before the shops links stopped working the explore list was really convenient during Negg Hunts. ;) It can also be useful for mobile users, but I don't now exactly which pages can be viewed with modile.
Now that part of the directory isn't updated or checked on that often but for now I don't believe I would remove it from the directory.

Q: If a site is listed twice how is that counted in total number of links listed?
A: If a site is listed twice on the directory it still counts as only one link. The "This directory has xxx links listed" is supposed to give only general idea on how many sites this directory has listed, it's not listing every single link this petpage has.

You can find little more from pet lookup.

You can also neomail more questions if you have any?

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The Darkest Faerie plot guide
Altador Cup Guides
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Other related pages
Player lists

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I know that all Neopians can't use flash maps without loading problems so here are the links to all shops and places in flash maps. Also some hard-to-find places are listed here.
Alas, the shop links no longer work. They will still be listed here incase someone figures way to make them work again.

|Altador| |Brightvale| |Darigan Citadel| |Faerie Land| |Haunted Woods| |Kiko Lake|
|Krawk Island| |Kreludor| |Lost Desert| |Maraqua| |Meridell| |Moltara| |Mystery Island|
|Neopia Central| |The Neopian Bazaar| |The Neopian Plaza|
|Roo Island| |Shenkuu| |Terror Mountain| |Tyrannia| |Virtupets Space Station|
|Other| |Comics| |Events|

Altadorian Archives
Exquisite Ambrosia
Illustrious Armoury
Magical Marvels
Legendary Petpets
Hall Of Heroes

The Restitive Tomb
Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry
The Old Follies Farm
The Altadorian Docks
Altador Water Distribution Plant
Altador Cup
Altador Cup Prize Shop

Wise Old King
The Wheel of Knowledge
Royal Potionery
Brightvale Glaziers
The Scrollery
Brightvale Armoury
Brightvale Fruits
Brightvale Motery
Brightvale Books
Brightvale Colouring Pages

Darigan Citadel
Lord Darigan's Chambers
Darigan Citadel Colouring Pages
Minions of Darigan
Darigan Toys
Petpet Battles

Faerie Land
Healing Springs
The Rainbow Fountain
The Wheel of Excitement!
Jhudora's Bluff
Poogle Racing

Faerie City
Faerieland Employment Agency
The Faerie Paint Brushes
Faerie Quests
Personaily Quiz
Faerieland Petpets
Faerie Foods
Faerie Furniture
Faerie Weapon Shop
Faerieland Bookshop
Faerieland Colouring Pages

Haunted Woods
The BRAIN Tree
Spooky Petpets
Haunted Woods Colouring Pages
The Esophagor
Game Graveyard
The Haunted House!
Halloween Paint Brushes
Neopet Masks
The Witch's Tower

Cork Gun Gallery
Deserted Fairground Scratchcards
Spooky Food
The Wheel of Misfortune!
Test Your Strength!
Spooky Furniture
Ghost Paint Brushes
Haunted Weaponry
Coconut Shy
Castle Nox

The Apotechary
Masks of Dread
Hidden Monster Reserve

The Crumpetmonger
Chesterdrawers' Antiques
Neovian Printing Press
Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors
Apple Bobbing
Almost Abandoned Attic
Sophie's Shack and, grudgingly, Prize Shop

Grave Danger

Jelly World
Jelly Food

Kiko Lake
Glass Bottom Boat Tours
Kiko Lake Carpentry
Kiko Lake Treats
Kiko Lake Colouring Pages

Krawk Island
Governor's Mansion
The Golden Dubloon
Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy
Smugglers Cove
Forgotten Shore

Warf Wharf
Food Club
Little Nippers
Krawk Island Fashions
Bilge Dice
Krawk Cup
Krawk Island Colouring Pages
Keep Out!

Cafe Kreludor
Booktastic Books
Kreludan Homes
Neocola Machine
Kreludor Colouring Pages
Kreludan Mining Corp.
Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ

Lost desert
Coltans shrine
Temple of 1000 Tombs
Lost Desert Plot

City of Sakhmet
Petpet Stall
Food Stall
Osiris pottery
Emergeny Supplies
Battle Supplies
Fruit Machine
Sutek's Scrolls
Paint Brush Stall

The Trap Door
The Calculator
Wadjets and Ladders
Desert Diplomacy

The City of Qasala
Words of Antiquity
Desert Arms
Qasalan Delights
Mystical Surroundings

Lutari Island

Maractite Marvels
Collectable Sea Shells
Maraquan Petpets

The Ruins of Maraqua
The Bubbling Pit
Maraqua Colouring Pages
Underwater Fishing
A Mysterious Statue
Piece of Maraquan history

Illusen's Glade
Ye Olde Petpets
Kiss The Mortog
Turdle Racing
Mysterious Symol Hole

Meri Acres Farm
Potato Counter
Guess the Weight of the Marrow!
The Meridell Rubbish Dump
Meri Acres Farm - Pick Your Own

Meridell Castle
Grumpy Old King
Kayla's Potion Shop
Double or Nothing

Draik Nest

Moltara City
Tangor's Workshop
Cog's Togs
Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic
Molten Morsels
Obsidian Quarry

Moltara Caves
Moltara Gilded Pages
Moltaran Books
Moltaran Petpets
Igneot's Cave

Mystery Island
The Mystery Island Mystic
Mystery Island Marketplace
Tropical Food Shop
Mystery Island Kitchen
Tiki Tack
Haiku Generator
Tiki Tours
The Beach
Mystery Island Training School
The Rock Pool
Cooking Pot

Secret Ninja Training School
Techo Mountain
Talking Parrot
Mumbo Pango
Volcano Tunnels

The Lost City of Geraptiku
Deserted Tomb
Geraptiku Petpets
Geraptiku Colouring Pages

Neopia Central
Auction House
Neopian Bank
Food Shop
Book Shop
Petpet Shop
Money Tree
Rainbow Pool
Art Centre
Post Office
Magic Shop
Shop Of Offers
Ever Stocked General Store

The Neopian Bazaar
Petpet Supplies
Chocolate Factory
Toy Shop
Neopets Arcade
Healthy Food
Wizard's Shop
Grooming Parlour
Movie Fountain
Defence Magic
Usuki Land
Hubert's Hot Dogs
Fresh Smoothies
Unis Clothing
Collextable Card Shop
Fine Furniture
Battle Magic
The Bakery
Gardening Supplies
Gifts Galore

The Neopian Plaza
Wishing Well
Defenders HQ
Welcome Center/Pet Central
Music Shop
School Supplies
The Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe
The Pound
The Pound - Adopt
The Pound - Abandon
The Pound - Transfer
The Pound - Transfer Status

The Neopian Marketplace
Soup Kitchen
Shop Wizard

Roo Island
Count von Roo's Deadly Dice
Roo Island Souvenirs
Roo Island Merry Go Round
Springy Things
Roo Island Colouring Pages
The Coffee Cave

The Deep Catacombs
Collectable Coins
Neopets Poems
Neopets Art Gallery
Storytelling Competition
How to Draw

Remarkable Restoratives
Culinary Concoctions
Wonderous Weaponry
Exotic Foods
Shenkuu Petpets

Mysterious Negg Cave

Terror Mountain
Scratchcard Kiosk
Merry Outfit Shop
Wintery Petpets
Happy Valley Ice Cream
Winter Holiday Tags
Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar Archives
Slushie Shop

Terror Mountain: Ice Caves
The Snowager
Ice Crystal Shop
Terror Mountain Colouring Pages
The Neopian Neggery

Terror Mountain: Top of the Mountain
Tarla's Shop of Mystery
Donny's Toy Repair Shop
The Snow Faerie's Quest
Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop
Igloo Garage Sale

Winter Starlight Celebration
Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway

Terror Mountain Ski Lodge
Dead End
Tyrammet Village
Grarrl Keno
Tyrannian Furniture
Tyrannian Cave Painting
Tyranu Evavu
The Wheel of Mediocrity
Tyrannian Petpets

Tyrannian Plateau
Tyrannian Styles
Giant Omelette
The Wheel of Monotony
Tyrannian Town Hall
Tyrannian Weaponry
Ticket Booth
Concert Hall
Lair of the Beast
Mysterious Obelisk

Inside Tyrannian Volcano
Place to find Cave Chia
Crashed Time Machine
Mysterious Obelisk - Prize Shop

Virtupets® Space Station: Supply Deck
Space Weaponry
Space Armour
The Robo-Petpet Shop
Lever of Doom
Grundo Warehouse
Space Adoption Agency

Virtupets® Space Station: Recreation Deck
Grundos Cafe

Virtupets® Space Station: Hangar

Strange Machine
Neopet Version 2

The VirtuPets Marketplace
Jorax's Discount Space Prize Emporium
Sloth's Mind Controll Lab

Space Faerie


Gallery of Heroes
Gallery of Evil

Neoschool Teachers
Lawyerbot's poem page
Weltrude's Toy Chest

Refreshment Stand

Journey To The Lost Isle Prize Shop



Grundo comic

The Adventures of Jake

Champions of Meridell
Battle for Meridell
Hannah and Ice caves
Curse of Maraqua
Lost desert
Cyodrage's Gaze
The Tale of Woe
Journey to the Lost Isle
The Return of Dr. Sloth
Petpet Protection League
Atlas of the Ancients
The Faeries' Ruin
Mr. Insane's Plot Beard
Spooky Food Eating Contest

Daily Dare

Daily Dare
Daily Dare: Story

Games Master Challenge

Games Master Challenge 2011
-Brain vs Brawn

Games Master Chalenge 2012
-Pirates vs Ninjas

Games Master Challenge 2013
-Sun vs Moon


Neopies Y13 Results
Neopies Y14 Results

Festival of Neggs

Festival of Neggs Y14
Festival of Neggs Y15


Piece of Maraquan history

Thieves Guild
The Sway
Order of the Red Erisim
Brute Squad

NC Mall Events

Edolies Phantastic Finds
Stocking Stufftacular

User made worlds

Pea World

Related guides

Stores of Neopia
Plot Comics and Altador Plot Guides

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|Neopia||Users||Accounts||Neopets||Items and Lists|
|NC Items and Trading||Battledome and Training|
|Writing and Neopian Times||History||Other|

General guides about Neopia

Guides about Neopia, different events and features

What'd I miss?


Quest Help Guide

Rainbow Fountain FAQ

Daily and Yearly events

Daily events

The Original Lunar Calendar Guide

Lunar temple guide

Fishing Made Easy

Trick or Treat
-Apple bobbing Guide

The Forgotten Shore Map Guide

Items Given by Discovered Treasure Chest

The Wheel of Extravagance guide

WillWright's Concert Schedule

The Extensive Lab Ray FAQ

Picovamde Turmy Times

Xoe's Guide to Tarla

KELP's Maraquan Menu

The Sleeping Magma Guard

Getting into the Magma Pool

Moltara Dark Cave Guide

Moltara Guide
-Worm guide, gear locations and Magma Pool

Special days and Yearly events

The Expanded Calendar
-Annual Neopets events
and account age perks

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Daily Dare

Esgrim's Guide to Daily Dare

Daily Dare Guide


Neopin's Cooking Pot Information Center

Cooking Pot Recipes
-Also Tangor's Wrokshop recipes

Stores of Neopia

For newbies and other users

FAQs, Neo-Netiquette and other help

Frequently Asked Questions

Newbie guide

Complete Newbie Guide

Neon's Neopets FAQ

Netiquette and Rules


What is Harassment?

Learn the Rules!
- Neopets Rules easy to understand way

Cheeroh's summary of Copyright Law

the Neopian's guide to the worst case scenario

Adults play Neopets.

Adults on Neopets

Neopets Gift guide

The Gifter's Guide to Getting Gifted

Gifting Assistance


Anarch's Guide
to the Neoboard Smilies

Smiley Reference Page

Blue's Guide to Pound Chat

NC Trading etiquette

CD: Chatspeak Dictionary

ChiZzab3L's Guide to Neoboard Acronyms

The Chat Speak Dictionary

Hypocrisy of the chats?
Chatters need new awakening


Account keeping, safety and customising

Neopets Rules

Glitches Fixes

Account keeping

Leto's Guide to Neopets Premium

LeenaLu's Neopet's Premium FAQ

Akaunts' UNOFFICIAL Guide to Neopets Account-Keeping

Side Accounts

Loyal User Perks

Account safety

Believe it or not: You were not hacked

Tips against Scammers
LupeMoneyCounter's page

Animefreak869's Scam Help Page

Helpful Account Compromization Knowledge

Keen Cipher

Your updated guide to XSS/CG exploits

All you need to know about Cookie Grabbers

NoScript and You:
Protecting Yourself from Cookie Grabbers on Neopets

Be Ad-Free!

Who Knew - Getting lost account back

Ageless Accounts
A Birth Date Help Page by Mirai

Petpage: Macky

Trophies, Avatars and Site Themes.
Stamps can be found on item lists


Easy Trophy Guide


Easy Avatar Guide

Spottypuppydog's Avatar Guide

Site Themes

Smoking_Fish's Site Theme Guide

Lutari Talisman

Lutari Talisman Help and FAQ

Lutari Talisman Guide

Keeping guild
Site keeping is removed to HERE

Animefreak869's Guide to a sucessful Guild

Pirate's Guild Guide

Naiomit's guild making guide

Izzie's Guild Tutorial

Comprehensive guild
Help, Resource, Directory and Community site


Basic Neohoming

Neohome & Garden
Visual Guide

Neohomes and Gardens
A comprehensive guide for classic neohomers

Classic Neohomes and Neohomes 2.0


Block Neopets Adverts


Different types of pets

Limited Ed.

Repainted and Proud

Converted pets


Beneath the Lights
-Extensive guide about customising

NC Guide for Customizers

Encee's Guide to Style

-Alternatives for expensive NC wearables

NC Alternatives
-NP alternatives for NC wearables

See also Clothing on item guides for more wearable items

Adopting and Trading

Lassie's Pet Adoption FAQ

We Can Adopt Painted Pets Too
-List of pets under 4 month old accoun can adopt

Emily's Guide to "What is my pet worth?

Flan's Guide to Trading Pets

Espresso's RW/RN Guide

-Pet trading values

Jamie's Unconverted Pet value guide

Pet Trading Rule Guide
The unofficial guide to TNT's everchanging rules

Application guides

Ladie_Media's guide to NeoMail Apllications

Cib's Pet Application Guide

Adopt a Dream

Rawrimmakitty's guide to making an application

Neomail Apps

Application reviews can also be helpful


Pinaele's Pet Names

A Gift For Life

Classinc roots

Name the Stars


Olucie's Short Names


Petpet matching

-Find matching petpet ro your pet

Petpet Matching Guide

Neopet Species

the Ixi Registry

The Ixi Ledger

You can find more info about certain species
from pet directories.


Reverse Rainbow Pool

Items and lists

Guides about items and lists about items

Paint Brushes

The Neopian Paint Brush Inflation Rate

Secret Laboratory Map + Paint Brush Prices

The Paintorium

Laonei's Paint Brush Guide

Job Coupongs

Boxstercraz's guide to Job Coupons and Basic Jobs

Petpets and Petpetpets

Petpets A Pictionary & History

The Petpetpet guide

Mouse'z Petpetpet Guide


Maps, Maps and More Maps

Dekasin's Lab Map Guide

Treasure Maps
Screenies with prizes

World Challenge map price listing

Nickt666's Guide to World Chanlleges

Items Given by Discovered Treasure Chest

The Zapped Meepit
-Map Pricing Guide

Advent Calendar

Loveywowey's Advent Calendar List

Advent Calendar List

Shelby's Advent Calender Item List


Customised Clothing

The Closet
Neopia's original wearables list

Background Bonanza

-List of backgrounds, foregrounds and trinkets

Off the Peg
-Species specific clothing


HerRoyalHighness's guide to avatar stamp collectors

Narazok's Guide to Stamps

Morphing and Transmogrification Potions

Guide to Transmogrification

Morphing Potion and Transmogrification Potion Guide

Jessica's Morphing Potion Guide


Orofane's Cheap Book Guide

Frosty's cheap Book Deals

Pack Rat item lists

Lucyoctmel's Cheap Item List

Tobiuo's Pack Rat List

The Pack Rat List


My Scratching Technique

Scratchcard Kiosk Guide

KeyQuest Prizes

Key Quest Items List

KeyQuest Token Prizes

5tar KeyQuest Item Guide


Lilkramit's Gourmet foods

JollyJellyEater's Jelly Guide


The Toy Box
-Plushie guide

Enter The World of Usuki

NC Items and Trading

NC Trading Guides

Values are not in capsules!
Complete NC trading guide by Margee

The NC Mall Newbie's Guide
To fair trading, the mall boards, etiquette and item value

NC Value Guide
Kelly's Personal Trading Manuel

NC Value Guide
-Items and thier values

All About Gift Box Capsules

NC Value Help Directory

Other NC Guides

NC Guide for Customizers

NC Items

~ NC Game Prize Guides ~
-List and directory of current and retired
NC game prizes and other NC items

Super Saled
Information about NC Mall supersale
and list of retired items

Paddy's Guide to
Mysterious Morphing Experiment

Lilacia's SWF Collection

Wonderclaw Prizes
-Royal, Cloud and Patchword Machine items

Stocking Stufftacular 2009 and 2010
-Guide on how to use
-Unfinished item list

The NC Mall Pages
-Directory of NC related pages


Battledome Guides

Battledome guide

SilverCyanide's Battledome Guide



Keep It Straightforwardly Simple Training

Nootrishus' Training Guide

BlackJaguar's Fast Training Guide
and Donor List


Weapon Info
-Weapon stats

List of cheap useful weapons

Neopian Times and writing guides

Writing guides

Talia's Writing Guide

Neopian Times

Isty's All-You-Need-To-Know Guide to The Neopian Times

Talia's Guide to Becoming a NT Star


Ancient Hieroglyphs

The Condensed Neopian Times Editorial

Character creation guides


Almanac Insomniac

Comic guides

H33lix's Comic guide

Grove's Comic Process

Story Telling Competition

Talia's guide to Story telling competition


Roleplayer's Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Roleplaying

Drawing guides

Midnight Ink
-Character visualising and drawing guide

Rikku's Drawing Tutorials

Drawing program guides are at HTML and CSS section of the directory.


Guides to old site events and other sites about Neopian history

Remember When?

Old Neopets

Missing Krawk Island

Krawk Island Event Guide

Finding Krawk Island

Past Plots

Curse of Maraqua
Information page

Tyrannian Plot Guide
- (Obelisk War)
by majacal_daze

The Plot Office

Plot FAQ, screenies and more!
Mysterious Obelisk

Digging Prizes for the Mysterious Obelisk Event

Neopets Reference Guide
-Pop culture references in Neopets


These are guides that I can't seem to fit in any other category

Beauty Contest Basics

Neo Aid
-Guides for earning neopoints, Key Quest, Habitarium,
Burger King Promotion, quick guide on guilds, pet trading
and tubing tutorial

The Neopets Police

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|Dailies||Game Guides||Habitarium||Keyquest||Game Ratio Pages|
|Restocking|| Stock Market|| Food Club|| General guides about earning NP|

Dailies and Games

Jubbyjubjack's Guide to Neopia

qqmachi's Daily Neopoints Guide
100k a day

Rowlier's Guide to Neopia


Olidia's Daily Neopets Guide

Ninja's Dailies

Serendipitie Dailies

Mobile User Links
-Links to non-flash dailies and games


SOTS playlist

Journes' Dailies

Daily Quick Links
-For the busy Neopian

Your neopet Dailies

Daytona Village

Game Guides

Neopets Battlefield Legends
Perfect Score Strategy
By Tehchickengoddess

Bftf8's Backwood Breakaway Guide


Destruct-o-Match II guide

The Ultimate Faerie Bubbles avatar Guide

Lottery Guide

Lottery click & drag

Mutant Graveyeard of Doom
-Guide by Uv_Goth

Petpet Rescue
An approach to Petpet Rescue Grand Master

Plushie Tycoon

Ruins Rampage
Little Benu's walkthrough guide

Shenkuu Warrior Guide

Beating AAA in Snot Splatter

Stowaway Sting
The No-Sweat Guide to
Earning the Deckswabber Avatar

The Great Desert Race
-Guide by Uv_Goth


Maermeri's KeyQuest Powerups guide

Guide to KQ Glitches

You can find list of KeyQuest prizes
from Items and lists guides.


Tina's Habitarium Guide

Habitarium Levels and Upgrades

Nailguard's Habi-Lag Guide

Locked Out?

The Habitarium
Ink and Decoration Preview

Habitarium Tips

NC Games

-None at the moment-

Neoquest I and II

SilverCyanide's Neoquest II Guide

Game ratio pages

Joderi's Game Ratio Page

Other Related Pages

The Games Room
-Game Guide Directory

Av Game Guide

List of Hard-to-find Games

Crystal_Moonbeam's Quick Neopoint Games

Grana's Way to NP

KeyQuest Token Directory

Shop Keeping



AYPERI'S Guide to Restocking

The Wizing Hour Sniping Guide

What to Sell in Your Shop

SilverCyanide's Restocking guide

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Restocking Guide
by toot126


Scorchi's Shop Guide

Uhula's Price Guide
Transmogrification Potions, Krawk Petpets, Draik Eggs,
Magical Chia Pops and Magical Plushies

Stock Market

Stocktycoon -Stock market guide

Stock Talk

SilverCyanide's Stock Market guide

Food Club

Food Club
A Complete Guide of
Definitions and How to Bet

Hugo's Food Club page

Jamila's Betting Page

General guides about earning NP

The Newbie Guide to Using the Trading Post, Auctions Games and Shops.

JenesisX's guide to becoming a millionaire

Neomillionaire guide

Flutedad's guide to all neopians

Siteeria's Ultimate Guide!
-Easy games and n00bs and newbies... the difference

Neo Aid
-Guides for earning neopoints, Key Quest, Habitarium,
Burger King Promotion, quick guide on guilds, pet trading
and tubing tutorial

Old games

Hotrod Health Hound

Random related pages

Neopia's Top Gamerz

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|Guild Layouts||Shop/Gallery Layouts||Backgrounds||Banners|
|Multi Graphics Pages||Misc||Graphic request||Request Status Directories|

User Lookups

Riddle_Twin's Premade Lookups

Sprinkle Lookups

Simone's CSS Premades

Amira's Premades

Xepha's Lookups

Izzy's Graphics

Cib's Premades

Dark Wings
-Anime and Neopets lookups

Stella's Lookups

The Lookup Swamp

ktls kreations

-Anime/Manga themed lookups

Back to You

Behind the Layout
-Also layout tutorials

Petpage Layouts

Exclusive premade petpage css by Cass

Nikki's CSS
-Premade petpages and petlookups

-Premades and templates

mckenna's css
-Premade petpages and some user lookups

That Kills Me



Cherry Blossom


Idolize Premades

Fist of Clouds
-Also CSS guide


Pet Lookups

Izzy's Graphics
Pet Lookups

Guild Layouts

Nienkju's Graphics

Attention Span
-Petpage and guild layouts


Guild layouts that cover guild sidebar and navigation links are
not allowed
having that kind of layout may get you in trouble

Shop and Gallery Layouts

Izzy's Graphics
Gallery Layouts

Ciokitty Shop Layouts



NeoGraphix Backgrounds

Bookworm292_9's backgrounds 1

Silver 77
-Also Pixels and Icons

-Also Neopets related pixels:
Lupe, Xweetok and Hissi

By: Sandshaven
-Glitter backgrounds

Background and guild lookups

Teacake Backgrounds


Vegaratz Graphic
-Banners and Glitters
-Not UFA/UFT banners


Buttons for Your Pets
-Small banners for pet lookups

Painted Dreams
-Banner and backgrounds

-Banners, icons and resources



Sozo Suruz
-Anime themed pixels/resources and banners

Multi Graphics Pages

Buckkimme's anime shop blogs
- userlookups, shop blogs and shop layouts

-layouts, CSS and music codes

bob's Graphics Page
-Fake REs, adoptables, shop blogs

Pas de Chat
-Icons, glitters, mood indicators,
backgrounds, shields, blogs...
Better that you check it yourself

Mellie's Css
-Pet lookups, user lookups (normal and premium)and gallery layouts

Save the Magic
-Layouts, fonts, buttons

Izzy's Graphics
-Shields and Backgrounds

Sugary Premades
-User Lookups, Pet Lookups, Petpages and Shop/Gallery Layouts

Annabelle Graphics
-Backgrounds, banners and icons

The Lunch Box
-Resources, banners, icons and backgrounds

49 Days
-Icons, banners, backgrounds

-Icons, banners, pixels, signs, shields,
resources, lookups and fake avatars

Kist's Graphics
-User lookups, guild and petpage layouts, shields,
banners, fake random events and cursors

Krazy Kute Kreations
-Avatars/icons, Backgrouns, Glitters, Guild Layouts,
Mood Indicators, user and pet lookups, petpages, shields,
shop layouts and signs

Merely Michelle
-Petpage layouts, banners, buttons and resources

-Band/musician themed banners, icons and blends

Olivia's Graphics
-banners, buttons, glitters, dividers, shields, icons
-Requests and premades

Orange Juice
-Pet lookups and petpages

Morgan's CSS
-Petpage layoyts, User and pet lookups

-Banners, backgrounds, button bases, icons, banner bases,
resources and button tutorials

The Magic of Disney
-Disney themed lookups, pet lookups, shop/gallery layouts,
icons, animations, banners and shields

-Anime themed userlookups and petpage layouts

Towairaito Graphics
-Anime themed guild, gallery and user lookup

-Banners, pixels, bases and signs
-Banner and icon requests

-Banners, signs, icons, fake avatars, shields,
pixels, Altador cup support banners, resources,
user lookups and petpage layouts

-Pet and user lookups,
gallery layouts and tutorials


Lookup Shields

K's Shields

SFC Graphics

Custom Shields

Magma Shields

On Demand Shields

Stellar Shields

LemSchez's Shields

Will's Plot Shields


Chandy's Custom Cursors

Hannah's Cursors



-Pixels and resources

Live. Laugh. Love.


-None at the moment-

Graphic Request sites

Layout Requests

Apple Flower
-petpage layout request

Evoked Graphics!
-Petpage, guild layout, shop/gallery layout,
pic/logo, banner and background requests

-Petpage requests

-Guild layout, petpage, and button requests
and resources

A Ray of Sunshine
-Petpage layouts

-Petpage layout, button and banner requests

-Petpage layout, guild layout and banner requests

-Petpage layout requests

Mediocre Salad
-User lookup, petpage layout, guild layout and banner/button requests

-Layout, coding and graphics requests

-Petpage layout requests

-Petpage layout requests

Button Requests


Colorful Buttons

Something Shiny and New



Open Eyes



Always Forever Buttons

Banner Requests

Livy's banners and custom pics

Purple Heart

The Workshop
-Shields, banners, buttons and icons

Innocent Banners

A Melody
-Also glitter requests

-Banner and icon requests

Art Requests

Crystal Clear Art
-Drawing requests

Belle's Art
-Drawing requests

-Art/art trade request site

Elephantzze's Art

Dear Dhiar Customs


CW & EN Art

Shield requests

Simply Amazing

Other Requests

-none at the moment-

Request status directories


Unwound Clock

Graphics directories

The graphics grab
Graphics directory

A Shining Beacon


-Change your site theme

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|Screenies||Pets by Species||Pets by Color||All Pets and Species|
|Other Directories||Link Directories|

Screenie Directories

Pheonix's Screenie Directory

Find a Laugh -Screenshot Directory

Animefreak869's Screenie Awards

The Screenie Directory

The Screen Savers

Pet Directories

Pets by species

Aisha Frenzy

Bori Proud

Blissful Bori's

NLA (No Lupes Allowed)
-Chia directory

The Draik Center

The Draik Realm

Gorgeous Gelerts

Neopia's Grundo Directory

Fuzz and Feet
-Jubjub directory

Kau Herd

Kau Pastures

Kougras of Neopia

Meziki's Kougra Directory

Original Ogrin

Pretty Peophins

The Shoury Spot


The Tonu Directory

Sparkle's Uni Directory

Xweetoks are Us

S k w e e k s

Zafaras Unlimited

Pets by color

The Darigan Directory

The Eventide Directory

Faerie and Fabulous

Just Jelly

Plushie Pets of Neopia

The Factory Robot Directory

Bucket of Bolts
-Robot pet directory

Prim And Proper
-Royal and Faerie pets

Stinky Skunks

All species and colors

The sparkles pet directory.

Unconverted pet directory

W: Cross-painted Pets of Neopia

Real Name and Real Word Pets

Other Directories

The Games Room
-Game Guide Directory

NC Value Help Directory

Pet Wishlist Directory

Trudial's Coding Help
-Coding guides and premades

the Oldest Active Account in Neopia

Guide Directories

The Guide Library

My Little Corner

Shop Directories

The Mall Index

Gallery Directories

Galleries In The Spotlight

Galleries Galore

Adoption Agency Directories

Cieque's Directory of Adoption Agencies

Araidell's Adoption Agency Directory

Adoptables Directories

Akazamara's Adoptables Directory

The Adoptables Phonebook
Acara - Kougra

Krawk - Zafara
Customs & Makeables

Graphics Directories

The graphics grab

A Shining Beacon

Peppermint's Guide for Guppies

Collage of Talent

Request status directories


Unwound Clock

Guild Directories

Deep Space Guilds

SimplyStarving's +18 Directory



Link Directories

So You Need A Guide

Soroptimist Directory

The Faerie Compass

Smiley Central

Where in Neopia...........?

Angel's Directory

The Dog Directory
-Lists also pets and guilds

Lovely Links

Gentle Touch Directory

Wishing Well

Dragon's Lair


Maltieca Directory

Scamander Directory

The Shelf Directory


The Den

AllieCat's Directory


The Directory

-Concentrates mainly on pet related pages

Charli's Directory



Sea Directory

Review sites have been moved to Site keeping

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|General HTML and CSS guides||Tutorials and templates|

General HTML & CSS guides

The Resourcefull CSS Guide
-Basic and advanced CSS

Kaxian's HTML For Beginners
-Basics for fonts, images, links,
tables, text areas and divs

Genesis CSS
-Advances CSS for drop-down menus,
menus with float, using z-index and hover-view div's

CSS Basics and Shorthand
-Basics for fots, links, backgrounds,
classes and IDs and absolute positioning
-Shothand for fonts, backgrounds, lists,
marging and padding and borders

Simplifying your world
-CSS for user and pet lookups,
guilds, shops and petpages
-various CSS and HTLM codes

CSS For You
-Basic and advanced codes for petpages
-Neoboard font making guide

Coding Guide
-Fonts, page anchors, images,
tables, userlookup codes, divs, blogs,
cursors, borders, color chart

Neopets Code Reference
-Explains Neopets coding and terms

-Fonts, lists, positions, borders, links,
headings, text areas, images, tables, body,
div layers, page anchors, marquees, scrollbars

_Comical_Worm_'s HTML Help Page
-images, fonts and copy & paste

Spud's guide to CSS
-Fonts, backgrounds, links, padding and borders,
advanced links, z-index, headers, Id's and classes,
text areas, anchors and advanced anchors

-Advanced tables, images, lists, links, fonts,
margin and padding, borders and backgrounds

Fist of Clouds
-Basic CSS, Divs, removal and hover codes
-Premade petpage layouts

Double Standard
-Coding resource site
-Useful tips and articles

Specific features

Table Borders

Zel's Anchoring Guide

New Beginning HTML & CSS Tutorials
-Image maps and Multi-page layouts

Pet Pictures
-How to put picture of a pet into lookup/other page

-How to make your Neopet's lookup picture bigger

Neopets Like Button

Filter solutions

Filter Solutions

Tutorials and Templates

Guides and Tutorials
-User Lookup, Pet Lookup, Gallery Layout and Guild Layout

Darkest Faerie Lair
-Guild layout, pet lookup and shop layout

Orgrimmar CSS
-Templates for user and pet lookups,
petpages and shops
-Not UFA/UFT banners

User lookup tutorials

Userlookup Tutorial

Lookup Tutorial

Lookup Tutorial
-More Advanced

Uber's Lookup Tutorials

Behind the Layout
-Also premade layouts

Guild layout tutorials

Guild Layout Guide

Guild Coding

The Darkest Faerie Lair
Full Page Guild Layout Tutorials

How To Make Guild Layouts Using Microsoft Word

Remember that covering the guild sidebar may get you in trouple

Petpage tutorials and templates

How to Code a Petpage

How to Make a Petpage Layout

Idiosyncratic's Premade Template Tutorial

Davin's Petpage Tutorial

OggieDoggie's code templates

Banner tutorials

-None at the moment-

Pet lookup tutorials

-None at the moment-

Button tutorials

Lucy's Button Tutorial

Create Impressions
-button and banner tutorial

-Button tutorials and tips

Screenshot guides

HOW TO MAKE A SCREENSHOT PAGE - screenshot tutorial

Kristina's Screenie Guide

Other guides/tutorials

Photoshop Help + Tutorials

GIMP Sensation

Amy's GIMP Tutorials

Microsoft Paint Guide

Sarah's Trainer Card Tutorial


-Pixel tutorials

Neo Aid
Tubing Tutorial
-Removing background from picture

Trudial's Coding Help
-Coding guides and premades

Color charts


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|Site keeping guides||Helping sites||Reviews||Application Reviews|


Apartment Nine
Your tutorial for an amazing site

How To Offer Great Service

How To Write Great Reviews

Visible Sketches
-Name finding guide

Helping sites

Private Detective
-Broken link checks

Sitely Boggled
-Site naming help

Proof Reading

-None right now-


Always Connected
-News, interviews, artickles and adverticing

Other helpful sites

-Color resource site

Review Pages

(Harsh) Crit- iques by Olly

divastar626's guild reviews

Third Impression
-Also proofreading

Audacious Reviews

Miso's Soup


The Sixth Station



The Silent Majority


The Marchen

Director's Cut

Frequent Flyer

The Music Book
-Also pet application critique

The Gift Site Consulting

The Silver Book

-Reviews and site ranking

Sweeters Cafe

Review High

Our Town
Guild review site

Petpage application reviews and critique



Request status directories


Unwound Clock

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|Neopets related||Other Adoptables||Icons||Blinkies||Pixels|
|Goal Counters||Glitters||Fake Items||Tests||Music|


Neopets related


Axtar's Adoptables
-Bruce adoptables

Cybunny Squishys

Eyrie Adoptables

Gnorbu Pedia

-Grundo adoptables

-Ruki adoptables

Emaurg's Skeith Adoptables

Dai's Uni Adoptables

Dippyvicky's adoptables
-Uni adoptables


Simple Adoptables
-Aisha, Blumaroo, Bori, Bruce,
Eyrie, Gelert, Gnorbu, Ixi, Kacheek,
Kau, Kougra, Lenny, Lupe, Lutari,
Mynci, Peophin, Shuyru, Uni, Xweetok, Zafara
-Petlookup banners

Torakhe's Adoptables
-Shoyru, Krawk, Lupe and Kougra

-Cybunny, Gnorbu, Kacheek, Kyrii, Wocky, Zafara

Quiched's adoptables
-Acara, Aisha, Eyrie, Gelert,
Gnorbu, Hissi, Ixi, Kyrii, Xweetok





Neo Angel Babies


Antzie's Meeping

Have Your Own Kadoatery


Zorathix and Zorathir's Usuki Eggery

The Negg Hatchery

All of the Cupcakes
-AC and paint brush themed cupcakes

Candy Apples
-Paint brush themed candy apples

Sweet Flavours
-Neopets themed sundaes


Chuck's Goodies

Other Adoptables


Duria's Pet Shop Graphics
-Kittens, puppies, turtles,
rabbits,ferrets, hamsters

London's Adoptables
-Dogs, cats and plenty of other animals

Eddie's Virtual Fish Tanks

Cartoons and anime characters

charma64's pokemon adoptables

S_L's pokemon neggery

K's Pokemon Eggery

Pokemon Oddities

Adopt A Naruto Chibi!


Ice cream cone adoptables!

The Teahouse
-Tea and food adoptables


Littlenutty09 Icons

Yuki's Graphics

kate's icons

Kayren's Icons

-Anime icons, shields, button bases,
place holders and blank blends

-Icons and dolls


-Neopets related icons and button bases


_angel_purfect_'s blinkies

Kimberly's Fabulous Blinkies

Takuto_mitsuki's Blinkie page

Lisa/Snook's Blinkies


El Pix
-Food, ragdols and resources

Sushi Bar

-Pixels and resources


-Poogle Pixels

Frank's Shark Tank

-Pixels, scribbles and resources

Nature's Way

-Pixels, scribbles, banners and pixel tutorials

Pixie's Potions




Webkinz58671girl's Funny Gifs

Webkinz58671girl's MLP Gifs
-My Litte Pony themed gifs,
pictures, backgrounds, glitters and Keep Calm badges



---*BY quar10304*---

Key Quest counters
-Scroll down

Faerie Quest counters


Halloweensgirl's "earn your own NP" banners, other adoptables and stuff

Bob's Graphics Page
-Fake REs, adoptables, shop blogs

Grey's Graphics
-Pixels, blinkies, goal counters and backgrounds

Purple Heart Duck -Award

Pokemon Pictures

Pokemon Trainer Card page

Adoptables directories

Akazamara's Adoptables Directory

The Adoptables Phonebook
Acara - Kougra

Krawk - Zafara
Customs & Makeables

You can find more icons, blinkies and pixels in graphics area.


Elyyan's Custom Glitters

katerynaolga's glitter text

Taihalia glitters

Haily's Glitter Page

Muku's Magic Mix

Sweetangelchel's Glitters

Glitters Galore!


Bluerivergal's Glitter Text

Sparkly Neopets Alphabet

The Glitter Garden

Fake Items and Random Events

Help Promote Neopian Kindness

bob's Graphics Page
-Fake REs, adoptables, shop blogs


Whatkind Of Muffin Are You -test

Which Petpet Are You? -test

What Clan Cat Are You? -test

What kind of ice cream are you quiz

Which Petpet are You?

What kind of carrot are you? -test

TPC Pokemon Personality Quiz

What HC stereotype are you -test

-List of petpage and Neoadventure quizzes


Anna's Music Codes

Black Horse's Music Codes

Music Is Life
-Aquawoman's music codes

Sunset Music's

Yuki's Music

Starry Music Codes

WWE Music Codes


Music codes no longer work.

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Sites that require user participation
and sites that wouldn't fit other gategories.

|Pet projects||Help projects||Petitions and other opinions||Item projects|
|Collections||Magazines||Competitions||Adoption agencies|


Pet Projects

Dream pet wishlists

Home at last

ZYPD Wishlist

Lost And Adopted

The Witch's Brew



Pet Wishlist Directory

The Telegraph Office
A pet relocation service for gifters

The Lost and Pound
-Pets stuck in pound

Extra Paint Brush clothing

Paintbrush Clothing Exchange

Pumpyumpkins' paint brush clothing page

The Zapper's Closet

Pet customisation help


No NC? No Problem

The Costumery

a customiszation request site


Famous & Customised
-Harry Potter themed customisations

Festively Dressed
-Seasonal customisations and item lists

Pop Culture Customizations

KachRoo Fashion
Kacheek and Blumaroo Pet Gallery

Bunnygotcarrots123's Cybunny Customization

Notable Neopets screenies

Nat's Notable Pets

Notable Neopets

Lab Blogs

-None at the moment-

Other pet projects

Standard Neopets Height and Weight by species

Help Projects

The Art Agency
-Art request list
-Leave request for neopets art
-If you want to gift art for someone check the art request list
-If you are practising drawing this is good site to visit

Adopt A Newbie
-For all users who need help

Advertise your site
And make connecctions to other sites

Always Connected
-News, interviews, artickles and adverticing

Avatar Lending

Caitlin's Lending


Random Access Memory
-Avatar pet lending, button designing and userlookup editing

Petitions and other opinions

Talia's Rants

Perfected Point System

Pets Are Priceless

The Angry Meerca
And why you shouldn't invite him to your next tea party

Item Projects

The Trash Collector Program
-Making Neopia cleaner


Lists of collectors


Giving Tree

and other places to submit your work


Neostars Magazine
-Articles, comics, stories, interviews and advertisements

Blank Canvas Magazine
-Neopets news, game guides, AC coverage and more

-Articles, interviews, advice column, featured site and poll

Keara Times

Other places to submit your art or writing

-Writing and art site
-Writing and comic competitions

-Poems, stories and comics
-Writing competition

The Astral Library
-Stories and poems
-Writing competition

Neopian Songs
-Real life songs with Neopian lyrics

Other writing related pages

The Fan Writing Express
-Request a fan writing

Little Words
-Request a poem

The Writer's Workshop

The Rolltop Desk


Site and graphics competitions

-Site of the month
button, graphic and customisation the month

-Site of the month and button of the month
-On hiatus-

-Site of the month
-On hiatus-

News Flash
-Site of the month
-Site advertising

-Site, button, banner, signature,
customisation, art, glitter
and layout of the month

-Site, button, icon and banner of the month
-Site advertising

Top Dog
-Site, Button, Customisation and random competitions

Pet competitions

-None at the moment-

These competitions do NOT give out any prizes
the only thing the winner gets are the bragging rights and a graphic
(usually icon or button) for their lookup/pet lookup.

Adoption agencies


Hippo Adoption Agency

Adopt Today


Sweet ⇧


The pages that don't seem to fit other gategories.

Random pages

Rubber Duck Mission


Nick's League Calculator

Top 50 Neopets
-The strongest Neopets in Neopia

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If you are bored or just in need of good laugh the sites listed in this section are for you.

|Facts and quotes||Fake Neopets colors||Comics|
|Frustrated?||Board Fun||Games||Screenies||Stories and Writing|

Facts and quotes

Hysterical Nonsense


Neopets graphjam

Fake Neopet colors

Lilangel's Fake Paint Brushes

Fantasy Paint Brushes

Ursaian Neopets

Comics and parodies

The Pie's Ruin
A Faeries Ruin Parody

_hplvr12345_'s Tyrannian Plot Parody

Spooky Food Contest parody

Plot Parody: The Search for the Plot

Desert Diplomacy parody


Shout to the Pillow

Room: 128

Did you have a BAD DAY?

the quiet place

Board Fun

Help Chat

Anonymous secrets of the Neopian public

HC Peeves

The HC Survival kit

NC Board

The NC Mall
in gifs

Neocash Laws

Pound Chat

The PC & trading
in gifs

How the PC is
gif guide

Laws of the PC

Pound Chat Offenders

PC Confessions



Tic Tac Toe

The Toast

The Triv' Quiz

The Random Page


Rebecca's Screenies

~Laugh Out Loud~

Stories and writing




Love, Alice


Neopian Magic Theory

This and That
Random writing and graphics related sites

The Reasons Why I Hate
Altador Cup Games

Neopets memes

Background Blends

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|Altador Cup Guides||Altador Cup support graphics|
|Team support pages||Prediction and commentary pages||Other related pages|

Altador Plot

Aardax's Darkest Faerie Plot Guide

Altador Plot Guide

Altador Cup Guides

Yooyuball Guide
by Socks198915

Krystal's Yooyuball Guide

Snowflower's Altador Cup Guide

NEW Yooyuball Guide

Altador Cup Tips & Tricks

Irea Valent's Yooyuball Guide

Rarely answered Questions

How to Scorekeep


Altador Cup Pet Lookups

Support banners, badges and images

Altador Cup Support Pixels

Altador cup support banners

altador cup banners

Pride Pixels

Used Memorabilia Cards

Altador Cup Team support Images


Fuorre's Premades
for the Altador Cup
-Banners, icons and counters

The Fire Yooyu and Friends

Seaqueen's AC Banners

Periled's Altador Cup banners

Kaitlyn's Altador Cup Banners

Altador Cup Statement Banners

Altador Cup Adoptables

Lil Yooyuball Players

Darigan Graphics Unlimited

Kreludor support banners
By: Day

Shenkuu Support Graphics

Support fonts

Altador Cup Avatars
-Avatars matching each team

Team Support pages


Teams of Glorious Altadorians


Brightvale on Toast

Darigan Citadel

DC Minions


Faerieland's Unbreakable Fearless Fighters

Faerie's Always Exceed

Haunted Woods

Official Haunted Woods Devotees

Kiko Lake

KL owns

Krawk Island

Krawk Island Living Legends

Krawk Island Fan Song Page


Kreludor For the Cup

Lost Desrt

Supporters of Lost Desert in Domination


We Are Maraqua!


Knights of Meridell


Greatness Evolves Around Red-Hot Sincerity

Mystery Island

Mystery Island Yooyuball Professionals

Roo Island

Roo Island: Altador Cup VII

Terror Mountain

Terrors Of Terror Mountain

Virtupets Space Station

-None listed right now-

Team Jellyworld

Commentary and predictions


Thrasher's Cup Coverage

Altador Cup Daily Blog

Neon's AC Page

Bolbe's Predictions

Howard's ACVIII Predictions

Joe's Altador Cup Predictions

Amanda's ACVIII Predictions page

Old Predictions

ACV Standings and Predictions


Altador cup Directory

Altador Cup Pages

Peace to the AC

Altador Cup Repository

ACVII Supporter Distribution

Remember the powers
Team population percentages and predictions

Rank Calculator and Top Players

DC Minions:
Triplesss Tournament

Hall of Fame

Yooyuball Planet

The Celebrity Altador Cup

The Reasons Why I Hate
Altador Cup Games

Altador Cup Excuse List

Techo Fanatic

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If you know guides or graphics sites or pretty much any other sites you would like to see here neomail Lirmakko by using that link and tell me the url of the page. I will add it to directory.

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