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Welcome to The GC Handbook, a site designed to give help and advice to those wanting to create and run their own guild. Here you can follow my step-by-step guide to creating a guild, choosing staff, advertising and running your guild. You can also familiarise yourself with key GC terms in the glossary and learn about the rules relating to guilds. There are useful links to guild review sites, directories, premade layouts, coding guides and more and now there are new Guild of the Month and Layout of the Month competitions!

Site Updates

2nd July 2011-More guides added including What is the GC, Popular Guilds and Who's Who on the GC? Directory also updated.
13th May 2011- Site created.

About Me

I've been meaning to create a guild guide for some time and now I've finally gotten around to it. I don't claim to be some kind of expert on guilds, but I do think I have some useful advice and wanted to make a site that combined anything and everything about guilds into one handy place.


If you have a question relating to guilds or an idea of something useful I could add to this page, please neomail me (phoenix_life) and I'll get back to you asap.

GC Directory

Here is a handy directory of pages relating to guilds and the GC. If you'd like to be listed (guild related sites only) please neomail phoenix_life with the following form:

Guild Review Sites
Guild Directories
Community Activities
News and Gossip
Layout Help

Community Activities


Contests and Challenges

Archive Matrix
GC Graphics Challenge

Groups and Projects

The Renaissance
Guild Support Ring

Showcases and Spotlights

GC Potential


Lol Hall of Fame


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Coding from That One Page, edited by phoenix_life.

All content written by phoenix_life from experience unless otherwise specified.

Home, back and open/closed signs by phoenix_life.


To liven up the GC a little and create some healthy competition between guilds I've decided to start some monthly awards contests. The prizes for each of the contest are a badge/trophy for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each category. If you'd like to nominate someone or vote, please neomail the following form to phoenix_life:

Guild of the Month (GOTM)

The guild of the month award should go to a guild that fulfills the following criteria:
  • Established (several members, older than a week, has content up and not still underconstruction).
  • Active
  • Popular
  • Sticks to TNT's rules.
  • Good layouts/graphics
  • Interesting/entertaining content
  • Good activities/lots to do
  • Has something unique about it that makes it stand out

Archive-1 vote.

Voting open until Tues 31st May.

Layout of the Month (LOTM)

The layout of the month award is designed to celebrate graphics and coding skills. You can nominate a guild homepage or petpage layout (either up on a guild or in a portfolio). The layout should have the following qualities:
  • Not premade-made by a guild member (with their permission).
  • Well coded
  • Easy to navigate
  • Sticks to TNT's rules
  • Looks clean and professional
  • Fits with the guild's theme
  • Good graphics
  • Has something unique about the style that makes it stand out.
Drag and drop to view full size.

By Saki (editing)

Voting open until Tues 31st May.

Guild Reviews

There are no guild reviews yet.

How Reviews Work

I will only review established guilds that have been around at least a week. I have the right to refuse to do a review if I think the guild is too new. I concentrate on the following areas, giving each a comment and score out of ten:
  • Activeness (/20)
  • Layouts (/20)
  • Activities and Content (/20)
  • Adherence to the rules (/10)
  • Creativity (/10)
  • Organisation (/10)
  • Consistency of Theme (/10)
This gives you a final score out of ten. I try to give honest and fair ratings, with constructive criticism. Please don't be offended if you don't like my comments- remember you are asking for my opinion.

If you would like your guild reviewed, please neomail phoenix_life with the following form:

Name of Guild:
Date founded:

Choosing a Theme

Here is a guide to the most popular guild themes:


Neo-related (NR) guilds do what they say on the tin: they're related to neopets in some way. This usually means that they feature neopets graphics in their layouts and are concerned with neopets activities. Within NR there are many sub-categories such as:
  • Battledome
  • Keyquest
  • Stock market
  • Neopoint earning
  • Avatar collecting/lending
  • Pet adoption agencies
  • Neopets games
  • Neopet fan clubs
Most NR guilds are just general though and cover most of the above activities. Notable examples include 67,Halcyon and Placebo


These guilds are for people who like doing creative, artistic activities. Usually the activities will involve sending in artwork or writing to a gallery to recieve points and have them rated or reviewed. There is normally an emphasis on beautiful non-neo related layouts. The main types of art guilds you see are:
  • Scribble (this is a particular type of digital art with cute cartoon-style drawings eg. Pink)
  • Traditional art
  • Graphic design
  • Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • Music (eg. Thunderbolt)
  • Dance
  • Fashion (eg. Miroir)
There are also multi-arts guilds which combine all of the above themes and those are very popular at the moment. These include Creative Therapy and Achromatic.


Roleplaying (RPG) is a writing activity where you create a character (usually making a petpage that describes them) and then participate in a plot by posting messages on the guild board describing what your character is doing and saying in the story. The main types of roleplay guilds are:
  • Fantasy roleplay (covers anything with fantasy/supernatural elements)
  • Wolf/ street dog roleplay
  • Cat/wild cat roleplay (eg. Imperium)
  • Gifted human roleplay (humans with special powers eg. Dark Forest High)
  • High school/boarding school roleplay
  • Book/film character roleplay (eg. Harry Potter characters).


Themeless guilds are, as you would expect, without any central theme. They are usually focused on chatting and getting to know other members rather than on activities. These guilds are always pretty popular. Like with artistic guilds, there tends to be a focus on making aesthetically pleasing layouts and having short, punchy names. Examples include AMTP, Shapebox and Debonair

A common sub-catergory of themeless guilds are age-related guilds. These only allow mature members of a certain age eg. 16+, 18+ or 21+ to join. They tend to be focused on chatting and getting to know people and try to create a friendly, peaceful environment where they can avoid immaturity.

Fan Clubs

There are many fan-club guilds centered around members favourite celebrities (eg. Miley Cyrus), films, bands, pets or TV shows. The activities and layouts tend to be based on these topics. Fan club guilds are not so popular any more and have gained a bad reputation recently as being associated with 'newbies' and poor graphics skills. But it's about time that was changed. Common sub-genres include:
  • Twilight
  • Percy Jackson
  • Hunger Games
  • Anime (eg. Pocket Otaku)
  • Disney (sometimes divided into classic eg. Disney and next-generation)
  • World of Warcraft
  • Hannah Montana
  • General celebrities
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Pokemon

Harry Potter

Harry Potter (HP) guilds, although technically fan clubs, deserve a whole catergory of their own simply because they are such a prominent genre. Their layouts and activities are all based on the Harry Potter books and films. There are usually four teams based on the hogwarts houses that do wizard-themed activities to earn points. HP guilds are a big scene on the GC at the moment-they even have their own army of gossip pages. Both layouts and content tend to be of a high quality-they provide lots to do.


There are inevitably some types of guilds that don't fit the mould, although they overlap with other categories. I'd like to see more 'original' ideas like these. Examples include:
  • Cultural (eg. themed on different places like a round-the-world tour or on different times in history)
  • Secret societies (these tend to offer secret missions and espionage activities. Examples are Covert and TMP.)
  • City themed (these usually have pages based on different places in a town eg. cinema, library, school etc.)
  • Paranomal themed (eg. The Unexplainable and Fear.)

What is a guild?

A guild is like a club on neopets. A basic guild consists of a homepage with images and welcome text and a guild board where only members of the guild can chat. Guilds can be on any theme and are a place for people interested in the same things to be able to chat and make friends. Most guilds also have extra pages that they make by customising their petpages. Most of them have a page of activities such as caption contests and scavenger hunts, some sort of news page or magazine, and a member directory. They might also have a neopet adoption agency, a writing or art page or anything else you can think of.

Some guilds also split their members into teams who can compete in the guild activities to earn points and rewards. But remember that guilds are not allowed to give items or neopoints as prizes, so avoid guilds that do.

How do I join or leave a guild?

Finding a Guild

There are several different ways of finding a guild:
  • Go to the guild chat and browse through the advertisements until you find one you like.
  • Go to the guild chat and create your own thread describing what kind of guild you like and then wait for people to post their advertisements.
  • Go to guild headquarters, click on one of the locations and browse throuhgh all the guilds.
  • Go to guild headquarters, scroll down to the bottom and search for guilds by their name or keywords.
  • Click on people's userlookups to see what guilds they are in.
  • Go to a guild directory and look at all the guilds that are listed by different themes. You can find links to guild directories here.

Joining a Guild

Once you've found a guild you like and if it is public, go to the guild's homepage and there should be a link that says either Join or Join Guild. This is usually in the sidebar on the left hand side, but for guilds with customized layouts it could be in a different place. Simply click the link and you will be a member and you will be able to click on the message board link and start to chat with other members of the guild.

If the guild is private you will need to look on their webbie to find an application form and then neomail it to the guild's owner. Then you must wait until they accept you and send you an invite. Go to your profile and make sure that the option to recieve guild invites is turned on. Once you get the invite, click on the link and you should be able to visit the guild's homepage now and click the link to join if you want to.

Leaving a Guild

If you decide to leave a guild there should be a link in the sidebar that says Leave Guild. If you can't see a link to leave this is against the rules so you should contact TNT if neccessary.

What types of guild are there?

When you're on the guild boards you might here a lot of terms bandied about in relation to guilds: public, private, literate, semi-literate...but what does all this mean?

Private V Public

A public guild is one which everyone can view, even those not in the guild (although only members can go to the message board). They are usually open to everyone to join and don't require an application.

Pirvate guilds, on the other hand, are ones which only allow members to see the homepage. They are usually only open to certain people eg. those over 18 years old or and they often ask you to fill in an application form before you join to see if you meet their requirements. Being private doesn't mean a guild is neccessarily trying to exclude people, though. Sometimes guilds go private to protect their layouts from being stolen or to make sure that the people who join are going to be active members who participate in the guild instead of joining and then leaving shortly after.


A guild's literacy level refers to how strict it is about spelling and grammar. A non-literate guild is one which has no rules about how you should post- you can use chatspeak if you want to.

Literate (or highly literate) guilds do not allow chatspeak and prefer you to use proper spelling and grammar when you can (it is usually writing and roleplay guilds that prefer this). They usually have rules about long your posts have to be and how many posts you can make in a row (to avoid people spamming).

Semi-literate guilds are a cross between the two, but they differ on what their rules actually are. For example they might want you to try to use correct spelling and grammar and write longer posts but they don't enforce the rule or they might allow some chatspeak like lol and brb but not all chatspeak.

Who's Who on the GC?

If you've spent any time on the GC you may begin to notice several people who stand out as regulars, who everyone seems to know by name. These GCers are popular (or not so popular) for different reasons including owning successful guilds in the past, thir graphics or coding skills, owning a news or gossip site or generally being very chatty on the GC. Here is an A-Z guide to who's who and what they are known for. Please note that some of these are currently active on the GC whilst others are barely seen any more but everyone still knows who they are.

Amy (starbelle)

Known for HP guilds like Firebolt, Deluminator and Friendfyre. Portfolio at /~Zyiatfirebolt and colourintense@dA.

Andrew (fateknows)

Known for graphics skills and owning guilds like Empire, Venus and Faded Simplicity. tarnishedsky@dA.

Angie (xenocracy)

Known for her css skills and for guilds like Blockparty, 16th Avenue and Luck. Portfolio at /~Merciere.

Anna (annalogy/veckatimeste)

Portfolio at /~thegceditorial, filmingg@dA.

Anti (antipopulace/amtpguild)

Owner of long running guild AMTP.

Astrea (remixes)

Used to run GC Dissident

Astro (dentistry)

Owns Canvas. Portfolio at /~Each and healtheburns @ dA.

Bethany (not)

Owner of espionage guild Covert and GC chat group TGCR.

Clickie/Meghan (severe_)

Known for her CSS. Has owned several successful guilds including Forever, Theorem, Astr, Blockparty and The Masterplan. She also ran gossip pages ~scandal__us and /~karmapolice_. ringtheriot at dA.

Conor (conoryeah)

Invented CSS3 on neopets. Created the video channel GC antics back in spring 2010 and ran the ~thegcpyramid. Portfolio at /~AwayFromMisery.

Dylan (saneandsimple)

Has owned successful guilds like Zone and used to run ~sosuemeforslander.

Fama (famaed/floramaria)

Runs the gossip/news page Fama's GC.

Hiro (hipvibe)

Has owned many guilds in the past including Jinx and Tonic. Used to run gossip page GC Blackout in spring 2010. Currently working on Infinity.

James (thirdculturekid)

Created gcirl on tumb and the Lol Hall of Fame.

Jas (touchedpapo)

Has been on the GC for a long time, known for his graphics, particularly vexels. Currently working on H.Wood.

Kali (sixyears)

She's been on the GC for a long time and is known for her graphics and for guilds like Radiant. Portfolio at /~sevenskys.

Krys (spillvegas)

Known for owning guilds like The Master Plan, Blockparty, Promotion and The Wreckage. Currently working on Civilization. Portfolio at /~thewasted.

Lacey (yelaux)

Owns Menchies and used to own The Island. fatalmagic.dA


Owns long running fashion guild Miroir.

Lia (sixspaces)

Owned guilds like Pulse and Jinx, currently working on Infinity.

Lyn (cityflux)

Known for CSS skills and guilds like The Masque and Versa. Portfolio at /~Luciology.

Massie (louboutin)

Owned successful travel guild Globetrekker and currently owns H.Wood. Also runs the GC Graphics Challenge. massikur.dA

Mia (pandemiic/definatemaybes)

Known for outstanding CSS and for guilds like Pandora, Triton and Snap. Currently working on Auexia. Used to run /~whatamievensaying. Portfolio at pandemiic at dA.

Revy (thatdoesntmakesense)

Created many GC pages in the past including the original GC pyramid, Boards and the Rooster page.

Skye (charlesbartholomew)

Created several pages under this alias including /~becauseimchuck.

Sosu (sosutreil)

Owner of Dusk. Graphics at /~Vianter.

Sydney (parisisburning)

Was working on H.Wood but was apparently self-froze after being exposed for leaking their layouts on gossip page ~just4funsies.

Theresa (vehementruth)

Known for her graphics and css and for running guilds like empire, theorem and astr. beauxlent@dA.

Tiffy (hidethecrazy)

Known for unique and abstract graphics. Owned successful guilds like Empire and H20. Portfolio at /~tieaffair.

Trina (itstrina)

Owned many successful guilds including pulse: 200+, zoi: 200+, voracity: 150+, roulette: 80+, paperheart: 100+ and Hotel Veinard. Currently working on Infinity.

Tuly (magicdrops)

Known mostly for her beautiful graphics (creativesteam.dA). Runs news/gc links site DeDictionary and popular graphics site 99mockingbirds. Was an owner in Jinx.

Tyler (stepdaughter)

Previous owner of Bloc Party, Diamond X, the Wreckage, and Zone. Now runs The GC Buzz.

Zach (northgold)

Was an owner in successful guilds like THE and Roulette. Currently working on Home. Used to run the GC project.

Popular Guilds

Popular Guilds of the Present

Pocket Otaku

Popular Guilds of the Past

Cirque, Zone, The Masterplan, Empire, Globetrekker, Pandora, Bloc Party, Forever, Theorem, Astr, Jinx, Tonic, Nova Sponge Cakes, H20, Voracity, Roulette, Paperheart, Hotel Veinard, Pulse, Zoi, THE.

Popular Guilds of the Future?

Auexia-made by Mia.
Infinity-Club themed, made by Trina (itstrina), Hiro (hipvibe), Anita (ugisanu), Lia (sixspaces), Elle (flexabilityy), and Jonni (xposure).
H.Wood-hollywood themed and brought to you by Massie (louboutin), Ann (octopodes), Jas (touchpapo), Sydney (parissburning), and Brody (furbyrevival).
Spades-NR, made by AI (ayumijen), Meg (onlyonereason_), Jade (frazzle), and Sarah (dragon_heart08).
Home-space themed and brought to you by Zach (nothgold)
Civilization-a Krys (spillvegas) production.


Beginners Guide

What is a guild?
What types of guild are there?
What different themes are there?
How do I join or leave a guild?

Guild Chatting Guide

What is the GC?
Who's Who on the GC?
Popular Guilds

Making and Running Guide

So, you want to make a guild, eh? Before you start you should bear in mind that creating and running a guild can be hard work. You will need to be active, dedicated, creative and organised and you'll probably need to have or learn skills such as graphics making or coding to make your guild a success. If you're prepared to put in the effort then follow the steps below to create a great guild.

Choosing a Theme
Looking for Helpers
Choosing a Name
Creating a Guild
Creating a Layout
Coding Guide
Adding Content
Choosing Staff
Activities and Events
Guild Rules

Coding Guide

This is a brief guide to some HTML and CSS basics. For more in depth guides please visit the directory.

HTML and CSS are easy once you get the hang of them. It is basically a code that tells your computer how to display things on a webpage. Every command that you give it needs to be inside a tag. A tag is an instruction enclosed in triangular brackets like this . Whatever you put after the tag will have the effect you have chosen eg. bold or italic until you close the tag by putting a command with a / in front of it like this . Below are some common tags you can use.

Text Styles (bold, italic, underlined and crossed out)


To add an image you must first find or make one and save it on your computer as a png, jpg or gif file. Then you need to upload it at an image hosting site which will give you a direct link. You need to copy the direct link for your code to work.

To change the size of an image you write this and change the numbers to however many pixels you want:

To add a border you write this and change the number. 0 will give you no border, 1 gives a thin border. The higher the number the thicker the border.


This is the code for a simple link:

To make an image into a link you just put the image code above inside the link tags like this:

Text Boxes

Text boxes are a simple way to put coding on your page for people to copy or things like forms which would take up a lot of space. The code for simple text boxes is:

CSS Background Color

Backgrounds are best done using CSS rather than HTML. All this means is that instead of putting background tags you describe what you want your background to look like and put this inside of a style tag at the top of your page.
This style sheet gives you a simple solid color background:

To change the color, replace the word white with either a color name or a hex code from this page.

CSS Background Image

To create a tiling background image (one that repeats itself across the size of the screen) you use this code inside your style tags:

If you want a fullpage background image that doesn't repeat you use this code:

CSS Headings

Using CSS you can specify how you want your headings to appear. You can have a title (h1), and subheadings (h2, h3 etc). Simply use the code below and adapt it to your needs by changing the name of the font, the font size, the font color etc. Place this code inside style tags with your background info.

To get your heading to be in capital letters try this code:

To make it bold try this:

To center it use this:

More coming soon!

Looking for Helpers

When you've chosen a theme, go to the guild boards and make a topic saying you'd like to make and describing the ideas you have. Also say a little about your talents, skills and interests. Look for helpers who share the same interests and possess the following attributes: coding or graphics skill, literacy, past guild-making experience, expert knowledge eg. roleplay, activeness, enthusiasm and the ability to come up with unique ideas. If you find a team to work with, that's great, but DON'T CHOOSE YOUR COUNCIL YET! You don't want to just give your staff positions away as you may regret it later. Sadly some people will say anything to get a council spot but when it comes down to it they won't be much help to you. First see how everyone performs and works as a team and then hold a council election when your guild is more established.

Choosing a Name

This is an important step. The name is the first thing a potential member will learn about your guild and if it sounds stupid it will put them off and might stop them from even looking at your guild. Choose wisely. You need a name that represents what your guild is about. If possible go for one word names as they are punchy and memorable, but two or three words are okay. Try to avoid using symbols and underscores in the name as that looks tacky. If the name is taken you simply have to be more creative-get your thinking cap on!

If you use any of the names below please let me know and give me credit somewhere on your guild.

Themeless Name Suggestions

Peaches 'n' Cream

Artistic Name Suggestions

Ink and Chalk
Flash Fiction
Cloudy Lens
Practice Makes Perfect

Fashion Name Suggestions


Creating a Guild

Now you've got a name you need to create the basic guild. Go to this page and enter in the details it requests. For guild neighbourhood it doesn't really matter what you choose. But your desired name in the next box (you may have to try a few different ones until you find one that's untaken). For your guild description write a couple of sentences on what it's about and in the welcome message box just put a brief explanation saying you're under construction. You'll put the guild layout there later. Next choose whether it will be public or private. If you want it to be hidden while you build it, choose private but remember you will have to invite members so they can see it. If you make it public its easier to show people and more will join. Next select a color scheme that goes with yoru guild's theme. Then you can edit the heirarchy (the ranks). You can keep this the same for now or if you wish you can change the ranks to ones that go with your theme eg. for a celebrity guild you might have nobody, c-lister, b-lister, a-lister and superstar. When you're done click Create Your Guild.

Creating a Layout

This is the trickiest step for some as it requires some degree of coding or graphics making skill. First decide what type of layout you want:
a) A text box in the center of a background
b) A full-page layout (image covers the entire screen). These are the most popular right now but remember to leave the sidebar on otherwise it's against the rules.
c) A banner-type image at the top with text underneath.

If you're not confident enough in coding or graphics to make one yourself, you could use a premade layout from a graphics site. However, you should be warned that a lot of people don't like premade layouts as they don't show as much effort as custom ones and can make your guild look the same as everyone elses'. A better option would be to team up with someone who can make good layouts or, if you're really stuck, try asking someone nice on the guild board to make you one (but this won't help long term).

Alternatively you could try to teach yourself how to make guild layouts by studying (but not copying) other people's coding and graphics making and reading guides and tutorials. This is what I did- it was long and hard but now I have the skills to keep making good guild layouts.

You're aiming for a layout that:
a) Looks visually appealing
b) Goes with your theme
c) Displays the guild name clearly
d) Is unique to your guild
e) Has the guild sidebar on
f) Has a space for links to other pages like a webbie and portal.

When you've made an image and coded it, go to Guild Layout Admin, click on Modify Guild Preferences and paste your code into the welcome message box before hitting save. If you have any issues with it you could ask people on the GC to rate it or go to the Help Chat to get advice on how to fix it.

Don't forget to also make a 100x100 logo for your guild to match the homepage. Go to Guild Layout Admin then Upload/Change Guild Logo and browse on your computer for the image.

Adding Content

Next you'll want to add some content to your homepage. You could write a welcome message introducing what the guild is all about, a list of links to other pages, news and updates, your guild till total, member points and anything else that you think is important. Remember this is probably the first thing that potential members will read so make sure it's clear and to the point and sells your guild.

Now you'll want to think about adding some pages of content to your guild. You can either make your own petpage layouts or use a good premade from a site like That One Page, Morgan's CSS or Sugary Premades and customise it to fit your guild. Many guilds opt for layouts with page anchors (lots of mini-pages inside one big page like this one) as you can fit more information on them. It's up to you whether you keep the same style of layout for each page to be consistent, or whether you choose different ones to mix it up a bit.

What pages you make depends on the type of guild you have- some don't need any extra pages. Here is a list of possible pages you could make, with the types of guilds that commonly have them.

  • Webbie-This is an information page about your guild with details of things like staff members, rules, ranks, teams, how to earn points, rewards, guild stats (if your guild is private) etc. You should put anything you think is useful on here. Most guild types have a webbie.
  • Portal-This is a page with a list of links to all the other guild pages. It's only worth having if you have a lot of pages.
  • Activities-Most guilds (other than roleplay) have an activities page that features competitions that members can enter to earn points. You can learn more about activities here.
  • Yearbook/Member info-This is a page containing information about all your members so they can get to know each other. It usually includes where they're from, their hobbies, what timezone they're in etc. Most guilds tend to have these now.
  • Adoption agency-This is a page that lists neopets that members want to trade. Usually only NR guilds have them.
  • Character page-Roleplay guilds often have a page dedicated to listing character profiles.
  • Writing page-These are common in artistic guilds but not in others. It's basically a page where members can send in poetry and stories.
  • Club pages-Clubs are getting more popular now. They are small groups of members within your guild who have a particular interest and meet on the guild board to talk about it eg. a book or film club. They sometimes have their own page to say who is in the club which often has seperate activities on.
  • Art gallery-most artistic guilds have one of these, but usually other types don't. Members send in there art to have it displayed and maybe rated.
  • Graphics page-Most guilds (except roleplay) tend to have this, especially artistic and themeless guilds. It's a page providing banners, userlookups, fonts etc. that advertise the guild.
  • Magazine/newspaper-These are very popular for all guilds except roleplay. Usually they are filled with news about the guild, articles, jokes, comics and sometimes writing and art if the guild doesn't have a seperate art or writing page.
  • Donation shop-This is simply a shop that members can buy from to give neopoints to the guild till. Usually guilds don't need neopoints unless they are saving up for a lab map for their adoption agency or something like that, so usually only NR guilds have them. Forcing people to donate, scamming people out of NP or using the donations to buy prizes for your guild members are all against the rules.
  • Dailies-Sometimes NR guilds will have a list of neopets daily links.
  • Avatar lending-Some NR guilds have a page that lists avatars and let's people borrow items that they need to get secret avatars.
  • Guides-It's useful for some guilds to have guides. Art, writing and graphics guides are usually found in artistic guilds, roleplay guilds often have a tutorial as do NR guilds centered on games, earning NP etc.

Once you've made your pages and filled them with content get someone to host them. It's difficult to run a lot of pages at once so try to distribute them evenly among your team.

Choosing Staff

Now that you've worked with others for a while setting up the guild pages, you probably have a good idea of which members would be useful to have on your council. It's best to hold an election about a week after you open, after you get to know anybody. Remember never to just give away a council position to try to get someone to join- you need to choose someone reliable.

You should choose people that:
  • Have coding or graphics-making skill
  • Are enthusiastic
  • Are active
  • Have previous experience of running guilds
  • Are mature
  • Know something about your guild theme eg. they are good at writing, roleplay etc.
  • Are good at advertising to recruit members
  • Are organised and reliable
  • Are friendly and you get on well with
You can get people to apply by making them fill in a form with that kind of information on. Then you can either choose yourself or create a poll and get the rest of the members to vote.

Admin Powers

Admin powers are certain options available to council members to chane settings on the guild. You can alter a member's admin powers by going to Guild Members (under Admin), clicking on their username and then ticking the boxes where it says admin powers. Here is a guide to what each one does:
  • Layout control- allows your members to modify your guild layout and logo.
  • Board monitor- allows members to delete board posts.
  • Invite privilege-if your guild is private this allows members to invite other users to see and join your guild.
  • Member admin-allows the user to change members ranks, suspend, delete or block them and change their admin powers.
  • Calendar monitor-allows them to add and delete calendar entries
  • Mail privilege- allows them to send guild mailers (neomail to all guild members at once)
  • Council admin-allows them to view, accept or reject council applications.
  • Poll admin- allows members to create or delete polls
  • Log admin- allows members to delete entries from the guild log (the record of who has made what changes to the guild).


Once you've got your council members sorted you might want to divide up certain responsibilities and admin powers, or create additional jobs for those not on the council.
Here are some of the duties that you might want people to do and the admin powers that would be useful to them:
  • Advertising
  • Making layouts and other graphics (layout admin needed)
  • Hosting pages
  • Welcoming new members
  • Keeping track of points (layout admin possibly needed)
  • Writing content eg. articles, guides, stories etc.
  • Running clubs
  • Sending reminders to members (guild mailer admin needed)
  • Organising activities and events (calendar admin needed)
  • Monitoring the board (board monitor admin needed)
  • Coming up with new ideas.
You can have all your staff responsible for all of the duties or you can give each person a different role. Make sure members understand what each job is about before they reply and hold regular meetings with your staff to check how things are going and keep your guild running smoothly.

Activities and Events

What is a guild without activities? Dull, that's what. Activities will give your members something fun to do-most guilds except roleplay have them.

Activity Ideas

The activities you can have are only limited by your imagination. Some common ones are:
  • Caption contest
  • Riddles
  • Spot the difference
  • Anagrams
  • Quizzes
  • Coloring page
  • Art or writing competition
  • Guild plot (like the neopets plots)
  • Scavenger hunt (where you ask members to find you the name of a rainbow lupe for example)
  • Chance games (eg. asking members to pick a certain number or object to win)
Think up as many activities as you like and set them up on a petpage for people to enter.

Event Ideas

Your guild can also have weekly, monthly or yearly events. You might want to write up a timetable for your activities page or enter them into your guild calendar. Here are some ideas:
  • Film night (where members all watch a film together and talk about it on the board)
  • Book club meeting (members chat about their fave books and new releases)
  • Story-athon (someone starts a story and another person continues it and so on)
  • Birthday celebration (chatting and eating cake)
  • Meeting (with staff to discuss how the guild is run)
  • Games night (playing neopets games and trying to beat each other's scores)
  • Keyquest Tournament (guild members try to beat each other a keyquest)
  • Battledome Tournament (members fight against each other in the battledome with different rounds)
  • Bargain Day (Put up some trades and auctions that only guild members can bid on or have cheap items in your shop)

Prize Ideas

The most important thing to remember is that CONTESTS WITH ITEMS AND NEOPOINTS AS PRIZES ARE NOT ALLOWED. It's not worth the risk of having your guild deleted. Instead your members could earn imaginary points or just be happy with the satisfaction of winning. If you really want to give prizes here are some ideas that don't clash with the rules:
  • Admin powers for a day
  • A custom graphic or layout
  • A custom poem or story
  • A review of someone's artwork, writing or site
  • A custom made badge, award or trophy
  • A chance to host their own page or start a new club
  • A piece of custom artwork


Advertising is crucial to the success of any guild as it is the main way you will gain members. The main place you can advertise is the guild chat, either by posting on someone's guildless board or starting your own thread about yoru guild. Here are some tips for successful advertising:
  • When posting on guildless boards be sure to read their first post as they often explain which guilds they are looking for and if you post something they've said they don't want they are likely to ignore you. Some ask you to post specific things like their name or favourite color to check you read.
  • Make yourself a font that advertises your guild and have the guild name or link in your siggy
  • Make some banners that link to your guild and place them on your userlookup, shop, gallery and spare petpages and encourage your members to do the same.
  • When you create a thread about your guild, post the link to it on your own guild chat board or homepage so your members can join you and help bump it up.
  • Reward members that advertise or recruit new members by giving them points.
  • Look back through the old guild chat messages for topics that sound promising (eg. art guild wanted) and go to the board maker's lookup to see if they have joined a guild. Sometimes although the post is old they have still not found one they like, so you could send them a polite neomail offering them to join your guild if they are still looking.
  • If someone turns you down be sure to givre a friendly reply wishing them good luck with their search. They may not join but they will remember how polite and friendly you were and it will give you a good reputation.
  • Always provide links to your homepage, webbie, portal and anything else that's important about your guild. People hate having to search around to find the links.
  • A lot of neopians hate premade ads as they look like you've been lazy. If you're going to copy and paste a message at least customize it with their name and answer their questions.
  • Guildless people like it if you stick around and chat. Talk about their interests and make an effort to get to know them and they'll appreciate that you're not just looking for another number.
  • A well thought out paragraph is much better than a list of things your guild has as it shows more personality and effort. Never just post JOIN MY GUILD! and a link with no explanation. It makes you look immature.
  • Try to get your guild listed on guild directories and have it reviewed for guild review sites.

Welcoming New Members

New members to your guild will probably be a little confused as to how your guild works, and they won't know anyone so they might need some help. When you notice someone new has joined it's a good idea to send them a message introducing yourself, thanking them for joining and offering your help. You might want to explain to them the activities and events that are going on right now. Remind them to turn on their guild mailer option, add their birthday to the calendar so you can celebrate it, send in their details to your yearbook (if you have one) and introduce themselves on the message board. All this will make them feel welcomed.

Guild Rules

It's important to stick to the neopets rules when running a guild, otherwise TNT might delete your guild. You wouldn't want to waste all that time and effort now, would you? Currently there is no definative list of guild rules on neopets, but these summaries were taken from things TNT have said in the neopets terms and conditions and in Neopian Times editorials.

Offsite Links

These webbies are technically allowed, but linking to offsite pages is NOT allowed. Even trying to disguise your link or putting it on an image is against the rules. So basically there's no point in making an offsite webbie because you're not allowed to send your members there. Most people are wary to join guilds with offsite webbies now as they don't want to get frozen, so onsite webbies are more popular. If your members post offsite links you should warn them not to and delete those posts.

Activities and Prizes

Giving away neopoints or items as prizes to guild members is against the rules. This includes newbie packs. Of course you can send your guild members gifts, but you are not allowed to make them do anything in return or to notify them before hand. So promising someone that you will give them a paintbrush if they join is not allowed.

Copying Content

Stealing the creative work of others is not allowed. This means you shouldn't use other people's guild text, artwork, graphics, layout, coding, writing or specific ideas without their permission. If you do you risk being reported, it's just not worth it when there are so many great premade sites out there.

Topics to Avoid

As elsewhere on neopets, you should avoid adult topics, violence, religious and political issues etc. So this means you can't theme your guild around them. If you see people talking about them on the guild board you should ask them not to and delete their posts.

Guild Accounts

You can create an account for all yoru guild business, but you are not allowed to have a shared account that more than one person can access.


Making it a requirement that members donate neopoints or items to your guild is strictly against the rules and classed as scamming. You can have a donation shop for members that want to give to the guild till, but TNT say there is not much point having one since you are not allowed to spend it on items or neopoints as prizes. The only things you might want a guild till for are to save up for an advertising space on the guild notice board, buy more items for a guild shop or trades or buy paintbrushes and lab maps for an adoption agency.

Full Page Layotus

These are only allowed if you don't cover up the guild sidebar and you leave all of the links on so that people can find their way back to neopets.

Item Pools

Item pools are like lending or borrowing libaries where people donate books, avatar items etc. for other members to use. These are against the rules in any way, shape or form.

What is the GC?

The GC is the guild chat board. It is the place where guildless neopians come to search for a place to come home and where guild owners and members come to advertise. Here are some of the activities you will typically find on the GC:
  • Guildless threads
  • Threads advertising particular guilds
  • People looking for someone to make layouts and graphics or code something for them.
  • People wanting to make a new guild and looking for others to help them.
  • People offering layout and graphics making services.
  • Guild directories looking for new entries
  • Review sites looking to review guilds
  • People wanting advice about their guild
  • People wanting a review/rating of their layout
  • People asking questions about the rules relating to guilds.

What goes on on the GC?

In the past the GC has been rather up and down in its activity levels. Way back it was just a place to advertise and look for a guild, and there used to be lots of friendly guild spotlight or guild of the month competitions.

Today the GC is a much more interesting place. There are chat groups, inter-guild contests, graphics showcases and news and gossip pages. Some people dislike the gossip pages because some of them can be rude, leak layouts and spread rumours as well as reporting facts. However, a lot of people enjoy the drama these pages create and feel that it livens up the GC. There are also a lot of pages that like to rank the most talented or popular GCers, and there is mixed opinion as to whether this is motivational or simply putting people on a pedestal. It's up to you to make your own mind up.

The GC often goes through phases of activeness and phases where it's completely dull. Usually it hibernates throughout the winter and then has a revival during the summer months when everyone is off school and many of the well-known GCers return.