pet creation bloc

Hello and welcome to TNP's Pet Creation Bloc! :) Here you can read about choosing the perfect pet species and colour combination as well as participating in fun pet-related activities. You can also view a list of unique, untaken names!

Neomail me, Rose, to become a member of this bloc!

choosing your pet

The following list is of all Neopets un-Limited Edition pet species, and the real life animal they appear to resemble (note: please neomail me if you think a Neopet resembles a different animal).

Nimmo - Frog

Scorchio - Dragon

JubJub - Unknown (neomail suggestions, please c:)

Grarrl - Dinosaur

Skeith - Gargoyle

Korbat - Bat

Lenny - Stork

Wocky - Cat

Bruce - Penguin

Kiko - Fish

Kau - Cow

Usul - Squirrel

Aisha - Cat

Chia - Unknown (neomail suggestions, please c:)

Eyrie - Eagle

Tuskaninny - Walrus/Seal

Flotsam - Dolphin

Jetsam - Shark

Kacheek - Unknown (neomail suggestions, please c:)

Uni - Unicorn

Buzz - Wasp

Lupe - Wolf

Elephante - Elephant

Gelert - Dog

Mynci - Monkey

Kyrii - Unknown (neomail suggestions, please c:)

Peophin - Seahorse

Quiggle - Toad

Shoyru - Dragon

Acara - Kitten

Zafara - Unknown (neomail suggestions, please c:)

Blumaroo - Kangaroo

Techo - Gecko

Moehog - Warthog

Pteri - Bird

Kougra - Tiger

Grundo - Alien

Koi - Koi Fish

Meerca - Gerbil/Hamster

Ixi - Goat

Yurble - Unknown (neomail suggestions, please c:)

Ruki - Bug/Ant/Praying Mantis

Bori - Armadillo

Xweetok - Mouse

Ogrin - Giraffe/Goat?

Gnorbu - Llama

And these are the Limited Edition pet species and the animal that most resembles them:

Cybunny - Rabbit

Poogle - Dog or Cat

Draik - Dragon

Hissi - Snake

Lutari - Otter

Chomby - Dinosaur

Krawk - Dragon/Crocodile

Tonu - Rhinoceros

Choosing a Neopet that is similar to an animal you like is a good way to start!
Then, if you wish, you can paint or morph your pet to get a colour you want.
There are a lot of different pet colours, and you can view them at the Rainbow Pool.

naming your pet

Now that you've (hopefully) chosen a pet species and colour you like, you have to choose a name!
Generally, people choose a name that will help them create a character for the pet. Or, some people choose a name that relates to the pet itself. Here are some sites to visit that offer unique names:

If you still haven't found a suitable name, consider mixing a few words together. For example; Horse + Four = Fourse.


Every two weeks or so, new activities will be posted for you to partake in. Have fun! :)

Name Drive!
You've heard of a food drive, right? Well, a name drive is very similar, except for the fact that you have to donate names!
For every unique, untaken name you submit, you will earn 5 points. Send all answers here!
note: names must not include any symbols such as !, @ and _.

Submitted Names:


By either setting or completing a pet-related goal, you can earn points!
One point will be earned every time you set a goal, and up to ten points can be earned for completing a goal. Your goals can include anything from creating a pet to paint/morph, morphing or painting a pet etc. Neomail me, Rose, here!