how to make oodles of neopoints

a.k.a. aethyl's get rich quick scheme

Hello there! I'm Aethyl (formerly Pladdie), and yeah, I did it. I wrote a neopoint-making guide. This is here for no other reason than to help you make neopoints. I did that for ya. Anywho, I found that a lot of the neopoint guides out there mainly focus around either games or the stock market. I also found that many of them are excessively basic and don't cover as much as they should. Now that's a good thing, if you're just looking for a hint or two to get you started. But this guide will bring you more than 10k a day, more than 20k a day, potentially more than 50k a day. Sound delicious? It's not that hard! This guide covers everything you need to know about neopoint making, from day one playing Neopets. Yes, that's right. Starting with the small bag of neopoints they give you on day one, you can earn oodles of neopoints.


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I know I'm hardly on Neopets anymore (I'm as old as the hills), but I'm going to keep this guide up anyway. Please don't be discouraged from Neomailing me though! I'd love to hear some success/un-success stories (hopefully success only).

getting started

contents { [how this guide works] [making a bank account] [making a shop] [first 10k] }

how this guide works [0/5] top

In an effort to be as easy-to-understand as possible, I've devised a little system. Each section here covers a single part of neopoint-making. They will be ranked by their difficulty, on a scale of 1-5. If you're brand new to online games, go for the easier difficulty tasks. If you're brand new to online games and you're up for a challenge, try them all! This guide will literally start from day one playing Neopets and will walk you through every single step in the process. If you've already got a handle on Neopets, you can skip right to the meat of the thing.

making a bank account [1/5] top

I know a lot of stuff you do on Neopets requires your account to be at least 48 hours old, so please bear with me. Anywho, bank accounts. They're 100% unnecessary, unless you answer yes to one or more of the following questions:

[_] I buy things at random
[_] I'm bad at saving neopoints
[_] I love to go shopping
[_] I have no self control (I check yes here)
[_] I want to make more neopoints

In short, EVERYONE needs a bank account. I don't have a single neopoint in mine, but I did for a while and you should have one too. Here are the steps to setting up a bank account:

1. From Neopets.com, hover over "Shops" on the navigation bar and click "Bank."
2. Follow the steps to create an account.
3. Your profession doesn't matter, just pick something that sounds funny =].

Easy, right? Well, you're done with that. Now for the whole shpeil about how to use a bank account and why you should have one. First off, it will prevent you from spending neopoints on unnecessary items. Second, you gain a few neopoints a day from interest. Third, you get to actively watch your neopoints "grow," and this can be rewarding and give you the motivation to keep working.

If you're really bad about spending neopoints and are afraid you won't be able to resist hitting the withdraw button, you can withdraw 1 neopoint 15 times and the bank staff will get "angry" and they wont let you withdraw any more neopoints. It's fialproof!...flailproof!...FAILPROOF.

Now about putting neopoints in the bank. If you have no neopoints, its a good idea to set a goal of how many neopoints you want to deposit a day. With playing enough games you should be able to earn anywhere between 3k and 10k a day, depending on the games you play and your skill level. If you're starting from 0 neopoints I suggest shooting for 3k a day. If you have between 5k and 20k neopoints, do 5k a day. If you have upwards of that, put half your neopoints in the bank and then put in 5k a day for every day after that. If that's too much, put in what you can. Don't put ALL your neopoints in the bank, just part of them.

making a shop [2/5] top

Since I believe in following a system, I'm going to have you make your shop right after your bank account. Before you even have anything to sell. If you're still waiting for the 24 hours or so that they make you wait, go to the First 10k section and come back to this when you can make a shop.

SO. The shop will be the most important counterpart to your ENTIRE neopoint-making endeavor. I believe firmly in merchanting, which I'll explain later. But to be able to merchant, or merch, you need a shop. To make a shop:

1. From Neopets.com, hover over "Shops" on the navigation bar and click on "Your Shop."
2. Create your shop. Don't worry about the shop description, we'll talk about that later. Just make the shop.
3. Increase the shop size until you are able to hold 10 items. While this does cost neopoints, you'll soon realize that 10 items is way to small and will want to increase it more later. But for now, 10 is just fine.

Now that was easy, right? So why does this have a higher rating than the bank account? That's because of that little thing you saw earlier, the SHOP DESCRIPTION. In that little white box you can put coding which will alter the look of your shop. Don't get what I'm saying? Browse through other peoples' shops. If they don't look like yours, they used coding. Coding comes in two forms which are used together, HTML and CSS. Don't worry, you don't need to be a computer programmer to be able to code your shop. You can find codes for what are called "premades," meaning pre-made coding that you can copy and paste into your shop description that will make your shop look pretty. While this sounds like a great idea, you must beware. Some shop layouts look good while others can make your customers run for the hills. That is very bad. The table below contains some Do's and Dont's for a shop layout. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE VERY CAREFULLY. Some things are just taboo, or forbidden, for a shop to have.

do's dont's
Plain, solid color background. May have VERY MINIMAL pattern. Sparkly, animated, neon colored background. Don't make it burn my retinas.

One short, sweet, and to-the-point block of text. Preferably a short blog no more than 3 inches (300 pixles) in height
Multiple sections of text that move the items farther and father down the page

Very simple, muted color scheme. Two neutrals and one statement color.
A color scheme that includes all neon colors or colors that clash.
Leave the page as plain as possible while making it look nice Clutter the page with banners of any kind, images, music, sparklies, or animations.

Pick some kind of theme, whether its colors or flowers or faeries or Maraqua. Pick one and STAY WITH IT!
Put a bunch of random stuff you think looks "cute" or "pretty"

Some great shop layouts that fit the criteria above can be found at SunnyNeo. Just Google it ;).

WHY is it so important to have a good looking shop? Well if it makes someone's computer lag, or freeze, or crash, or explode, they probably will leave and wont be back any time soon. Also, if your shop is annoying people might only buy what they came for and wont look at the other stuff in your shop. That's LOSING BUSINESS. That's bad. Very bad.

Want an idea of a shop layout that's perfectly acceptable? See mine.

Hopefully you understand how to stock your shop. You can click on items in your inventory and select "Put into your shop," or you can go to your shop, click "Quickstock," and stock items that way. Go to "Shop Stock" to set your prices, and viola! You've got stock!

making the first 10k [2.5/5] top

Why is this ranked even higher? Its only 10k, right? Well wrong! I'm horrible at games. So horrible that when I play them, the computer laughs at me. I think games are HARD. They might come very naturally to some, and for some it might be a great challenge. The problem with the first 10k is you have to make it basically entirely BY HAND. By playing games.

I know you want me to make a list of what games to play to get the most neopoints, but I just can't. It's not possible for me. When you play games you score points. Those points then transfer to neopoints based on the game ratio, which can be found on the game's page. That ratio changes on the 25th (or 28th) of each month. This means that in February you might only need 100 points in the game to make 100 neopoints (at a 1.00 ratio), but in March you need 300 points to make 100 neopoints (at a .30 ratio). This guide here is a great way to figure out which games are the best to play at a glance. You seriously should check it out.

As a side note, you can only earn 1,000 neopoints from one game play, and you can only play each game 3 times a day (except in November, when its 5 times). So the maximum number of neopoints you can earn from any one game in one day is 3,000.

So the first 10k. Yes. I want you to play games until you've earned 10k. Another thing you can do EVERY DAY to rake in some extra dough is called a daily. Hah, get it? Every day, daily? Anywho, these are areas around the site that give you neopoints or items completely FREE. A list of all the dailies can be found here.

You made the first 10k. Now put 3k of it into the bank and go make another 3k! I didn't say this was gonna be easy, did I? Oh yeah, I did. Don't worry, its all downhill from here.


contents { [merching] [via the trading post] [via the auction house] [via the shop wizard] [reprise] }

merching [4/5] top


Oh relax. Its only a 4 because this is the REAL DEAL. This is how you will make about 70% of your neopoints from now on. The other 30%+ will come from stocks, which I'll discuss later. But right now, lets focus on MERCHING. The ALMIGHTY MERCHING. I swear by this. My first born's middle name will be Merching. When I win a Grammy, I will thank Merching. Not really, but you get the idea.

Merchahiogun...MERCHING is the unsung hero of the Neopian economy. I have never seen a guide about merching, although a lot of people come close. Other guides cover restocking, which is the act of buying items from a Neopian shop and selling them to other users at a higher price. What's the problem with this and why is merching better?

Well, restocking requires a fast connection. You know, there ARE still people out there on dial-up. Remember? BEEEP BOOP BOOP BEEEPBOP? There are people out there with slow computers, and those people can't really restock. Restocking also requires a good knowledge of what sells higher to people than it does in the Neopian shop, which I always have trouble figuring out. AND, restocking requires luck. Its also boring to me, and merching is fun.

Merching is good because it doesn't matter how fast your computer is, you can still make millions doing it. Merching is good because you rely solely on yourself and not on luck. Merching is good because it allows for a greater profit and for larger purchases.

But lets get back to basics. Essentially, restocking and merching stem from the same idea. Buy an item at a cheap price and re-sell it for a higher price, making a profit. That's the whole theory here.

There are many ways to do it. There will be 3 ways discussed here. You can always dream up more, but these are the 3 flailproof ways to do it. Wait, failproof.

MERCHING: When you buy items from another user for a cheap price and turn around and sell them in your shop for a higher price.

The basic steps to merching:

1. Decide what you want to merch.
2. Find the lowest price on the Shopwizard for that/those item/s.
3. Find the item at a cheaper price than in number 2 and buy it.
4. Sell the item in your shop for the price you found in number 2.

How successful you are at merching depends entirely on what item you choose. Here are my recommendations based on the amount of neopoints you have:

10k-20k: Bottled Faeries/One and Two Dubloon Coins
20k-50k: One and Two Dubloon Coins and normal Codestones
50k-100k: Five, Ten, Twenty, and Fifty Dubloon coins and normal Codestones
100k-500k: all the Dubloon Coins, Codestones, and Red Codestones
500k+: Paint Brushes, high-end Battledome Gear, and Morphing Potions.

Bored of those? There ARE other good items to merch. Anything that's one-time-use is generally good. Anything that's used to increase your pet's stats is good. Anything used to train your pet is good. Aside from the items above, neggs are GREAT to restock. They sell fast and are fairly cheap. Don't be afraid to test items if you can get a good deal on them. If the item sits in your shop for over a week, it's either priced wrong or not a good item to sell.

Do try to stay away form Secret Lab Maps, however, because each of the nine pieces has a different price and they all have the same name. They're fairly hard to price.

Now how do you know what's a good deal? Well, I usually try to get a 10% profit on everything. That means if the item is worth 10k, then I subtract 1k from that and buy the item at 9k. Items worth 3,200 are bought at 2,880, making me a 320np profit. If you want to get more deals, lower your profit. If you want more neopoints per item, raise your profit. ALWAYS HAVE A CALCULATOR ON HAND!

Just make sure you sell items within about 3 days of buying them. Prices do change, and if you're unsure at ALL re-check your prices. I like to keep a little list on my computer of all the items I frequently stock so that I know the prices at a glance. It's a good system and I update it almost daily. No item should sit in your inventory for over a week.

There are special cases, however. They're called PLOTS and WARS. During these times, people will buy more stat-increasing items and battlegear then ever before. Prices for things like codestones will change on a DAY TO DAY BASIS, if not hour to hour. This offers a great chance for profit, but also offers a great chance to loose neopoints. If you stock up on items for a war or plot and you don't sell all of them before the war or plot is over, the prices will plummet to far below the "average" price and you'll be left with a great loss. If you have a lot of patience and want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, you can buy multiple sets of codestones and battlegear and such during a normal time, and then sell EVERYTHING as soon as the war or plot starts. You'll make a HUGE profit.

That's basically all there is to it. Pick your item, pick your profit, and go to work. Get it? Got it? GOOD. On to the 3 ways to do it!

merching via the trading post [2/5] top

Alright. Out of all the three ways, this one is my favorite.

pros cons
You can pick the price you want You might not get trades that have enough of the item you want
You always have a large number of lots to offer on You have to wait on the other person to accept/reject
You might make 30% profit off a trade You might get stupid people who don't know the item's worth

So the trading post. I'll explain how this works.

1. From Neopets.com, hover over "Shops" on the navigation bar and click on "Trading Post."
2. Click "Browse Lots."
3. Select "Containing My Phrase" from the dropdown list, enter the item you're looking for, click "Newest," and click "Find Those Trades!"
4. Find a trade you wish to offer on. Decide how much you want to pay and click "Make An Offer!"
5. Select an item you wish to pay with and/or neopoints in the box at the bottom and click "Make An Offer!" again.

That's all there is too it! But there are SO MANY TRADES. How do you know which to offer on? You don't wanna waste time and offer on all of them, that's just not productive. The trades you offer on should meet all of these criteria:

[_] The trade is about 90% what you're trying to merch (meaning it may contain 8 codestones and 1 book when you're trying to stock codestones)
[_] The wishlist of the user at the bottom of the trade does not say "Reserved"
[_] The wishlist is either empty or the price stated is within 5k of your offer
[_] The trade, if accepted, should make you at least 1k profit (I shoot for at least 3k now, but when you're starting 1k is good)

THAT'S what you should offer on. If the wishlist is asking for 50k and the real price of the item is 30k, don't even go there. However, if the wishlist says 9k and the item is worth 15k, JUMP ON IT! That's how you make that 30% profit. Its much easier to score deals like that on the trading post rather than the other two ways to merch.

The trading post uses some lingo. Here are a few examples:

ETS: Easy To Sell. An item that sells quickly and easily.
HTS: Hard To Sell. An item that sells slowly and no one really wants.
Pure: They want 100% neopoints and one junk item when you offer.
Auto: If you offer this, your trade will get accepted automatically.
PB: Paint Brush
NM: Neomail. As in "NM offers!"
Separate: If you only want 3 items out of a trade that contains 10, you can "NM to separate."
UB: UnBuyable. An item that costs over 99,999NP and therefore is "unbuyable" in a user's shop.
NP: NeoPoints. Lul.
SW: ShopWizard. As in "Prices checked via SW."
TP: Trading Post. As in "Lowest price on the TP!"
OBO: Or Best Offer. As in "15k Auto OBO," meaning they want 15k but will take the best offer.
RS(er): ReStocker/ReSeller. If they don't want RS, that means they want a fair price, not a price you can make a profit off of.
TC: Trading Chat. Everything that I've just taught you =].

Now you can understand what all these crazy people are saying. To wrap this up, here's an example of how I merch. Let's use codestones, my favorite.

1. Search codestones.
2. Find a trade containing at least 6 codestones.
3. Add up the cost of all the codestones. In this case we'll say its 35k.
4. Subtract 10% from the 35k, leaving 31.5k.
5. Offer a Mossy Rock and 31,500np.
6. Wait until my offer is accepted.
7. Use Quickstock to put all the codestones in my shop.
8. Price the codestones according to the original price so that my entire stock is worth 35k.
9. Sell the codestones.
PROFIT: 3,500np.

Its STUPID easy!

I do this constantly so on average, I usually have about 15 trades pending. The amount of trades you'll have pending depends on how many neopoints you have and such. If you have 500k and on each trade you offer about 50k, you'll have 10 trades. It just depends. The very first DAY I did this, I made 60k profit off of 200k. I started with 200k and after selling everything I had 260k. IN ONE DAY. See what you can do?

You do need neopoints to make neopoints. That's what that first 10k is for. Go buy some cheapo stuff and make a small profit. Every time you make more neopoints, turn right around and use them to make more. It will multiply itself! What about the bank account? Put neopoints in the bank every day until you have 100k ON HAND. Then liquidate the bank account and never use it again. This rule applies to all the 3 ways to merch.

merching via the auction house [4/5] top

This is, in my humble opinion, the hardest way to merch. However, it is still more efficient than the last way, and that is why its placed second.

pros cons
Fast-paced and entertaining There might not be a good auction for 10 minutes
If you win, you get the item instantly without waiting There is a lot more competition

You might make 30% profit off
an auction
You need a fast connection

There are more cons here, actually, but they're not really worth mentioning. One thing that is, though, is that there is only one item to an auction. You can only buy one item at a time versus the trading post where you can buy 10 items at a time.

In the auction house, you don't get to choose your price. That means that the 10% profit I usually live by becomes null and void here. In an auction, you need to jump on the best deal you can find. If the item is worth 3,500np and its on there for 3,300, GO OFFER! Just make sure you don't get carried away in the bidding war and wind up paying 4k for it. Remember, there are no take-backsies, so once you bid you can't un-bid.

How it works:

1. From Neopets.com, hover over "Shops" on the navigation bar and click on "Auctions" from the dropdown list.
2. Look through the bids and find one with a good price. The current asking price will be listed in the column "Current Price."
3. If you see [NF] next to the owner's name, ignore it. That's a Neofriend only auction that you cannot bid on, unless you are in fact that person's Neofriend.
4. Click on the item you want. Scroll down the page and click "Place a Bid."
5. Refresh like a crazy person and click "Place a Bid" every time your name is not at the top of the bidding list.
6. Cross your fingers!

The auction house is GOOD for when you have under 25k. Since you're only bidding on one item at a time, that 25k seems like it goes a lot farther. On the trading post, 25k might be half a lot.

The auction house is also good when you don't plan on only merching a few items. Since the auctions contain every kind of item, you can bid on anything. This will give your shop more of a variety and potentially attract a larger number of customers.

This is a simpler way to merch compared to the trading post, because there is no "lingo," no waiting, and it's much quicker. However, the auction house is home to many people that are there for the same reason you are. These people may have faster connections. Every item you bid on, you might loose to the exact same person. This stinks, and sometimes makes me quite angry. For this reason I tend to stay away from the auction house. Sometimes it's just not a fair fight.

This is rated higher than the trading post because of the speed-war. If you don't have the fastest computer out there, it can prove to be a waste of time really quickly.

But wait! Don't disregard the auction house simply because I don't like it. It can be a lot of fun, especially if you're a person who loves to spend money. The auction house is more entertainment than profit, but its still better than games and you're still making neopoints.

That's pretty much it for the auction house.

merching via the shop wizard [1/5] top

This is definitely the easiest way to merch. This can be done with NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER of the item you want to merch. You can check prices and merch at the same time!

pros cons
Very easy to do Might not find anything to merch
May make 2k off an item worth 2.5k Takes a lot longer to score a good deal
Great if you want to make a small profit fast You can only buy one item at a time

This one is pretty balanced compared to auctions. It is the least efficient though, because there aren't that many stupid people out there. Shocking, isn't it?

The reason the trading post works:
People may be willing to sell an item for less to get it sold.
It's common in business to get a deal on "bulk" purchases and this follows into Neopets.

The reason the auction house works:
The owner of the item has nearly no control over the price of the item.
The owner may start the bidding very low to get the item sold.

The reason this works:
There are people out there who sell items for far less than they're worth.

Which sounds the most common to you? The first two represent the majority of people while the last represents only a small group of people.

This way is easy but does involve luck. If you've refreshed 32 times and still no deal, you might not be getting one today. On the flip side, every time you refresh you may make 2k.

How it works:

1. From Neopets.com, hover over "Shops" on the navigation bar and click on "Shop Wizard."
2. Enter the item you want to merch in the "Search Text" bar.
3. Select "Identical To My Phrase" from the dropdown list.
4. Click "Search."
5. Refresh the page until you find an item priced significantly lower than the item below it. Click on the user's name to be taken to that shop.
6. Buy the item and put it in your shop for a higher price.

No sweat, eh? While you're in that shop, make sure you look at the other items. If they priced one item crazy low the other items might be crazy low as well. Just make sure to be quick! They could sell before you have the change to buy them.

That's all there is to it for shop wizard merching. Honestly. Just keep in mind that this only works for items priced under 99k. This also only works for items below 10k. Items that go for more than that usually have a wide price range. On one page the item might go for 35k, the next one for 47k. Refresh, and you might find another one for 27k and then 28k and then 29k. Stay away from those. You'll have a hard time selling unless you can sell it for a good 10k less that the lowest price.

reprise [0/5] top

Merching. It can become a mindless thing that takes a half hour every day. It may become a very involved thing that takes all day. You can do it once a week and make 200k every time, or you can do it once a day and make 30k. However much effort you put into it, you get out of it. It takes no skill and is way easier than playing games. The more neopoints you have, the more neopoints you can make. Once you get past about 700k, however, it's hard to spend all of your neopoints merching. Just do as much as you can and hold on to the rest =].


contents { [stocks] }

stocks [2/5] top

THE FINAL COMPONENT TO MAKING NEOPOINTS. The stock market. This is why the bank becomes obsolete, or out of use. After you get enough neopoints into the stock market, you'll be rolling in hefty wads of cash. I'm talking upwards of 100k in PROFIT ALONE. All you have to do is invest 15k a day.

[12.20.13 update] Just liquidated Pladdie's portfolio - only the profitable stocks - and made over 2 mill. Takes time, but is well worth it.

The stock market is for when you have more than 100k on hand, or at least a decent amount of neopoints in the bank. You don't have to make 15k a day to play it, just be able to invest 15k a day. Even if you can't do that, you should still buy some stock every day.

This is the easiest possible thing you can do to earn neopoints. All you do is spend and wait. You don't have to know prices, make a shop, or transfer anything anywhere. You buy, and sell. Here's how:

1. From Neopets.com, click on "Neodaq Index:". This can be found at the bottom of the "News Flash" section, underneath the big pictures that scroll.
2. Click "Find Stocks" at the top, the click on the word "here" in the text.
3. Scroll down until you find the number 15 in the column titled "Curr."
4. Click on the four-letter name.
5. Click on the full name.
6. Enter "1000" in the "Number of Stocks" box. If you can't pay 15k, enter a smaller number. Maybe 500 or 800.
7. Do this every single day.
8. Check your portfolio every day by clicking "My Portfolio" at the top.
9. In your portfolio, scroll down and find the number 100% or higher under the column "% Change."
10. Click on the tiny gray arrow to the top left of the stock's image on the left side of the table.
11. Sell all your shares of that company.

Yay you just made like 15k profit. Or maybe you had 3,000 shares of that company. Then you made 45k profit. The other 45k can go back into buying stocks. Or maybe you sold the stocks at 150%, meaning you made about 22k profit every 1,000 stocks. You see, the more stocks you have the more neopoints you make.

It may seem to go slowly for the first few months, but in the long run you will make TONS-O-CASH. I checked my port one day to find that my stocks had risen quite high. I sold them and made 150k profit that day. As long as you don't sell at a loss, you will ALWAYS MAKE NEOPOINTS. ALWAYS.

The stock market is a waiting game, and is not for those who have little patience. I thought I had no patience until I started playing the stock market, then found it was easy to wait. At least give it a shot.

If you go to check your port one day and find that all of your stocks are in the red, DO NOT PANIC, and DO NOT SELL. They will rise again. A stock hasn't gone bankrupt in about 7 years. My port has been in the negative for months and I still make profit. [12.20.13 update] When I liquidated and made the 2 mill, my portfolio was in the negative.

A VERY good, in-depth stock market guide can be found here. If you look at his lovely guide, you can see just how great stocks are for making neopoints.

some theory

contents { the big leauges }

when you get into the big leagues [0/5] top

Here are a few thoughts on the Neopian economy. Just let me geek out for a little bit, okay?

Neopets is not a capitalist society. It is run with the ideology of a communist government and functions like a socialist society. Why communist? Neopets highly stresses the fact that "everyone is equal here," which is the entire purpose of communism. How can something be communist and socialist at the same time? The socialism comes into play with the business aspect of Neopets. The main companies are ran by the government while the citizens run smaller, private business. The main companies would be any shop in Neopia, while the private businesses are user-run. Although users determine the prices outside of the shops, we have no control over the prices of the "government-run" shops. This leaves room for profit-making and for follies.

The user-run shops operate on a sort of free-market system. The only regulations are a limit on price. There are no taxes or tariffs. You are free to sell your goods without restriction. If you want to sell an item for higher, you take it to auction or put a lot up in the trading post. Although the trading post is meant to run on a bartering system, you can bypass that by offering neopoints for the trade and one junk item.

Neopets is not a Utopian society. Why not? Everyone is not equal, despite the efforts. You are in charge of your own neopoint-making, and that is why Neopets is not communist. The government does not pay you or hire you. This is why some users have millions, some have hundred-thousands, and some have a hundred.

There are an "unlimited" number of neopoints in Neopets. This means that a few people do not have all the neopoints in Neopia. Neopoints come into the game in a few ways. Games, wheels, and random events. Neopoints leave the game in a few ways, too. Neopoints spent at the main shops, neopoints spent on wheels and other activities, neopoints spent to increase shops and adopt/abadon pets, and neopoints lost to random events. The Money Tree is completely user run, in theory. Even when neopoints are donated by the Ghosts, the Ghosts also take neopoints from people in the form of a random event. This leads us to believe that the neopoints taken by the Ghosts goes directly to the tree. If it were possible for one person to have all the neopoints in Neopia, it would have been done already. Think about it.

Alright I'm done I swear. Its time to wrap this thing up.


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Hopefully by now you understand how to put a couple neopoints in your pocket without too much effort. It's time now to make a goal, decide what you want in the long run. You might not want anything. In that case, just keep making neopoints casually and relax. When a new paint brush comes out, you can have it. You can buy that beautiful sword to put in your gallery, or get yourself a darigan carmariller. Maybe you want a ton of stuff, just keep working for it. Greed is good. When you buy stuff, you're giving other people neopoints who can use those neopoints to buy stuff to give other people neopoints. This greed keeps the economy going. But at least now, you're getting the better deal :).

I hope I've helped you somewhat. If you still don't understand something in here, feel free to neomail me. If you follow this guide and actively work towards earning neopoints, you should have no problem making a million in a short amount of time. Other guides often say there's no short cut to making neopoints, that it's a long process. Well forget that. It can be as fast as you want. Remember, it IS an online game. You can do whatever you want.

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want more?

in other words, what this guide didn't cover

Well, one person can't cover everything. And certainty not in one guide. You came here to learn how to make neopoints and I won't stray from that. However, there are other things you should know that will help you make neopoints - and I didn't cover them. On this page are links to sites that do. I use these sites myself and refer to them often for help. There's a lot of information here, but once you take the time to siphon through all of it you'll be glad you did.

other neopoint guides

Atablicryon's Guide: This guide puts mine to shame. Its so complete its not funny, and covers a lot of the finer points I brushed over.

JenesisX's Guide to Becoming a Neomillionaire: A guide I've read and loved since before the account pladsocks was ever created.

Buy and Sell's Stockmarket Guide: Another great guide to the stock market.

account saftey

LupeMoneyCounter's Guide: Another in-depth guide to scams, this helps you understand and avoid them.

coding help

HTML and CSS Tutorials: How to really get stuff done.


Quick Answers To Common Questions: Look here before you spam the boards.

So You Need A Guide: A guide to other guides. Just to make sure I've covered all my bases.

The Chat Speak Dictionary: See a word you don't know? Look it up.


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