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Welcome to my directory of Alien Aishas living among us! This site has much more than that to offer however. Here you will find all the information known to us about these mysterious outer space creatures, some fun Alien Aisha themed graphics, and six different methods to get one for yourself.

If you are the proud owner of an Alien Aisha and you would like to add him or her to this directory, all you have to do is send me a neomail.

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about alien aishas

Alien Aishas are a mysterious species of neopets closely related to Neopian Aishas. All that's known of their home planet is that it's quite far away. Their mothership can be found orbiting Neopia. They can be distinguished from Neopian Aishas by their six ears, and a strange mark on their forehead. Though green is by far the most commonly seen colour, they've also been known to come in orange, purple, pink, red, blue and yellow.

Alien Aishas are most commonly associated with their vending machines, and appetite for creative food combinations. They traditionally pass names down through families, and use a unique currency called Nerkmids

For generations the mission of the Alien Aishas has been to explore the universe to expand their famous Vending Machine Company . However, many modern day Alien Aishas have ventured down other career paths, the most prominent examples being professional Gormball player Farvin III, and Sloth Agent Sophix II. Alien Aishas are well known for their rare and exotic foods, which are strongly disliked by many native Neopians. Many Alien Aishas consider traditional Neopian dishes to be bland and boring.

Wherever their mysterious home planet is, they're widely believed to have much more advanced technology than Neopia. Most Alien Aishas seem to be highly intelligent, and naturally talented with everything from mechanics to physics. We know that they are capable of long distance space travel, and have very advanced weaponry, but the extent of their knowledge is unknown to us.

the vending machine

The Alien Aisha Vending Machine, owned by Alien Aisha Vending Ltd., can be found at the Neopian Plaza. It dispenses delicious snacks for Alien Aishas, but for most neopets some seriously gross foods. If your lucky, you can win a much better prize. Of course, this is no ordinary vending machine, so you can't simply use neopoints to use it. You need nerkmids.


These are the strange star-spaced currency from the Alien Aisha's home planet. There are 20 different types of nerkmids, made of various metals such as gold, copper, and aluminium. Each vary in price, but which nerkmid you use doesn't seem to have any effect on what you'll win.

Nerkmids are sometimes given to you by an Alien Aisha in a Random Events. You can also get them by buying them from other users, winning a battle against The Jetsam Ace (only available to premium members), or from the vending machine itself.

The first time you use a nerkmid at the Vending Machine, you'll get this nifty avatar.


You will always win a prize, along with a random amount of neopoints, the max being 75,000 NP. Most often you will get a Gross Food item, but you can also get a Fading Bottled Faerie, a nerkmid, or an item with "paint brush" in the name.

Depending on the amount of neopoints you win, you can also get a pretty trophy!

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famous alien aishas

Many Alien Aishas have made a name for themselves here in Neopia, some with their strength and bravery, some with their brains and cleverness. I've listed some of the most well known, both heros and villains, here on this page.

Supreme Commander Arlhox VII

When decisions need to be made, the Alien Aishas turn to their supreme commander Arlhox VII. The highest ranking Alien Aisha that we know of, it's believed he is the owner of Alien Aisha Vending Ltd. He can be seen in the game Assignment 53, and also has his own NeoDeck card and plushie.

Beerlap III

Brave, quick witted and full of adventure, Beerlap is not afraid to be the first Alien Aisha to set foot on a new planet. One of the most well known explorers, he has his own Neodeck card, and has been a Better Than You contestant twice.

Captain Xelqued

This crafty Alien Aisha is an explorer and artifact hunter. With the help of his ship pilot Norbekk, he tricked Fyora into giving him a tour of the Hidden Tower in order to collect information on the artifacts sold there. He's also the inventor of the Alien Aisha Myriad that was sold there for a short time. He has a NeoDeck card, and has been a Better Than You contestant.

Farlax V

Farlax is an explorer and location scout for Alien Aisha Vending Ltd. He prides himself on finding the best places to install the machines, and dreams of the day there's a vending machine in every galaxy. He has a NeoDeck card, and has been a Better Than You contestant

Farvin III

One of the more popular Alien Aishas, Farvin is a famous Gormball player, playing since Year 2. With his six ears, he has the advantage of extra sensory hearing to help him judge when the ball is about to explode. He's been a consistently good player, though hasn't had the best luck, coming down with a sudden ear lnfection after a strong start in the AGC (Annual Gormball Championship) of Year 4. He won 2nd place in Years 3, 5, and 7, and was Champion in Year 9. Farvin's likeness has been used for a number of merchandise items, including an action figure, bobblehead, plushie, and he even has his own Usuki doll!

Gargon IV

Gargon is another explorer for Alien Aisha Vending Ltd. He's head of the research team who roam the galaxy in search of new ingredients for new product recipes. He's featured on NeoDeck card.

Shreegla VI

Not much is known about this Alien Aisha. It's rumoured that he is a top researcher and inventor for Supreme Commander Arlhox VII, which would explain the secrecy surrounding his work. He is yet another Alien Aisha with a NeoDeck card.

Sophix II

Sophix was a mercenary and agent for Dr. Sloth. During his invasion of the Space Station she arranged for the Grundo Bots to stop the Resistance. Once Sloth was defeated she was captured by the Resistance along with Commander Garoo. According to sources, Sophix's mercenary work was only meant to pay the bills while pursuing her dream of a singing career. Sophix has no NeoDeck card, but does have a plushie.

how to get one

Looking to get an Alien Aisha of your very own? They cannot be morphed or painted, but on this page I will list the six methods you can use to get one for yourself. Best of luck!

the lab ray

Unless you are new to Neopets, or just been living under a rock, you know about The Lab Ray. To access it you must get all 9 pieces of the secret laboratory map.


The Lab Ray may not have zapped you an Alien Aisha, but maybe you've zapped and equally sought after pet, or perhaps you have a pet you're finding yourself loosing interest in. Head on over to the Neopian Pound Neoboard to try to trade for your Alien Aisha.


Neopets up for adoption can also be found at the Neopian Pound Neoboard. There are also several adoption agencies available if you take a look around. This is how I got Jaetyon, my first Alien Aisha.

fountain faerie quests

The Rainbow Fountain can also turn your Aisha into an Alien. You can use the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies sold at the NC Mall to greatly increase your chances, but be aware it may take a while for you to receive a FFQ from one. This is how I got my second Alien Aisha, Gaelaxy.

dream neopet giveaway

During the holidays (or sometimes in July) TNT will grant a few lucky users their dream neopets. The winners are chosen at random and there's normally only 10. This opinion is the least likely to be succesful.

Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water

This is a prize from the Underwater Fishing Cavern in Maraqua. Drinking this will change your Neopet into a random colour. It's a one use only item, which will cost you on average about 1.7 million NP (12-11-2017). The chances of turning your Aisha into an Alien with this are 1 in 67, much better odds than the Dream Neopet Giveaway but still unlikely, and at a very high cost.


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To have your Alien Aisha added to this directory all you have to do is send me a neomail. If you have a preferred nickname for your pet you would like me to use just let me know.

  • This list is for permanent pets, not pets who are UFT or UFA.
  • This list is for permanent Alien Aishas, not pets who are currently being zapped or may be morphed or painted in the future.

None of these pets are UFT/UFA, so please do not bother their owners.

The Boys

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None of these pets are UFT/UFA, so please do not bother their owners.

The Girls

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