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Thank you for visiting my game guide. :) This was written when Neoquest 2 was first released. I regret that I can't answer specific questions because I've forgotten almost everything about NQ2. *lol* If you need help, the Neoquest Neoboard is the best place to seek advice.

A Neopia Helping Hands Guild NeoQuest II Guide
Thank to everyone who has contributed!! This was originally intended for use by the NHH guild but I'm delighted that others have found it useful.
Rosebud2554 provided the original outline. Other contributors had slightly different versions and I've tried to include them all.

Please ignore typos and assorted silly errors.

*general information and suggestions*
*Use 'Hunting' mode while traveling to gain experience faster. Because you can regain a limited number of health points by simply walking around, you can switch to Normal if you want to heal and then back to Hunting.
*Always stay at the Inns and encampments you find along the way. They, as well as Mother at the beginning, will heal you to full hps as you sleep. Additionally if you are "killed" you will return to wherever you last rested instead of being zapped back to the very beginning.
*Leveling up can be very boring, but is especially necessary before fighting a boss. As with NQ1, you'll do best if you fight a group of monsters until beating them gives you 50 or less hps per monster. When you're near a potion shop, fight to level up as much as you can, buying more potions as necessary.
If you have anything to add to this list, please Neomail me.

Begin by walking back and forth next to the town, fighting monsters, returning to Mother to be healed, in order to raise your level to 4 or 5. ***Found during Evil Level: You can buy healing vials and flare potions in the town from Pongoras- the yellow guy in the green shirt.
Note: To get the "Weakling" avatar, lose a fight with a Plains Lupe, which will probably be the first evil creature you encounter. :)
Head west from the town, then north, through the trees and into the cave. Once inside work your way down to the Train Tracks. Follow these (taking either direction) down to the 'grey rooms'. Make your way to the far left, then down where you'll see the 'Miner Foreman'. Defeat him and use the Orb behind him to teleport back to the entrance. (too far to walk) After leaving the cave, head East. You'll cross a narrow land bridge. Cross this Land bridge, then continue East (right) and South (down) until you see the town of White River, enter here. The weapons and potions shop is on the left, the Inn on the right. You can buy a new sword and tunic from Tebor (if you didn't receive a tunic for completing the cave). Be sure to check your inventory because you may not be aware that you have the tunic! You can also buy potions if you like. Go outside and fight until you reach level 9 or 10. The forest has stronger monsters and you may want to alternate fighting there and the plains. Once you've leveled up go back and buy healing items and blast potions. Remember: It's important to stay at the Inn. If you're killed, you'll be transported back there instead of back to Mother and the city.
Upon leaving White River, head North (up) and East. In the upper right section of forest you'll find a narrow treed path, follow this to the cave. In the cave head down, following the puddles. This path with bring you to an island with a tower. Make your way up to the top level of the Tower to face Zombom.
The stairs up are located: 1)Top Right corner 2)Bottom Right corner 3)Top Middle First floor: In, down,right, up, right to corridor, up, when you hit wall you'll see stairs going up. Second floor, go left and immediately go south to next set of stairs. Third floor, left and then up between two rows of stone creatures to stairs. Fourth floor, south to boss.
Note from Garm: In the tower you will use many heal potions. I like to use the weakest up first (15's). Also, the maximum number of any potion you can carry is 20 so you may as well heal once you have that many of any one type. (If you're at 20 you won't be given more when you defeat a bad guy.) Mari adds: I never sell healing potions at the various potion sellers shops. Even at higher levels they are helpful to heal between battles with the bad guys.
Zombom, the boss, is tough so ensure you have some heal potions. Hit him with blast potions initially, then heal and blast. Don't be discouraged if you're defeated! He's very strong. After you defeat him, teleport back to the entrance and head back to White River. Now you'll be able to go down and cross the bridge that you couldn't cross before. You'll find another weapons shop (you should buy if you can) and you'll find a small house on the left. ENTER IT and talk to Mipsy. She'll join your party now.

Garmfay's notes: BIG TIP: She starts with 11 skill points. Spend ALL 11 points on "Direct Damage". You'll now have her be able to do 52 damage. It has been brought to my attention by ashley199321 that Mipsy only has 9 skill points! The nice folks who use this guide have been great about helping with questions. The general opinion is that Mipsy's points are equal to your level or are random. LOL Not a big deal, is it?I've been training primarily in 'Damage Increase'. Melee haste allows me to sometimes get in an extra hit, Critical Attack allows for an extra heavy blow occasionally. Here is where I'm at (where I meet Mipsy) Critical Attacks 2: Serious Hit (†1) 3: Decisive Hit Damage Increase 6: Intimidate Foe 7: Combat Fury Innate Melee Haste 3: Melee Haste III 4: Rapid Movements I

Directions to Lakeside city
(#1) Lakeside City Directions: Go south from White River till you reach the mountains. Follow the mountains east, south, and west until you reach the forest. In the forest you'll (eventually) find Lakeside City near a tinier lake. The desert is then to your immediate south east after you've visited the hermit, etc.
Directions to Lakeside city (#2, more detailed than #1) Go south (down)and to the East (right) and around. It's hard to get lost, just follow the road (green grassy path). Once you find the swamp (or whatever), stay there and TRAIN. You'll fight parties of 2 monsters often, but since Mipsy can kill the monsters in one hit, and Rohane just attacks lightly, you'll get EXP FAST! Get up to about level 13.
At this point I began training Mipsy in Group Direct Damage (more bad guys at once) Mipsy Looks like this: Direct Damage 11: Vaporize Group Direct Damage 2: Cloudburst Now go down and to the left and you should run into a desert. Don't go in it yet... Go up and left a little and you'll find a big lake. Follow below and west (left) until you come to some dirt mounds and move south. There you come across a small lake with a town by it. Go in and you'll be in "Lake Town"! In this town you'll find a weapons shop where you can purchase weapons for yourself and Mipsy (trainee). Buy what you can now, sell what you don't need. *Slowness Potion is a less effective potion than the Dawdling Potion*
Go through north where the elder's building and talk to the hermit you find. (Follow a path through the trees north of the Elders builing, it leads up, left, then down). He will give you 'the key' eventually. "The entrance to the city is blocked, but it can be opened by means of a magical phrase." He pauses for a moment. "The phrase is, 'ad ro un ta en.' Speak this phrase to the city's guardian, and you will be granted entrance." Rest in town before heading off to the next destination in the 'Southeast' beyond the desert.

From Lake City to Phorodor in the desert,head a bit north then east (to get around the mountains).Head south and then west once over the mountains. Keep the river to your right, when you see grass head West (left). When you get there give the ghost the "key" and then head straight south and then east. When you see a bunch of columns go directly south, then when you've gone as far as possible, go east, and battle the fat grundo. You'll encounter dust guardians, they are 75 hps each and easy to fight unless you get stuck with 3 of them, then they get a bit tricky.
*I went directly south from ghost and then I fought until I reached level 16 before Talking to a forlorn guard. Headed East from there.
* Also decided on maxing Mipsy in Direct hits before doing more Group attack.
In the southwest corner (lower right) of this area is a huge room,the door is on the West wall (left) and the Sand Golem and Orb are in the East side of this room (go right). Defeat the Giant Sand Golem and use the Orb to Teleport to the Tower on the hill.

Tower on the Hill
Rohane and Mipsy are Level 17
Rohane has:
Critical Attacks 2: Serious Hit (†1)
Damage Increase 10: Matchless Agility
Innate Melee Haste 3: Melee Haste III
(next boost will be more Damage Increase)
Mipsy has:
Direct Damage 12: Destroy
Group Direct Damage 3: Thunderstorm
(next boost will be more Direct Damage
*Robin's directions:When you transport to the tower you enter at the top left of the tower.....the stairs are in a small area about midway toward the bottom with a west entrance. I went straight south...then east then NW.
*Garm's directions: I went south all the way, East all the way - could see outside wall whole time-. I then headed North a little , then began going NW and kept going NW all the way around to the opening where stairs are -they're visible so can't get lost.
*R: When you get to the next level, you are in a difficult maze. When you get down the stairs walk up a little and then to the RIGHT...go down and take the first right again then down. Take the 2nd from the bottom left...then go UP for awhile ...you'll see an opening on the left...take that (it's just a little jog) then go down and over and right back UP...you are now walking along the outside wall.....go to the top and you will see room....there is an exit in the third room!!!
*G: Once you are down the stairs, head East and follow the outside wall south to the bottom. Continue working your way along the south wall zig zagging where necessary to the West wall. Follow the west wall all the way up and turn right. The exit is on the north wall, watch the rooms and you'll see the gap.

R:When you get out of the tower...walk west to the water and follow the shoreline around to Seaside. It goes North, then East then South. Not much there and they people there are NOT very helpful. You can upgrade your weapons and buy potions if you need them (be sure to talk to Uthyni first for a discount)...there is also an Inn there so you can rest!!!
G:I followed the river to the west and as above, then when I got to trees headed SouthEast to Seaside.
*Leigh: Once at seaside go and talk to Uthyni first (pirate Aisha at the end of boardwalk northeast end of the city) At one point you'll get a choice when talking to him: Slowly edge away from Uthyni. Say, "I'm sorry to hear that. I'll see what I can do about him." If you chose the second one then he will tell you to go see his brother uthare and he'll give you a discount. Uthare is the one in the potion shop.

Meridell Castle
After leaving Seaside, travel SW till you get to a point where you pass between 2 bodies of water. Go through there to the forest on the left. That is Illusen's Glade. Make your way SW till you get to grass again. Cross to the trees to your south that surround water called, "King's Preserve". The Meridell Castle is just South of that. Enter the castle and walk straight ahead. Don't bother trying to talk to anyone yet as they won't speak to you, yet. Proceed west then north and west past two guards. Ramtor is in that room. He attacks, but flees in the middle of the battle. But, now the people will talk to you and tell you where he went and how to get there!! Talk to the guard, Thyet on your way out...he's one of the ones at the entrance, and you can rest there free. There is nothing in there to fight you, so it is really quick getting in and out of there! Visit Captain Jologa to get the location of the old tower.

Ramtors Tower
When leaving Meridell castle, travel west across the Plains of Retreat, below the water that you see until you get to some trees. That is the Treacherous Forest. Follow the Forest and Plains "line" NW to the far tip of the forest. When you get out of the trees, you will see Ramtor's tower right in front of you. The tower is four levels.
1st level: go left and down to the stairs.
2nd level: go right, then up a narrow path. Follow that around and make your way to the upper left corner to the stairs.
3rd level: work your way to the bottom till you see some blue lines, then go right to the stairs.
4th level: Ramtor is in the bottom left corner. There are LOTS of creatures to fight on all levels of this tower, so be prepared. Ramtor wasn't all that difficult to defeat and I am at level 22. After you defeat him, there is NO teleport orb around, so it looks like you have to walk back out the way you came in, but after taking a step, you will find yourself on Terror Mountain (southern pass). You can see the town of, Chia Osculo, right in front of you.....
End of Part 1

Part 2
Go to Chia Oscula and talk to Thaddeus in the north building. He's the only non-chia in town and will direct you to the wordstone. The chias' words make no sense at this point.
Leave the town and travel east till you see a cave. Walk in and take the only path there SE till you get to Leximp. Make sure you have a full life before battling him, co's he's tough and make sure Mipsy is full, also, because he really picks on her!! When you defeat him, you will get the Wordstone. Take that back to Chia Oscuro and you can now talk to the people there. Talk to Ullistl and rest free. Stock up on potions. You will find out that the snowager is missing, but not much else.

Caves of Terror
Head out to the Caves of Terror. After leaving town, go back east toward the cave and on past it (it will actually be a little to your south as you will now be on the upper trail). Continue East and North till you see another cave.
This is a huge cave. You hang westerly for the first part and when you get to a large cavern you stay north and east, and then just past a split trail you go west again till you get to a chamber that has paths west, north and east. Here you hang east till you get to a chamber and then exit at the north. For a safe off-site walkthrough, please visit maysvilleky.net/~blacksheep/terrorcave.txt
Garm, however, had an adventure: I just wandered West and kept a wall to my left. I worked my way North and kept moving upwards, then headed East and North and found my way with only a few detours. Great training ground for Levels, I gained 3 levels and used no potions other then my heals- Level 22 when I entered, 25 when I left.
I also got lost but in my case heading north and west worked. Confused yet? ~Mari
Roni: When I entered that cave I was at level 24 and the creatures were very tough!! This was the first time that I found that I had to use a lot of potions, so be prepared!!

Leave the cave and walk north to Mountainside Inn and rest at the Inn.
Buy potions from Borhal, the rabbit in the lower right room. There is no potion sign, so he's easy to miss.
Talk to the Eyrie, Talinia, who will join your team. She is in a room just down from where you enter and talk to the innkeeper. You will talk to people and hear of a giant furry spider and some talk of a shortcut....

Kolvars, the giant spider:
Take a N and NW route to find him blocking the path to Happy Valley.
Mari adds:If you keep following the wall that's on your right as you begin walking, you won't get lost. :) At level 26, I easily defeated Kolvars who has 225 hps. Did it without Talinia, whom I had overlooked. Duh.

Happy Valley:
Terror Mountain Ski Lodge:
Stay at the Inn and buy potions, armor and weapons here. I recently found out, too late, that finding the lost child, Niacha, first will earn you a discount.
Here you have to rescue Niacha who is missing in the towns woods. He's located in the southwestern corner of the part of the woods that is just south of the lake.
Head south of the Lodge. Then go east and north to a tent (Adventurers Encampment) where you rest for free. Talk to them then head North to the Lost Caves. It's a good idea to build up to level 29 before leaving the Encampment area.

Lost Caves:
Easy compared to the terror caves!
Go NW to a split, then head N and NE to a black area.
Then head NW and W and then take a SW direction to a split that goes W and SE.
Go W and NW till you get to a grey building.
Go W and N across the top.
Alternate directions from Garm:Once in the cave I went west, north and NW and ended up in the far NW corner of the caves where I entered some rooms. (I do NOT know if this is the best way to go, but I managed to get there and built my stats as I did.)(I went west as far as possible, short step south to do so. I then began going northwest, northeast a bit, and the kept heading north and west.)When you enter the rooms, go left and north till you see the first room and go down, then left (at table and chairs) then back up and you will see some stairs...go up!!

First floor Stairs - SE. Walk up and left to another set of stairs which will take you to an exit where you will re-enter the cave.
Second floor Stairs - You head down and right, then up to see some rooms, you go to northwest room left to west wall, then north, then east to the stairs.
3rd floor- Head north to red chair then left to stairs which lead to cave.

In a cave, not difficult to find him. Make your way down and slightly west and you will run right into the snowager. Talk to him, then head West and North around the lava river to exit. Head easterly to find Scuzzy and defeat him. A video will play with the Snowager asking you to find the librarian in the Lost Desert and *poof* you're transported to Sakhmet City in the Lost Desert.
End of Part 2

Part 3

Sakhmet City- talk to people and take notes.
Stay in the INN tent outside.
Go east (Note:this has been corrected.) and a couple steps north to Temple in the Sky.

Temple of The Sky
Floor 1=Stairs are hidden in top NW corner of the room. To get there, you must walk straight north when you enter and straight out the back...don't bother with all the rooms inside to the right and left...there is nothing in any of them and it is a total waste of time!!! When you just outside, go a little left and north and you will see a walkway going west...walk down that west until you get to the end...you are now in the far NW corner!!
Floor 2=Didn't map but but basically head counter clockwise. I went up and across and down through the rooms with columns and finally ended up in the SE corner where I headed W until I got to a room with multiple entry doors.
Garm's Floor 2:I went down and to the right. I headed North East up the first room. I took an East door and went north, then East along a hall on north wall (see sand above). When you hit to a room, head south and in next room go Southeast, then south. Chairs block your way so move left then down and through the west door. From there, directly south (I didn't bother with this room of columns) and at end head left (west). You'll see openings north.
Silicas is north of the center opening. He resists potions and magic so physical attacks seemes to work best.
Mari:I leveled up to 36 just before the battle, which I later discovered to be excessively high but I only had to go up one level to beat the next boss!. First move, hit him with a slowing potion. Then activated Mipsy's damage shields. Damage potions did not work at all against him.
Upon defeating him head north, still a few bad guys so watch your health. The orb returns you to Sakhmet City. When you arrive there talk to the people again.

Ruined Temple
This is north of Sakhmet City. Follow the shoreline of the river to the north/west. Find the lake and the temple is just north of this.
FLOOR 1: Go north to room with entrance, then a bit west, then north again. Go to the last room to the left. You enter in the center and are going to the NW.
FLOOR 2:Starting in the NW corner, you work your way all the way down, then east and back all the way up to the far NE corner. You will walk up through a long room with tables and chairs and straight up into a room with columns. Walk as far north as you can, then right. The stairs are in the NE corner of that room.
FLOOR 3:Go South to the wall
Go West about 3 steps and then South to the tables.
Go West and North through the door to the wall.
Go west and then south to the wall.
Go West to Rooms. Go to wall and go north to wall.
Go west to stairs
Additional information from pauliepickle:
Where you have go west to rooms, go to wall, then North to wall, please add go NE, NE, N, NW and you are by the stairs.

FLOOR 4:East till you see columns.
Go east to the South opening and enter.
Go east and then south into the room where you'll find Gebarn II.
Gebarn II resists magic and heals himself 100 at a time, so be prepared. I (Robin)was level 37 when I fought him and didn't have too much trouble beating him. After defeating him, go to the orb and you will be transported BACK to palace again!!!
After getting piece of medillion talk to people then go back to the temple and go on North to Waset Village. Upgrade here and save Talk to Velm here and he joins party. Talk to villagers and go to search for kidnapped girl

Valley of Kings
(Palace of the Kings): west of village go NORTHWEST (Oops! Error has been corrected from the very frustrating and very wrong direction of Northeast!) to top and enter gap. Go SW diagonally till you reach more mountains. Follow South around until you see the Kings palace from the edge of the mountain range
Kings Palace:
Floor 1 - go north to the blue then go West until you hit a room wall. Then go North till you hit another room wall. Go east to room opening and then in room go to the SE corner and walk onto bed (hidden steps).Correction submitted by lemon_parade: Should be SW corner.
Floor 2 - head due north working around crates. You will walk into a dark area...just follow the path north and go straight up. Defeat The Reverent then go east and rescue the girl and then go back to the west side to get orb. That will take you back to the entrance of the palace. Now you get to walk ALL the way back to the same village you just left.
Go NE after you exit the valley and then go back down to the village (Waset) and talk to the rescued girl.You'll find her at home.

From pauliepickle:
Talk with the little girl, Lifira, who will explain who she really is and the purpose of the Revenant. She explains the significance of the medallion and where to find the second part of the Medallion of Wind. Lifira says, "Far northwest of here--in game terms--is an oasis in the desert, a pool surrounded by palm trees. There you'll find a crazy old hermit. If you tell him the proper access code, he'll tell you where to find the second part of the medallion. The code is alpha-three-seven-tango-echo-nine."

Hermit and 2nd part of Medallion:
Go west and follow the mountains north to the peak( by-pass the opening to the valley of Kings).
Then go straight west, then north to the hermit. When you see him in the oasis talk to him and he'll tell you where to find the 2nd part of the medallion.
Alternate directions from Garmfay:Head NW from Waset Village. When you come to the mountains head north. Once at the tip head NW again. When you reach more mountains, follow them south keeping some distance away but visible. You'll reach monutains south so head east 8 steps or so, then directly north.The oasis is in the middle of this desert and easy to lose your bearings.
Go due north (in line with him) to the mountain and then straight east to the mountain.
Dig at prompt to find medallion.

Temple of Athen-Ka: With this piece of medallion you know to continue southeast.
After a long hike you'll find an opening in the mountains in a hook shape (like an umbrella handle). Talk to Bledynn. Then head north to the city.
Inside, go straight north to first path off to the West.
Go to first room opening go to NW corner to Blue King ghost and fight.
There's something unclear in my old notes. It says to talk to "him" and collect an artifact from a barrel. Is "him" the Blue King ghost or Bledynn?Thanks to dragonmasterscott for letting me know that the "him" is the Blue Ghost.:)

Leave city and follow west side of mountains back around bottleneck to a flat landing in the mountains. Then travel NW Thanks to Garmfay and Kreative for the correction until you run into the smiley face rock formation. Stand on the West side of the lone rock and walk west. You will get a "something has happened". Pick up the gem. {A couple of steps is all.)

From the "Something has Happened" spot, head south through opening, then west. Follow this mountain range north to the tip, then head down the range on west side. As the range heads SE, continue directly south across the desert to next range. Follow this East until you're back in Waset. Rest, continue south around the palace until you reach the water. Stay on west side then head SW to Pyramids.
Floor 1: 1 step West, North to the wall, West one step, North to the wall, Go West to 3 steps from wall. Turn South 2 steps, Go West again to 2 steps from the wall, Go North 2 steps, West again to columns, turn South in front of columns, go to end of East wall. Go around the column and head East again, turn south at 2nd opening past last column. Turn East at first path and take 4 steps, then south to wall. One step east, 2 steps south, 1 step west. 5 steps south, then west.Turn north and west past the column. Past the column head north, then northeast to stairs (whew!)
Floor 2:
Head South and then East, go through first North opening and continue East to corner. Go north to first West opening, go through and go North and NorthWest and take the bottom path past the columns. Then go south to the stairs.
Floor 3:
Go north to Anubits, who has 1000 hit points.
This is the end of Chapter 3.
Secret hidden message...I don't mind folks copying my guide or linking to it as long as they 1)ask permission to do so and 2)give me credit for my hours of hard work. It's been a pleasure to help others find their way through Neoquest. However, if my Neoname, orange_zest, has been deleted and/or someone else claims to have created this guide, please Neomail me.

Chapter 4

Haunted Woods
Shadow gulch
Talk to everyone in town.

Count Von Roo:
To get to the castle you just head South and follow the path as it curves. It will lead you straight to the castle.
Floor 1:
Go north to wall.
East to wall.
North to wall.
East to wall.
Go South and then East to wall.
Go south again to first opening on west wall and enter here,work your way across to stairs.
Floor 2:
Go north and west to door, work your way around barrels to door on east side.
Go east to south door, go east through door and then through the north door.
Go straight up through the next north door.
Go West and north to the Count.

Cave of Dark Things:
Spider Grundo is in this cave
Go east and north of Von Roo to The Stenchful Swamp. Then head south to the southeast corner of the swamp and enter the cave.
Follow the goo puddles. When they end, follow the stalagmites.
Note: This is a long cave. If you have to leave MAKE A NOTE of which direction you are headed or the cave will be twice as long ;)
Defeat Spider Grundo (1200 hps) and then talk to him. He tells you to go west to the exit.

Bathazar and Faeries
Go to Bathazars grove. Talk to him and and the Faeries and then go north to the Haunted House. This is easy to get through. When you exit, visit the Brain Tree. Talk to Augur. Rest and stock up on needed potions and weapons...buy Slow and Haste. Leave here to go and fight the Faeries.
NOTES from Rosebud and Garmfay: I hear they are hard but I was on level 49 and had no problem with them at all. With the abilities I had and the potions, they did very little damage to me. Never had any member in the yellow.
Mipsy and Velm cast their shields after party was hasted and Faeries slowed.
Dark Faerie, 750HP (casts Petrification, took her out 2nd)
Fire Faerie, 600HP (casts Anarchic Wind, took her out 3rd)
Water Faerie, 900HP (Heals so I took her out 1st)
Earth Faerie, 1250HP

Talk to Balthazar again.

Hubrid Nox
Go back up to the Haunted House and rest so IF you die you will not have to fight the faeries again!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~****** Note to myself. March 15: Edit stops here.~~~~~~~~~~~~*******
Head NW from Bathazar. Just follow the path and you will run into his tower. There are 9 floors all fairly simple but lots of monsters. I gained 2 whole levels from when I left the faeries to Hubrid.
Floor1:go North to wall
East 1 step
North to wall
then East two steps
Floor 2:go out West door
Then South to wall
then West to stairs
Floor 3:Go North
Go West, North and
then East to stairs
Floor 4:head SW to stairs
Floor 5:head East
Work your way Northward to top NW corner stairs
Floor 6:East then South
Then go East across bottom
Then North to top NE corner
Floor 7: Go West and South bedside columns
Then West and North to stairs
Floor 8:Go North and then East around table, then go South to stairs
Floor 9: Work your way to NE corner. Hubrid is there with 1500 hit points, heals 150.
Use haste and slow potions like on the faeries. I had Mipseys Damage Shields to level 14. I used this on my people which caused Hubrid damage when he attacked. Like in the faeries I had no one get in the yellow. I was on level 52.

Edna's tower
Head south to the goo bog and then head South East to the corner to the Esophagor ...fight him (2000 hit) and then advance to Chapter 5.

Chapter 5:
Go south to city, rest here, talk to people and gather info.
Go south from town and work your way east to Fallen Angel (1200 hit points). Then continue East and talk to Vilaria.
Go South to the underclouds...steps leading down. In the underclouds head south find the light faerie and talk to her.
Go in a southern direction to a single cloud line off to the east. Take this to get to Cumulonibus.

Cumulonibus :
In here you are looking for the Angelpuss. Here are the directions I have written down; these are either room or hallway openings .. don't really remember. Go S, E, N, E, N, W, N to rocks, then East to the 3rd hallway down South. (You want to be on the NORTH WALL if the previous directions don't get you there.) You want to head south down the 3rd hallway. If you miss count, go clear to the East wall and come back West to the first hallway that leads south.
You will see a room with a wooden bar running N & S. Go down the West hall from this room's North wall. Go South down this hall, then West, South to the rocks, West to the Rocks, South to the West path. Go West to the wall, South to the east hall. East to the Wall, South to Room corner, East between the rock and the walls. North through the door on the west into the room, and out the north door, then east to the AngelPuss ( 1500 hit points).
After you kill her... DON'T backtrack! Go out the east door BEHIND where the angelpuss was.

after leaving out the east door head NE to Cirrus. Talk and save here.
Leave and head North to a forked path. Take the right path to stairs leading up to the clouds, then head North to Faerie City.

FaerieCity: In here you are first looking for the Faerie Thief.
1st Hiding Place
Go to the Inn and work your way back to the NE corner of the rooms to the stairs. Upstairs, find the Faerie Thief in the SW corner.. there will be blue columns. Fight her but she'll flee to another hiding spot. Return to the Inn's door.
2nd Hiding Place
Go to room west of the Inn, go around this room to the next west room beside it, enter it and go to the NE corner to the stairs.
Floor 2: Head S to the south end of the room to stairs, then on the next floor. Take the center path to the faerie, fight her and when she flees, backtrack back out.
3rd Hiding Place
Head to the center North part of the city to the gate and fight her and defeat her this time.
After you defeat her, go inside and talk to captain faerie. Then work your way east and North to talk to another faerie. Then go down a narrow passageway to the SW corner door. Go around and talk to Arthal.
Go to west corridor and keep working north till you see blue columns. You will see stairs going up. Talk to Vitrin and rest.
Go east and west and towards the north to find the Pant Devils in the NE and the NW towers. After defeating them return to Vitrin and talk to her and save.
Go to the SE tower to fight King Terask first go the same way you went for the Pant Devils except go south instead. When you get to the maze of 4 stairs in the square you want to take the SW set of stairs. Keep going up top SW corner fight him and teleport back.
Stop at Vitrin and save, then head West to the SW tower to fight him for the last time..
There is a faerie on the floor below him to save and buy potions from. He has 5000 hit points. Yippee!!! Game over!!!

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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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