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General Infomation
Faeries are magical creatures (with the exception of Grey Faeries) that float around Neopia. All of them are female. Most faeries live in Faerieland, an enchanted glen of flora, fauna and everything magical beside Haunted Woods. Neo-history books cited that it was once situated on a lilac cloud in the skies, but after the Ruins, it has ever since been moved to the ground. (Perhaps the faeries will be more rooted to Neopia?)

However, other faeries prefer to be away from the glitter and glitz of Faerieland. Here are some exceptions:
Taelia the Snow Faerie has her own snug dome right up the peak of Terror Mountain.
Illusen the Earth Faerie choose to build her leafy glade amidst the earthiness and musk of Meridell.
Kari the Negg Faerie has her Neggery at Happy Valley, at the foot of Terror Mountain.
The Soup Faerie can be found making soup in her kitchen, located at the marketplace of Neopia Central.
Siyana the light faerie a.k.a. The First to Rise is presumed to be staying in Altador, which she founded with 11 others.
Psellia the air faerie a.k.a. The Dreamer is another founder of Altador, though it is said that she does not live there. Exact location unknown.
The Space Faerie protects Neopia from, well, space. Exact location unknown.

Click here for a list of faerie avatars you can use on Neoboards! :D

Most faeries can be associated with the 6 basic elements: air, dark, earth, fire, light and water. Some tend to roam around Neopia, asking random pets for items in exchange of favours. Occasionally, pets may also chance upon unfortunate ones who were being bottled by Balthazar and sold. As gratitude, they will bless whoever that sets them free.

The Air Faerie

Daughters of the air, air faeries are dreamy, flighty and a little vain. Despite being busy as bees, they are especially particular about their looks. Pets who encounter them may be asked for Beauty Products. In turn, they will get a +2 agility boost.

Notable Air Faeries

Psellia the Dreamer, founder of Altador. Remembered for rescuing Jeran (Meridell Knight) from plunging to his death from the citadel. We assume she likes her privacy, for nothing much is known of her. View Psellia in the Gallery of Heroes!

The Dark Faerie

These distrusted faeries (rumour has it that they incline towards evil) perhaps have a concealed, soft side to them as reflected by their uncanny love for Toys. Satisfy them (although it's strongly advisable NOT to question) and they reward pets with +2 Endurance!

notable dark faeries
Jhudora, the recluse in Faerieland. Adventurous Neopets visiting her Buff will be tasked to fetch certain items, with her promising to reward them with something from her stash of amazing artifacts, namely the Wand of the Dark Faerie. HOWEVER, she will send you to fulfil 50 rounds of challenges before she deems you worthy of wielding it. BEWARE: She gets increasingly demanding and my sources told me that often than not these idealistic questers are often reduced to nothing. Enter if you dare. You know the risks, don't you?. Conspiracy theorists theorized that she is secreting plotting something heinous, although there are no visible ques from her. Although she has her own spot in the Gallery of Evil despite not directly associating with malevolent acts. We are uncertain of her intentions, but definitely she is a crafty character to be reckoned with.

Wand of the Dark Faerie. Many desire it, but few actually command it. Bankrupting Neopians since ______.

Every February 4 is commemorated as Jhudora's Day.
She hates Illusen.
She has a temper equivalent to that of a dynamite. Beware.

The Darkest Faerie, the Fallen Hero of Altador a.k.a The Betrayer. Although once reverend as a founder, she became overpowered by her thirst for power and therefore seek to dictate over Altador...(Cutting a long story short, she was first turned into stone by King Altador, escaped, defeated and turned into stone again.) She has been trapped in a statue ever since. (However, after the Ruin of Faerieland, that statue was said to be missing...)
Oh, and how can the epitome of evil not be enshrined? The Darkest Faerie in the Gallery of Evil.
The Dark Faerie Sisters. Perhaps their ephemeral existence has vanished from the memory of Neopians, but they were her most devoted allies...

The Earth Faerie
Preservation and protection of nature, as well as ensuring the well being of Neopians rank high in the priority list of these faeries. Since the ruin of Faerieland, they are busy restoring the home to their former glory. Help them find magic items they need and they will reward with +1-2 strength, defence or agility boost!

Notable Earth Faeries
Illusen the Earth Faerie builds her leafy glade in the musk of Meridell, providing temporary housing for the ill, injured and homeless due to war. Her rivalry with Jhudora the Dark Faerie is widespread among Neopians. Unlike her Dark counterpart, she is revered with her own entry in the Gallery of Heroes. Although claimed to be the kind half of Jhudora, she too send visiting Neopians to hunt for various items, with the same promise of mightly earthly artifacts, leading conspiracy theorists to believe that perhaps their rivalry is a mere farce, or perhaps, they are like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the same faerie with a split personality. *shrugs* We never know...

Illusens Staff, the earthy rendition of the Wand of the Dark Faerie.
She hates Jhudora.
Every March 17 is Illusen's Day
She has a less explosive temper than Jhudora, but she isn't exactly patient either.

Beauty is lethal is a fits the description of this earth Faerie perfectly. It is unknown whether Ilere of the Woods inclines towards the good or evil side, although there are rumours flying around regarding her choice of the shady Haunted Woods as her home. She is featured in the Tale of Woe plot, known for hiding young Sophie in a shack and refusing to tell the protagonist about the Spirit of Slumber. According to the tale, she is very adept in magic.

Iyana is an earth faerie, relatively unknown except for her green tinted skin.

The Fire Faerie
Like the inferno that is their element, Fire Faeries are hot tempered and impatient; more flighty than the dreamy Air Faeries. They have a tendency to set their clothes on flames (accidentally) and hence, Neopians who help them find replacements of their clothes will get a +2 strength increase.

Notable Fire Faeries

Unlike other fire faeries, Eithne is notorious for her deceptiveness and being in cahoots with the evil Shaman to ruin Mystery Island. She freed and seek to control the Moltenous to set the Island ablaze to become her haven. Unfortunately for her, courageous Neopians tarted her plans.

Those familiar with the Lost Desert Plot would remember Nuria, whose statue they spoke to to receive the weapon that curbed the evil Razul. Unlike Eithne who seek to destroy Mystery Island, Nuria exposed the former's devious plans and excavate the islanders with Jhuidah.

The Light Faerie
Light Faeries are claimed to be oracles, being able to shed light into the future with trading cards. Dissidents however said these faeries merely collect such cards to err, play with. Regardless of their reason for asking these cards, pets who help them will get +1 level.

Notable Light Faeries

Siyana of Altador, also known as the First to Rise, is another founder of Altador. She is noted in the Book of Ages of blessing the Council members with longevity so Altador can continuously be under their benevolent rule for eternity. It is said that the luminosity of her light will be the first thing that Altadorians witness every morning, basking in the warm rays never fails to rekindle their hope and anticipation for a brighter future.

The Water Faerie
Water faeries are known for their wisdom and penchant for books to broaden their knowledge. Henceforth, they may be regarded as being arrogant among the faeries. However, pets who find them the tomes to satisfy their learning will be rewarded with +2 defence. Water faeries have tails instead of wings, differentiating themselves from their faerie peers.

Notable Water Faeries

Marina is the beautiful faerie of the Healing Springs, which magical waters heal the sick, beaten pets and sometimes even satisfy their hunger. Although often over shadowed by the more known peers, it is undeniable that she is an irreplaceable in Faerieland. Click here to read more about her!

Not much of Nereid is known, except her melodious songs that she softly sings at night, audible to those sailing off the coast of Mystery Island.

The Faerie Queen
Helming Faerieland is the gorgeous and almighty Queen Fyora, who rules with grace and kindness. She enforces the Faeries' Commandments and ensure each and every faerie knows her place. Her reign marked by peace is briefly shattered by Xandra's Betrayal, causing the Ruin of Faerieland. Although now, justice has prevailed and the resilient Queen is now leading the faeries to rebuild their home. Aside from overseeing Faerieland, Fyora runs the Hidden Tower, home to various glorious artifacts throughout the times.

Notable Achievements
Ruling Faerieland.
Imprisoning the Darkest Faerie under a statue.
Being older than the Everlasting Apple. (Although age is a sensitive issue)

She has her own entry in the Gallery of Heroes.
She rewards pets with +1 level, +4 strength and +4 endurance.

The Space Faerie
Mira the Space Faerie keeps Dr Sloth at bay, after tarting his devious plans to overtake Neopia and freeing his Grundo slaves. However, she is rarely seen by Neopians, preferring to protect Neopia from within the cosmos. It is said that she communicates via telepathy.

Notable Achievements
Defeating Sloth.
Freeing Grundo slaves.
Being older than the Universe. (Yes, age is a sensitive issue)

View her entry in the Gallery of Heroes!
She rewards pets with +4 level, if well, you are lucky enough to receive her quests telepathically.

The Fountain Faerie
Naia the Rainbow Fountain Faerie hands out the most coveted quest rewards, for she magically transforms pets into their dream colours (almost any)! She brings about hope and anticipation, as well as excitement whenever she paid a visit to some lucky Neopian.

notable achivements
Owning the Rainbow Fountain.
Being older than the magical fountain waters.

Why she deserves more love?
Her quest items maybe rare (r94-96) but her quest reward is definitely worthwhile! She can paint your pet any colour except MSP, Magma, Royal, Sponge, Ice, Usuki, Quiguki, 8-Bit and Robot.

The Battle Faerie
Faeries left: Battle, Crafting, Snow, Grey, Tooth, Soup, Negg, Island, Library

Information sources: Neopets, Jellyneo, Sunnyneo, The Daily Neopets

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