Welcome, visitor, the Peophin at the building's welcome desk says, to Verglas, Neopia's premier fashion show. I'm Frostivia, but you can call me Frosty; everyone does. I run Verglas with my owner, Borealis.

Verglas started out on November 17, 2012 as a small boutique that provided premade outfits and took custom orders. However, by March 2013, changes in circumstances had made it difficult for us to continue to create customizations, so on May 19, 2013 we expanded into a fashion show where others could show off their fabulous outfits!

On the runway, you can check out designs that Neopians have created for their own use, and if you're looking for an outfit for your own pet, try our market, where designers have made their creations available for you.

If you have a customization you'd like to submit, we'd love to add it to our runway or market, whichever you prefer. Just check out the submissions section for guidelines and instructions on how to submit a customization!

Note: All customizations in Verglas's "market" are free. Verglas does not charge in Neopoints, items, dollars, or any other currency for use of these designs.


April 27, 2014: One outfit for the request Prom for Roseriya has been posted. Verglas is now on an indefinite hiatus: there hasn't been much interest from the community lately, and I'm trying to wind down the amount of time I spend on Neopets, too. All submissions, requests, etc. are closed; no spotlights will be posted. If you wish to fill a posted request, I recommend that you contact the requester directly.

April 26, 2014: One new request posted.

April 22, 2014: Two new outfits in the market.

April 20, 2014: New spotlight!

April 14, 2014: Sitely maintenance. Removed three directories.

April 13, 2014: New spotlight! Congratulations to Grimael and Sprytny.

April 6, 2014: New spotlight! Congratulations to Iverso and selvozon.

March 30, 2014: I am back early and responding to Neomail once again. New spotlight! Congratulations to Curlier and Spalien.

March 23, 2014: I will be traveling from today until March 31 and thus will not be able to update. You can still send in submissions, requests, etc.; I will just post them when I get back. Unfortunately, this does mean that there will be no spotlight this week, as I don't have time to post one before I leave.

March 21, 2014: One outfit posted for the request Balfrey/Magician.

March 19, 2014: One new affiliate.

March 16, 2014: New spotlight! Congratulations to Firelleh and Alvaut.

March 15, 2014: One new request posted.

March 14, 2014: One new outfit.

March 9, 2014: One new outfit, Asylum Inmate.

March 8, 2014: Unfortunately, there will be no spotlight tomorrow. I've been too busy trying to get my sites up and running this week to gather potential spotlight pets. The next spotlight will be on March 16.

March 3, 2014: Verglas is back from its brief hiatus! Feel free to send in your outfits again. One new outfit, Sneaking in the Darkness.

February 26, 2014: Bad news! My computer unexpectedly broke tonight. This is going to make it very difficult for me to update my site, so for the time being, Verglas is on a bit of a hiatus. Please rest assured that I did not want this, and I will be back as soon as I can; in the meantime, though, I will probably not be responding to Neomails and will not be accepting new submissions, requests, etc. If you want to fill an existing request, I recommend that you Neomail the requester directly.

February 23, 2014: New spotlight! Congratulations to 9 and Daffadillions.

February 16, 2014: New spotlight! Congratulations to dark_pete and Purllene.

February 15, 2014: One outfit has been posted for the request Sweet but Not Too Feminine. Two new outfits.

February 14, 2014: One outfit has been posted for the request Illuminiere.

February 9, 2014: New spotlight! Congratulations to Tiura and Vivaldae.

February 6, 2014: One outfit has been posted for the request Illuminiere.

February 4, 2014: One new request has been posted, Illuminiere.

February 2, 2014: New spotlight! Congratulations to Almost and Mewbs.

January 30, 2014: The request Peronidi the Snow Grundo has been closed.

January 29, 2014: Two outfits have been posted for the request Peronidi the Snow Grundo.

January 27, 2014: One new outfit has been posted for the request Sweet But Not Too Feminine.

January 26, 2014: New spotlight! Congratulation to Luilla and Haymittch. One new request, Peronidi the Snow Grundo.

January 24, 2014: One new request, Sweet But Not Too Feminine.

January 21, 2014: Two new outfits.

January 20, 2014: Two new outfits.

January 19, 2014: New spotlight!

January 16, 2014: One new outfit, Snow Day in the Village.

January 14, 2014: Five new outfits.

January 12, 2014: New spotlight. Congratulations to Avaley and Clarkia.

January 10, 2014: The request Gentle Lady has been closed.

January 7, 2014: Removed one affiliate.

January 5, 2014: New spotlight! Congratulations to Kelanna and Litalia.

January 4, 2014: One outfit each has been posted for the requests Gentle Lady and Gnome Neopet.

December 31, 2013: One new affiliate.

December 30, 2013: Two new outfits, both in the market. One outfit for the request Mesela has been posted.

December 29, 2013: New spotlight. Congratulations to Lyuthi and Brevari. One outfit for the request Gentle Lady has been posted. One new outfit, Evil King of Mspp.

December 25, 2013: The outfit Sopramus has been updated.

December 22, 2013: One new request, Gentle Lady. New spotlight! Congratulations to Remory and Gendri.

December 18, 2013: Late update - I did put a spotlight up on Sunday, but I forgot to update here. Also, I removed my site Third Impression; it's closed. One outfit for the request Gnome Neopet has been posted.

December 5, 2013: New spotlight! Congratulations to Joyene and Varient.

December 12, 2013: One new outfit, Princess of the Bayou.

December 10, 2013: One new outfit, LettuceTurnipAndPea.

December 8, 2013: New spotlight! Congratulations to Morvich and Rourde.

December 7, 2013: One new request, Gnome Neopet

December 5, 2013: One outfit has been posted for the request Hansau.

December 1, 2013: New spotlight! Congratulations to BellaKaity and Amargo.

November 29, 2013: Received one new request, Hansau.

November 24, 2013: Listed in one new directory. The request Sky High Wargle has been closed. New spotlight! Congratulations to Hinjo and metalplace!

November 23, 2013: Listed in one new directory. Also fixed the date on the last update--it was actually November 17, not November 13.

November 17, 2013: New spotlight! Congratulations to Noone and Grugae.

November 13, 2013: One new outfit, Sopramus.

November 10, 2013: New spotlight! Congrats to Expiation and Azlee.

November 8, 2013: One new outfit, In Hiding.

November 3, 2013: Five new outfits. New spotlight! Congratulations, Amennia and Skalvaskr.

October 31, 2013: One new outfit, The Angels Have the Phonebox.

October 30, 2013: One outfit for the Sky High Wargle request has been posted.

October 28, 2013: Verglas has been listed in a new directory.

October 27, 2013: New spotlight! Congratulations, Panoko and dragon_azer.

October 24, 2013: One new outfit, Jungle Torches.

October 21, 2013: One new outfit, Pram.

October 20, 2013: The request Elescaria has been closed. New spotlight! Congratulations to Coupeh and marrakesh.

October 18, 2013: One outfit for the Elescaria request has been posted.

October 17, 2013: One new outfit, Dragonstar05.

October 14, 2013: One new request has been posted: Elescaria.

October 13, 2013: New spotlight! Congratulations to Krivo and Aircraft.

October 12, 2013: One outfit for the Mesela request has been posted.

October 10, 2013: One new outfit, Frosty the Pirate.

October 9, 2013: Three new outfits: Harmony_And_Me, Live_Like_Horses, and He_Shall_Be_Levon. One new request has been posted: Mesela.

October 8, 2013: One new outfit, Look What I Found in the Garden.

October 6, 2013: New spotlight! Congratulations to Wealths and Aujus.

October 5, 2013: A slight change to the requesting form. One outfit for the Sky High Wargle request has been posted.

October 3, 2013: One request, Sky High Wargle, has been posted.

October 2, 2013: One new outfit, Little Miss Pirate.

October 1, 2013: One new outfit, Lonely Sleuth, for the market.

September 30, 2013: Two new outfits, Slayur and Late Night Snack.

September 29, 2013: New spotlight! Congrats to Pirate_cutie_1989 and Cilinna.

September 26, 2013: Verglas now includes a request feature. This is not the kind of request you find at most sites, but will rather allow users to post a request and have it filled by as many people as wish to do so. Anyone can participate, so check it out here!

September 25, 2013: One new outfit, What Have You Summoned?

September 24, 2013: One new outfit, Grandmother's House, for the market. Also a little minor editing, since Frosty isn't blue anymore.

September 22, 2013: New spotlight! Congratulations to Juri and Plieotropy. This week and possibly in the future as well, I'm afraid I've decided not to write descriptions of why I like the outfits. While I liked doing them to make the spotlight more special for the owners, they were all starting to sound the same.

September 21, 2013: One new outfit, Kelsedor.

September 16, 2013: One new outfit, Oksei.

September 15, 2013: New spotlight! Congrats to PinkGardenia and Fang815.

September 8, 2013: New spotlight! Congratulations to Omilein and Dindust.

September 7, 2013: One new outfit, _LadyLazyDaze_.

September 4, 2013: Two new outfits, BabysGotBlueEyes, Harmony_And_Me and Victim_Of_Love.

September 3, 2013: One new outfit, Live_Like_Horses, for the runway.

September 1, 2013: New spotlight! Congratulations to our NC winner, Tekenfilm, and Locate, our NP winner.

August 27, 2013: My new adoption agency Hestia has been added to my other sites.

August 25, 2013: New spotlight! Our winners are Xaswi for NC and XMionX for NP.

August 18, 2013: New spotlight! Congratulations to Infer (NC) and Ktari (NP)!

August 13, 2013: Bit of sitely maintenance.

August 12, 2013: One new outfit, School Girl.

August 11, 2013: New spotlight! Congratulations to Fvantasy in the NC category and Lendel in NP.

August 9, 2013: Two new outfits, Faerietale Princess and Luvena.

August 4, 2013: Removed one outfit, at the owner's request. One new outfit, Collisions. This week's spotlight is up, with Cynello winning the NC spotlight and Noishe our top NP customization.

August 3, 2013: Removed one closed affiliate. Also, Substitute was removed from resources, as it has closed. On the bright side, I've added a couple new sites to resources.

August 1, 2013: One new submission, Buttonnbee.

July 31, 2013: One new affiliate, Masquerade.

July 30, 2013: One new affiliate, Extravaganza!

July 29, 2013: One new outfit, Island Goddess.

July 28, 2013: The new spotlight is up! The winners are ShadowBunneh and Lauff.

July 27, 2013: Two new outfits, Rendezvous and Nishiki.

July 26, 2013: We now have a button for spotlight winners to use to display their achievement, courtesy of Floret!

July 24, 2013: One new submission, Naferie. In resources, The Closet has been replaced by Off the Peg as a better, more up-to-date resource for single-species clothing.

July 23, 2013: One new customization, Sweet Sixteen, for the market.

July 22, 2013: One new customization, Walking Though the Grave, for the runway.

July 21, 2013: Verglas's spotlight is now up! Our first winners are Luvena for NC outfits and Hansil for NP outfits. One new customization, Haysel, for the runway.

July 19, 2013: One new affiliate, Emblem.

July 18, 2013: Two new submissions, Co__ and Rozyo, both for the runway. One new affiliate, Onesie.

July 17, 2013: A bit of sitely maintenance. Please don't hesitate to send in your submissions! Additionally, I plan to add a spotlight to Verglas this Sunday; it will basically contain the best customization I've seen in the last week, whether or not it's listed at Verglas.

July 15, 2013: I am back from vacation! Feel free to send in your submissions. Also, rule #2, which required a minimum number of items and a background, has been removed: it was always intended as more of a guideline to keep out customizations without much effort put into them, and as these can be rejected on aesthetic grounds, I don't want it to discourage people who do have excellent customizations without backgrounds or with very few items.

June 24, 2013: The first few days of my trip have made it clear to me that I will not be able to update my sites until it's over. I will probably return by July 20th, possibly earlier. Until then, I will not be responding to Neomails (including those received in the last few days) or updating.

June 21, 2013: There will be no updates tomorrow, as I will be traveling. I'm going on a trip that will last for three weeks. I don't know whether I will be able to update through the duration of the trip, but I definitely won't be updating for the next few days. One new submission, Jaiequb, for the runway.

June 20, 2013: Three new submissions, Ahiran, Abscondo and Paulie, all for the runway.

June 18, 2013: I've been advertising every day but haven't received any submissions. Please don't hesitate to send in your outfits; I love to see them all!

June 16, 2013: One outfit was moved from the runway to the market, at the creator's request.

June 15, 2013: Two new submissions, Rarity and Floreal, for the runway.

June 14, 2013: I am back from my vacation, but will not be updating or answering Neomails until tomorrow because I arrived very late.

June 2, 2013: I will be on vacation from June 3 to June 14. I will not be updating my sites or responding to Neomail. You can still send in submissions or contact me about anything else you need to, but there will be no response until after June 14.

May 31, 2013: Two new submissions, one for the market and one for the runway.

May 30, 2013: One new submission for the runway.

May 29, 2013: Two new submissions, one for the market and one for the runway.

May 28, 2013: One new submission for the runway.

May 27, 2013: One new submission for the runway. One new affiliate.

May 25, 2013: Four new submissions, all for the runway.

May 24, 2013: Two new submissions, one for the market and one for the runway.

May 23, 2013: Three new submissions, all for the runway.

May 22, 2013: Two new submissions, one for the runway and one for the market.

May 21, 2013: One new submission, in the market.

May 20, 2013: Two new submissions, one for the runway and one for the market. Put up one of my own creations. One new affiliate.

May 19, 2013: Verglas is now officially open, or rather re-opened. Feel free to submit your outfits! I'd also love to add new affiliates. One new affiliate. Submitted news about Verglas's reopening to Always Connected. Two new submissions.


Beside the title of a customization: click on the image for a larger version.
Beside the title of a customization: drag the image to your address bar for a larger version.
Neopoint item
Neocash item


Verglas is always looking for new customizations to add to our collection! Frosty says, leading you to a table covered in piles of paper. Don't go--it's not that much paperwork, I swear! All you have to do is read the guidelines in the pamphlet on the left, fill out the form on the right, and send it to Borealis. Easy-peasy! Then we'll put your design up here for everyone to see--with credit to you, of course.


  1. Obviously, only submit customizations of your own creation.
  2. While Verglas is intended to include customization designers of all skill levels, outfits may be rejected if they do not meet a minimum standard of coordination and aesthetic design.
  3. If you wish others to be able to use your outfit, please submit it under the "Market" category. If it's for your (or another person's) use only, submit it under the "Runway" category.
  4. If your customization includes at least one NC item, please submit it as "Neocash," even if it also includes Neopoint items.
  5. If a pet is currently wearing your outfit, you need only list the pet's name under "Location." If you created the outfit using an offsite preview service, please link to a petpage, userlookup, or petlookup where the customization is on display. Do not enter an offsite link, even to a official fan site.


The Runway

Welcome to the runway, the heart of Verglas! Frosty says, waving a hoof, as you approach a room full of models and mannequins. She looks sheepish for a moment. It's not a, ah, physical runway, you understand, but more metaphorical. Since Verglas is ongoing and not a single event, it--well, you understand me.

The runway is where we showcase outfits that the creators don't want anyone else to use, so I of course have to ask you not to use any of these outfits for your own pets. Look but don't touch, you know? But you can definitely enjoy looking! The most recently submitted outfits are on top.


Asylum Inmate by Borealis
March 9, 2014

I wouldn't want to run into her on a dark night. I created this customization with my Zafara, Kelsedor, as my first use of the Possessed Eyes.

Fall Princess by Tigris Ena
January 20, 2014

No description.

Winter Wonderland by Tigris Ena
January 20, 2014

No description.

Victim_Of_Love by Betty
January 14, 2014

Lovey is the gourmet of the bunch, & will eat just about anything. Between her & Harmony I'm going broke! She also has 1 of the new MME's on, so trying to keep up with both of them is hard! I don't want Both Harmony and Lovey to look like each other. & they want to be individuals. They both are so funny, & are loved for who they are.

Sarah_Smile by Betty
January 14, 2014

Sarah is settling in nicely. She really loves watching the bubbles from her toy float all over the room, and loves having her tent in the front room so she can pretend she's camping. She just gets cuter by the day. She loves to read too.

Harmony_And_Me by Betty
January 14, 2014

Harmony is working hard on her progress reading everything I can afford! I hope some day she will be able to join the book club, she wants to so much! Right now she has the newest MME outfit on, and we have to really be aware of changes! And it's keeping me on my toes doing so.

big_cutiepie_eyes by Betty
January 14, 2014

Cutiepie is 1 of my first pets & has a wonderful disposition. She hever asks for more toys or comlains her friends have more. Since she's come to visit, I can't get the Moehug to leave her alone it sure loves her. I don't plan on ever painting her, she's perfect just as she is, a true Cutiepie!

MyLittlePunkers by Betty
January 14, 2014

Punkers has finally placed third in the Custom Pet Spotlight! She's dressed different now, but if you look at the week of January 7, NC, you'll see her, we're all very proud her. She's such a happy little girl!

Evil King of Mspp by Dootch
December 29, 2013

Avergry is the ruler of all Mspp.

LettuceTurnipAndPea by Frogtownfairground
December 10, 2013

This little girl is making her debut. Her name comes from am old joke my mom used to tell me. She would say 'repeat these words out loud' & of course we always laughed. So I wanted a pet to remind me of my mom who passed years ago. I can remember us laughing, & I have a cute pet. Win-Win! Our first goal is a Shadow Paint Brush.

Sopramus by Hayley
November 13, 2013

No description.

Victim_Of_Love by Frogtownfairground
November 3, 2013

Lovey has come a long way since she became a part of our family. She's decided that, while she doesn't like to look spooky or scary, she does like a Goth look. She's working on eating on gourmet foods, and sometimes has a tummy ache afterwards. We visit the Healing Springs and she always feels better. Since Lutaries don't want to be moved from where they were born, she has watched her many brothers and sisters visit, and is glad she stays right where she wants to be.

Harmony_And_Me by Frogtownfairground
November 3, 2013

Harmony joined our family about 4 months ago. She decided she want to be in the Neopian Book Club, and has read 252 books so far! She knows we have a long ways to go, but she really wants to do it, so I make sure she has at least 1 new book a day. Nothing has made her feel bored, she's read everything I give her. She is such a great pet to work with.

DreamboatAnnie by Frogtownfairground
November 3, 2013

Annie was, up till 2 weeks ago a Plushie Elephante. We decided she needed a new look, and we all agree she looks wonderful! She loves trying on clothes till everything looks just right, then she loves for everyone to see how pretty she is. Annie is all girl!

Sarah_Smile by Frogtownfairground
November 3, 2013

We have once again a new addition to our family, and Sarah does make us Smile. She's a very happy little girl, and talks so much, she falls asleep talking! She loves to read, really loves mint jelly. We don't know why, but she is scared to death of Plushie Onas! So we made sure no one else has 1 for their petpet. After all, she is a baby!

FlyOnMySweetAngel by Frogtownfairground
November 3, 2013

Angel has a very special place in my heart. She's named after a song I listened to & loved as a teen, and still love to this day. She has such grace, elegance & is such a sweet pet! She will Never be UFA/UFT. She will always be in our spotlight.

Pram by Julianna
October 21, 2013

Faerie Princess

Dragonstar05 by Meowmeow703
October 17, 2013

No description.

Frosty the Pirate by Borealis
October 10, 2013

This was Frosty's first customization with her new Pirate paint job, and I actually really like it.

He_Shall_Be_Levon by Frogtownfairground
October 9, 2013

Levon is the first male we've had on our main for a long time, so we had some fun with his customizing. He loves to go deep-sea fishing, so we dug up some great things for him to wear. He's hard to describe, he needs to be seen in person to appreciate the silliness of his attire. He loves visitors, so feel free to stop by!

Live_Like_Horses by Frogtownfairground
October 9, 2013

Livvie has been doing a little growing up since she was born, & is trying an evening look. Her family likes it, but are not wowed, so she'll continue to search till she's tried every evening item in their closet! She seriously thinks she's a Diva, I'm humoring her for now.

Harmony_And_Me by Frogtownfairground
October 9, 2013

No description.

Kelsedor by Borealis
September 21, 2013

I put this outfit together back when I was really interested in D&D, so it was intended to be a generic fantasy adventurer. That happened to be around the time the first Hobbit movie came out, though, and someone pointed out to be that Kelsedor looks like Bilbo Baggins; I like that description even better!

Oksei by Sydney
September 16, 2013

No description.

_LadyLazyDaze_ by frogtownfairground
September 7, 2013

Now that we have premium, I'm able to visit. Painted Strawberry, it's hard to find clothing that looks good, but we try!

Victim_Of_Love by frogtownfairground
September 4, 2013

Lovey is a permanent pet on this account, and we wouldn't want it any other way. She's finding out how very many gourmet meals there are, and so far hasn't refused 1. She can be a little hard to customize, but she's patient and feels it's always worth the time.

Harmony_And_Me by frogtownfairground
September 4, 2013

Harmony has quickly found a big place in our hearts. She's as sweet as she looks, and more! She loves to read, and has read over 275 books so far, and hopes someday to be known as a pet in the top 100 book readers in all of Neovia.

BabysGotBlueEyes by frogtownfairground
September 4, 2013

Baby is a very sweet and fun-loving girl. Even though her sisters spoil her rotten she still remembers to say please and thank you. She has a baby brother and sister, and hopes they come back soon so they can play. They love the Merry-Go-Round!

Live_Like_Horses by frogtownfairground
September 3, 2013

As the very newest addition to our family, Live_Like_Horses enjoys being customized with many colors and loves how she looks. Her sisters have talked to her about the many goals a neopet can have. Her sister Harmony has read many books, while another sister, Lovey, is working her way through a long list of gourmet foods. Then there's Baby; she has no plans yet as, after all, she really is a baby. For herself, she's only a few weeks old, there's plenty of time to have goals. For now she is happy with the way her life has begun.

Nishiki by Mati
July 27, 2013

No description.

Rendezvous by Mati
July 27, 2013

No description.

Naferie by Dio
July 24, 2013

She claims to be Isca's sister, but it's yet to be determined whether or not her intent is for good or malice...

Walking Through the Grave by Sarha
July 22, 2013

No description.

Haysel by Newt
July 21, 2013

Do you believe in ghosts?

Rozyo by snowbdr_girl7
July 18, 2013

Rozyo loves to host tea parties in her garden.

Co__ by vivalajam777
July 18, 2013

Co's favorite holiday is Halloween :) She just loves dressing up!

Abscondo by Shortages
June 20, 2013

No description.

Floreal by recordscratch
June 15, 2013

Frankenkacheek Princess

Ellalee by Hayley
May 31, 2013

No description.

Saeorah by Mexxy
May 30, 2013

Serpent Queen of the Sea - in support of Team Maraqua!

Alien by Larenity
May 29, 2013

My inspiration for her was Katy Perry's Alien music video. She floats around aimlessly, seeking a place where she belongs.

Dremy by Candice
May 28, 2013

Dremy lives in the forest. She has learned to entertain herself and always pretends she's in an enchanted forest. Her parents leave her in the forest because sometimes Dremy scares them. Little does she know that whatever she dreams and pretends it becomes REAL. She's too young to realise her powers yet though.

Uoca by Candice
May 27, 2013

No description.

Guards of Meridell by Emily
May 25, 2013

No description.

Tarayla by Peach
May 25, 2013

Don't wait on the sun to shine!

Neovia's Richest Thief by Kali
May 25, 2013

A thief who disguises herself as a rich and influential Neovian, Sayka's expensive purple clothing and golden jewelry can lull many Neovians into a fake sense of security.

Karissya by Dio
May 24, 2013

She's a mighty yet elegant Sorceress who has mastered the powers of the element Maractite.

Solander by Sarah Elizabeth
May 23, 2013

Maractite is a bit difficult to customize for, so this is what I came up with! ^^

Ouear by Abbie
May 23, 2013

No description.

Celestial Fashion Designer by PF
May 23, 2013

Syllastia is the queen of the Celestial Catwalk, and is also Neopia's best fashion designer! She also used to own a shop called Iridescent, providing everything customization-related.

Hidden Warrior by candy_sprinkels
May 22, 2013

No description.

Old World by Skro
May 20, 2013

It's supposed to reminiscent of an old European village

Snow by Borealis
May 18, 2013

I created this customization for the December 2012 edition of the customization competition at Plaudits. "Snow" was the theme.


Snow Day in the Village by Tigris Ena
January 16, 2014

No description.

In Hiding by Ree
November 8, 2013

No description.

Slayur by Everyword
September 30, 2013

Using only NP can be a bit of a struggle, but I fell in love with the jungle foliage face paint and wanted to come up with a look just to use it.  So Slayur was born.

Collisions by Pie
August 4, 2013

No description.

Island Goddess by Flame
July 29, 2013

Relaxing in a tropical paradise, as the salty waves toss and tumble a beautiful peophin enjoys the atmosphere

Jaiequb by Con
June 21, 2013

No description.

Paulie by Joy
June 20, 2013

Amongst the skirmishes over the obelisk, this Pteri is creating his own chaos.

Ahiran by Joy
June 20, 2013

Entrance into the Hollows, please one head per entry.

Tabita162 by Ula
May 25, 2013

Spring is a beautiful, happy season and where can it be better admired than in a lovely, sunny park?

Espiando by Borealis
May 20, 2013

I created this customization as my goal for my Bruce soon after 8-bit Bruces were released, since I think they're adorable. As of writing this, I have all of the pieces except the 8-Bit Power Potion.

Starr2842 by Berry
May 19, 2013

Faerieland Nightmare

Pisla by Berry
May 19, 2013

My beautiful stargazer eventide!

Frostivia by Borealis
May 18, 2013

This is an autumn-themed customization I created for Frosty using whatever happened to be in my closet.


Here's the market! Frosty announces as you approach a room filled with racks of clothes. These customizations you can use! We ask, however, that you follow the posted rules. She directs your attention to a sign beside the door, which reads:


  1. Please credit Verglas or the individual designer for the outfit. You may do so by using the text link below or one of Verglas's buttons, found in the information kiosk. Alternately, you may state "Outfit by [username]," but please make sure that if you are going to use the individual's name and not their username, you link to their lookup.

  2. Please do not enter outfits not made by you in the Customization Spotlight or any user-sponsored customization competitions.

I'm sure you'd never break the rules, though, Frosty says. You're just not that kind of person, I can tell. So enjoy using the outfits!


Innocent Vampire by Borealis
April 22, 2014

Neovian Blumaroo Gentleman Shoes
Magicians Wig

Vampires Bane Garland
Hubrid Nox Collectors Cape
Basic Black Trousers
Spooky Tower Entrance
Basic Crystalline Flower Bouquet
Nox Dark Faerie Shadow
Gothic Hearts Jacket
Cursed Sight by Borealis
April 22, 2014

AAA Host Shoes
Basic Short White Wig
Fancy Lab Coat
Midnight Frost Orb

Web of Hearts Facepaint
Basic Black Trousers
Mechanical Arm
Nox Castle Silhouette Background
Creeping Purple Fog
Heir Apparent by Borealis
March 14, 2014

Eyrie Militia Coat
Wonderland Gloves

Underground Tunnel Background
Broiling Fire Background
Basic Short Raven Wig
Younger Brother by Borealis
January 21, 2014

Lucky Meowclops
Moehog Warrior set
Bonfire Night Background

Full Metal by Borealis
January 21, 2014

Curly Blonde Cherub Wig
Fancy Frock Coat
Carnival Gloves
Basic White Shirt
Black Utility Trousers
Glowing Spell Runes Foreground
Krawley Contacts
Father Times Watch
Hidden Library Corner Background
Embers Boots

Purple & Green Forest Xwee by Sarah
December 30, 2013

I've always loved purple and green together and I know I'll never get these items for my own Speckled Xweetok so make yours look like a tree-dwelling sprite with this lovely outfit!

Robertas Collectors Contacts
Tree Tent
Scenic Purple Dusk Background
Gothic Updo Wig
Space Gypsy Xweetok Dress
Xweetok Popstar Earings

Princess of the Bayou by Borealis
December 12, 2013

Lightmite Background
MME4-S7: Shimmering Star Ball Gown
Spooky Shadows
Spatula of Wondrous Cooking
Elegant Lutari Wig

The Angels Have the Phonebox by Borealis
October 31, 2013

Grim Faerie Statue
Caroler Jacket
Neoquest Wizard Wand
Red Neck Tie and Collar
Basic White Shirt
Haunted House Porch Background
Short Candy Warrior Wig
Caroler Trousers

Look What I Found in the Garden by Borealis
October 8, 2013

Radiant Flower Skirt
Pink Flower Hair Accessory
Pink Lace Parasol
Rose Garden Background
Feather Flower Garden Foreground

Little Miss Pirate by Borealis
October 2, 2013

Spring Pirate Hat and Wig
Pirate Throne Room Background
Spring Teal Sandals
Golden Sequin Dress
Golden Glitter Shower
Rolled Up Treasure Map
Shallow Waves Foreground
Flower Petal Capelet
Krawley Contacts

Lonely Sleuth by Borealis
October 1, 2013

Sleuthing Background
Krawk Sleuth Hat
Bundled Up Winter Scarf
Daring Sea Captain Coat
Hardy Blue Trousers
Tyrannian Spear
Unsettling Fog Foreground

What Have You Summoned? by Borealis
September 25, 2013

Note: the background's a little messed up in the preview and will look better live.

Glowing Spell Runes Foreground
Lava Puddle
Glowing Light Sky Background

Grandmother's House by Borealis
September 24, 2013

Elderly Male Acara Glasses
Elderly Male Acara Newspaper
MiniMME9-S2: Rainy Spring Porch
Chiselled Wooden Wig
Rainboots and Tights
Daring Sea Captain Coat
Sneaky Meowclops Foreground

School Girl by Stephanie
August 12, 2013

Golden Key Necklace
Autumn Leaf Shower
Altador Cup Masters Blazer
Brilliant Red Faerie Wings
Cosy Autumn Front Porch Background
Windy Autumn Fence
Green Teachers Dress
Teachers Apple Wig
Teachers Kougra Eye Glasses
Basket of Apples

Luvena by Stephanie
August 9, 2013

Gate to Deserted Fairground Foreground
Sugary Sweets Shoes
Glade of Pink Background
Pastel Pink Chiffon Skirt
Black and White Top Hat and Wig
MiniMME13-S2b: Gothic Sunflower Bouquet
MiniMME13-S2c: Gothic Shimmer Makeup
MiniMME13-S1: Gothic Summer Waistcoat
Silhouette Gate

Faerietale Princess by Stephanie
August 9, 2013

Brilliant Purple Faerie Wings
Wingoball Heart Tree
Healing Springs Collectors Wig
MME15-S1: Magical Storybook Background
MME15-S2b: Dress-Up Negg Foreground
Lavender Tulle Dress
Rolling Clouds Effect
Sun Princess Contacts

Sweet Sixteen by PF
July 23, 2013

This is an outfit for a very sweet sixteen. Perfect for people who love pink/purple colors, spoiling their pets, or pretty pets!

Lavender Tulle Dress
Cake Topper Background
Healing Springs Collectors Wig
Elegant Ballerina Shoes and Tights
Magical Bubble Shower
Pink Lulu Contacts
Snorkle Balloon

Rarity by PF
June 15, 2013

The fashionista pony from MLP, Rarity from Carousel Boutique! She's so beautiful she gives the room a golden hue, and even has Opal (her pet cat) imprinted on her purse.

Side Ponytail Purple Wig
Fashionable Flowered Scarf
Fashionable Magenta Trousers
Fancy Floral Shirt and Cardigan
Jewelled Angelpuss Purse
Golden Glitter Shower
Sewing Room Background

Mykim by Lena
May 31, 2013

It's that time of year! Enjoy the gift of a Christmas customization!

Charming Snowglobe Background
Sprig of Holly Wig
Cheery Holiday Dress
Holly Face Paint
Holiday Sparkle Shower
Festive Flower Arrangement
Christmas Aisha PB items

Haven by PF
May 24, 2013

This is a customization I created for my pet, but I also want to share it with you guys

Pink Willow Tree Background
Rainbow Butterfly Shower
Picket Fence Handbag
Tower Princess Wig
Sun Shower
Sleeveless Floral Summer Dress

Undead Sailor by mistletoe123324
May 22, 2013

Ghost Pirate Ship Background
Smoke Cloud
Daring Sea Captain Hat
Daring Sea Captain Trousers
Caged Skeleton Pawkeet
Green Suit Tuskaninny Shirt
Green Suit Tuskaninny Jacket
Pirate Tuskaninny Anchor Tattoo
Friendly Glowing Lantern
Gear Spectacle
Cover of Darkness Foreground

Pink Warrior by Borealis
May 18, 2013

Braided Pink Warrior Wig
Pink Armoured Trousers
The Arena of Pink Background
Captain Valentine Jacket


Sneaking in the Darkness by Joy
March 3, 2014

I just want my darigan buzz to be customized in dark theme and it went well for me.

Dark Buzz Boots
Dark Buzz Cape
Dark Buzz Jacket
Dakr Buzz Trousers
Buzz Robber Mask
Jubjub Fashionable Gloves
Thieves Hood
Buzz Robber Gloves

Simple Dark Decorative Daggers
Lurking Swamp Ghoul
Perilous Catacombs Sentient Door Background
Petpetpet Covered Foreground
Romantic Sunset Date by Joy
February 15, 2014

This is to enhance the color she is having

Beautiful Autumn Wings
Beautiful Hair Flowers
Igneots Fire Flower
Island Leaves and Flowers Foreground
Jubjub Fashionable Dress
Jubjub Fashionable Gloves
Negg Candy Bracelet
Romantic Sunrise Background

Evening Glamour by Joy
February 15, 2014

I only made this customization to enhance the eventide colour. This is the first time I fully customized her so I'm sharing it to everyone as well. Feel free to have other alternatives for this outfit as well.

Butterfly Mask
Cosmic Space Faerie Leggings
Dark Translucent Wings
Flower Ink Frame
Flowery Multicolour Spring Wig
Pink Dance Ribbon
Purple Feather Boa
Scenic Mountain Top Background
Strange Blue Mist

Bewitching Faerie Zafara by Sarah
December 30, 2013

The colors of this outfit are just magical. It does require a crosspaint just so you know!

Glowing Spell Runes Foreground
Malicious Dark Faeries Background
Ghostly Torch
Thieves Hood
Dark Faerie Eye Shadow
Deluxe Dark Faerie Wings
Royal Girl Zafara Gown
Opulent Zafara Cloak

Jungle Torches by Borealis
October 24, 2013

Jungle Foliage Face Paint
Island Plants and Torches Background
Mystery Island Silhouette Background
Green Leaf String Lights
Inside TNTs Breakroom Refrigerator Background
Altador Cup V Competition Torch
Fire Faerie Eye Shadow
Orange Codestone Lei
Illusen Wig
Long Orange Dress

Late Night Snack by Everyword
September 30, 2013

I wanted to create a silly look of an unshowered, late-night-snack eating pet.  (Maybe he's up all night playing video games) lol  There are a lot of different slipper and pj options and the Patterned Pyjama Bottoms change depending on what type of pet wears them so they're a fun NP only item. Squid Slippers
Hot Dog on a Stick
Ice Cream Bucket
Turmac Sushi Roll
Inside TNTs Breakroom Refrigerator Background
TNT Shirt
Stinky Haze
Patterned Pyjama Bottoms

Ninja Dojo by Tyger
May 29, 2013

Shenkuu Training School Background
Shirasaya Sword
Stealthy Kyrii Belt
Stealthy Kyrii Gloves
Stealthy Kyrii Mask
Stealthy Kyrii Shirt
Stealthy Kyrii Shoes
Stealthy Kyrii Trousers
Wooden Shenkuu Doorway Frame

Kreludor Fanatic by Hayley
May 21, 2013

Altador Cup Kreludor Frame
Apple Bobbing Bart Hat
Embers Boots
Golden Key Quest Balloon
Kreludan Treasure Chest
Kreludor Cave Door Background
Long Orange Dress

Evil Witch (Hansel & Gretel) by Cadence2
May 20, 2013

This is the witch that eats children in the fairytale Hansel and Gretel

Adorably Pink Lollipop
Apple Mitts
Berry Splattered Apron
Bewitching Sorcerers Bonnet
Bloodshot Eye Contacts
Gingerbread Background
Skeletal Hands Foreground

End of Autumn by Borealis
May 18, 2013

Autumn Trumpet
Autumn Harvest Foreground
Veiled Autumn Hat
Long Orange Dress
Crumbling Ancient Castle Background


Curious, you examine a noticeboard covered in a variety of different colors of paper as well as photographs.

That's our request board, Frosty says. Verglas allows anyone to post a request for an outfit and anyone to create a customization to fill it. The requester can leave their request up for as long as they like and receive as many outfits suiting it as they like, though we do ask that they close it once they find one they're satisfied with.

We'd love to have you participate, but you may want to note that because Verglas's requests are thrown out to the general public rather than being filled by a certain person, we can't guarantee the quality or the timeframe of request completion. I'm sure you'll get something beautiful if you're patient, though!

Please be sure to credit any outfits you receive through Verglas's request service either to Verglas, using the text link below, or to the individual user who created the outfit.

Requesting forms

Add a request:

Remove a request:

Fill a request

Current requests

The requests are listed newest to oldest, but those that have not yet been filled at least once are on top.

Prom for Roseriya for Lila

Color/species: Ice Blumaroo, but I can morph/paint
Theme: Prom
Color scheme: Any, but preferably gold or tan to match dress
Gender: Female
NP/NC: Both
Anything else: Dress needs to look like the one on /~Roseriya because this is the dress I'm wearing to my prom. (: I have black hair so I would prefer a black wig but that's not necessary.

By Borealis

Items used: Ombre Glitter Dress (NC), Elegant Gold Necklace (NC), Golden Bangle Bracelets (NC), Rich Golden Eye Makeup (NC), Ebony Forest Wig (NC), Elegant Ballroom Background (NC), Straw and Flowers Wings (NC), Gold Jewelled Shoes (NC), Beautiful Decorative Negg (NP), Spiky Purse (NC)
I modeled this on a Christmas Ruki and that's the color-species combo I would recommend, but none of the items are single-species, so you can try it on any pet you prefer.

Balfrey/Magician for Nicole

Color/species: Halloween Gelert
Theme: He is suppose to be a magician that deals with dark magic, hence his hat and the look on one's face that comes with a halloween gelert
Gender: Male
NP/NC: Both
Anything else: I'm looking for something to enhance his current customization, use of the hat/cape/glowing ruins/book would be appreciated, but not necessary.

By Borealis

Items used: Halloween Gelert Cape (NP), Glowing Book of Spells (NC), Medicine Doctor Hat (NC), Glowing Spell Runes Foreground (NP), Spooky Forest Path (NP), Dark Battle Armour (NC), Dark Eyelash Facepaint (NC), Dark Faerie Magic Effect (NC), Glowing Clockwork Arm Bands (NC)
For a simpler, darker look, you can remove the book and armbands.

Illuminiere for Joy

Color/species: Jelly Cybunny
Theme: For Valentines, and would suit her color as well, I'm thinking of love, mushy and sweetness.
Gender: Female
NP/NC: NP only
Color scheme: Pink, and red or pink and purple or pink and yellow would do the job, but not too pink that results to not enhancing anything anymore.

By Ren

Items used: Cybunny Ocean Warrior Cape (NP), Cybunny Ocean Warrior Dress (NP), Valentines Day Tree (NP), Cloud Garland (NP), Shenkuu Cybunny Earrings (NP), Light Faerie Eye shadow (NP), Shenkuu Cloud (NP), Dreamy Pink Hearts Background (NP), Broken Heart Trinket (NP), Long Silver Wig (NP)
It's very expensive.

By Borealis

Items used: Adorably Pink Lollypop (NP), Shenkuu Cybunny Dress (NP), Nostalgic Faerieland Background (NP), Shiny Obsidian Foreground (NP)
You could also try Lovely Heart Bushes with this outfit.

Sweet But Not Too Feminine for Sonya

Color/species: Baby Kacheek
Theme: Something sweet but not too feminine in my Baby Kacheek, Vedux.
Gender: Male
NP/NC: Just have 25 NC and 200k NP
Color scheme: Blue and a little pink. But any color is good!

By Joy

Items used: Baby Holiday Scarf, Baby Knitted Mittens, 8th Birthday Celebration Background, Streamers Garland, Jelly Banquet, Grundo Admirers Foreground
This should cost about 100k. No NC Items can reach the cetain NC mentioned and baby pets can only be customized with certain clothes. Happy Birthday Theme for a sweet kacheek! =)

By Borealis

Items used: Baby Holiday Scarf (NP), Strange Blue Mist (NP), Ice Volcano Background (NP)
This outfit should cost about 20k.

Gnome Neopet for Nat

Color/species: Any
Theme: Gnome
Gender: Either
NP/NC: Preferably Np, but some NC okay
Other: I just want a pet that looks like a gnome and am not sure where to begin, the only thing that I can find is bori gnome related things but I was hoping someone out there could come up with something else!

By Hayley

Items used: Pteri Washerwoman Outfit (NP), Hollowed Negg Tree Bakground (NP), Igneots Fire Flower (NP), Lovely Heart Bushes (NP), Light Pointy Gnome Hat and Wig (NP)

By Borealis

Items used: Light Pointy Gnome Hat and Wig (NP), Garden Gnome Background (NP), Red Polka Dot Skirt (NC), Red Striped Vest (NP), Lucky Slorg Gnome (NP), Pretty Little Daisy (NC)
This outfit can be used on any species, and you can remove the Pretty Little Daisy to save NC.

Hansau for Ruth

Color/species: Eventide Lutari
Theme: Either Space or Pirate
Gender: Male
NP/NC: NP - as few as possible
Other: I would like a space themed one inspired by the film 'Gravity' or a pirate themed one as I have pirate lutari clothes :)

By Borealis

Items used: Futuristic Lutari Diving Helmet (NP), Futuristic Lutari Diving Shirt (NP), Futuristic Lutari Diving Shorts (NP), Shooting Star Background (NP), Strange Green Mist Foreground (NP), Ultimate Battlefield Foreground (NP)
I estimate that this outfit will cost about 800k. More than half this cost is from the Ultimate Battlefield Foreground, so you can dispense with that item if you like.

Mesela for Alia

Color/species: White Kacheek
Theme: Ball, Fancy Gown, Midnight dance
Gender: Female
NP/NC: NP, no more than 800k
Other: Should match the wig currently on Mesela (Knitted Flower Hairband and Wig). I really want her to be wearing a dress or somesort of gown. If you must, find a combination of skirt and blouse, but dress is preferred!

By Sarah

Items used: Knitted Flower Hairband and Wig (NC), Fancy Pink Gown (NP), Beautiful Columns Foreground (NP), Shenkuu Silhouette Background (NP), Fancy Ball Mask (NP), Kacheek Minstrel Tights and Shoes (NP), Magical Spring Vine Wings (NP)
The background and foreground are the most expensive pieces, totaling around 200k. Multiple other shoes or handheld items also go well with this customization. The Kacheek Mage Cape also looked lovely but made the outfit a tad expensive.

By Borealis

Items used: Knitted Flower Hairband and Wig (NC), Fancy Pink Gown (NP), Perfect Gazebo Background (NP), Kacheek Tourist Shoes (NP), Lovely Heart Bushes (NP), Translucent Faerie Wings (NP), Flower Purse (NP)
I estimate that this outfit will cost about 100K.

Closed requests

Peronidi the Snow Grundo for Kesa

Color/species: Snow Grundo
Theme: Winter, or anything to do with snow
Gender: Male
NP/NC: NP - as few as possible
Color scheme: White and blue, but I'm open to anything!
Other: I was thinking it would be cute if he was dressed up as a snowman somehow. But I'm really open to anything

By Borealis

Items used: Hot Mug of Cocoa (NP), Collared Shirt with Altador Cup Logo (NP), Chocolate Frame (NP), Dark Cave Background (NP), Apple Bobbing Bart Hat (NP), AAA Host Trousers (NP), AAA Host Shoes (NP)
I can't really estimate a price for this outfit as there are no Hot Mug of Cocoas up for sale.
By Borealis

Items used: Simple Snowflake Cape (NP), Snowflake Frame (NP), Winter Landscape Background (NP), Green Grundo Hoodie (NP), Campfire (NP), Brucey B Holiday Mug (NP)
This outfit should cost about 90k. More than half of the cost comes from the Green Grundo Hoodie. The customization isn't too bad without it, but you can also substitute Striped Dueling Shirt (30k) or maybe Brightvale Robe (2k)

Gentle Lady for Hyda

Color/species: Red Uni
Theme: Flower Lady
Gender: Female
NP/NC: More on NP, please
Other: Should match the Holiday Bell Hat and Wig.

By Hayley

Items used: Holiday Bell Hat and Wig (NC), Lovely Heart Bushes (NP), Uni Tropical Skirt (NP), Perfect Gazebo Background (NP), Ugly Christmas Sweater (NP), Wooden Rake (NP)

By Borealis

Items used: Holiday Bell Hat and Wig (NC), Holiday Tutu (NP), Uni Tropical Top (NP), Colourful Cherry Blossom Necklace (NP), Secluded Bench Background (NP), Jungle Cliff (NP)

Sky High Wargle for Malisha

Color/species: Red Pteri
Theme: Autumn/Halloween
NP/NC: Both. NC items preferably under 400 NC and in the mall; NP items preferably under 1 mil.

By Borealis

Items used: Pumpkin Sword (NC), Pumpkin Armour (NC), Inside a Jack-o-Lantern Background (NP), Pine Melted Candle (NP), Not Enough Sleep Wig (NP), Holiday Thief Mask (NP), Leafy Macrame Planter (NP)
The NC items used cost 300 NC total and are available in the mall, and I estimate that the NP cost of this outfit will be less than 50K.

By Borealis

Items used: Flying Pteri Jacket (NP), Stylish Pteri Hat (NP), Old Picket Fence (NP), Woollen Scarf (NP), AAA Host Cane (NP), Thorny Vine Garland (NP)
I estimate the total cost of this outfit will come to around 150K.

Elescaria for Camille

Color/species: Tyrannian Peophin
Theme: Ball or shyness within the Neopet
NP/NC: Preferably NP, no more than 1M
Other: I really like Tyrannian Peophins manes so I would like something that really compliments it. And a nice gown/dress would be really nice.

By Borealis

Items used: Proper Peophin Lady Dress (NP), Gormball Necklace (NP), Romantic Sunrise Background (NP), Stately Tree Foreground (NP)
I'm afraid this outfit may not fit your price specifications as there are only two Proper Peophin Lady Dresses on the TP, neither priced. However, it's so integral to the customization that I can't really replace it. The other elements of this customization should cost less than 20K.


As you continue on your tour of Verglas, you notice what appears to be an overflowing closet. Some of the objects sticking out of it include pamphlets, books, accessories, sewing materials, and even a feather boa. Following your gaze, Frosty says, Oh, that? We just sort of stick things in there in case we need them later. I've been meaning to tidy it up a bit, actually, but… well, I'm pretty busy. It's not usually part of the tour, but if you want to check it out, feel free. Maybe you'll find something interesting. Watch out for Spyders, though; I've seen some in there the size of your head.

Frosty's favorites

Oh, that, Frosty says when you pull a photo album from the mess. That's just a book of my favorite items to use in customizations--I'm a designer too, you know. Would you like to look at it?


You retrieve a piece of paper with some sort of list on it from the closet. Those are some good resources to use when creating outfits, Frosty says. Want to check 'em out?


When you find a poster with large images of models, Frosty says, That's out spotlight. Each week, we pick the best customizations we've spotted and feature them. Why not go look at them?

Customization competition

You find a trophy in the closet. I'm just storing that for Borealis, Frosty says. It's from the customization competition at her other site, Plaudits. If you're interested in customizing and sharing your customizations, you might want to head over there. You'll have to leave Verglas to do so, but would you like to go to Plaudits?

Frosty's favorites

As you flip through the photo album, you see that it has two different sections. On each page is a picture of an item, its name, and a description.

In my closet

This section's items I already own, Frosty explains as you open the first section. Most of them are kind of cheap, or were given out in site events, because--she whispers--Borealis is a bit of a cheapskate. Don't tell her I said that, though. She's gotten better.

Khaki Trousers and Khaki Skirt: Yes, they're tacky khaki, but these items are actually surprisingly versatile. The neutral khaki goes with almost any shirt and is great for when you have the perfect shirt, but can't find any pants to match. On some species, the trousers look better, while on others, the skirt's an improvement. For example, on me, the trousers just look odd while the skirt actually hangs correctly. The joys of being a Peophin, you know?

Jazzmosis Glasses: A pair of cool sunglasses is a good thing to have in your wardrobe, and at just 4k, this pair is cheap as well as good-looking.

Impossible dreams

I really like these items and love to use them when designing outfits, Frosty explains, but I'll probably never get them because they're NC or too expensive--the aforementioned miserliness, right? Plus, even if I did have these particular items, I wouldn't have other items worthy of sharing an outfit with them.

Resplendent Wings: While their size can make them a bit cumbersome to customize with, these wings are absolutely gorgeous. Unlike many NC items, their animation isn't distracting, and the colors used are beautiful.

Iridescent Sea Monster Wig: This wig is beatiful: its colors and the way it floats around a pet's head really make it stand out. While it's supposed to be a sea monster wig, I always think more of the aurora borealis when I see it.

Grim Faerie Statue: If you get the reference, you'll understand why this item's awesome. You might even if you don't--after all, it's an extremely spooky object.


Here Borealis and I have listed some sites that are great to use when making customizations, Frosty says. Why not visit them?

If there's an item you'd like to use but just can't afford, this guide is the place to go. NC Alternatives focuses on using single Neopoint items to replace Neocash items,.

These are databases of NP clothing. Updated regularly, The Neopoint Wardrobe lists all-species clothing, including backgrounds, foregrounds, and trinkets. Off the Peg, also well-updated, lists species-specific outfits, organized by the pet day on which they were released.

NC items can be hard to price; you can't just head to the Shop Wizard or Trading Post to look them up. That's why there are guides like these: they list the values of NC items in caps. NC Value Guide is more consistently updated, but L and J's Values, while outdated, lists a lot of items that are hard to find prices for.

These two competitions are great places to show off your customizations. The Ugly Item Challenge asks entrants to come up with an outfit that uses a certain, rather unattractive item, while Extravaganza gives users a theme and then allows them to go all-out in creating a fantasy customization, regardless of price or availability of items.

Spotlight - 4/20/14

Borealis and I like to spend a lot of time on the Customization board, Frosty says, and while we're there we often see amazing outfits that, for one reason or another, never end up at Verglas. That's why we created Verglas's spotlight: this is where we recognize absolutely outstanding outfits, whether they're listed at Verglas or not.

We keep an eye out for great customizations while roaming the boards all week, and then on Sunday we choose our favorites in both the NC and NP categories and put them up here. I'm afraid all you can do if you're hoping to have one of your pets spotlighted is make sure we see them, and the best way to do that is to submit their outfit to Verglas.

I hope you enjoy looking through the fantastic customizations of our spotlight winners! Please only use the button below if your pet won the spotlight.

NC: _Fires_Breath_ by Mistletoe123324

Previous spotlights

NP: Aceres by Roxanne_ruby

Previous spotlights


Here we are at the end of our tour already! Frosty says. I'll miss you! On your way out, you'll see our affiliates, directories we're listed in, and our credits. You can also pick up a souvenir to lead you back if you ever want to return! Thank you for visiting Verglas; I hope you had fun. You're welcome to come back anytime!

Link back


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Masquerade Customizations

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