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Happy Holidays

I'm sure at one point in our Neopet Lives we've been guildless and unable to find that guild! Well this site is(will be) a haven for people like that. As more guilds are added (of any type), more people will want to search through, read reviews, and pick the best guild for them!

You may be asking yourself, Well, why does this help me? Assuming you're an owner or advertiser of a guild, this helps tremendously because when I advertise my site, I'm also advertising your guild, and you don't need to do anything!
So how about you continue to look through my little, new site and drop me a neomail ;)


12.26So today I worked for about four hours on multiple new layouts for the site..and chose this one xD..I'll be advertising now...comments on the layout are welcome!
12.25 MERRY CHRISTMAS ;D! And Happy Holidays! Today, for a while, because I need to go visit friends and family ;)...I will be advertising the new site... Feel free to drop me an email or request at Any time!
12.23 Hey everyone, so the site is brand-spanking new ;) I'm welcoming all (qualified) guilds to my new directory. Yeah yeah, I've heard it all before, 'your directory will fail, since there's so many'. Well, I believe that with the work and effort I have and will continue to put into this site, it will be successful. Anyway, have a look around and don't forget to fill out a request form!

How to Use Voluptuous

This great site is not only useful, but easy to use! On the right you will see the navigation links, click on a link to get to that part of the site.
Under each guild there is a short review about the guild and who would be interested in it.
There is also a legend that this site will go by...
= Favorite
= Roleplay

Older Guilds


Toxic is an outstanding guild with over 100 members. This chatty group is extremely organized with activities and benefits for all members! Overall one of the best guilds I've come across.

Thats all for now! Request Today!

Newer Guilds


Prof. Milton Clodbottle's Astounding Habitarium is a cute, new guild with over 30 members. This growing group of Habitarium lovers is active with a lovely layout and guides for the Habitarium! Joining today to help build this new guild is a great idea for all Habitarium fans.

That's all for now! Request Today!



Do not steal!
If listed, link back
I have the right to deny any guild from being listed
I have the right to review all and any guilds as I please
I have the right to insert a button w/o consent


To apply to be listed at Voluptuous just send me a form!



Voluptuous is brought to you by Jessica (Deityluv).
Coding and Layout by Jessica (Deityluv).

Special Thanks

Special thanks go out to Chocolate Box for the pixels and Sundae Pixels for the envelopes xD


All other questions, comments and suggestions can be sent to me, Jessica (deityluv) here...