You Got A Crown

and I'm gonna knock it off

I Am Nav

I'm a 24 year old hockey-loving, music-playing, moose-watching Canadian with a deep love of winter and anything generally below -10 degrees. (Yes, I am that stereotypical.) I like classic cars and classic rock. I'm currently learning to play bass and drive stick. I love most sports, especially hockey (NHL; New Jersey Devils - OHL; Ottawa 67's), football (NFL; Chicago Bears - CFL; Montreal Alouettes) and F1. Late night is the best time of day and winter is clearly the only season that should exist. I look forward to returning to school (hopefully soon) to pursue Welding.


◦ Fast Cars
◦ Classic Rock
◦ Sports
◦ Asian food
◦ Winter


◦ Small, loud things
◦ People who leave doors open when leaving the room
◦ Slow drivers
◦ Inconsideration
◦ Summer

Personal Goals

◦ Return to school in Spring 2018
◦ Continue to improve my riding
◦ Travel to a new country
◦ Go to the Winter Classic
◦ Road trip somewhere

On Neo

I'm a little all over the place on Neo. I've bounced between focusing on different things, so what I do frequently changes. I like working on my gallery, training Xeratul and pet trading. I may lazily kad and attempt game avatars (which I am horrific at). Sometimes I restock if my computer is behaving. I am most likely to be found on the Pound Chat trading pets or, rarely, on the Kad or RS boards. I also try and add to my stamp and card collections on occasion.

General Goals

  • 330 Avatars
  • Size 100 Gallery
  • Neoquest I - Gold
  • UC Darigan Moehog
  • Xeratul - 400 Evens

Item Goals

Grimoire of Affluence - HT - Richest Avatar

Spotted Paint Brush - paint a Spotted Kougra

Virtupets Album Stamps - Virtupets Stamp Avatar

Gallery Items - complete item gallery

The Pets

Akalabeth the True Beginning
Diefenbaker the Loyal Friend

the Snow Raindorf

Gav the Misunderstood Brit

the Desert Airax

Raytrex the Undisputed Champion

the Birthday Warf

Reclaimer the Destined Hero

Forward Unto Dawn
the Mech. Lab. Assistant

Rhyerson the Faithful Companion

the Halloween Blugar

Vigilant the Ruthless Protector

the Tamed Mini-Monster

Xeratul the Exiled Templar

the Darigan Raindorf