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you Begin


Are fonts really that important when you're recruiting? Of course they are! Read this section before you begin, to learn about why having a professional looking font is a key step in reeling in potential new guild members

What kinds of questions might a recruit ask me? At the end of this section, there is a list of potential questions you could be asked!

Use a Readable Font

In this section, we will be discussing the font face, and the colors you should use.

The Font Face

I tend to use Arial or Verdana or something simple like that. The other font faces are cool, but you want the recruit to be able to read what you're saying. It is important to use simple font faces, like those previously mentioned, for two reasons. Reason one is that fancier fonts can be harder to read, which means that your post(s) describing how wonderful your guild is could be skipped. Reason two is that some people may not have all of the same font faces on their computer that you have, so your font could appear messy on their screen.

The Color

In regards to color, you should try to stick to a darker neoHTML color. For example, try sticking to black, dark blue, dark green, or grey. This is because when you use a lighter color, the effect it could have on the recruit is that they become blinded by your post, and are forced to skip it.

Keep in mind: You are a salesperson.

One thing to keep in mind when you are advertising your guild is that you are a salesperson. What are you selling? You are selling your guild. But who is the customer? The recruits of the GC!

With that in mind, which door to door salesperson are you more likely to make a purchase from? Is it going to be the one who has on wrinkly clothes and looks like they just got out of bed, or the clean shaven, nicely dressed gentleman/gentlewoman? Most people will pick choice number two every time. This is the same with your font. If you font is messy, or isn't readable, it will appear to the recruit that not only do you not care about your appearance, but your guild doesn't either.

The Signature

While the previous few sections deal with the neoHTML, this section pertains to all the other text in your post. For example, when someone makes a post, and all their posts have the same quote or phrase in it.

When making or finding a font to use for recruiting new members, considering what you need in the signature is pretty important. My suggestion would be to include at least two of the following things:

Your Name

When the recruit has several different people to keep up conversations with, he or she will likely not click your userlookup link every time they want to say something to you. Instead, you may get called by your username. Worse, they may not use a name at all! This leads to confusion, and a bunch of different recruiters all askingWas this directed at me and utter chaos on the board. Having your name in every post will help the recruit remember you specifically. When a recruit has a conversation with you, and they can use your first name, it can create a bond, or even friendship, which would make your guild seem like an even better one to join, because who wouldn't want to join a guild with a friend in it?

A Link to Your Guild

When recruiting on the GC, you should always try to make sure things are as convenient for the recruit as possible. Including a link in the signature is the perfect way to help make things more convenient for them. For example, lets say that a recruit just told you and two other people that he/she really likes your guild, and they asked you all a couple of questions. With similar answers, it might be a little harder for the recruit to remember which guild is yours, and why he/she liked it so much. If each post had your guilds link in it, then the recruiter could simply click it, and they would have a picture (or face) to your eloquent words.
If your guild is public, you should use your guild homepage link. It looks like this: http://www.neopets.com/guilds/guild.phtml?id=4110202 . Make sure you replace the numbers after ID= with your guilds link. Just click the home link on your guild, and use that link.

If your guild is private, you could either provide the website or portal link. I'll use this page's link as the example: http://www.neopets.com/~glasi

While it is important to provide the entire link (http://www.neopets.com/~glasi), sometimes you may run out of characters in your font. In this case, you could provide a shortened version of the link. If it's the guild homepage, post this part: /guilds/guild.phtml?id=4110202 . If it's the website, post this part: /~glasi.

Your Guilds Name

Again, it's very important to make things as convenient for the recruit as possible. If a bunch of different guilds are being represented, and the recruit knows that she likes your guild, having the guild name in every post will make it more likely that he/she will remember it. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a guild on one person's recruitment board, and then (while guildless myself) really hoped to see that guild again. I would wait for the guild name to be posted, and get really excited when I saw that a representative from TGI (or whatever guild caught my fancy) showed up to my board.

But I can't make fonts!

If you are unable to make a presentable font, check to see if your guild has any premade ones available to use. Often, your guild will! If they do not, or you would like to use a different type of font, the following sites have premades up for grabs. Some even take requests, if you have a particular quote or avatar you'd like to use! Please just remember to never claim them as your own!

Also, check out the Extras section for some Premade Advertising Fonts!
Are you interested in learning how to make your own fonts? Check out the following pages!: (x) (x)


If you have a Neoboard Pen, either stick with one font the entire time you're advertising, or let the recruit know that you may be switching fonts. Some people identify you and your guild by your font and avatar, so it can be very confusing to try to hold a conversation with you and keep track of all your fabulous fonts. I tend to only switch mine up if the recruit and I are the only ones posting on the board.

Get to Know Your Guild

When recruiting on the guildless boards or making a guild board of your own, it is important to know your guild pretty well. This is because, as the guild recruiter, you want to be able to answer any questions a guildless person may have. Below is a bulleted list of questions you should know the answers to:

What is the name of your guild? Not just the abbreviation, but the actual name!
How many members does your guild have?

How many of those members are active?
Are side accounts allowed in the guild?
Does your guild have member sweeps? If so, how often, and do inactive members get warnings?
How does one avoid being swept in a member sweep?
What times are the most active for your guild? It's always good to state it in NST, because you never know what kind of time difference you have from the recruit.How many of those members are active?
Are side accounts allowed in the guild?
Does your guild have member sweeps? If so, how often, and do inactive members get warnings?
How does one avoid being swept in a member sweep?
What times are the most active for your guild? It's always good to state it in NST, because you never know what kind of time difference you have from the recruit.

What is the theme of your guild?
When did the guild open?
What is the current message count?
How many messages would you say your guild posts a day?

Does your guild have a literacy requirement (semi-lit, or literate)?
If so, what does it require? For example, does your guild ask for a certain number of lines in each post, or a certain amount of sentences? Also, are chatspeak and smilies allowed?

Is your guild private or public?
If your guild is private, what are the requirements to get in? Are there any exceptions to any of these requirements?
Is there an application (if private)?
If so, do you have any tips on how to get accepted?

Who do I send in my invitation to or ask for an invite? On this question, it's always good to list the people with invite powers that are currently online if applicable.
How long will it take for me to hear back about my application?
What is the general age range of the members in the guild?

While this list may seem really long, it really doesn't take much more effort then exploring your guild for most of these answers. For answers you can't find, you should neomail the guild leader or a council member. These are just a few of the common questions guildless people may ask you. If you ever get asked a question that you don't know the answer to, don't just guess. Post the question on your guild's chat board, and see if someone there has the answer. If not, you should neomail a council member for the answer.

The questions that are bolded are the ones that we suggest you go ahead and answer in your original advert.


First Glance

Look at the person's user lookup

Don't advertise your guild to someone if they don't meet the requirements you have set
For example, they state that they're fourteen in their first post and you advertise your 16+ guild.

If your guild is private, try to have at least one person with invite powers online and chatting.
If you advertise all the time, try to figure out what you need to do to get invite powers for yourself. Some guilds restrict invite powers to council members.
The only reason I give this advice is because you don't want an interested recruit to have to wait for hours before receiving an invite. That might give them time to pursue other guilds, leaving yours behind.

How to Advertise

Read their first post!

Seriously, you need to sit and read the posts. Do not post if the end of the post says -c-, -continued- , cont., or any variation of that.

Wait for the words "you may post", or some kind of variation. If you are unsure, wait until that person responds to another guild, then post yours. ;)

Also, if you meet most of their requirements, and you think they would really love your guild, you can try asking them about the posted requirements that your guild doesn't meet. Drag and Drop the following image into your URL box to see a perfect example of this:

Specific Pages asked For = Provide A Link

If the person you're advertising to asks for a guild with certain pages, it's always a good idea to provide them with the link to that page in your advert.

I.E. If they ask for a guild with an adoption agency, post the link on the page.
If your guild does not have an adoption agency (or whatever they specified), then mention before your post that your guild is missing that requirement, and ask if you can still post.

Always Try to Post at Least One Link

If it's public, post the guild link. If private, the website and portal are perfect.

Add A link and Keep Your Font Pretty!

If you include a link in your advert, make sure you put either a space and a smiley, a space and a period, or more text after it. You don't want to mess up your pretty font!

Copy and Paste Adverts

Most recruits will frown upon a copy and paste advert. It makes them feel like they're just a number to you, rather than a person.

Tailor your advert to them specifically. Make sure you include all the points in their requirements (ie. if they ask how many members there are, include this).

I also try to say at least two things I love about my guild. It helps make it stand out.

If you insist on using a copy and paste advert, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check it before you post it.

I can't tell you how many times I read an advert that said Hello THEIRNAMEHERE, I'm YOURNAME HERE or something to that effect.

This doesn't just make you look bad, but it can also reflect poorly on your guild.

General Copy and Paste Rule of Thumb: Only post a generic ad if the person posts no specifics (IE: Hi I'm Holly, post away!)

Symbols and Smilies can be overused

Try not to use a bunch of symbols or smileys in your advert. It takes away from the quality of your post, not to mention it shortens how much you can write.

Guild Current Events

If your guild currently has something fun going on, make sure it's one of the first things you mention in your post! Whether it be a grand opening, plot or anything of the sort, it should be something mentioned because it'll catch more interest then a guild with just the regular activities!

Talk About What They Asked For

The things people mention in their first post are what matters to them.
If someone says they want a chatty guild with an adoption agency and 1np auctions I would give basic links, then talk about how active my guild is. Then I would post an adoption agency link and talk about it. I would then post a 1np auctions link and talk about that. Generally, that works like a charm.

Don't advertise on other guilds' recruiting boards.

When you advertise on other guilds' recruitment boards, you're only wasting your time. When a guildless person clicks on that guild's board, they expect to learn about that guild, and they won't scroll through pages looking for another guilds' advert. If you want to attract attention to your own guild, try making your own board!

Always read their requests before you post!

When you advertise a guild that they don't want to join, you're just irritating them and showing everyone else who's lurking that board that you don't respect people enough to pay attention to what they're saying.
You can probably still chat even if your guild doesn't meet their requirements.

Posting V.S Neomailing

When is it Okay to Neomail a Recruit?

When neomailing someone who hasn't posted in a while, you should first apologize for neomailing (especially if they said no neomails in their first post). You could say that you noticed that they were still guildless, and point out how your guild fits all their requirements. Wish them a good day, and remember to be polite.

When is it okay to post on the board?

What about Sending Guild Invites?

A general rule of thumb is to not send an invite unless you're specifically asked for one. Your guild only has a set number of invites per day, so don't waste them on someone who might ignore them.


Drop and Go?

Don't post and leave, unless they specifically say that they won't be there to read them.

Most recruits will be more willing to join if you stay and chat with them. Get to know them! This gives them an opportunity to see that YOUR guild has awesome members who are kind and friendly.

Don't Be Rude to Recruiters From Other Guilds.

Not even if they were in your guild before, and started some kind of drama.
Remember, you are representing your guild, and you don't want it associated with rudeness and drama.
If someone's rude to you, you can take it to neomail, or you can just ignore it (and report it, if it's a reportable offence).

I'm Just Going To Ignore Everyone!

Don't ignore people specifically talking to you, unless they fit the above point and you can't solve it through neomail.

What if they say No?

If the guildless person says no to you, don't be rude. Asking why is okay, but remember that everyone has different preferences.
What you think is amazing, someone else may see as ordinary. Be graceful, tell them good luck, and move on.

Hold a Conversation With The Recruit/Recruiters

This conversation doesn't have to just be about your guild. You can talk to them about anything (as long as it's neo-appropriate and doesn't break Neopets terms and conditions).


Before You Begin

Before you begin a recruitment board, you should take a few things into consideration.

Firstly, how active will you be for the duration that the board is up? This is important to consider because you are making a commitment to being the face of your guild and showing potential recruits why your guild is awesome.

Also, your board will need to be periodically bumped so that recruits will be able to find the board. While other guild members may show up every now and then to help you bump the board, this is not always a guarantee. Therefore, it is up to you to make sure your board remains on the first page of advert, which can require posts at least once a day, if not more.

Not only should you bump your board, but you should try to make sure that your neomail box is always open for questions. Some recruits will have specific questions that they'd rather ask you through neomail, so make sure that you have not restricted neomails from non-neofriends. You can do so by going to your preferences and making sure that the box next to Only Neofriends Can Contact is unchecked.

Secondly, how long have you been in the guild? You should consider this when making a recruitment board because many recruits will be asking questions about the guild that may require an extensive knowledge of the guild. While most of these questions may be answerable by searching though a few of the guild links (ie. Do you have an adoption agency?), others may require a more thorough answer (ie. When are the active times of the guild).

This being said, anyone can advertise a guild they are in with a little research. To see a list of commonly asked questions, click here. If you feel that you could answer the majority of these questions easily and procure the answers to the rest, then there is no reason that you can't make the recruitment board.
Is there currently an active recruitment board?

Your Message

Longer is Not Always Better

On your board, you want to let people know how awesome your guild is, but try not to go on for more then five posts. Peoples attention spans don't last that long.

Also, separate your main points into paragraphs. I always like to predraft my boards (like on notepad or something) before I make them. It's also a good idea to put your guild link (if public), website, and/or portal on the first post (for those people that would rather see the pages). For a perfect example, check out the screenie below:

Now What?

Last Minute Tips

One Suggestion to make your bumping meaningful is to play some board games on the board. Avatar Simon is always a good one to play, as it has you switching avatars often, and requires very little actual chatting. Plus, it can be hard to play on a guild board if there are post length requirements in your guild.


Premade Advertising Fonts

Feel free to request a specific avatar for me to use. Just don't forget to give me credit. A simple button or text link on your lookup will do!

Fill in the blank Adverts

Instead of offering cut and paste adverts, which require no effort or researching to use, Awakened Advertising is providing fill in the blank templates.

I suggest you copy and paste the following form into Notepad, Wordpad, or Microsoft Word and fill in the template there before posting onto a board. This template will be longer then the allowed amount of characters per post, so make sure you're paying attention to the character count, and typing the word "continued" when you are running low on room. My suggestion is when you hit 20 characters or less, go ahead and put continued, and then paste the next section in a new post.

To Post on a Recruit's Guildless Board:

Recruiter of the Month

Have you seen someone on the guild boards that has just been an amazing recruiter? They're always polite, helpful, and respectful? They seem to know this guild inside and out? Then go ahead and send in a nomination for them! They'll get featured in this section, and get a nifty little button for their lookup.

Neomail Title: ROTM Nomination

Please don't take this button unless you have been chosen as the Recruiter of the month.

Past Winners

  • September 2016: angelofviolinmusic
  • November 2013: deathofaparty

Guild of the Month

Is your guild the bees knees? Why not nominate them for Guild of the Month? The nomination and voting schedule is as follows:

1st of the month starting at 12:00 AM NST - Nominations are accepted. Fill out the nomination form below and send it in. Please note that nominating is guild will not count as a vote. You will need to come back when voting opens up and vote for the guild.
20th of the month at 12:00 AM NST - Nominations close. At some point during the day, this page will be updated and all guilds will be posted. Once this happens, each person may vote for up to three different guilds. We allow up to three guilds to be voted for to assist if there is a tie for GOTM.
27th of the month at 12:00 AM NST - Voting will officially close at this time. Once votes are tallied, a winner will be announced.

Neomail Title: GOTM Nomination

Ready to vote?!
This section will be updated on the 15th of of the month. Check back later!

Past Winners

  • NONE, this competition has never been run.

Retired Graphics

I like to change out link back buttons to match my layout, or showcase other button makers talents. However, I hate to see these old buttons go to waste. So, this page is dedicated to the older buttons I have, with the codes, for the off chance that you'd still like to use them.


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