july 12, 2012 HIATUS.

I'm so sorry :( I know I said I would come back in the summer, but I don't feel the joy and fun that used to come when making graphics. On top of that, I also have summer schoolwork and upcoming volunteering. My laptop (that has Photoshop and is over 5 years old) has been slowing as well, which makes it difficult to create and upload images. Maybe if I get Photoshop on my computer I'll be able to make graphics, but until then One of a Kind will be put on hiatus.
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It's August 14nd of 2011. What a lovely day it is. You are enjoying the soft sand, and admiring the setting sun. The breeze is just right, and everyone is in a good mood. It truly is just a perfect day... a perfect day that is one of a kind.

Hello there guest! I'm Charida, the owner of the the site! Here I offer resources and graphics of all varieties. Please, feel free to browse around. Hopefully, you'll find something to your liking... something that's one of a kind...

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june 27, 2012 Hi everyone! Sorry for the huge gap in updates, I just got a bit too lazy X) On a sidenote, please welcome our newest affie- Visible Sketches!

Sorry there's no new content today, and there probably won't be anymore tomorrow either :( I've sort of ran out of ideas and motivation at the moment, but since this isn't a request site, I'm sort of taking my time with One of a Kind. I hope you all understand (:

june 19, 2012 I'M BACK!!! I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back to neo, but I'm here- I'm here! After being absent from the site community for some time, it feels so relieving to return. I've noticed that a lot of old and a few of my favorite sites have departed, and I'm sad to see them go, but there's also been the meeting of new and exciting sites (: I'm going to take a little while and browse around the community to see what has happened/new news that I've missed. I hope to work on this site again (FINALLY!) but I'm not sure how busy my summer will be yet~

april 22, 2012 Happy Earth Day everyone! Please take this day to show your love for our planet ;) I'm sorry about all the inactivity, but I've decided to make a comeback and make all my sites active this summer. I may update a little here and there to check up with you all, but I think new content will come over summer vacation :D

april 11, 2012 Hey everyone! Sorry but no new content today. I decided to do a quick update just to check up with you all and add in some new affies before I forget ^^"

march 30, 2012 Alas! The new layout is here! Bunches of thanks to the talented Nienke! I plan to keep this layout up for a while (:

So it has taken me a few days to transfer all of my content, and within that time (in between school) I couldn't make anything new. I have the weekend, but this one is not free. I'll start planning up new stuff though ^_~


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