Welcome to Visible Sketches! I am Jasmine, the a founder of this site. I am here to help your site find the perfect name! If you don't see a name that suites your taste I am always happy to help you out! Also, please note that the names here will not be removed if taken. They are here for you to use and get inspired by. Meaning, you can mix and match different words with different names to create a fantastic site name.

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You push your pencil around trying to think of a name for your brand new site. So far, you've got nothing. All of a sudden you feel a cool and gentle breeze. Funny you thought, the window is not even open. Suddenly out of nowhere, a piece of paper fluttered to the floor. As you bent down to pick it up, you notice there was writing on it.

It said, Follow these instructions carefully and you will find what you're looking for...First, think about what you want right now. What are you trying to do right now. Then count to ten in your mind, then open your eyes.

You did as the paper said, and when you opened your eyes, you found yourself in a whole new room. The room was fixed with studio lighting, drawing boards, paper, and tons of art supplies are scattered over the huge room. A girl walks up to you, and introduces herself as Anne. She said, So I guess you're the person who needs to find a new name for your site? Well, you've come to the right place! Let's take you to our creative thinking room so that we can help you out! Follow me.

You follow her into a room full of tables, books, and of course paper and pencils. Anne turns around and explains,Here you can look at site names, and brainstorm your ideas. Well, if you need anything you can ask me. While that, please feel free to look through the books and stuff. I hope you have fun! Good luck!


5/27/13- I've been gone for a long time huh? Well, I'm back! The site won't really be updated often. Maybe one or twice a month. I have also renovated the names page (again). I hope you like it!


After Anne left, you walk up to a brown pedestal. You notice that there was writing on it, Rules or guidelines. You have to read these rules before going on. So you glance down and read the rules.

You can take as many names you like.
Credit is not mandatory, though I would very much appreciate it if you linked back because I worked hard to come up with the names.

Petpage Names

After reading the guidelines, you decide to look through a couple of books. After browsing through the shelves, you find a book with a pretty auburn cover, you open it and find a list of words...

Adroit - cleverly skillful, resourceful, or ingenious

Compose - to make up or form the basis of

Composure - serene; self-controlled state of mind

Conflate - to blend together

Cynosure - a focal point of admiration

Effervescent - bubbly

Efflorescence - flowering, blooming

Elision - dropping a sound or syllable in a word

Eloquence - beauty and persuasion in speech

Evanescent - vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time

Imbrication - overlapping and forming a regular pattern

Inure - to become jaded

Lagoon - a small gulf or inlet

Lissome - slender and graceful

Mellifluous - sweet sounding

Opulent - lush, luxuriant

Redolent - fragrant

Ripple - a very small wave

Serene - calm, peaceful, or tranquil


When you're done looking at the names, you walk over to a part in the room with tables and chairs. Once you got there, you notice a sign by the wall, Creative Thinking Room:Art and Writing Center. A place that stretches your creativity even further. You decide to go in and find a wide variety of activities....

Coming Soon!


Leaving so soon? Well, if you ever want to come back, please take a button as a souvenir. I hope you have enjoyed your stay here at Visible Sketches!

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I am currently in search for a sister site. Preferably an untaken name site. Apply?


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