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Here behind the scenes today.. 3.10.10....
*yawns* It is Thursday. I have lots of work on and off Neopets today, so I will be very poofy. This week has been long..

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Those ^^ two buttons are by Virdescent

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the people who are REALLY on top!!

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Circus ~
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Wanna be on TOP?

*bum ba dum dum da dum ba do dum da da* Trumpets and circus music blares from the arena. The clowns, unicycle riders, knife throwers, lions, elephants, and the trapeze artists blow your mind. You stand up in your seat, clapping, cheering, screaming like the rest of the crowd. Suddenly, someone taps on your shoulder. A clown with a polka dotted outfit. You recognize her as the one who juggled the pins! She motions for you to follow her, and you do. She leads you back stage, and whispers in your ear, Want to be in the circus?

Hi, and welcome to Circus, the new ranking site. Circus was made on January 13th, 2010. It is unknown to all Neopians, and will not be open until January 20th, 2010. Circus is for high quality sites only, and Circus is not only my opinion. Circus can also be your opinion! I decide how the sites are. ranked, but, you can send in cheers or BOOs. Cheers and boos are simple. A cheer is a neomail saying that you want a certain site ranked to be lower, not on the list, or higher. Here are some examples.
Dear Hope,
The site ???????? on the rankings category ??? does not deserve to be in the rankings. I BOO! the site ????.

Dear Hope,
I think the site ?? in the ranking category ??? should be higher! I cheer on the site ????.

Your cheers and boos will help influence my rankings. If I get more than one cheer or boo saying the same thing, I will probably change it. So, lets get going with the show!

Questions? Comment? Suggest? Report an Error? Cheer a site? Boo a site?

Circus arena rules:
. Do not cheer or boo yourself
. No complaining that I did not rank you or that I ranked you lower than you think you deserve.
. Please do not boo or cheer on your side account. Everyone can only boo/cheer once a month, so I do not want anyone doing it on their sides.
.You may cheer a site that is not up on the ranks, (if you want to see it on the ranks), but it can not be your own site. You can not boo a site not on the ranks.

Questions? Comment? Suggest? Report an Error? Cheer a site? Boo a site?


Top 3 or 4 sites in each category


Soroptimist Directory

New Acadia

Paper Thin

Al - Dalil


Kingdom Pixels

Sushi Bar

Amber's Pixels

Review Sites

Ask Purple

Shibuya Station

Academy of Impulse

Adoption Agencies

Rêveurs de Paix

Maleah's Adoption Agency

Sunny and Kay's Adoption Agency



Otaku Works

Caught in the Headlights





Button Requests

The Goodie Box




What you missed at boards

Dhevil's Screenies

Omii's Screenies

Untaken Names

A Gift for Life


Pinaele's Pet Names

I am still in the middle of rankings. I am starting to neomail everyone who is ranked - but I am not through ranking in all the categories yet!

Circus Acts

entered sites

To enter the SOTM, please read the rules and copy the form below!

. Do not vote for yourself
. Do not vote on your side account
. Do not ask people to vote for you. Having a note on your userlookup/site is ok, but do not neomail people.
. If you do not use the form, your vote/entering does not count.

The Beach House

Votes: 0

Going Green Reviews

Votes: 0


Votes: 0

Crowd Colors

The most important part

The crowd is the most important part in the circus. Sounds crazy? Think about it. You (the crowd) can decide to dislike the performance, to like it, or to be O.K. with it. It is your decision to have a fun time or to not have a fun time. So, I have thought of a wonderful idea to make my SOTM/Ranking site stand out from all the others in Neopia. This is called Crowds Colors. It is kind of complicated at first, but you will get the hang of it. You could kind of think of this as a Ranking/Review type of activity. NO COPYING ANY OF THIS FOR ANY SITE OF YOURS. Please please. I will report you and you will go on the wall of shame. Plus that just is not nice. If you find anyone who has done that, please neomail me.
Anyway, For each month, I will neomail a popular site. The site owner has to agree to participate in this activity. If they agree, their button and a paragraph about them will be under this section. Then, for all of that month, you (the crowd) will neomail me to give the site COLORS, which are judging colors.

Blue = Great
Yellow = Good
Pink = O.K.
Green = Not my fav.
Gray = BAD

So you see the guide. Well, to judge an act (site) by colors, send in this form. Please note: The color that you judged, your reason why, and your username will go up on this page. If you DO NOT want your username and you would just like for me to put MYSTERY, please tell me!

The act of the month is:

High Point is a great SOTM & Ranking site by Adrienne! Adrienne also owns Get School'd, a popular review site. High Point not only has the normal Ranking, SOTM, IOTM, she also has an original idea that has drawn many people to her site! Brag it! is a section of her site made originally by her and for her site only. In this section, you can brag about another site in Neopia, perhaps your favorite site! All in all, High Point is a beautiful, high quality site, [and it has my favorite animal all over too!! (panda)], and we are happy to have it as our Act of the Month!

To color judge, copy the form above and
Neomail me here


Icon of the Month

Hi everyone! Icons are awesome, so I figured I should have an Icon of the Month contest for my site too! The entering form is below, but first, read these rules! Also, you must use the pic below for your icon base.

. Do not copy any content from any site to make your icon!
. Must be 100 X 100
. Do not vote for your own icon after voting starts
. If you read the rules, put MY ICON WILL BE THE WINNER in Caps somewhere in the neomail

Enter/Vote below. Entering is Open; Voting is Closed

The picture is:

Make your button out out of this picture, just make sure it follows all the rules ^^. This picture was provided by: Google

Icons entered:

Icon by

Icon By Fyora


Button of the Month

Same rules apply as above, but it needs to be 88X31, please, and it must say I see you or i c u.. Also, use this image:

Image provided by Google. You can use anything out of the image to make a button. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE BY ME of what it could look like. No copying, please!