Sunday, August 28
With school and other commitments, features will not be possible on a regular basis. So sorry. I will try to update as often as I can.

Friday, August 26
A few new affiliates and achievements have been added. Also, features coming later tonight! Looks like features might have to wait until tomorrow. But I completely revamped button requests rankings! Would you like to see 'honorable mention' sites for popular categories like button requests? Tell me!

Welcome guest!

Welcome to The Bookshelf, a rankings site by Summer (neobutterfly282). This site's goal is to provide visitors with the top links in a myriad of categories while also offering extras and events to benefit the sitemaking community. Please enjoy!

Link Backs


Welcome to the main attraction - the rankings! Below each category's rankings are the top three things (in order of importance!) that I look for in a site from that category, just to give you an idea of my ranking style.


well drawn and shaded; unique style; quantity of options


active; many pets listed; well-organized


factual and interesting points; quantity of information; timely

Coding/Site Guides

professional; correct; universally applicable


active; unique features/rules; well-organized

Creative Works

well drawn or written; interesting or thought-provoking; quantity


quantity of links; active; unique & helpful tips

Directories (Link)

active; well-organized; extra features

Directories (Pet)

useful & interesting information; well-organized; quantity of listings


visually appealing fonts; quantity of options; well-organized

Fun Stuff

entertaining; quantity of content; universally applicable

Game/Avatar Guides

Graphics (General)

Graphics (Requests - Buttons)

active with open requests often; high-quality buttons; extra features

Graphics (Requests - Other)

Graphics Guides/Resources

Making NPs

Newbie/General Neopets Guides


Premade Petpages

Premade Userlookups



Untaken Names


In lieu of a traditional site of the week feature, I've decided to recognize two new sites, buttons, graphics, and reviews each week. This is in part inspired by Cass' Notable and Newly Listed, formerly at Soroptimist Directory. Enjoy!

These sites, buttons, graphics, and reviews were new during the period of August 12-18 and were posted the following Friday. Look for new features this coming Friday!

Sites of the Week

Cadeau is a brand new layout request site. Its own graphic layout is fantastic, as are the premades. I can only hope that requests will be just as great.

This new map prices guide includes Secret Laboratory, Spooky Treasure, and Treasure Maps. Also, there are some helpful tips on how to go about buying the sets.

Buttons of the Week

This cute button by Whirligig utilizes the trendy sparkle animation, interesting textures, great image placement, and a great color in the text animation. Even with all these features, it's not overdone. The image is clear and the text readable.

We have Impulse to thank for this second great button. The image perfectly fits the site - I love how the airplane pokes just over the stripe with the text on it! The site name is well accented with subtle animation and a unique font for the alliterative "F"s.

Graphics of the Week

This amazing layout from Add a Name Petpages is stunning. The combination of images and textures gives a soft, beautiful feel to a great requests site.

This is the graphic base for a userlookup from up-and-coming layouts site Nifty Simple Lookups (NSL). The image editing and overall placement is really great; I can't wait to see what else she comes up with!

Reviews of the Week

Trances review of Cabana was both in-depth and encouraging. With a site that has high quality content, reviewers sometimes get lazy. Not at Trance! Cabana's font reviews, rules, and organization were carefully examined and fairly addressed.

Nite Time Guild Directory's content-focused review at Frequent Flyer gave plenty of ideas for extra features and improved organization. Like any good review, all sitemakers can take away from this.
Appraisals ... coming soon! c:

I now offer casual reviews for siteowners who want to improve their sites. If you're wondering what you can do to make your site higher quality, ask me to take a look at your page.

Idea of appraisals by Cass.


Always open to any type of site, you just have to ask!


I don't mind if you list The Bookshelf, but please include it alongside competition or SOTM sites.


Ranked second at Trapped Fairytales, The Lunch Box, and Soroptimist Directory
Ranked third at Desires, Angel's Directory, and Elle's Help Guide
Ranked fourth at Starcatcher
Ranked sixth at The Faerie Compass
Recommended at Enchanted


Layout & Coding By LovelylittleDreamer @ Cosmopolitan.
Extra headers and formatting by Vibe.
Background and neomail resources by Foomanshu.
Button placeholders by Melody.
Inspiration and support from Cass and Turnip.