Was not forced in anyway to do this.
{First, we shall begin with the application. After that, we will roll into her character description and then from there; you shall read her story.}

Application- Introduction.

Hello Vivian! My name's Vi and I'm going to be applying for Nesedy the Water Zafara! I hope you enjoy my application, character idea, and cute mini story for that little zafara! I apologize if it will be an eyesore, you can really just skim the story as it may not hold relevance to the adopting process, I just do want you to know that I am dedicated and genuinely want her! I will break down the application right now.

1. Introduction (complete)
2. About Me (next)
3. My Permies
4. Future plans for Nesedy
5. Why Nesedy?+closing

Application- About Me.

First, I'll be mentioning my accounts!

Hi, my name's Vi! I'm a 15 year old girl from the very cold and moosey country known as Canada. \(^o^)/ yaaay *throws confetti* Pleased to meet you, Vivian!~ When I'm not in school, I can typically be found on Neopets either avoiding homework or just the real life in general. I enjoy spending my time on neopets because I enjoy engaging myself into writing, trading, and socializing.

Firstly, I'm currently working on all of my permanent pets and their characters/stories for them, so it's quite a work in progress. I accomplished a lot of trades throughout my spring break so I was able to gain a lot of my dream pets, so their characters are now a work in progress. I hope to continue working on them over the weekends, holidays, and hopefully the summer time! Next, I enjoy to partake in a lot of trading, mainly because I've gotten very lucky with the pound in most cases and want to attempt to trade up to my dreamies, such as Nesedy! Furthermore, socializing usually consists of small talk on the PC and chatter in my guide, Venture.

Now, how long has this neo-addicted girl been playing this site for?! Well, my oldest account is 6 years old, but I became uninterested in Neopets after the change, so I left. I then returned, sometime a year ago, and realized that neopets was actually pretty cool! Since then, I've been playing neopets and have had no complaints whatsoever!

Application- Permanent Pets.

Here are my permies in which I will talk a little bit about.

Aseiv: Aseiv was a little strange, really. She wasn't even one of my dream pets until she got offered to me for my faerie korbat. For some reason I just could not refuse this adorable bunny and immediately fell in love with her name. I am yet to edit her lookup/petpage with her character information. I do however have her included in a story that I have wrote for another pet which I applied for, that can be found here

Dhare: Dhare, well. I simply fell in love with him for his name to be quite honest. It sparked a character idea immediately. I adopted him successfully on 03/12/13! I have his character information on both his petage and his lookup if you're interested. It's still under construction and I am yet to get some art of him. (waiting for my friend to finish up my request, hehe.)

Izevia: Ize! Ah, how I adore her. She's currently done the first part of her story. I am also quite pleased with her character, she was my dreamie for ages and then I was finally chosen to adopt her on 03/12/13! I've already gotten art of her that I simply adore and it makes me quite anxious to start what seems to be a new chapter of her life! That chapter is mentioned in another one of my stories located here!

Alilas: Alilas is a very new character of mine, I actually started on her yesterday night nearing the morning of today! I am pretty content with how she's turning out and hope to return to her story soon. (I've just had many applications, stories, etc to write) Her story can be found here~ I also need some art of her, as many of my characters. But I was just gifted her yesterday by a fabulous friend of mine, so I apologize for the roughness!

Ciybur: Ciybur has been one of my dreamies for, well, ever since I returned to neopets really. I have tried so hard to obtain one but everyone was clingy to their own. I managed to get lucky today and found an owner who happily traded him for my plushie kiko! Now he's under a lot of construction, I have thrown him into a story with another character of mine, that can be found here. His lookup is also under a lot of construction. I have a quote there which is supposed to be from him. Hopefully I can get more done this weekend!

Jabel: Jabel was my first and only custom ever! I traded a gold cybunny for her and could not have been happier! She's the baby of the family, really. I haven't gotten to her lookup/character/petpage or any of that fancy business, so no links whatsoever to share! ; o ;

Amosk: Now, last but not least, Amosk! He can be found in a story concerning another pet that I have applied for, it's right here I was given him from a user who was sadly quitting, he's the faerie of the family! ♥

Phew, are you still with me? I know I said this would be short, so you can skim through my family as it may also not be so important. I just wanted to show you which are my babies and why. (the rest you may find on my accounts are trading fodder, I'm slowly working up to my dreamies!)

Application- Future Plans.

So, some plans I have for that little zafara? I'll try and be neat about it. ≧∇≦ I want to write up a character description concerning Nesedy, a story about her and another one of my permies, get digital art of her, (hoping for human form, since that's what my mindset was as I wrote the story of her) set up her petpage/lookup with a premade layout to showcase her character/writing customize her.

So, I don't really need to reflect anymore light onto the description+story concerning her and another one of my pets, as I've already gotten that taken care of. So onto the next! Getting art of her, this will be rather difficult as I haven't ventured into that part of neopets where people draw stuff for you. I have artists that I know of that could probably after I bribe them with love draw her. An example of two pieces of art that I obtained can be found here!

Next, setting up her petpage/look up! That's a required for all of my permanent pets. If you lurked my babies above, you'll notice that they all have some sort of layouts in the progress of being made. I just really enjoy to look at a profile that is visually appealing rather than the standard neopet layout. Plus, it makes it more interesting! Makes the pet more unique! ♥

Lastly, I will definitely be customizing her! Want to see something I've made already? If so, I'll make sure to either throw it at the bottom after the story.) or at the top. I've already written out the items that are needed to fulfil this custom goal. I'm a little on the poor side, so some of it will be incomplete until I make some more money.

I would love to directly give her a home on my main! However, I'm out of transfers for the month of March. I've also already made a few plans for my next two transfers the month after. After all of my transfers are done, and if I am chosen to be her new home, we will have to do this via pound. (I might even have a slot on my main for her, if not, she may reside on one of my side accounts!)

I would also like to throw in that I plan on keeping Nesedy forever. A water pet in general is my dreamie, mainly for the character that I have in mind for one.. Nesedy is absolutely perfect for this character, as her name is very lovely! (I'm also a svck for zaffies!) I will say. That for whatever reason I do decide to leave neopets... That I will contact you before I do anything with her!

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