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Hello there, I'm Kayla, and welcome to Asura, a page for the site community where you can list, rate and comment on sites. This site was established early in May 2012 and was wiped to start anew in August 2014. Asura is here to serve a purpose to both the visitor and the site owner. Site owners can list their sites to be rated and commented on by visitors and their fellow site owners. The comments and ratings left by visitors will let others know what a certain site is all about and if they're worth visiting. I hope you enjoy your visit to this page, and why don't you go and rate some sites?

August 08, 2015 @ 10:10am NST
Hello lovlies! Small update today:
+ 1 comment/rating for Unwound Clock.
+ 1 comment/rating for Aroma.
+ 1 comment/rating for Floret.
+ 1 comment/rating for Pandora.

- Edited listing information for Pandora.
- Brevitys listing is back up! There was a coding mishap on my part, but it's been fixed!

July 29, 2015 @ 3:30pm NST
Okay! So it's been a month since our last update, and thus today's update has been a a huge one. Like, way too much stuff for me to list it all out here in the updates section. So just go ahead and lurk around and I'm 100% positive you'll see all the new updates for many of the current listings. In addition to a plentiful amount of new pages added!
Total Pages Listed: 79

A Note from Kayla - August 08, 2015

I am finally done with my summer semester classes! *yay* Which means I have a 10 day break now until the fall semester starts up on the 17th this month. But I ended up passing both classes with and A so that was really awesome. I also managed to get that job at my college's bookstore, which is an additional plus on the good vibe train that's been doing on. Thanks again to everyone for their continuous support for what I do here at Asura, and for also supporting all the other site owners who participate in what Asura has to offer. You all rock!

Much love,

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A top-site is a place where site owners can list their pages as a sort of advert. However, there is a twist. Neopians can rate pages and comment on them, which then alerts other viewers of the quality and preference of the page listed. It's a way of determining what the community prefers, and it also gives site owners helpful insight about their pages. Basically, Asura is like Yelp for site owners.

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A:) If a visitor to your site has been acting in a negative manor, and you are concerned about him/her sending in a poor rating, please contact me right away. I will keep your site listed on my watch-list (which I keep in my phone) and be sure to monitor submissions for your site extra closely. You will be informed if I receive a submission I feel you should be notified about.

Q:) I would like to change some information for my site, how can I do that?
A:) Very simple actually, just visit the Site Owner Panel and send the new information to me.

Q:) I own more than one site, may I list all my sites?
A:) Yes, you may. There is no limit to the number of listings one person can submit.

Q:) To list a site, do I have to be its owner?
A): Yes.

Q:) There isn't a category for my site.
A:) If you site doesn't fit into any of the current categories, don't worry. I will gladly make a new category.
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# of ratings: 5 | # of comments: 5

Bisou is a custom adoptable site. You can request little adoptables to represent your neopet or yourself.

vaporeon2007 [07-29-15] - She is a lovely and energetic person to chat with. She is always trying to find ways to expand her artistic talents whether she is on or off-line. Ashe's pride and commitment to her passion is something I envy. I love checking her site every chance I get, and so should you! (5 stars)

Jewlz [03-19-15] - Although I do miss the old chibi's, the new ones are just as fantastic and even more unique. Ashe did an amazing job with my request and urge everyone to request from her when Bisou is has openings. Great work! (5 stars)

Ryan [02-22-2015] - Bisou makes magnificent adoptables. She completes adoptables quickly and with care. She takes time to make sure she has everything you requested for. (5 stars)

Elaina [02-01-2015] - Bisou is no doubt the best adoptable site Neopets has to offer. Not only does Ashe work extra hard to get an adoptable just right, but she also comes up with even more beautiful, breathtaking styles for her chibis. She's kind, caring, fun, and an all around amazing and talented person. This site is one I visit often, even if I don't request, just because I love seeing her work! She has also played a role into me making a site of my own, and I could never thank her enough for that. Bisou is just a wonderful, constantly updated site ran by a sweet, kind person, and anyone looking for something beautiful made custom for them, Bisou is the place to go! (5 stars)

Natalie [01-31-15] - I would give Bisou 5 out of 5 stars. Easy to navigate, quick responses, clear information, and absolutely stunning work. No guessing as to whether the site is still open or if she's taking requests - she's phenomenal about keeping things up-to-date and concise. Her work speaks for itself; they're adorable! (5 stars)

# of ratings: 3 | # of comments: 1

Crumble is a tea party themed edible adoptable site run by Jewlz and Hayley. You can pick up a tasty treat or request a special one for yourself.

Ryan [03-07-15] - Crumble is a wonderful adoptable site. They have many verities to suit you every taste. Their adoptables are amazing. With two adoptable makers, their their is so much to choose from. (5 stars)

Kerr [02-21-15] - (5 stars)

Ashe [02-10-15] - Crumble is one of the best (if not only) duo-ran adoptable sites out there. It's inspiring that Jewlz and Hayley both worked together to create such a wonderful and on-going site. They offer a wide variety of adoptables for every sweet tooth out there. Definitely worth visiting! (5 stars)

# of ratings: 8 | # of comments: 7

Jepzine's Cafe offers "Sweet" adoptables in various forms for all her Neopian guests.

Anrui [07-29-15] - (5 stars)

Katy [07-29-15] - Her work is incredible and very detail and she is very kind and fast! The quality is amazing, very cute and specific. Her adoptables are one of the best. (5 stars)

Laura [07-29-15] - Those adoptables are the sweetest things ever. They sugarcoat themselves! They were delivered quickly too - must have been the sugar rush.

Regan [07-29-15] - (5 stars)

Charm [07-29-15] - RJ very adeptly combines unique Neopet colour characteristics with her signature bakery-themed adoptables. The result is adorable adoptables that are more subtle and versatile to use than traditional pet adoptables. I also appreciate her flexibility and professionalism when it comes to custom requests. (5 stars)

Gamzee [06-26-15] - I've been all over requesting adoptables recently, and Jepzine is one of the best I've encountered. Your request is met with a smile and adorable bakery/sweet play-on-words that make you feel like you're ordering from a real food establishment. (o: The quality of the adoptables is immaculate. The lines are smooth, and I requested a custom "straw" & "wrapper" for the sundae I ordered. Thank you, Jepzine! ^u^ (5 stars)

Lacee [06-03-15] - I requested something that she wasn't really allowing to request. I requested a girl sitting on a cupcake AND holding something. She did it. She didn't get mad at me. Plus, when I finally saw it, it was super cute! I love it so much and I can't wait to put it to use. :)

Isabella [06-03-15] - I just have to say that her sweets are so awesome. It is one of the cutest things you will ever see and it's so adorable and at the same time so specific. I'd definitely say that her work is one of the best adoptable around. You will not be disappointed with the outcome, you will love it. It's a 10/10 ^^ (5 stars)

Malisha [03-07-15] - (4 stars)

Eve [03-07-15] - This site is truly amazing. Her adopts are beautify made and I promise that if you request something you will not be disappointed. I myself have requested two adoptables from her and plan on requesting another as soon as her requests open again. rj is a true artist and I look forward to seeing more of her work. (5 stars)

Ryan [03-07-15] - Jepzine's Cafe is the best adoptable site ever. Their adoptables are top notch. They have an ever growing premade and is adding more types to her collection. She also does any request no matter what you throw her way. (5 stars)

Avatar Lending

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

An Avatar Lending site dedicated to helping users obtain Item, Pet, and Petpet Avatars.

# of ratings: 2 | # of comments: 2

My site is an avatar lending program that lends the basics, some pets, and a couple other avatars for no collateral.

Ryan [03-07-15] - Hannah has multiple avatars to choose from. I would definitely check out her site for avatar needs! (5 stars)

Sophie [03-07-15] - Hannah is off to a great start with Avatar Lending! I wish her good luck in obtaining the other big avatars to lend out! (5 stars)

# of ratings: 7 | # of comments: 7

Helping Neopians get their pet, petpet and mootix avatars since 2008.

splendid_serena [07-29-15] - Pamela is one of a few pet/petpet lenders that I know who is open to offering their services to side accounts in addition to main ones. She is often online to assist users via Neomail or on her board in the Avatar/ Signatures Neoboard section. Her lending guidelines are really easy to follow, but if you have any problem or question (be sure to contact her). Pamela's flexible scheduling and communicating expertise are out of this world. (5 stars)

Brittney [07-29-15] - I've done a few lending chains/groups before and Pamela's is by far the easiest/most organized. She's very friendly and helpful and has helped me get several avatars in a short amount of time. I could not recommend her enough! (5 stars)

Rane [06-26-15] - I tried to be lent some pets through a lending agency before I found Pamela, and I had to jump through so many hoops that I just gave up with them. Pamela is AWESOME! Everything is very straightforward; she let's you know clearly what she expects of you on her easy-to-navigate petpage, and she is not demanding. She worked with my schedule even when she had to re-arrange some of her lists so that I could get all 3 of the avatars I needed in 1 month. I can't imagine a kinder lender on neopets~ (5 Stars)

scoops111 [06-26-15] - Pamela's lending is super awesome. She is so nice and has always answered my questions in a timely manner. The site is so well organized, and while I don't even know at this point how many lends I've gotten through her, I it's a lot! I'd recommend her to anyone. (5 stars)

Mica [06-26-15] - 5/5 for swiftness and approachability. Without much question, she is ready to help. One of the best people on Neopets! (5 stars)

Connor [06-03-15] - Pamela's Lending is the best lending there is on Neopets in my opinion. The lending is very well organized, her site is looks very neat and attention grabbing.Pamela, in addition, offers a ton of lends that will quickly get you pretty much every Pet avatar there is. Most of the Pet Avatars I have, have come from Pamela's Lending. I suggest anyone wanting a pet lend to go to Pamela's Avatar Lending first! (5 Stars)

Ninkish [06-03-15] - I wanted to give Pamela's Avatar Lending 5/5 stars. She was always kind (even through delays or pet mistakes) and was super patient. She has many pets to lend and no 'hoops' to go through to get on her lists. You just mail her and ask to be put on the lists of the pets you need. I borrowed four pets from her and if I needed more, I would certainly go through her. A+! (5 stars)

# of ratings: 2 | # of comments: 2

We are open 24/7 so don't be afraid to ask for an avatar item lend at any time!

Vaporeon [03-19-15] - sophieauditore is a splendid user to chat with (especially if you need some help understanding some of her avatars' requirements) like I did. She work diligently to keep her avatar lending site up to date (through her monthly news & updates/stats). I wish I had her energy & concentration when I am doing my schoolwork. Based on my previous lending experiences with her, she usually response to your lending request within twelve hours (depending on her timezone). For items in her Tier 1 section, she may or may not ask for you to provide collateral for them through the Trading Post. Make sure you remember/mention her favorite saying when contacting her, or she may not lend you. I hope you enjoy reading this site review & good luck with any future lending. (5 stars)

Ryan [03-07-15] - Sophie has quick service. Your sure to get the avatar you want from her. (5 stars)

Button Requests

# of ratings: 1 | # of comments: 1

Buttoneer offers a variety of services to assuage your needs; offering basic button requests, custom button requests and layout requests, I hope to service you with aesthetically pleasing, high-quality graphics through friendly customer service, with short completion time.

Aaron [06-04-15] - Thomas is incredibly talented with making buttons, to the point where I've requested a lot of my buttons to be done by him. If that's not good enough, Thomas is works super fast to give you your buttons, and is generally a really friendly site owner. On top of buttons, Thomas does layouts too, which are superb as well. (5 stars)

# of ratings: 2 | # of comments: 2

Cataclysm is a button request site that hopes to provide people with vibrant, colorful buttons for your site.

Malisha [06-07-15] - Cataclysm is my go-to button site because requests are open frequently and Nina delivers them at a swift speed. The quality is top-notch and each button she makes is unique and beautiful. I have requested from her many times and I will continue to do so! (5 stars)

Jewlz [06-05-15] - Nina creates stunning buttons for anyone who visits and they are completed in a timely manner. I'm absolutely in love with what she has recently created for me. (5 stars)

# of ratings: 2 | # of comments: 2

Craft is a button request site that does its best to provide you with quality buttons in the shortest amount of time. Come on down and request a button. :)

Sunny [03-19-15] - Craft is AMAZING. The button I received was not only well made, but done as fast as a miamouse hyped up on sugar! (5 stars)

Sophie [02-20-15] - Oh my gosh, if you need top-notch buttons fast then this is the person to contact! Absolutely amazing portfolio and I cannot wait to see it grow! (5 stars)

# of ratings: 18 | # of comments: 17

Floret is a well established button request site, which first made it's appearance on January 18th, 2012. My goal at Floret has always been having open requests, and being speedy with finishing them. At Floret you will receive a wonderful button in a very timely manner!

Del [08-08-15] - I received a beautiful button by Floret through Sarah's pick. I love the quality and uniqueness of the buttons provided by her. (4 stars)

Sophie [07-29-15] - Received a beautiful button in a timely manner, could not fault Sarah even if I wanted to! (5 stars)

Kaely [07-29-15] - I love Sarah's buttons! They are always perfect and beautiful. It's one of the sites I always lurk and wait for requests to open. (5 stars)

Anonymous [07-29-15] - (4 stars)

Silver [07-29-15] - Sarah does a wonderful job of running floret. She completes button requests speedily and offers many animation and border options so that no one button is like another. Her buttons are beautiful and unique, and I would recommend anyone in need of buttons to request from her.

Taniia [06-26-15] - I've always been amazed by Sarah's work. Every button is amazing and unic. So I finally requested one! The button was stunning and Sarah was very nice to talk to! I'd absolutely use Floret again if needed! (5 stars)

Bunny [06-26-15] - Floret is wonderful! All of her buttons are polished and professional, and her animations are very innovative. She has a very fast response time and is very friendly. I definitely recommend her site to anyone that's looking for a great button!

Chey [06-26-15] - I think I imagined something a little different with e image I gave but despite that it is still a great button and 20x better anything I can do ^_^. Thanks Sarah! (4 stars)

Anonymous [06-05-15] - (4 stars)

Jess [06-03-15] - My rating for Floret would be a five star, definitely. As of comment, Sarah pumps out awesome looking buttons so fast I don't know what to say because it leaves me speechless. They're great quality and never cease to impress me. (5 stars)

Sierra [06-03-15] - Sarah's buttons are simple, yet beautiful. Each and every button is unique and wonderful in its own way. The wait time is short, and I can tell that Sarah takes the time and effort to create each button. I hope to see more buttons in the future from Sarah. (5 stars)

Andie [06-03-15] - I've always been impressed by Sarah's work. Wether I know exactly what I want, or have no idea and go with 'Sarah's Pick', I know I'm going to be happy with my button. She has requests open more often than I see with most request pages, and I have never had to wait long for mine to be completed. Definitely my go to button request site! (5 Stars)

Victoria [03-07-2015] - Sarah is amazing at what she does and I can always count on Floret for quick service. Her buttons are stunning, yet simple. Site is welcoming and is full of great content. Floret is my #1 button site!! (5 stars)

Kate [02-19-15] - Wonderful and quick service! I sent in the request before I went to bed, and it was done when I woke up! Beautiful and simple. I'll definitely come back next time I need a button. (5 stars)

Dee [02-19-15] - Sarah at Floret was thorough and extremely timely. Her buttons are absolutely stunning yet simple. I would highly recommend her service! (5 stars)

Rebekka [02-15-15] - Definitely the best button request site I've ever used. Sarah provided wonderful, quick service, providing me with my button within 7 hours of it being requested. Truly a lovely experience. Will for sure be requesting again! (5 stars)

Dawn [02-06-15] - Beautiful, Fast, and Easy. What more could I ask for? The selection of designs at Floret cover everything you could want. The service is excellent, with prompt responses and a quick delivery. A wonderful site, loved it! (5 stars)

Eka [02-02-15] - Excellent site, great service, and a beautiful end result. Highly recommended! (5 stars)

Sunny [01-31-15] - Floret's layout is not only pleasing, but the excellent content and helpful nature of the site owner is refreshing! Her buttons are superb, and are deserving of very high praise! (5 stars)

Silver [01-29-15] - The best button request site in my humble opinion. Has very innovative and clever animations. And the buttons are delivered in a very timely manner. Not to mention that the owner is always nice, too. More power to Floret! (5 stars)

# of ratings: 3 | # of comments: 3

Landscape strives to create gorgeous and unique buttons just for you. We would love to take your request, so hop on by!

Ryan [03-07-15] - Landscape has gorgeous buttons. Her buttons are eye catching. It really is a button site you should check out if you want buttons that will draw people to your site. (5 stars)

Ashe [02-10-15] - Mika's Buttons are vibrant, colorful and beautiful! Her portfolio has a wide variety of colors, use of text, animations and more! Landscape is the perfect site if your looking for an amazing button! (5 stars)

Megan [01-27-15] - Mika is such a pleasant artist to request from and her work is out of this world! If you need a button maker, this is your gall! (5 stars)

# of ratings: 1 | # of comments: 1

Pandora is an elegantly simple button request site that aims to provide customers with lovely, personalized buttons. Requesting is super simple and easy, so stop by for a moment and request!

Del [08-08-15] - The surprise buttons provided by Pandora are beautiful. I've requested two buttons so far and I absolutely love the work done by Amina! (: (5 stars)

# of ratings: 2 | # of comments: 2

Hey guys! Sirens is a button request site that's been running for just over 6 months now. I strive to provide friendly service and quality buttons to everyone who requests. Stop by and get yourself a nice shinny button!

Malisha [02-02-15] - If you need a button, Sirens should be the place to go to. Lily is fast to deliver an excellent button and her service is friendly. There are many options to choose from and if you're indecisive, you can always let her create your perfect button. Stay magnificent, Lily! (4 stars)

Ilirin [01-31-15] - Sirens is a GREAT place to request buttons! There are so many options, and they get done very quickly! The owner of Sirens is absolutely love to work with! I highly recommend getting your buttons from Sirens! :) (5 stars)


# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

A tutorial site that helps you through graphic making and coding.

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 3

Beetle provides both premades and tutorials, including graphics guides, layout walkthroughs and general coding tips for all your layout needs.

Kristy [09-01-2014] - They are amazing! Best Userlookups about

Kyle [09-01-2014] - THE ABSOLUTE BEST! Emma, the founder is absolutely TERRIFIC! Her technique is absolutely brilliant! Could not be happier!

Laylah [09-01-2014] - I LOVE Emmas layouts (userlookups the most)!! They are super pretty! And, I have already recommended to a few of my friends- info about her site! Her creativity is Awesome!!!!

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Step-by-step CSS guide for beginners and amateurs. As well as a Premades site.


# of ratings: 2 | # of comments: 1

At Blossom I offer the classic competitions in which you can vote, enter, and enjoy. Check us out!

Sophie [03-07-15] - Blossom is a fantastic competition site which is very enjoyable to participate in. The Featured Site section is also a very nice touch (5 Stars)

Malisha [02-16-2015] - (4 stars)

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Bored? Come on in and have some fun at Demure! Demure is a competition site that offers competitions as well as fun challenges.

# of ratings: 1 | # of comments: 1

A site that offers fun and enjoyable competition. There are site, button, icon, banner, and random competition. There is even an ranking section where I rank the top five sites I think deserve the position.

Sophie [03-07-15] - Rush Hour has a very unique layout and some lovely icons to win! It also has an exclusive ranking system between sites in the community. Definitely a recommended place to check out. (5 Stars)

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Check out Whisper for unique competitions, including the site of the month, button of the month, icon of the month, customization of the month, and writing of the month. Simply enter yourself or vote for others today.


# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Calico Clothing is a site that lists the spare pb clothes that users have and are willing to give away so that unclothed pets can be reunited with their paintbrush sets!

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Spring Cleaning is a customization inspiration site opened by Ella in July of 2015. SC provides looks made of only NP wearable items, to help those that are unable to purchase or receive NC items. Take a look around, and find that new look you have been looking for! Can't find it? Request it! We take requests to design your pet a completely custom look.


# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Adoptables Archive is a site directory for neopet adoptables! We even list misc adoptables.

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

A Neopian Times article (and petpage) directory for art, comics, the Storytelling Competition, and writing.

# of ratings: 2 | # of comments: 2

A directory that lists sites, shops, galleries, and guilds so you can find whatever you need at once.

Skell [06-26-15] - Diamond Directory is really organized and well put together and the layout is very pretty! I can always find something I need if I go to Diamond Directory. (4 stars)

Malisha [02-16-2015] - Easy to use, lots to look at, and updated frequently. What more do you need for a directory? (4 stars)

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

The Directory is a directory that lists guilds and sites that offer guild resources, like graphics and coding sites. It's all sorted into nice categories so you can find the guild of your dreams or that perfect person to make you a graphic for your webbie.

# of ratings: 2 | # of comments: 1

A dragon themed link directory for all your sitely needs. Did I mention the dragon?

Jewlz [06-05-15] - (5 stars)

Malisha [02-01-2015] - KT has done an amazing job maintaining Dragon's Lair and keeping it updated. This directory should definitely be everyone's go-to directory. Keep up the good work! (5 stars)

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

A Directory of ALL Gallery Spotlight Winners TNT has chosen... complete with links.

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Gold, a brand new open request site is dedicated to help visitors find sites with open requests and to make the search quicker.

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

The Popsicle Stand isa directory where you can everything you would need to make a graphic or a site. It is geared towards graphic and sitemakers.


# of ratings: 2 | # of comments: 3

Since July 2013, Diabolical Box aims to provide short stories for entertainment, writing resources to overcome writers' block and requests to fulfil your writing needs. Don't hesitate to check us out!

Water [07-29-15] - Diabolical Box is an amazing, creative site aimed at writing and inspiration. They have so many high quality resources and stories that are both entertaining and help with writer's block. Absolutely fantastic site. (5 stars)

Jewlz [03-19-15] - This was my first time requesting writing services and I am very happy I did. Malisha took my jumbled neomail request and turned it into 3 awesome versions with the option of edits or re-writes. Fantastic service and results, I highly recommend Diabolical Box! (5 stars)

Jeanie [02-03-2015] - Omg! I love this site, it make me want to write more! The stories are cool too!

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Notebook is a site designed to showcase art and writing and allow people to express their creativity. We also include competitions, proofreading, and just about anything else to satisfy your creative needs.

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Parchment is a writing site that provides you with fun neo-related stories as well as custom requests. Also, be sure to check out the extras page during your visit! You might just find something you like!


# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 1

Here at Cherry Blossom I try to make quality fonts that anyone can use. I strive to update at least twice a week and finish any and all request within 24 hour of receiving them.

Luna [02-16-15] - Cherry Blossom is a really amazing fontsite. I ordered a custom font there, and I love it! I use it all of the time, and plan to order more very soon. Cherry Blossom is my favorite fontsite, and I love editing their fonts.

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Embark is a an easy-to-follow font guide with up-to-date tips and tricks to help you create you perfect font. It covers the basics for beginners and explains popular font styles with screenshot tutorials. Embark also offers quick and friendly font request services. Upcoming content includes more tutorials, templates, FAQs, and a troubleshooting center. Any and all questions welcome!


# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Bejeweled is a sub site of Jewel that offers site resources such as bullets and buttons and even premade layouts.

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Hayley's Stuff is a little site offering button requests, shield requests and much more!

# of ratings: 1 | # of comments: 1

Insight is a graphics site that offers premade banners & icons, as well as layout requests! Of course, you can request icons and banners too. We also have resources to spiffy up your own site! Why don't you come by and say hello?

Sophie [06-06-15] - No matter how awkward your request might be, I'm 100% sure Kaylee can handle it. She delivers your request right down to a tee! She's absolutely fabulous and willing to answer any questions you may have, don't be afraid to request from her! (5 stars)

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

My Little Pixels is a premade graphics and request site with a semi-large selection of different themed graphics, mainly My Little Pony and Five Nights at Freddy's. We have banners, pixel animations, glitters, and more!

# of ratings: 0 | # of comments: 0

Nova is a premade graphics, resources & layouts site by Monkey. Here you can find various site resources, layouts & more! Be sure to visit us soon.

# of ratings: 1 | # of comments: 0

Solaris is a premade graphics, resource, and request side for banners and icons dedicated to providing vibrant, beautiful graphics.

Malisha [06-26-15] - (5 stars)

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Solstice provides a variety of premade k-pop, anime & misc. icons as well as premade avatars of a supreme standard. Feel free to check us out! All graphics offered are also requestable.

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Stockpile is your one stop shop for all your site's needs. We have plenty of resources, signs, fonts, banners, icons, and even requests on occasion.


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Element is a new site run by Jewlz that offers premade css layouts. Each layout is inspired by my little pony color schemes, but don't worry! You can fully edit them to your liking.

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Hot Potato is a site dedicated to Premade Layouts with character development as a priory. Suggestions and requests accepted.

Kendra [02-28-2015] - Hot Potato is a great new premade site! Deegoes and Sunny provide high quality layouts with a fresh new theme. I love the artist interactivity they have with a display of potatoes on their front page. I'm excited to watch this new site grow. (5 stars)

Ryan [02-22-2015] - Hot Potato makes really great premades that are easy to use. Their premades can be altered to your liking without much problems. They even have layouts you will never see anywhere else. (5 stars)


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Aroma offers unique and large scale PNG renders not found anywhere else. The renders can be used for layouts, banners or any type of graphic!

Del [08-08-15] - Whenever I'm need of a PNG render for a graphic, my first stop is to Aroma. The PNG renders are unique, extremely helpful and beautifully cut out! (: (5 stars)

Jewlz [06-05-15] - (5 stars)

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Augment is a new graphic creation site created by Jewlz. Here you can pick up bits and pieces of graphics and CSS to create your own style layout! Cool no?! Check us out!

Malisha [06-07-15] - (4 stars)

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LemonPOP offers custom neopets affiliated drawings for owners to use.

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Myreso is a basic, yet in-depth, NeoCash Trading Guide. It's perfect for beginners looking to understand the basics of NC trading. It is also a great place for experienced traders to get resources for their trading needs or to just get refreshed on key components to trading. Myreso also has a Dictionary of popular NC Chat terminology. This guide is perfect for ANY Neopian to view and enjoy!

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The NeoCache Post is a place where Neopians can post their Neocash Trade and Wishlists in a central location. Traders, wishers, and others can view users' updates about what they're seeking and offering as well!

Pet Related

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A pet directory that lists pets that are either up for trade or up for adoption - Updated daily!

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If you're looking for a new pet to add to your family, this is the place to start your search! We list sites that in total contain over 200 UFA pets!

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Cybunny Meadows is a pet directory dedicated to listing cybunnies. Requests to be listed are always open!

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Diamond Bruce Directory is a pet directory that lists Bruces.

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The Faerie Shelter is a minimal-to-no application adoption center geared toward making the process of adoption as simply as possible. With over 100 UFA pets, we're bound to have a companion you're seeking. If not, feel free to check back daily to see what our zappers have found or list your dreams with us to be contacted first if your dream becomes UFA with TFS.

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Well, if you are a heffalump, then in the name of the Hundred Acre Wood, I capture you! Heffalump Haven, is an elephante directory that serves as a sanctuary for all the elephantes of Neopia!

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Hissi Adoptions is a site where people can list their Hissi wishes for us or anyone else to help grant, or list their UFA Hissi for others to adopt. It's a useful resource for everyone to help tons of Hissi find loving permanent homes.

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Identity is a character pet directory that lists pets that have characters. Whether they are complete or not.

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Peophinomenal is a Peophin directory that aims to list all of the permanent Peophins in Neopia. If you're looking to show off your Peophin, Peophinomenal is the place to be listed!

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This new directory lists permie, UFA, and UFT kaus with images to link back to the pet's lookup and to show off their kaulicious customization!

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Lawless Lutari, a lutari directory was founded on February 2nd 2015. The sole purpose of this site is to celebrate and show off as many of Neopia's beautiful & handsome lutari as possible.

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Poogle Pages is a directory dedicated to listing the previous species known as the poogle! Here you can find customization ideas, UFT/A poogles, and links to help you adopt your own poogle. Perhaps your poogle could even be spotlighted! List your poogle today.

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Secret Garden is an adoption agency dedicated to listing all of the UCs that are up for adoption!

Anonymous - Secret Garden is a great site that is very useful and regularly updated. It is a must-have bookmark if you're in the market for adopting a UC! The only thing I don't like much is how the layout partially blocks your view, but the management of it is superb! I would recommend it to anyone with a UC dream pet. (4 stars)


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Abstract is a fairly new site dedicated to bring you high quality graphics that suit your needs.

Sophie [06-06-15] - Abstract has great quality of buttons which are always stunning to the eye. I cannot wait to see a portfolio from this site. (5 stars)

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Beta is simple graphic request site brought to you by Monkey! At Beta we offer button, banner, icon, and layout request.

Kendra [06-26-15] - Monkey does beautiful work! I am so happy with my layout request here that I can't help but say something about it! If ever a request at Beta takes longer than usual, your request will most likely exceed all expectations. I would give Beta 100 stars if I could. I definitely recommend stopping by. (5 stars)

Sophie [06-06-15] - Monkey makes exceptional graphics which are always pleasing to the eye. You are sure to get your request done in a timely manner! He is also very pleasant to request from. (5 stars)

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Brevity is a rather new site offering both premade & custom made layouts. We have premade userlookups & shop layouts, but we take requests for gallery layouts & shop banners as well. We are also home of what very well may be the only premade horizontally scrolling userlookup.

Anrui [07-29-15] - Brevity is such a great place to request things from! Niya is such a nice and lovely person. She cares a great deal about what she gives you and is really quick to respond to you. If there is any problems with your request she has no problem fixing it. Definitely recommend checking Brevity out! (: (5 stars)

Crimson [07-29-15] - Niya is a wonderful person. ? I recently requested a custom user lookup and since it was my first time ever requesting something like this I didn't know exactly what/how I wanted. I just knew a theme. She was super helpful and did such an amazing job! I seriously LOVE my new lookup! I didn't even have to wait long once the request was sent in. She cares alot about her quality of work and if there is anything wrong with your request once she is finished she does not hesitate to try and fix it for you! I definitely recommend other Neopians to check out her page! (: (5 stars)

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Custom fonts and buttons made just for you. I will not consider your request completed until you are in love with it.

Erin [07-29-15] - Catnip is an amazing site. I have personally requested from Dex more than 5 times and love her work. She is generally very fast with finishing your request and the quality is always fabulous. I have requested both buttons and fonts from Catnip and have never been disappointed. (5 stars)

Jewlz [06-05-15] - The font I requested was absolutely stunning and done so quickly! I also requested a button, which was also completed quickly as well. Her buttons still need work, but her talents are growing quickly! (4 stars)

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Esquire is a graphic premade and request site run by Grace. We offer premade banners, icons, and layouts, as well as custom banners and icons. Feel free to come by and request today!

Sophie [06-06-15] - Grace is absolutely fabulous to request from, her graphics are also delivered in a quick manner. I hope to see more premade NR icons soon! (5 stars)

# of ratings: 3 | # of comments: 3

Jewel is a graphic request site run by Jewlz. You can request high quality graphics such as buttons, banners and layouts.

Alice [02-17-2015] - I remember visiting Jewel a long while ago and I am amazing at how much it has improved since I had last seen it. Jewlz makes amazing graphics and has excellent professional service. I would recommend Jewel to anybody! (5 stars)

Sophie [09-08-2014] - Jewlz offers a fantastic range of graphics and the quality is impeccable. Her portfolio is very impressive and it's clear she puts a lot of effort in every single request! (5 stars)

Kristy [09-01-2014] - Her timing to get back to a request is fantastic and her custom Guild layouts are amazing! It is hard to find a decent Guild Layout maker when leaders don't have the time to make their own sometimes but Jewelz advertised her site and I was thrilled to see it! I would recommend her to any guild leader just starting out or not for a beautiful custom layout. (: (5 stars)

# of ratings: 3 | # of comments: 3

Seconds is a graphics request site by Aaron, offering guild layouts, petpages, icons, banners and GIF avatars, all lovingly handmade and rendered in a dream-like quality.

Sasha [06-26-15] - I was amazed when I first visited Seconds, and was breath taken after I viewed his portfolio. Aaron crafts soft and warm graphics that are sure to wow any viewer. His requests are of high quality and definitely stand out from the crowd. (5 stars)

Sophie [06-06-15] - Aaron runs a fantastic site with high quality graphics. His portfolio shows how talented he is and you are sure to get your request done in no time! The site also has a client section where you can see what percentage your request is at which is wonderful. (5 stars)

Anonymous [06-05-15] - He does gorgeous graphic work. (1 star)

# of ratings: 3 | # of comments: 3

Spring Fresh is a premade and request graphic page run by Josie, it offers buttons, banners and icons. Spring Fresh has been open since August 2013 and continues to flourish.

Jewlz [03-19-15] - Josie creates impeccable buttons time after time and always has speedy request times. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a new graphic! (5 stars)

Sophie [03-07-15] - Josie makes absolutely stunning graphics, I especially love her buttons. She also has an equally amazing portfolio to browse through. (5 Stars)

Ray [02-28-2015] - I love Spring Fresh! Josie makes wonderful graphics and is very prompt in her delivery. She graciously made me 4 icons from one request! I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking for this type of service. (5 stars)

Laylah [09-01-2014] - Josie's creativity is wonderful! I've requested a few banners/buttons by her and makes high quality stuff. In the end...they all turn out Gorgeous!! I wish her the best of luck with all future requests to come. Yay!! *he he*


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A simple review site where you can request proofreadings and link sweeps. We also can recover code if a page, gallery, or lookup ever gets reset.

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Gingersnap is a new review site that can provide great tips on just about anything. As an added bonus, we also have an improvement section and workshops!

Malisha [02-16-2015] - There are three different reviewers and plenty of rubrics for just about anything. Their extra content is amazing and unique. The completion of the review was also quick and the review itself was informative and extremely helpful. A definite revisit for future reviews! (5 stars)

# of ratings: 2 | # of comments: 3

As a site services site, Route 10 caters to sites that desire quick assessments or services such as link-checks or proofreads. There are no scores and services are finished quickly often. Feel free to request whenever you wish!

Thomas [06-03-15] - Route 10 provided very friendly service and also kept everything very professional! The review request process was super easy, and I got my review in a very quick manner, yet the review did not lack in quality--Malisha is great at what she does! I would recommend getting a review from Route 10 to everyone! (5 stars)

Hannah [02-28-2015] - Malisha completed my review very quickly, and her rubrics allow you to receive very specific feedback on what you want to hear about. Her review was extremely helpful and concise - thanks so much, Malisha! I would definitely recommend Route 10 to anyone looking for a short, quick and helpful review. (5 stars)

Yose [02-12-2015] - Route 10 is a fantastic review site. Malisha finish reviews quickly and points pretty much everything. She has every rubric you may need. I like how I was able to improve my site with just a few tips Malisha gave me. I definitely recommend Route 10!

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You're in for a very sweet treat here at Sweeters Cafe! Here, you will receive high quality reviews along with a delicious treat. I am always open to questions so feel free to neomail me anytime! Hope you have a great day! xoxo

Site Community

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The purpose of Asura is to be site where page owners can list their sites/directories/pages/etc. and get them rated and commented on by fellow owners and visitors.

Ryan [02-22-2015] - Asura is a lovely site where you can find sites to rate/comment. You can get feedback from other users on how good your site is or how you need to improve your site. It is neatly organized so you can find sites without struggle. (5 stars)

Sophie [01-27-2015] - Lovely layout and great for getting the neopets community involved! (5 stars)

Laylah [09-01-2014] - Asura is awesome!!! I love how organized the site is and the way its set up for anyone to click and leave a message or comment about everyone's site's. It's super easy and I plan on giving a comment about everyone I know already. Thanks for allowing me to make my comments matter.

# of ratings: 1 | # of comments: 1

Flaunt is a site where you can add your site ad. Come check it out if you want to post your site or see what other sites offer. Request sites even have the option of showing off their work with their ad.

Sophie [03-07-15] - Flaunt is a lovely site and I cannot wait to see it grow! I especially like that graphics makers can show off their work. (5 Stars)

# of ratings: 4 | # of comments: 3

Unwound Clock strives to provide accurate listings for sites with open services.

Del [08-08-15] - The link checks are diligent and it's helpful to know which sites are open to requests and which aren't. Also, the UC community portal is very informative and gives a lot to think about (: (5 stars)

Nina [06-06-15] - I love how useful Unwound Clock is and Malisha is very on top of checking the status of request sites. I always look at Unwound Clock if I need to request something and I'm very grateful that a site like this exists. (5 stars)

Jewlz [06-05-15] - (5 stars)

Ryan [02-22-2015] - Unwound Clock lists request sites and tells if they have request or not. It is a great site. She works hard to check the sites to tell you their most accurate request status. (4.5 stars)

Untaken Names

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A New Life has 250+ untaken petnames listed, you can also contribute names if you like.



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