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    The Child, the Magician and the Tiger

    The Child

    Name: Freuden
    Age: 6
    Elements: Light
    Prince Freuden_Jr
    Junior the Chokato Chia, Matty the Plushie Skeith, Feather the white weewoo and Papercut the pinchit
    Adopted from Steph on May 11 ♥

    Snooty ||| Smart ||| Timid

    As a child, Freuden is a spoiled but smart and responsible little kougra. He knows his duty and that is to one day rule his mother's Kingdom. He learned all that he could from his (picture) books, how to run a court and how to tip a cup properly. Freuden knows his etiquette. But… he doesn't know how to make friends. No one ever taught how.

    Although Freuden is very snooty... he is also very shy. Which causes him to murmurs threat under his breath while quivering at the same time when he got snubs by the grown up. Two very conflicting trait. He gets hurt very easily but of course, being the prince he is, he never shows it. This made it difficult for him to speak up, so most time, one would find him in his corner plotting.

    If faced with confrontation, he would blush fiercely and yell for his guards. At a safe distance he will probably throw you into the dungeon but at a close distance, he will probably cry.

    This all change Freuden found himself stranded… with a very dimwitted Chokato and his baby sitter, a tiny ploosh skeith. Together they formed DoTS, the Defender of the Sloth!

    The Magician

    Name: Freuden_Jr
    Age: 16
    Elements: Light and Air
    The Night Mage
    Feather the white weewoo and Papercut the pinchit

    Calm ||| Weary

    When Freuden was 15, something happened to him, to DoTS. Due to an accident, Freuden lost all of his happy memories, those of his friendship, family and childhood. Only magic remains. He is cursed. Every day after sun set, his memories will be whipped. However he found a way to fight against the curse (temporarily) by sleeping during day and wake during the night. As long he sleep before the sun rise his memories of the night remain. However if he wake before the night fall his will lose his memories once more. It is because of his curse Freuden also became an adept at potion brewing, especially sleeping potions.

    Although Freuden travels in the darkness, he brings light into the night. Everywhere he goes, orbs of stars and fireflies follows. Thus earning him the title the Night Mage.

    It is during this time Freuden travels alone throughout the land, searching for his friends, his Tiger and the source of his curse.

    The Tiger

    Insert image here '__';;

    Name: unknown
    Age: unknown
    Elements: Light and Air
    Companions: none

    Free ||| Graceful ||| Innocent

    The Tiger is a manefestion of Freuden's memory. He and Freuden are one. In a way, he is a fragment of Freuden's soul which roams across the land for his owner. He is always happy, cheerful and graceful. This is because he is made out of all the happiness in Freuden's past, those happiness which the Night Mage knows not.

    The Tiger is always chasing after the sunshine and the light because it is what he enjoys the most. For days at time he would run across Neopia chasing after the sun and the moon. He brings happiness to those he visit, and sorrow to those he left behinds. He doesn't know where he came from but he know he is searching for something, or rather someone.

    The Tyger
    by William Blake

    Tyger, Tyger, burning bright
    In the forests of the night,
    What immortal hand or eye
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

    In what distant deeps or skies
    Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
    On what wings dare he aspire?
    What the hand dare seize the fire?

    And what shoulder, and what art,
    Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
    And when thy heart began to beat,
    What dread hand? And what dread feet?

    What the hammer? what the chain?
    In what furnace was thy brain?
    What the anvil? what dread grasp
    Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

    When the stars threw down their spears
    And water'd heaven with their tears,
    Did he smile his work to see?
    Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

    Tyger, Tyger, burning bright
    In the forests of the night,
    What immortal hand or eye
    Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

    Here you will find Freuden's adventure and journeys.
    There are three books in total, The Prince's Story, The Magician's Tale and The Tiger's Journey.
    Each representing a different part of Freuden's life, although the Magician and the Tiger's story happened simultaneously. The majority of the Prince's Story will be found on Junior's page , although I will touch on it briefly on this page as well.

    The Prince's Story

    Under construction
    hint, read the NTs in next few weeks ^_^

    Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3


    Long long time ago, there was once a prince who lived in a castle. He once lived a place with thousands of worlds. It was his library. He was accidentally sneaked away from his castle by Junior and Matty when he fell asleep in a toy chest. Trapped in one world, with two not so smart villains, he was stuck unless he find The Book of Time, it was the only way for him to get home. However, that proves to be an impossible task, especially with Junior with his mind set on taking over Neopia... and failing badly at it.

    Don't worry la~ I will get you home once I take over Neopia!" said Junior.
    If you take - " Matty corrected before he was shushed by Junior.

    It was surprisingly easy to convince Freuden to stay on the team, for the little tiger is not very apt at dealing with people, even with all his knowledge of the worlds. He has never really interact with anyone outside of his family before. And of course, that will be a lesson he wished he learned a lot sooner. For it was very very unwise to trust a super villain.

    Chapter 1


    Starring Padu and Freuden_Jr. Written by: Kiwi

    It was midnight.

    It was cold and clear and a downy Autumn, with pale winds and icy towers, and leaves glimmering in their flaky fall colors in the darkness. The lights of a dark city were flickering in a sort of solemn desperation, glancing and flighty, sputtering in their roosts atop thin pillars of cold steel.

    There was a slight drizzle and a foily shine of water on street, and the light of the stars twinkled off the rain.

    It was ten past midnight when, with quiet footsteps and gentle confidence, two princes walked into the city. One came from the North, one came from the West. One knew he was a prince, and one could not remember.

    Both had come to see the city lights.

    And so it was that in a delicate midnight silence, they approached each other, neither expecting to meet anyone, neither imagining that perhaps they may find a sort of beautiful spirit, each walking with soft footsteps in this quiet flickering city.



    It was Prince Padu Amadli that first sighted another figure, stepping distractedly through the rain. He was a boy, small and lovely, and there were beautiful lights flickering and dancing all around him. Padu recognized them at once, for a small handful were stars, stars that he had hand-crafted and carefully wished away.

    He found that he was smiling at this lovely sight; he found that there was something in this boy that whispered of hope and love and light, and Padu decided that he ought to say hello.


    Freuden was walking through the city streets when he noticed the cat-like creature heading towards him. The little cat wore a band of glimmering gold around his neck, and another atop his head like a crown, and as he walked he watched the lights that swirled around Freuden.

    Freuden found that there was something different in this tiny being - there was something about him that he could not quite place that whispered of beauty to him - and he was about to give a polite greeting when the stranger spoke.

    Hello, said the cat, looking Freuden up and down. You have beautiful lights.

    Freuden nodded, smiling gently. Thank you. They like to accompany me on my travels. They are quite lovely, are they not?

    The little cat blushed. Yes. These were all stars of hope. . .

    Freuden was about to ask what that meant when the cat spoke again. But what are the littler ones? The ones that flicker and move?

    He glanced around himself for a moment, puzzled, when he realized what the question meant. These? He stretched out him finger, and one of the lights landed gently on it. They are fireflies!

    They are lovely. May I see?

    Freuden laughed at the wonder on the cat's face as he placed a firefly carefully on the little one's nose. And then the cat laughed too, and they were both laughing, softly, for a time, in the beautiful midnight darkness.


    Padu could not believe the beauty of the tiny flickering fly on his nose. Why, it was a living star! He laughed in delicate joy, and the boy was laughing as well, and the moon lit up the night overhead.

    The moon. Padu looked up at it. He was out of time, then. He would have to return to his planet. . .

    He absorbed the moment a bit longer, and he watched the firefly in awe, and then finally looked back at the boy before him.

    I must go, he said, softly. Thank you. . .

    And then he tipped his head so as to direct the firefly back to the boy. But the boy shook his head and held out his hand, pushing the living star back to Padu. You can keep it. It likes you.

    Then I ought to give you something in return. Padu hurriedly sifted through his little store of gold dust; he always kept a bit with him on a journey to Earth. He found a handful, and sprinkled it across the boy's fingers.


    Freuden stared at the purest gold that now adorned his fingers. This is beautiful, he said, and then looked up. Thank you.

    The little cat smiled. And thank you, as well. . . And then he looked again at the moon, firefly now settled carefully behind his golden crown, and he sighed. I truly must go. Farewell!

    I wish you safe travels, responded Freuden.

    He watched quietly as the young cat ran off into the flickering city night.

    It wasn't until the cat was out of sight that Freuden realized he had never asked his name. . .


    It was midnight.

    It was cold and clear and lovely, and Autumn glimmered off the streetlights in the delicately falling rain. The lights were bright and shimmery, and they spilled across the streets in a newfound hope, shining off every corner, off every silvery droplet of gentle rain.

    It was twenty past midnight when, with quiet footsteps and careful smiles, two princes of light walked out of the city. One had gold dust on his fingers, one had a firefly on his nose. One wondered the other's name, and one wondered the other's job.

    Both left the city with beautiful, priceless memories.

    And so it was that that night, in a delicate midnight silence, they walked away from one another, both with a new sort of gentle hope, both with a new definition of the word 'friend', both with a sort of promise that there was someone out there whom they could relate to.

    That night, the stars shined more beautifully than they ever had before.


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