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Hello lovely visitor of Foomanshu! I am Rebecca, and I am the owner of this incredible graphics site. My sister Amy used to own this site with me, but unfortunately, she got tired of Neopets and quit.

Here, we offer plenty of graphics including banners, icons, lookups, resources, you name it! We are famous for our wide variety of high quality graphics, and even more graphcis are about to come. So go on and look for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

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August 27, 2011 Now affies with the wonderful EightiSeven and Seraphic!! I'll be making a new collection of lookups soon so watch out! :)

August 24, 2011 Our beloved sister site, Futago, closed! :( But fortunately, their lovely lookups will stay! I can't imagine all of them being erased, they were so lovelt! I go new affies, and a new gift button from Whirlygig! Also, thank you everyone for voting for Foomanshu at TLB's Golden Sandwich Awards! Foomanshu won 2 second place awards!
+ 1 fake avatar
+ 3 icons

August 13, 2011 I got so many new affies! :) Now Foomanshu is almost done on its road to recovery. Foomanshu's layout was also featured at Out of Focus, a site by an amazing layout designer, Brieta! Also, thank you so much to all of you who found previous Foomanshu buttons and neomailed me! I also got 2 new fantastic ones from Seraphic and Rosery!

August 8, 2011 I just checked out TLB's Golden Sandwich Awards, and my heart just melt while reading all the sweet comments about Foomanshu! Thank you guys so much for voting for me! :*

I found a lost button thanks to Elle, and I got a few new affies.
+ 2 banners

August 7, 2011 Ahh, it's good to be back! As you can obviously see, Foomanshu has been restored, and nothing like this will ever happen again (KNOCK ON WOOD!), because I saved all of Foomanshu's pages. So, thank you everyone who's been so patient with me! I'm very sorry this homepage got wiped out in the first place, and for restoring things so slowly. I'm still not 100% done yet, so that might take a little while.

If you were an affie, please please PLEASE neomail me so I can add you again! I also found many lovely link back buttons that I requested, but many were from sites that closed, and I can't remember the owners. :/ I'll probably go on a button-requesting spree later! xD And lastly, I'm so proud to announce that Foomanshu has been nominated for TLB's Golden Sandwich Awards! Vote for Foomanshu in Best Graphics Site, and don't forget about Buttoness in Best Button Site!


If you were once an affie, please neomail me so you can be added again! For right now, affie requests are also opened (Because I need to fill up this space!). High quality graphics, layouts, fonts, pixels, or request sites may apply. Also, you should be recommended at most directories.



Page hosted by Neopets. The layout, and all its containing content is made by Rebecca. Textures and brushes are from swimchick, Nienke's Resources, and some are made by myself. The background at the top of the page is from 49 Days, recolored and edited by me to fit this layout.