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  • 06/12/18: It's been a longgg time since I last updated! Sorry for that but I'm planning to put my sites on another (hopefully short) hiatus as I rlly haven't found the time to get on neo lately and the likelihood of me touching graphics aren't very high..Plus, I have some issues back in real life to deal with so yeah. Wishing everyone a merry x'mas in advance and hopefully update again soon! I'm definitely not shutting my sites down haha just that I'm rlly not sure when I can get them active again at this moment of writing so I think that putting them on hiatus will be better c: thanks for the understanding!

  • 23/07/18: Been away for some time so just a heads up! I think I'll be taking a break from requests until I feel like taking them again, maybe cz I've been taking them quite a lot and eagerly previously, so much so that I rlly feel like getting some break. I'll still try to add in premades as and when I can along the way.
  • Welcome to my site!

    Hi everyone! Welcome to {Simplified.}, a place to find unique premade banners/buttons of various designs. I created this page on Apr 2016 out of pure interest for designing and has since expanded it and opened another resource site, Quartz as well. Please always read the rules before using any of my graphics and don't hesitate to contact me at my main account NM (jhvi_236) if you have any questions! Now take your time to explore through here and hopefully find something that suits your taste. :)

    Rules & Such!

    + Always leave my credit for all graphics intact. For banners/icons, you only need to leave the the auto-link back to this site when image is clicked untouched for credit. You are only required to use a text or button link back if you edit or remove that url in the coding. For buttons, a separate text/button link back is compulsory!

    + You are not supposed to use any graphics here to create your own premades for others for requests. You are, of course, allowed to edit my graphics here further to suit your needs.

    + An important note on requests, please be clear about what you want and provide me the details. If you've read my rules and bothered to go through my site info and have a clear idea of what you want, just grab the form, fill it up and NM me straight. I can choose to ignore impolite mails and those that obviously have not bothered to read the info on my site. If you don't bother to read things before requesting, why am I then obliged to answer all you random mails and spoon feed you everything right?

    Please NM me a completed request form as it makes tracking requests much much much easier! Many people don't send me the form, and I don't really want to make it compulsory to use the form and state that you read rules for every request. I try to keep things flexible so just try to include details of your request within a single NM, cz the more you throw details randomly across multiple NMs, the more likely I will miss out on something cz guess what I mainly refer to your request form while I make your graphic! One person is fine but if I'm contacting multiple people for multiple requests things are going to get confusing. If you really can't find anything or need further help, then feel free to ask me about it!

    + For requests, I am open to doing more than one request per person at a time, as long as I am free to and not many people are asking. So just send me your requests and I will let you know beforehand if it is too much for me to handle and you'll have to wait before sending in requests again.

    + I do not backup any of the graphics here regularly so please download and save a copy onto your own desktop, especially for requests! And thanks for staying with me till the end of the rules xD

    Idea Box!

    I've opened an idea box here to take in any suggestions you may have with regards to what other themes I can make all my premade graphics in! It is also used for me to note down any ideas I might want to execute in the future. Is is always open unless otherwise stated. I am open to both neo and non-neo related themes, and I'll try my best to make it work as long as the idea is feasible and suitable for use here :) Already have something in mind? Send a NM my way and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

    Idea Box!


    Graphic request form

    Please fill up and NM me the respective form below (the forms are in text boxes right below their names) for requests! Select standard for banner/status banner/icon, and button for button requests. Click anywhere within the form text box and right click then choose "select all" to highlight the whole thing before copying. The parts within the straight brackets are for you to replace with your own preferences.

    You can find many past examples of my requests at my portfolio

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    Pick ups

    Pick up your requested graphics here! Please acknowledge my emails so that I know I can clear yor requests. Also, gentle reminder to leave auto-credit link back intact for banners/icons. Text/Link back only needed when that link is changed/removed. For buttons, text/link back are compulsory.



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    Choose your border and animation here! Some borders and animations work better together and on certain images/text. I'll try my best to accommodate to your preferences but I'll have to change the border/animation (with your permission) if your choices don't really work well for your image/text.

    To note:
    +Please remember to leave some form of credit (button/text link back) as buttons do not auto-link back to my site! I do not want to repeat myself too much but I have seen many forget to do it.

    +Buttons work best with lesser text as it will be more legible given its small size.

    + If you are providing me specific images, please ensure that they are of decent quality- not blurry/pixelated etc. I do accept non-neo images but not animated images.

    + You can find some premade button bases from my site Quartz, here (just provide me the image url you want: select image-right click -copy image address). Other sites for neo-images include: dr sloth image emporium, here, and here

    + Find past examples of my requests at my portfolio for reference or inspiration if you need any :)



    Premade Buttons

    In the mean time, here are some premades free for all to use with credit (button/link back to my site)!

    TO USE: Right click on your button of choice and select "copy image address". Then, copy the code right below here and replace the gif url within to the new one you just copied.

    Editing graphics

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    Hello, silver here :) So, I've actually gotten some comments in the past about how I go about editing my graphics to get that more sparkly/dreamy" effect, and that's why I decided to do a write-up on how I go about editing those images to help anyone who's interested in doing graphic editing themselves. These steps are by no means professional, it's just some steps I more or less came up with myself to go about editing my images over time, after reading other tutorials and experimenting with the software. To sum up, what I normally play around with to get these effects are blending options (specifically gradient and pattern overlays) and brushes. Please open the images you see here in a new tab as trust me the effects look nicer in its original size. Yes, it's really all just that simple and you can do it yourself too! x]

    1) Okie, so first thing first! I use the software photoshop (a VERY old version) for most of my graphic editing (banners, background etc). I'll first get an image, normally from google or for neo-related ones - swf sites, dr sloth image emporium, official neopet bg page. And so, I've selected an image as seen above! The rest of this write-up assumes that you understand the basics of photoshop and some general terms cz I won't have time to explain where to find all the tools etc.

    2) Now we start with the more fun part, the editing! What I do is normally to play around with the blending options of the existing image layer first. Two important sections I use are - gradient overlay and pattern overlay. For each section, there is a blend mode which you can change and what I normally use is: for gradient (overlay, hard light or screen) and for pattern (overlay or hard light). From experience for gradients, I realise that overlay generally works most of the time but hard light or screen works better when the images are more on the darker/lighter side, and when you want more heavy looking effects. For patterns, this is the case too, I only rarely use hard light when overlays do not appear well enough on images even at an opacity of 100%. Oh and yes, go ahead and experiment with the options within each section, normally I'll at least toggle with the opacity and scale. The above images show examples of gradient overlays- screen, overlay and hard light respectively at varying opacity. For this image I chose to go with hard light.

    3) Now this is one of the important parts for that dreamy effect- a particular pattern overlay I use for almost all my graphics- if you hover over the pattern, you can find it's name, which mine in this case is molecular. And it's also conveniently a preset gradient found in photoshop! I'm not sure about newer versions but you can always experiment with other preset patterns for a similar effect! There you have it, a simple edited image base for you to work on already c:

    4) Next come the brushes and always create a new layer for brushing just in case you screw up! I also normally create multiple brush layers for different brushes as I need to toggle the main blending option and opacity for each brush style. I normally get my brushes from deviantart and I often choose styles like bokeh, glitter, grunge, snow and swirls but of course you are not limited to only choosing these! After doing graphics some time, I realise that bokeh, snow and glitter helps to give a very "sparkly" effect when you combine them with certain blending styles, which is what I'll use here in this example.

    5) Let's start with the bokeh first as bokeh is a good friend of mine and works well on almost all images x] How I go about selecting my main brush colour is to consider the main colours of the edited image itself, generally go for a darker brush colour against a lighter image and vice versa. White is a very good colour for bokehs for that light effect and I normally set the main blending for that layer to overlay. For this image I used both white and purple both at overlay for some variation as too much white can make things too bright sometimes. Good blending options I mostly use are hard light, screen, overlays, or color burnfor brushes so go on and experiment further on your own!

    6)Now we add brushes in relatively the same manner each in a new layer :) For snow and glitter I usually choose screen, as I find this mode good for brushes which you want to use for sparkle effects. Overlays can also work if you don't want the sparkles to look as glaring against the image for a more natural look. So above I have the images with bokeh then with snow and glitter respectively.

    7) Lastly you can work on other brushes for extra embellishments such as swirls and patterns. I've decided to stop at the glitter for this one though as I don't want to over-effect the image too much. Again, experiment with blending options especially the few I mentioned above. Above is just a simple before and after comparison!

    So that's it! How I generally get most of my graphics done. :) Hope these techniques help you and who knows maybe you'll develop your own style along the way as you work with more images!

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    Simplified welcomes collaborations! Let me know if you are keen :)





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