This is my page, but since I've been bribed with books and cookies I'm going to let my owner stick his screenshots on there, who has seen fit to call it 'Insert Title Here.' *sighs* Please note, my owner is absolutely awful at drawing.

Fanmail is appreciated, hatemail less so unless you actually have a suggestion.

If you are reading this, I have one thing to say. What are you doing in my coding?


  • 17th December - And of course life decides to drop mountains of work on me. Darn you, life. One new screenie added.
  • 21st November - What is this free time of which you speak? I might finally be able to do more screenies now. One new screenie added.
  • 5th June - 3 new screenies added.
  • 22nd May - 1 new screenie added.
  • 20th May - 1 new screenie added.
  • 17th May - 1 new screenie added.
  • 16th May - 2 new screenies added.
  • 7th May - 1 very long screenie added.
  • 29th February - 1 new screenie added which should have been added yesterday only I forgot.
  • 27th February - 1 new screenie added.
  • 26th February - I should hopefully be putting screenies up more regularly now. 1 new screenie added.
  • 6th January 2012 - Yes, I'm still here. 1 new screenie added.
  • 6th November - 1 new screenie added.
  • 28th October - 1 new screenie added.
  • 17th October - 3 new screenies added. One affiliate removed as it seems to have done a disappearing act.
  • 9th October - 1 new screenie added.
  • 12th September - 1 new screenie added.
  • 4th September - 1 new screenie added.
  • 22nd August - 1 screenie updated and 1 new screenie added.
  • 21st August - 1 new screenie added.
  • 14th August - Sorry for the second lack of screenies, but I have been in South America, the seaside, and generally all over the place. Still, I'm back now, and should hopefully be able to get re-screenie-ing! 1 new screenie has been added, with another new character: the Altachuck on my hat.
  • 21st July - 1 new affiliate added.
  • 14th July - 1 new affiliate added.
  • 8th July - Wow. Have I really gone a month without doing anything to this page??? 4 new screenies added. 1 directory also removed as its owner has been frozen, and one new affiliate added.
  • 12th June - 1000 views! *even more confetti*
  • 9th June - 1 new affiliate added. Sorry for the lack of screenies, but I probably won't be able to do any until about July.
  • 23rd May - 1 new screenie added.
  • 22nd May - Fear the 3D screenie! (1 new screenie added)
  • 18th May - 1 new screenie added.
  • 14th May - 1 new screenie added.
  • 8th May - 500 views! *confetti*
  • 7th May - 1 new screenie added, introducing a character who will probably turn up on occasion...the ESCAPED PIXEL!!! *dramatic music*
  • 3rd May - 1 new screenie added. Do be aware that the screenies don't always turn up in chronological order; if you see a pet that isn't Mia, Jay or Sriesti, it's probably one of Lin's incarnations.
  • 26th April - 1 new affiliate and 1 new kitty pixel added.
  • 25th April - 1 new screenie added, introducing my new Peophin, a top hat, and fancy-coloured lines! Be amazed!
  • 20th April - 1 new screenie added. I will catch up with my backlog eventually.
  • 19th April - 2 new screenies added.
  • 16th April - News section added, along with 3 new screenies, two of which are ones that I forgot about from ages ago. Coding also fiddled with to create scrolly boxes of awesomeness!

REs and other event-y stuff

...What can I say? The Tombola Man doesn't keep bags, apparently. Also, yay for alternate positioning of speech bubbles!

If only I'd not created a pet with a book addiction...

Yeah, I can't draw Unis. This is a real Neopets page, by the way.

How'd he even get in there?

Evil Tombola man...*mutters darkly*

Having just been told by the Island Mystic I would have 'amazing fortune' here, and I find that!

King Skarl does not like people mocking his identity crisis, it appears.

True story. But where is my hair in the right-hand image?

This was just weird.

Casualties of TNT's evilly changing the filters on the 31st of January 2011.

PIIIIIIIKAAAAA! What does TNT have against innocent Pokemon?


Zzzzz...hmm, what? I also seem to have forgotten the coat-tails on my cameo Neofriend. That's what comes of taking screenies when tired.

I knew giving him that book about magic was a bad idea.

Another very LOOONG screenshot coming up.

Note to self: Avoid Emrys' stare when he's annoyed.

No, not now! Come back and finish the screenies! COME BAAAAAACK! (And if it says that he has a toolkit...where is it?)

The problem with teaching a pet magic is that they can then use said magic to force you to get them more books...

Now for something new: A screenie of a screenie.

So this is...a screenie squared? Anyhow, the only thing I added was myself. The confusing directions weren't me. The original screenie is here.

Evil cake of DOOOOMMM! No, I'm not paranoid at all...

It was the bin I threw her into, by the way. (Her meaning the cake)

Told you.

That's meant to be the Negg Faerie in the corner. Why on Neopia do Neggs grow on trees anyway?

Top hats are cool.

Someone please tell me how to draw a Shoyru!

Darn thing.

I seemed to be too happy to think of anything to put on here...

Now how does a tiny pixel make such a big mess of my SDB?

Yes, this is possible.

Yay for random references to other people's screenies! Also yay for 3D cheeeeeeese!!!!

Seriously, you try finding it. To make matters worse, Sri decided that the Altachuck looked cute on my hat and bribed it with Altachuck treats to stay there.


Proof that I can't draw bunnies.

I still can't draw Unis either.

Her plan might have worked better if this screenie hadn't been uploaded 3 months after the Masquerade.

This screenie is from May. Why, oh why, did it take me so long to upload it?

I know what this is a reference to now! (Thanks to someone who somehow knew.)

One of the weirder (and meaner) glitches I've encountered. All the clickables were there, but you couldn't...well, click on them. I was so upset by the taunting of these worms that I completely forget that I own a hat now.

What was I doing reading the Terms of Use? I'm not sure.

Hmm...if I ever knew how to draw Unis, I think I've forgotten.

And Peophins, it seems. And the ability to connect speech bubbles to people. Derp.

I actually drew this before TNT published the Neoapocalypse Avatar. (Only I forgot to upload it.) Great minds think alike, I guess?

My slightly new drawing style isn't as bad as I thought it would be, although I might want to play around with the skin tone a bit. Well, a lot. No more white space in people's bodies, though. Oh, and also, this was a screenie from ACVI and I uploaded it just before ACVII. I'm slow.


My colouring skills may have improved, but my anatomy skills have not. added more pages before ever creating the site? That's impressive.

I guess I can draw bunnies vaguely well when I'm not really trying? The one on the left actually looks vaguely like a Cybunny.

More metascreenies! And I'm not sure, but I think I might have been the subject of the joke in this screenie. I don't understand what the 'lol' is meant to be referring to and the person who owns this screenie ignored my NM.

I have Yooyuball skills.

I will get my revenge, Adee. *menacing laugh*

Odd things happen on the BC board occasionally. This person's next entry was of the squid and fractalpus rescuing her pet.

Gawsh, she's so picky. Mere details, I tell you!

Yes this screenie is like five months late shush. On a side note, I think this is the first screenie that I've had to shrink to make it fit in the scrolly box.

Board-based Screenies

I can't draw Boris any better than I can Unis. *hopes that Lin will be labbed into a species that's easier to draw* BTW, both of these boards were real boards.

Okay, the deal with this board is that it went into inappropriate topics, and some but not all of the messages were deleted. It then looked very peculiar if you read it for the first time, which, coincidentally, rather matched the topic title. The board then continued into a discussion about the moon, cameras, and dolls with clothes that stood up on their own, before turning into a mini Pound Chat and then an argument about one of the arguers, liberally interspersed with random comments about MSPPs and songs.

Not much to say about this. I'm supposed to be pointing at the ?, by the way.

Pah, they're all paranoid. *scoffs* The world's not going to it? AAARRRRGGHHH! THE WORLD'S GOING TO END!!!!! *runs around screaming*

Oh, I feel so much calmer now...

Here comes a very LOOOOOOOOOOONG screenshot.

THEY'RE ATTACKING!!!!! Name left in with permission.

And it continues...

My Draik doesn't like appearing in these sort of screenshots because they squish his hat. Go figure.

Evil hackers stole the board!!

I still can't draw Unis.

Or Boris.

Or myself. Hey, Ghost Lupes get sad too!

Very odd. Sriesti is meant to be holding a ruler, by the way.

Parrot on the boards!!!

For some reason I couldn't be bothered to draw the rest of my Bori there.

One of those little idiosyncracies of the HC that makes it such a lovely place to lurk.

This board originally came from the AC, then moved to the HC where I caught up with it, and then got onto the Battledome and Newbie Chats before a mod hurriedly got rid of the lot.

I've never seen that happen with quite such a time gap. And, once again, I couldn't be bothered to put the rest of Sriesti in.

Nothing particularly special about this screenshot (it was the Newbies Board, after all), but what on Neopia was I doing up at 4am my time? This screenie was temporarily removed because I forgot to butterfly out the names and is now back.

I got virtual cookies on this board for knowing the answer! *noms on cookies*

Three Boochi boards and a typo'd title. These are grim times for the HC.

So many mysteries in this board. Why is there a random cloud Gnorbu in the top? Why did I give the random cloud Gnorbu's owner a badly-drawn sword? Why did I draw the OP in a purple hooded robe? You'll never know...unless of course I remember.

Screenie'd for two reasons: Firstly because I like to screenie the parrot boards, and secondly because the person at the bottom used an avatar that I didn't know existed.

Guest-starring my neighbour's dog for no apparent reason. This screenie was inspired by Sam the kitty.

I had so many names to blank out that I found some other options. Apart from the butterflies and the kind of random daisy things, all the names blanked out in the same way are the same person.

Remember the 'How to cookie-grab people' person?

This is why I keep my noobs in cages. You never know when you might need one...

Weirdness overload!

And also one of those times where you have empty white space that you can't do anything with.

It's a hectic day on the boards when the weekend glitches start up...

And an even more hectic one when April Fool's is in full swing...

Or when Lutaris are released.

Quite what this was ever doing on the BC boards I'm not sure...and I really can't draw Peophins!

I look weird in 3D.

Yes, these were two different people.

Yes, she actually activated Sid. Snarkie is awesome.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. If you get this reference despite the awful drawing, you have too much time on your hands, like me. Also, the reason it looks a bit funny is that I was on my side account.

That's obviously the Quiggle of DOOM. Obviously.

This continued on past here but I got bored of screenie-ing it.

The OP actually seemed surprised that no-one wanted to draw her OCs. She then encouraged another user to break the rules on another board.

I couldn't resist. (Her response was something that could get a warning if it was reported, so I'm not going to post it.) Shortly after this...

That last post, particularly the last bit, actually made me laugh in real life. In fairness to the OP, she eventually calmed down enough to do an art trade with someone.


Yay, my first fanmail! Name left in with permission.

Finally remembered to upload this.

Name left in with permission. And about two seconds later...

That's the first time anyone's noticed that. This is what comes of editing lookups at 5am.

What? I was too traumatised from having a crown thrown at me to notice the big red sign leading to her screenies, which don't seem to exist any more.

Affiliates be here.

I has a button!

Kitty pixels, Autodesk Maya, and blah.

The one on the left is wearing the contacts, the one on the right isn't.

As above.

It would of course have helped if I'd had a personality to base the customisation on.

I got so bored I made some not-very-good pixels of Sam the kitty. In order, they are sad, happy, confused, crying (poor kitty!), a big :D grin and Sam tucking into a juicy fish.

Replace EMOTION with (so far):

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Confused
  • Cry
  • Grinning
  • Fish

This is the program I used to make my 3D arts.

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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
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