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Welcome to Wonderwall :) A page dedicated to resources and graphics. I am Fer and I will be your hostess during your visit. :) I opened this page because I already own one and it doesn't give me a lot of work. lol And I really want to spend my time helping others. Besides that, I love making graphics. ;b
This page started on February 10th, 2010 and was named after Oasis' song Wonderwall. I used to listen that song all the time and I think it's a perfect name for a site. :3


June 20, 2010.

+3 requests.

June 20, 2010.

+2 requests.

June 13, 2010.

Sorry Katie and Grace, I promise I will have your layouts done by this week. D:
+1 finished request.

June 11, 2010.

+1 link back button.

June 10, 2010.

I'll make some banners today. c:

June 5, 2010.

+1 banner.
Visit Funhouse, it has a new layout. :D

June 4, 2010.

+2 link back buttons by Sophia and Futago. :D


Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Why did you choose the image of a piano for the banner of your site? O.o (v1)
I don't know, I just had the feeling that it would look nice with the name of the site. :3

2. Why "Wonderwall"?
As I said in the introduction, I love that song. :)
And for me it's a very elegant and neat name.

3. What programs do you use for the banners?
Well, I always use my dear Photoshop CS4. :3 But I also use PhotoScape and Picnik as plan B. ;D

4. Can I edit your banners?
Mmm... maybe. You can add the name of your site on the premade banners, but in the custom ones... idk. If you'd like to edit one, just drop me a mail. :D That won't hurt anybody. lol


Read the rules!


1. Always leave credit, please. :)
2. If you don't like the graphic I made you, you can ask politely for another.
3. Please, don't request if requests are closed.
4. I love suggestions, if you have one feel free to drop me a neomail. :)
5. Don't edit any of my graphics.
6. Only request if you will use the banner.
7. When I say "And After All" you say: "You are my Wonderwall" :3 If you don't put this I will ignore you. lol
8. Don't redistribute.


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