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Update 18/6:Since the Neo-revamp, I have decided that Poshie' won't be an Aisha for much longer. I have the items to make him into a NIGHTSTEED! Oh, I simply can't wait! I'm just sitting on the potion/brush until I get the pack rat avie!

Update 26/5:I will be doing one, last update to this site. There is just too much to keep up with these days, but the info will remain basic and well-rounded for beginners and with a completely new layout crafted by me ^_^

Well, hello there guest! My name is Hieronymous Poshe, you can call me Poshie! I was born into Neopia Dec. 6th 2000 as a blue Aisha! I loved being an Aisha, I really enjoyed being Halloween most of all, but once when I was exploring through Neopia with Chi-Chian, the baby bruce came up to me with this Ray Gun and ZAAPPP!!! I was turned baby! Oh the horror! I'm supposed to be a tough guy ya' know?! Then all of Neopia got a make-over and after 6 years of being an Aisha, I needed a change too!

Creating or Adopting

Now that you've signed up, don't forget to join some of Neopets sponsors! By doing this, you'll be gaining some NP in the process

Your next step is most likely deciding on what pet is best for you. If you're just starting out stick to one or two pets, that way you'll be able to take care of them even when your funds are low.

At this point you may decide that Adopting is better suited for you and it really is a nice choice to help out a poor pet that we all know deserves a happy home

If you do decide to create a pet, take your time and look through the many species. When you've found one that fits you, try and be creative on coming up with a name. I know that a great deal have already been chosen, but if you misspell words or use words in other languages you could come up with something really original!

While on the creative subject, why not fill out a description for your new addition. It's nice to look up someone's pet and see some effort put into their page.

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Keeping Happy

Of course having a pet is just the top of the ice cream sundae here! Now you have to make sure to keep it happy and healthy, but don't fret, most Neopets are easy to please and it wont make your funds cringe, unless of course you spoil your pet like crazy!

The most important thing is feeding your pet! You don't like to go to bed hungry and I'm sure that grumbling coming from your pets belly is telling you the same thing! The food shop is a great place to buy food, that's if you're lucky! The shops usually sell out so quickly that my fellow dial-up modem users can't make more than one or two purchases. For this reason, the shop wizard is your best choice! Try not to keep feeding your pets omelets and cheops plants, variety is nice and plus it keeps true to the point of the game and that's that it's about the pets and not the NP

Food is only the first step, your pet should also have plenty of toys to play with. With over hundreds to choose from and some for every one's price range, it shouldn't be too difficult finding something special for your little friend. Keep different toys around for an after dinner play time and your pets happiness will raise quickly. But be careful, your pet can get a little over zealous and break them or just get bored with old ones. It's good to keep a look out for new toy arrivals in the news!

Books, books, books! They're just great for boosting up your pets intelligence and it's nice to buy a couple for your pet every once in a while. I'm not too sure if they help with your pet's happiness, but I figured that they definitely deserved a mention for being a useful item. They may be difficult to buy in the actual book shop, but using the shop wizard is a great help, though you will be paying more for them using this method, so you make the best judgment.

Grooming products get mixed emotions on keeping your pet happy. Personally, I like them. It's nice to brush your pet's teeth after all those treats on your trip to the candy shop and a nice brushing or shampoo is great before bedtime. The choice is obviously up to you and your bank account, but most of the products are at decent costs so why not!?

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Making NP

Sure, this has to be what everyone wants to know about. But remember, nothing legal by the term and conditions of this site (which everyone should read) will make you mega rich over night, unless you're really, really lucky here. Seriously though, it takes a lot of hard work and long hours to build a successful place of your own in Neopia.

So, if you're still with me here, you can play games to get lots of NP coming your way. I can make over 15,000np a day if the time permits it! The games that I play and recommend are, Kiko Match II, Pyramids, Destruct-O-Match II, Meerca Chase II, Ultimate Bullseye, Turmac Roll and Carnival of Terror, and Sophies Stew. Obviously there's dozens more and don't forget about the sponsor's games. They may not be on the site forever but they can dish out some decent NP in the meantime!

Opening up a shop for yourself is another great way to make some NP. Here you can sell items you don't want anymore or go with a theme. My shop is usually stocked with food and other low priced items for those starting out. Knowing what items are hot for the moment and being able to get them cheap is a great method [codestones, map pieces, faeries...] And don't forget about Trades, Stocks and Auctions!

If you're looking for more ways to make some quick cash, why not check out my Goodies list. It has a variety of links to visit for daily freebies and other games of chance. So the best that I can say to you about making NP is to just be patient and try your best. You'll find your groove in time and be raking it in ^_~

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Maps and Quests

Maps and Quests play a big part in Neopian life for most users. Here I will just be going through the different ones and the rewards you can hope to gain from completing each one.

I will start with Quests as there are a lot more to go through

First I'll start off with Kitchen Quests which you can find on Mystery Island. This poor cook with ask you to help him make food for the King. You will have to find any where from 1 to 4 different food items and in return you can get NP, and item or a random stat on your pet will advance by one point. These Quests can by expensive and sometimes your prize isn't worth what you paid so be careful.

The Snow Faerie Quest is located on Terror Mountain. She like snow food, magic and medicine and in return will grant you NP, Snowballs and an item. This is another that you can spend more than you earn. I mean, she did give me a towel once and that was pretty disappointing.

Faerie Quests randomly happen while you're navigating the site. Depending on the faerie will depend on your prize and the item you must retrieve. All but the Earth Faerie's Quests are worth it. The Earth Faerie will just heal and feed a random pet while the others will raise a stat. If you manage to get the Faerie Queen, more than one stat will be raised! There's also a special quest given out by the Rainbow Fountain Faerie where the prize in changing your pets colour something different than what you can get from paintbrushes, retired colour included! But in over five years, I've never gotten such a quest. Either way, from what I have heard it is Very worth doing her quests, and there's no time limit, so you can take the time to save up the NP if need be!

Illusen and Jhodura's Quests are closely related in how they work. With these quests you bring the faeries the item they ask for and in return you will get an item (not for each quest though, I believe for every other one completed) and also a high score is kept and a trophy is given to those with the highest scores! Also, those neat chat board avies (avatars) are given as prizes as well! Illusen can be found in Meridell, and Jhodura can be found in FaerieLand.

Now off to the Haunted Woods for our next three quests! The following all kind of work together, let me explain. The Braintree has just asked you to find out when JubJub O' Fool (not real) has died and where! Well, what now? Why not check out the Esophoger He will tell you what you need to know, but first, he's hungry and needs some spooky food to help him think more clearly. Your next stop will be to see Edna the Witch. If you complete her quests she will give you some spooky food! So see, that's how it all works in together, but obviously being that it's all random, you should just search shops for the spooky food that the Esophoger is looking for. He will give you the answers to the Braintree Quest and the Braintree will give you spooky pet pets, weapons and a high score. When doing a quest for Edna, she usually looks for toys, at least that is what I have been asked for. It has been a while since I've done one of her quests.

These are the quests that could come your way during your time on Neopets. Some can be very expensive, so be careful when deciding to play one. It's maybe not the best decision to make when you're just starting out. Build up that bank first! .

Collecting Map Pieces is another way to gain NP and some nifty rare items. There are several different Maps to collect and I will start with the most sought after of them all which hands down I would say is the Secret Laboratory Map. This Map, when completed gives you a chance to zap a pet of yours once a day to change their stats, species, colour and gender! The outcome is completely random and sometimes your pet's stats will actually go down, but given the chance of using it once a day it more than makes up for it and in the long run, as long as you don't mind your pet's appearance changing, this is an easier and cheaper way to train your pets for the battledome! The whole map itself usually costs about 100,000NP. It's a big investment, but truly worth it in the long run.

The Underwater Map, like many others is now retired but pieces still float about in other users shops and trades. Completing this map will give you a nice amount of NP as well as (I believe) three rare items and a level up on one pet. Because of their rarity, you may make more selling them than actually completing them, but surprises compel me and sometimes I just like to cash in on the random prizes anyway.

The Space Map works in the same way for prizes as does the Original Map. The only difference is, you can still get Original Map Pieces randomly or if you play Scorchy Slots.

Spooky Map, cashing this Map in will dish out Spooky Food to help you with those Esophoger's quests.

Petpet Laboratory Map is the newest edition to the site and works in the same fasion as the Secret Lab Map, but on Petpets ['magine that!?^_^]... or do as I do, and just sell the map pieces you find around the site for a sure way of getting good NP. There are also a newer handful of maps to find and complete throughout Neopia! Are you lucky enough to uncover their secrets?! And remember, finding them around the site means no matter what you do with them, the rewards are pure profit and that has to make anyone feel pretty good

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Battle Up!

So you want to show everyone what your pet's got eh? Well, first off you're going to have to train your companion because no pet is born ready to fight! There are many different ways in which your pet's stats can be improved. I mentioned some of these in the Quests and Maps section. [The lab ray is the best way if you don't mind your pets species/gender/colour changing]

There are two places however catered specifically for beefing up your pets. On Mystery Island you can find the Training School. Here you need Codestones in order to pay Ryshu for training your pet. Codestones these days can be expensive for a beginner and the higher your pet's level, the more Codestones you will need to give to the trainer. You know, I remember when Codestones were under 1000NP! But then again, the training school wasn't even open yet.

As a somewhat cheaper alternative, you can head on over to Krawk Island and visit the academy there. This trainer takes Dubloons and they aren't quite as expensive as Codestones, but the training does take a few hours longer to complete. Still, if you only get the chance to train a pet once a day, I would suggest using this approach.

You can find Codestones randomly through the site, as prizes from Tombola and buying/trading and auctions from other users. Dubloons you can win at Coltzen's Shrine/Buried Treasure or also buying, trading and auctions. So good luck and best wishes to you and your fighting pet!

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Neopian Etiquette

This is my newest section on my Guide because I believe that it is important how you act to others and what choices you make while playing this site. Some might poo poo this, but I am a firm believer in good Etiquette.

The Chat Boards for instance. This one is important because you can anger a lot of people needlessly if you're not careful on what you say. If you wish for people to come to your shop and check out your inventory, please, post this message on it's correct board. Do not go to the help board asking people to join your guild and go to your shop or to vote for their pet in the beauty contests. That's not what the staff made that message board for and there are those specifically for those topics! Also, while on the subject of message boards, I don't suggest posting any messages (not just on the boards, but anywhere) asking people for np or free items! This is frowned upon by any player who works for what they have and chancs are no one is going to pay any attention to you. It's just not proper etiquette to be a begger when if you just take some time to play games, you wont need other people s handouts.

Guild Respect is also important. Just because a guild offers great contests and prizes doesn't mean that's a good reason to join. It's not fair to the creators of the Guild to have you around for the goodies, and chances are, you will get bored with it in the long run. Take your time choosing a Guild and be friendly and polite, you just might make some new friends!

User Shops can be a hazard for anyone running dial-up as I well know! Don't overload your shop with music, backgrounds and picture upon picture. Yes, I understand, truly I do that HTML/CSS is fun and wonderful, but don't go over board. I refuse to buy from any shop with animated backgrounds and other heavy graphics or music, and I am not the only one, so when you think your shop looks super and busy, you could be driving customers away. Save your webpage skills for pet pages and it's a good idea to warn people if you have lots to load on your sites.

Neomails and Neofriends can be a great way to meet people and stay in touch with Guild members and other friends, but they can also be a hassle if the messages say some of the following:
Can I have -suchandsuch- from your shop?
Can I have NP?
Can I have one of your pets?
NO NO NO! These Neomails never work and they simply shouldn't. I block anyone who messages me with these requests so if you want to Neomail someone, make sure your note is interesting to the person, and of course, you can always Neomail chi_chian (C) 2001-2007
All images (C) to 1999-2007

Creating or Adopting
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Making NP
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Battle Ready
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Neopian Etiquette
What you must now to be a polite Neopian Citizen and mind your manners.

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